Answered by Gibu George

Posted by Anoop Abraham : Gibu, As iam planning to buy a petrol sedan, i dont have much travel only 400 KM/ month. most of the travels in rural areas. i dont look for high maintenance cost vehicles. Maruthi Swift and Honda Amaze. which is good in terms of maintenance cost and comfort in hilly areas. looking for your expertise to choose one.
Reply: go for swift...
Posted by Sreenath S : Hi Sir, My name is Sreenath from Palakkad. I have booked New Maruthi Swift VXI (Petrol Version) this december expecting it to receive next week. I have few questions can you please help me out. 1. Whether i need to go for Alloy Wheels? Is that really needed? I know its stylish but any other advantages? 2. Under body coating 3M and Teflon coating. My dealer is charging 7,500 RS for that. Have enquired about and i came to know that we can just do 3M coating for 3000 RS outside with warranty. Also heard that Teflon coating is not required for a new car, we can do some wax coating for 1000 Rs. Can you please help me out with a good option. 3. Heard that a Crash Test happened after booking the vehicle, i spoke to Maruthi Customer care they said they dosent have any information. I Would like to know the fact. Thanks in advance.
Reply: Alloys are for stylish looks only but its good for tubeless tyres. Under body coating and Teflon are not necessary if its free its fine..dzire was only ok with the crash test ..i direct news.
Posted by saifuddeen arookkutty : By comparing the interiour material quality of maruthi and hundai vehicles,which is better
Reply: both are same
Posted by Girish kumar : Celerio Manuel Gear Convert Chaithu Auto Gear Aakkan Pattumo. ?
Reply: Theatricality possible....but availability and expertise is the question..
Posted by Haridas pn : My new car alto 800 lxi, ethil amt gear box fit chaian pattumo,amount ethara
Reply: NO
Posted by Moopan : Sir, can you tell me the exact on road mileage of ford figo petrol varient.
Reply: NO...mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive,,,average u can say 9-12 kmpl
Posted by anil : I have plan to buy Honda Brio and my budget is max.5 laks.and now the price is increased and if u have suggestion to buy another vechicle which is good comparing to brio in budget tks
Reply: try i10 grand..
Posted by john : I have back pain. which bike is good. my age 55
Reply: Hero honda passion Pro
Posted by Rejisha : Dear Sir, I would like to buy a petrol car this month. As am confused because of Toyota Etios Liva, Maruthi Swift and Grand i10. My budget is 6 lac and my preference in mileage stylish, and comfort can you suggest me which one I should prefer.
Reply: go for i10 grand sportz ..gr8 features @ good price
Posted by vishnu s prasad : hai sir, i would like to buy a car in the range 4.5-5.5 lakhs, which one can you suggest. I prefer one with good performance and mileage.Waiting for you reply. with regards vishnu
Reply: ck out i10 grand
Posted by Praveen B : Sir, I would like to buy a swift petrol car. It is seen that, there is a tyre size difference >< swift vxi and zxi.So what is the advantange in tyre size
Reply: bigger the tyre more comfort..good looks. more road grip .etc..cost will be more..
Reply: ck with the dealer
Posted by Rajesh Christen : I want to buy an 8 seater u tel
Reply: ertiga...mobileo....innova...
Posted by Muralidharan : I am interested in buying a new Honda Brio. But I am told that honda motors is going to stop this car production. Is this information correct? Pl advise. Thanks
Reply: no official news to us regarding that..
Posted by Anil Kumar K S : What is your opinion about maruti Celerio.Automatic or manual which one is best for our normal use.plse sdvice me because i want to purchase a new car shortly.
Reply: automatic is very convenient but mileage will be less when compared with Manuel one.
Posted by k.p.sivakumar : which car is best to buy lessthan 8 lakhs and it should be low maintance and high resale value
Reply: maruti dzire
Posted by vaisakh : hi, I have 1993 model maruti800. Iwant boost my car as a sports car how could I make happen? if I do that what will prob I face in my car ?...
Reply: it is against the rules..but u can modify the cyl head to get little more power use free flow air filters try modify intake & exhaust sys...
Posted by nabeel : how is new yamaha fz ver 2 wich one is better old one or new one . . .
