Answered by Gibu George

Posted by ankur : toyota fortuner is good for riding in keralas road condition,if it is a automatic also.
Reply: Yes
Posted by ashok : Sir, I can spend 10 lks, now I am using Ford Fiesta, I want to change to good feature modal with a good millage, patrol or diesel no problem
Reply: check out ne Maruti CiaZ
Posted by sreechand.v.nair : sir what is your opinion about ford endeavour 4*4 automatic
Reply: nice SUV but i feel it got a bumpy ride
Posted by shahid : pld help car : wagon R lxi 2011 37000kms done Im the third owner , bought 2 months ago sometimes Im having a problem of RPM increases while pressing the clutch and becomes normal while releasing ..., as the service history the clutch is once replaced
Reply: Did you physically chk the increase of RPM ?? Pl do ck the clutch release bearing also.
Posted by Krishna Prashanth : hi Gibu,I would like to buy a car, but until now I didn’t decide the brand .. I am confused …actually i am working in abroad, this is for my annual vacation rides. My points, car should be wide (comfortable for 5 peoples), big (for good vision like SUV) powerful (long drive) and mileage …in my list Scorpio, Duster AWD & Ford 1.5 Eco sport .i heard that, Hyundai new model X35 will be launch in India very soon. So please advice.
Reply: i would suggest Duster/Terrano it got ample space for 5 and luggage space at rear. regarding X35 no official communication received from them.
Posted by Nowfal : Dear Sir, I am planning to buy a car, Now i confused about the model and brand, i was planned to go for swift VXi before, but now i hear about Elite i20, Can you please advise me to chose a model best from this, If you have any other suggestion please advise me.
Reply: Elite i20 is new fresh lok..interior space improved swift is a stale model..go for the new !! but a/c is slightly under powered in extreme summer.
Posted by rajupola : Hi sir.iam planing to buy a new chevralet sail uva diesel.please tell me the car perfamenace and after 5 years resell value .namaste sir ji
Reply: sail UVA is a good featured vehicle..but resale for cheverlot is less compared to other brands like Dzire.
Posted by muhammed navas : i am looking for a activa type bikes which scooter is more suitable for me in basis of power milage plz answer
Reply: Overall activa is good and its a proven scoorter
Posted by SHIDHIN TS : Hi, I Am planning to buy a Royal Enfield 350CC Bike. Which one is the best Standard 350 or Classic 350.I have searched some people are telling that Classic 350 is the best and some are Standard 350. So I am really confused please advise me.
Reply: classic 350 got more features..Technically both are same
Posted by Daniel T : Dear Sir,Among 4 to 5 lakhs range which is car better for mileage, resale and low maintenance for middle class family? Ritz Vxi BS-IV or Hyundai Magna 1.2 Kappa VTVT? Thanks in advance.
Reply: Ritz is little more roomy than i10..go for ritz
Posted by sathyan : what is your openion about the maruthi celerio AT & manual, Is it new technology in Indian road ? is it comfortable for indian road.
Reply: Its the cheapest basic auto trans car.
Posted by Mathew V A : Sir, I wish to buy a hash back car; will you please tell me which is the best car, available around 5 lakh. Thank you. Mathew V A
Reply: i10 grand - but no such car is as "the Best"
Posted by praveendas : i have a maruthi esteem 2004 model(manuel). i want to install a remote staring system in to this q is is it possible to intall this system in above metioned car.if it is possible pls give the contact details ,where i can buy & instal this system.
Reply: Its theoretically possible but practically NOT. Also it will involve huge money.
Posted by Ahraz : I would like to know more abt HID kit ? What it mean by 100/90 and 6000k? And which is the best brand hid kit avilable in india? Is it illegal to use?
Reply: HID..High Intensity Discharge lights are used in automobiles for bright light. 100/90 is the power watts rating of that bulb and 6000k means the colour of the light.When value goes up..colour changes to blue..normal light is 4300K
Posted by Dr. Sachin : I have brought a Ritz VXI Version (petrol) in Jan 2014. As I know, the company tells that the mileage is around. i am staying in Cochin. But I am getting an average mileage of only 10-12 inside the city with AC. I would like to know is it because of any problems of the car?
Reply: no its not the problem of the city ride u can get a max 12-14kmpl..
Posted by Devkiran : does grand i10 or swift is better?in the basis power,millage,facilities etc......
