Answered by Gibu George

Posted by Cimil Mathew : I would like to buy a gearless scooter. I have filtered it to Activa or Jupitor. Which one I would buy? Please let us know the advantages.
Reply: Activa is a proven scooter go for it.
Posted by Anish : Sir, I would like buy a used vehicle, budget is 2L to 3.5L, Which is good for petrol model- Maruthi ritz, swift or Hundai i10 or i20. Seen one 2010 Hundai i20 magna petrol drove by around 1LAKH KM. Company service . Any major trouble will come for a petrol vehicle more than 1L. Which brand having more durability.
Reply: i20 is a good vehicle but ck the air conditioner for efficiency..Better to buy a buy a vehicle within 50000 km and 5 years..
Posted by Devidas Ramdas Aranye : Hi sir good morning. I have tata Manza qudrajet BS IV car model 2010. i gave driven 100200 km. sir i want enquir about how much km is life of this car. can i sell this car or remaine same for how long.
Reply: Life depends upon the condition of the vehicle. Normally for a qudrajet engine life will be more if all periodic service & oil changes are done as per schedule
Posted by Vinoy Kuruvila : Dear Mr Gibu, i am planing to buy one new car budget 5 to 7 Lacks which brand is better? mostly my wife will use. please reply Swft is ok? Vinoy
Reply: swift is good..but but 10 grand is little more compact it also got auto transmission.
Posted by Febin Jose : Hi Gibu, I am planning to take a hatchback. My budget is maximum of 6 Lakhs. I am looking for a car thats good in performance (fuel efficiency and driving comfort) and also which is good in the interior. Diesel variant preferable. Could you suggest few options (except Alto K10).
Reply: in 6k ull get i10 grand soprts its a good featured vehicle.
Posted by tijoissac : sir,i would like to buy a scooter .which is best activa 125 or mahindra gusto.
Reply: out activa 3g also
Posted by Aman Thaker : sir, i want to buy a scooter and i have decided some models which are attracting me i am a beginner and stays in mumbai i have choosed activa 3g,activa 125,activa i ,guesto and i am reakky confused with those features what should i do i am really stressed they are all in my range so sir can you guide me...
Reply: Activa its a proven scooter now new model 3g i prefer that.
Posted by das : Sir.what is open I on about xylo? I am going to buy for taxi.
Reply: Xylo is good for taxi..
Posted by sammathew : Sir, i planned for buying 7 seater diesel family car it is for rent car which is car is better. price range 11 lacks .low maintaince cost .fuel effeciency
Reply: go for Honda mobelio or Maruthi ertiga. both gives good mileage.
Posted by mithun : information about ford fiesta classic diesel 2011 model
Reply: gives decent mileage good shape no much troubles...
Posted by fabil : Sir,I have extra 2 hello for lamps for my car, I used to drive estate roads so need itz Important for me, but my hometown RTO is now charging fine and forcily removing lights if even am not using and if itz coverd. So is there any way for me to get permission for keep fog lamps? Can you help me motor vehicle rule which can help me well
Reply: per motor vehicle rules you are not supposed to do any alteration other than certified by ARI. Regarding Head lights it should be a certain luminous power. Vehicles fitted with fog lamps are certified by ARI by the manufacturer. We cannot do any thing officially. My suggestion is to fix the fog lamp in such a way that u can remove it when not using.
Posted by tushar : Sir after car washing my car is not starting my car is swift dzire
Reply: you have to ck the battery , starter relay for water clogging also ck the main fusible link from battery.
Posted by anshad : which is best colour for swift VDI 2014
Reply: colour dep[ends upon the person who use it..i like grey colour.
Posted by sooraj : sir,which car is good for milage and maintanence and re sale fiat Punto,Swift, Etios Liva,(All petrol Vertion)give your valuable suggestion
Reply: ranking as follows..liva..swift...punto
Posted by ARUN : sir presently am having a zen petrol I would like to change my car...I am impressed with a bank employee so the distance that I travel wil be only on weekends may to around 30 to will it be possible for me to maintain a diesel vehicle and also I want to know about its maintenance and performance..I would like to own the car for 6 to 7 budget is max of 8 lakhs....kindly suggest suitable cars for my choice...thank you
Reply: Better dont go for diesel..Go for a petrol car like Honda amaze will be in that budget or else go for a diesel car like dzire so that maintenance will be less and got good resale value.