Reply: definitely new version !!
Posted by George Philip : pls advise about Hyundai Elite i20 Sports Option. comparing such other cars and particularly mileage. Thanks
Reply: Mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u i feel it not a judging factor,,sportz give lot of features value for money
Posted by vineeth : i am 21 yr old student from kollam. i was planning to buy a bike. daily i have to travel abt 60 kms. so i want a bike with good power, nice fuel efficiency,low maintainance cost. and it must be below rs.1 lakh. pls suggest me a gud bike
Reply: Go for Hero Honda passion Pro. Good ride comfort, good mileage low maintenance..good resale value..
Posted by MATHEW : ciaz diesel or city ,which one is best . maintanance cost,milege,comfort,resale value matters in codideration.
Reply: Brand value is more for city as well as cost. Regarding Resale & Mileage diesel variants are almost same..
Posted by john p thomas : which is the best automatic car available in india
Reply: ranges from 4 lakh ..upwards...more the price more the features...basic alto k10..
Posted by Manoj PS : am planing to buy a Nissan Datson go your opinion pls
Reply: cheap & best !!
Posted by joe : hai jibu....i booked new suzuki ciaz diesel model vdi plus, i wish i want to put 17inch alloys prefer 215/45/r17 shud b ok with the car?
Reply: yes u can fix 215/45/R17 it will be slightly costly.OE coming is 195/55/R16
Posted by John Mathew : Where can I get white wall tyres for my Ambassador and Fiat cars?
Reply: u have to delhi there are dealers who will get it for u..
Posted by sharf : i am planning to buy a dodge charger in dubai,&i want to bring that to india how much is the tax that i have to pay, the car cost around 11 lqkh indian rupees
Reply: now customs duty is around 150%
Posted by sharafu : i want buy a mahindra jeep for modufication,which model is the best for modufication,(secondhand)
Reply: old type Jeep..preferably cut chassis.
Posted by shameem : i wish to buy a honda mobilio..can you tell more about that car and is it good while comparing with suzuki ertiga and toyota innova? is the mobilio gives good comfort for long drives? please reply me..
Reply: better comfort in long drive is for Innova..its more spacious but only half mileage when compared to other..ertiga is a compact vehicle..overall Mobileo is good.
Posted by kannan.sajumon : Dear Sir, As am confused because of elite i20 and maruthi facelift,am an NRI person so yearly one month i will be there and my preference in mileage and comfort can you suggest me which one i should prefer. Thanks & Regards Kannan.sajumon
Reply: go for Grand i20 no maruti facelift details received..
Posted by shashank jain : In my verna 1.6 engine is making too much noise and a bit oil coming from silencer and heavy smoke too
Reply: i think time for an engine overhaul..get a detailed ck up.
Posted by TILSON THOMAS : I have a Honda city diesel 2014, run 5000 kms. Is it better to go for fully synthetic oil next time onwards, or stick to Hondas semi synthetic oil? Im using the car in and around ernakulam. Long trips are less.
Reply: Synthetic oil are changed in long if u r changing in 10000 km interval go for normal one..also synthetic is costly.
Posted by sumesh : i am planning to buy a car and i would like to know which one is the best in these.HONDA mobilio,MAHINDRA SCORPIO, BOILERO
Reply: Mobileo
Posted by kannan : sir i have ikon 1.8dnxt i would like to install projector lamp it is possible if we can then what may be coast and also i have to change the rear glass what is coast of it
Reply: yes u can fix projector lamps case will cost u approx 4000-5000 per side depending upon the quality. Regarding bulb + fittings it will come around rs 10-14000..cost for rear windshield glass replacement will come around Rs 8000/-
Posted by jamsheer : Hi Sir, i have plan to buy manindra jeep , which year model is best to buy and what mileage My budget is 2.5 lakhs please suggest
Reply: please ck with a preowned shop..the price depends upon the condition of jeep...may be a 2000 - 2004 model
Posted by Sageer : I would like to buy an automatic sedan for my daughter.which one is your suggestion.Prefer up to 7Lakh. Thanks®ards, Sageer.
Reply: since ur budget is 7 lakh u can consider i10 grand Micra, Volks Wagon etc.. VW is little big in size when compared with the other but perfect ride.