Reply: mileage is almost same...facilities are more in i10 grand
Posted by Aneesh : I ma looking for a diesel car . Budget is 7lakhs.Confused with Swift or Nissan Micra. Need less maintenance. Pls advice
Reply: both are good cars..swift got more service points and its very common on roads. micra is compact yet it got good inner space.
Posted by vishnu : hello sir, am planning to buy a car in india, budget around 7 laks, for personal use , working abroad so maximum 2 months use. maintanence should nt be a problem
Reply: Buy petrol car maruti swift dzire, i20 elite, Toyota Etios...etc
Posted by Nithyan : Using-Hyundai Grand-i10 What is the exact reason for the formation of fog in the front glass during rainy season ? The Hyundai service people did glass buffing, glass cleaning and even replacing the front glass with a new one but all these efforts didnt make any change. So is there any way to resolve this issue with front glass?
Reply: When the temp outside is less and more humid, fog can appear on front windshield if the ac flow is directed thro the dashboard top vent near the windshield. Make the vent tight enough so that it wont leak when other vents are selected.
Posted by anoop : i am having maruti ritz vdi(abs) vehicle purchased on mar 2010,now i heard maruti is calling back that model for some internal wiring modification ,is it required ?
Reply: it happens..but if ur vehicle is in the refereed series they will inform you to bring the vehicle. Then u have to get is will be free of cost.!
Posted by Mohan Ashok : I am planning to upgrade my 2013 model swift dzire ZDI to Duster/Terrano. What is the approximate value of my dzire? Its covered 32000 kms and is in excellent condition.
Reply: got to ck with true value shop..u will get nothing less than 5.5 lakhs.
Posted by Jaison Thomas : Sir,I would like to buy maruti celerio automatic.Please advice me about automatic car for kerala roads like Munnar and light hill areas.
Reply: Its a basic automatic car..Ck out i10 automatic also
Posted by SALEEM. A.K : SIR nan nissan terrano book sheyditunde. epozhun nan confused ane. mahindra x500/ or nissan terrano . edil edane best
Reply: right choice...
Posted by mathew : I have an innova car. Having always problem in wheel alignment ans balancing. Every 2 weeks i want to check this, otherwise i will lost my tyre. whats the remedy?
Reply: Pl do ck your suspension and replace struts if necessary
Posted by velse : what is an SUV vehicle? how does it differ from an ordinary car? will it take more passengers than a car?
Reply: its a Sports Utility can carry more people than car. depends upon the design. it wll have more of a Jeep type design
Posted by Biju Abraham : Dear sir, Iam planing a new automatic car below 6 lack wich car is good
Reply: i10
Posted by NASAR : Dear Mr Gibu, How is the performance and acceptance in the market for the Etios cross model. Thanking you, Nasar.
Reply: cross is for vibrant people..same as that of liva with some modifications..its a stylish sporty car.
Posted by SURESH : VOLVOXC60
Reply: except service complaints...vehicle is good.
Posted by Vinod Muralidharan : Dear sir i would like to buy a new car and maruthi suzuki swift is my option please advise me
Reply: its a proven car but is very common on roads..
Posted by varghese : I am planning to buy Maruthi Alto 800.I heard maruthi launching automatic car soon.Which car is good for ladies?
Reply: definitely its automatic..its easy to handle.
Posted by Anand : Hi...I am planning to buy a sedan car..below 9 lakhs.Confused between Ford Classic Titanium Tcdi and Honda Amaze IDtec..Which one is good option??
Reply: since ur option is diesel Ford should be the first choice. Ford is slightly bigger. Cabin noise for amaze is slightly on the highter side.
Posted by athul thomas : what about new honda mobilio?
Reply: gr8 car..diesel slightly under powered.
Posted by sam : sir i bought a new swift dezire car last month but met with small accident and got some scratches how much it may cost to remove scratches in showroom
Reply: it depends upon the size, place &depth of the scrack..but approx for bumper 2500, side qtr panel 1800 likewise
Posted by Dikshith : sir, I would like to buy a budjet is b/w 500000-550000.Which will be best?
Reply: best depends upon so many criterias..also mainly depends upon the user per my suggestion ck out i10 sportz
Posted by Abdul Rasheed : Sir , I have to know which one is specious and comfortable car for long drive .in my view etios liva ,elite i20 and ertiga .petrol variant. adivice for best. Thank you sinserly A RASHEED
Reply: out of the three Ertiga will be the choice.
Posted by Binu : I am using Tata Indigo GLX 2009 Model. Problem at present Fuel Gauge indicates full tank as well as temperature Gauge always indicate to Red sometime goes to medium or totally dead. Electrician failed to rectify the prob anything to do with Fuse or Sensor as already Radiator cleaned and water pump also changed but still same problem exist. Your immediate response in this matter is highly appreciated. Regards, Binu
Reply: this might be the problem of earthing..please have a through ck up at dealer point
Posted by fahiz : hello sir i have a indigo ls car it runned up to 175000 kms it takes speed up to 130 on a/c easily but iam afraid that it will come to bore because it runned so many kms ho to identify bore problems
Reply: The best way is to do a Compression test by this we can find the pressure in cylinders are to the specification if there is slight drop initially u can change the rings and then engine o/H
Posted by ajish : one time when i change my car engine oil after 5000 km the quantity was little less. i didnt care. Now again i change last time, the quantity was very less. the technician told me my car have some engine problem. can you help me in this regard. my car is toyota corolla 1.8. As per oil manufacturer recommendation i am changing every 5000 km
Reply: dear ajish, its not clear from ur mail that other symptoms like exess smoke starting troubles etc are there. Also u can ck whether oil mixed with silencer carbon is found at the tip of silencer in that case show it to the dealer normally toyota engine will run smoothly for 3-4 lakh kms.
Posted by cheruvathoor anoop : chevy beat dont have a proper central lock.The car will get locked automatically ,but any passenger cna open any door. Is there any central lock that we can fit in chevy beat? also one touch power window button is not there in beat.Can we get a third party one for this?
Reply: Yes youll get diff brands. eg auto cop, nippon etc it got one click opening all doors.
Posted by basil jose : Hi name is basil and i works in michelin tyres chennai.i have maruthi alto 2007 ordinary model thats with out ac and poweer steering.when i asked with workshops they deals with ac they told subros ac cost me 22000 and another ac cost me 13000.can u suggest me whats the best option?how much it going to cost me? where i can get those accessories in ernakulam>?????
Reply: Original fitment is Subros AC..its same as comes in A/C other one is not OE. Better to fit subros if u are going to use it for long or else other a/c.
Posted by Nambudiri : I was told charging cell phone in car reduces life of batteries.Any truth in it
Reply: NO !!..but better not to plug in while starting and stopping the engine. doing this can damage you charger as well a ur mobile battery.
Posted by tijo iassc : sir,which is best scooter activa 125 or vespa.
Reply: i would suggest Activa....if u want more stylish go for vespa.
Posted by sybin : how can i post my vechicle photo in u& your vechicle blog.
Reply: follow the link on
Posted by RAHUL : Sir i would like to know the best vehicle in automatic gear transmission..within a range of 12 lakhs
Reply: go for VW vento AT 7 speed transmission !!
Posted by SALIL T : which car is the best option for me? budget 5.5 lakhs. petrol varient only
Reply: i10 sports...value for money..good features
Posted by vijay : Dear Mr Gibu, My family only 03 members, I wish to buy an auto gear car costing around 5 to 6 Lakh. Which is preferable for me? Or any SUV is there affordable
Reply: cars available in the budget is Maruti Celerio & I10 Automatic. No suv n that range.
Posted by raj : Pls suggest online site for car electric spare parts
Reply:,,,, ...etc...if u google "car electric spares online" ull get more choices !!
Posted by Jaison : Hello - I like to install bi-xenon projector headlamp with HID bulb on my Honda Jazz. Do you know anybody from where I can buy the full set and install it. Thanks
Reply: Any accessory shop people can help u
Posted by Renjith : Dear Sir, I am planning to buy an MUV. which is the good, below 12 lacs (performance, resale, maintenance cost etc). I am preferring ERTIGA, MOBILIO, TERRANO, etc. Kindly expecting your reply. Thnx.
Reply: resale and maintenance considered ertiga will be good other wise Terrano..if u need more seating go for Honda maintenance will be slightly higher
Posted by Jagan : Hi Gibu, I have one old model 2004 ZEN, I bought this a month back. When I start Car in the morning it is white smoke and water vapor from the exhaust and its for just 3,4 minutes after that normal, while running also there is no problem (normal smoke). Is this due to any major problem of the engine? does it needs to check a mechanic?
Reply: No problems..from a fine tuned engine droplets of water and vapours will come once the exhaust is heated up it goes off also