Posted by Meby k v : 1999 model Zen, AC on cheyumbol ideal conditionil engine adakam front side vibrate cheyunnu. Reason?
Reply: there is a device (FICD) to increase the rpm when a/c is on this might be malfunctioning..
Posted by Ph. Opendro singh : My i10 car was recently checked for wheel alignment due to ununiform worn of the tyre but there is screech sound on speedy sharp curved turnings.As I am driving in Aizawl, Mizoram which is a hilly place. Also there is sound on my steering which the agent mechanic suggested that thyere will be no problem. But I dont like it. What is the remedy?
Reply: try to rotate the tyre also make sure that the alignment is pakka correct and u run on correct air pressure
Posted by SABU KK : what about swift dezire vdi
Reply: good car good resale very common
Posted by Amit : I have a 1998 model maruti zen in petrol. now a days suddenly it give black smoke when we give high accelerator. what is the reason for black smoke.
Posted by Joshi T. G. : My Maruty Swift Dzire(2011 June, run40,000km) has a vibration sound at around 1900rpm, mostly in 5th gear;~80kmph, no vibration after 2000rpm. I am having extended warranty for my car upto June 2015; The service centre people are telling it may be the problem of Clutch(For which no warrany), not of turbo. Pl help me to identify whether the problem is of cluth,turbo or shaft
Reply: vibration sound can be of some other parts if its the clutch, when u depress the pedal it should go. I think it should be the sound of some other parts like air filter cover battery clamp etc..give a through ck in engine compartment a good local mechanic should be able to help u.
Posted by Jeril Thomas : Dear Sir , I am looking for a good Automatic transmission SUV at a reasonable price .can you pls suggest me which model should I go for . I was interested in Ecosport my budget under 15 lk Thanks Jeril
Reply: Eco sport AT has not come to kerala market it will take approx 4-6 months as per ford. now its available in metros.
Posted by sandeep : sir i have TATA safari 2003 tcic limited edition model, i want to change the interior and suspension work. if any good place to do this and if any fotos.
Reply: ck out
Posted by jobin : Sir Any news abt Renault duster facelift launch or maruti vitara launch in India?
Reply: No informations..
Posted by Rajeev : Dear Sir, I am going buy Hyundai Grand i10 Asta car.My budget is 6 lac. What is your opinion about Grand i10? Are you considering any other car the same segment for my budget.
Reply: its a great car with gr8 features..
Posted by saifuddeen : i want to cherish a new petrol car.there are two choice in front of me ie swift and grand i10.Which is better
Reply: go for i10 grand sportz..gr8 features...
Reply: The cause is the sulphur content in the gasoline. It is not an indication of any engine problem Replacing the catalytic converter will not eliminate the rotten smell but it will extend the time for which the smell will come.
Posted by JACOB SAJU : Hi Mr. Gibu, My name is Jacob from Abu Dhabi. I want to buy a new car between 8-15 lakhs. I prefer Automatic. Even manual no problem. My preferences are Ecosport, Mobilio, XUV 500, Innova, Xylo. Which one you suggest I am in trissur
Reply: Hope u have less running petrol Mobileo will be a good choice. It can accommodate 7 people and it is within ur budget.
Posted by renju jose : many people said that washing vehicles using high pressure car washer will damage paint. is there any problem by using such washers? i woul like to buy a new car washer, please give me your suggestions
Reply: Technically there is an angle at which the pressurized water should be sprayed..normally it won damage ur paint when physically seen..but dont use very heavy pressure beyond 180 bar / 18MPa...pressure from 100bar will do and machine will be cheap.
Posted by Akhil Ashok : How does manual shifting work on automatic>>>? EG: Cruze Automatic has a mode where you can change gear manually.
Reply: auto mode comes as park - drive - reverse...normally in car u have to tap the lever to the other side where it will be marked (+) & (-) u move it towards (+), gear goes up 2-3-4 and u move it downward (-), gear goes 4-3-2-1 even if ur gear is in 4th and u apply the brakes automatically ur gear will come down.
Posted by Manu : I want to buy a old model petrol ambassador what will be its market price (model 1966-1985 range)
Reply: depends upon the condition and its antique value...!!