Posted by rineesh : sir, njan nissan evaliya edukan thalparyapedunnu.. enikkoru doubt undu.. enthukondanu nissan evaliyayude resail value kuran karanam..????
Reply: Evalia is not widely accepted vehicle may be bcos its bulky and more competitive vehicles in that range are available in market.
Posted by Nigil : My budget is Rs. 100000-120000.Require a brand new 7 seater vehicle with milage, space and appreciable performance and features. Monthly running will be 1000-2000kms. What are my options. Please guide me.
Reply: go for ertiga diesel...or honda mobelio..Make sure u test drive both before buying...
Posted by feroz : hi gibu, i would like to purchase wagon r stingray.seeking your expert advise. regds feroz
Reply: if u like the shape then its enough space decent mileage etc..
Posted by Nevin Ben : Im confused in which suv to buy the tata safari or the xuv 500 can you please advice me on this
Reply: go for XUV..the new ver is fantastic..feature packed !!
Posted by Cheshin.p.c : I want to know the actual mileage of Yamaha R15 and Pulsar 220....which is better ?
Reply: actual to be calculated tank to tank and it varies with user to user..
Posted by Sabu Alex : Hi Jibu, I own a Hyundai i10 Era. The car has a scratch on its Front windsheild which was caused by a small sand particle which got stuck between the wiper blades and the windsheild. How do you suggest the scratch mark can be removed.
Reply: NO polishing of glass is available but it depends upon the depth of the scratch...if very big claim insurance...breakage of glass is insurance covered.
Posted by Khaleel Rahman : Which one is the most fuel efficient car?
Reply: nothing like that all depends upon your driving and the terrian u drive..but certified mileage under test conditions are advertised by manufactures. In actual diesel engine gives approx 18-20 kmpl and for petrol its 14-16 kmpl
Posted by Vishnu SR : My questions are: 1.For the first few months is it actually good to ride a new bike at constant speed or at variable speed? 2.During the intial periods whether different people riding affects bikes durability and mileage?
Reply: It not fully correct..what u said can very rare cases..but initially for at-least 500km dont give very sudden acceleration and half clutch riding etc
Posted by lijoy john p j : sir, iam interested to purchase a new bike, i need good power and good milage and also it should be a standard appearence (for eg:unicorn) and iam not familiar with the new new bikes so could you suggesst me a good one
Reply: unicorn is a cost effective good featured bike and is reilable with good suspension..for regular use its good. But new bikes with more engine power are sporty in look mostly used by youngsters.
Posted by mobin : Which one is the best sitter vehicle below 15 Lakhs?. I mean good mileage,less maintenance cost ,comfortable.
Reply: Honda City petrol...?
Reply: ull get good hatch backs..i10 grand sportz is a good option.
Posted by ALBIN : in wagon r lxi electrically adjustable mirrors are fitt possible or not?
Reply: yes its possible u have to buy the mirrors controllers and wiring kit.
Posted by Jean : which are the best options for auto geared cars and its price
Reply: it comes in wide ranges from 4.5 lakhs 45 lakhs...maruti, hyundai, honda like brands got auto transmission all most all premium cars above 20 lakh gor AT feature.
Posted by vipin villodi : i,m vipin villodi working as a HSE Engineer in L&T I ,M planing to buy a car so please help me ma budget -7 lakh
Reply: Hi if u have more than 1200 km of running go for Diesel car or else petrol...if u r looking for a sedan its slightly above ur budget..dzire diesel or Amaze petrol.
Posted by Kiran : Let me know which vehicle suites me. My Budget is 7 lack I wont be having more travels. i prefer to have good mileage. which car you can suggest me
Reply: Go for
Posted by Bibin Elias : Hi i would like to buy an automatic car like to have luggage space and my budget is around 9 lakh. Which is good option in Hatch back as well as salun also please suggest diesel or petrol is good.
Reply: if u have running of more than a 1000km a month go for diesel. Within 9 Ciaz will be a good option or else honda city.
Posted by varun : I own a scorpio vlx. I need to fix my car central lock as the one i replaced is not working properly. Suggest a good workshop for this in trivandrum. I met scorpio service centre and the one tey fix is not appropriate. This cause short circiuting issue.
Reply: any good accessory shop will fix it for you.
Posted by sachin b : what will be the resale value for a 2009 model swift lxi with power window,central lock and reverse parking sensors and has done only 28,700km and single use
Reply: Some where around 3 lakhs ck with preowned car shop for correct value.all depends upon the condition of the vehicle.
Posted by Fasil : can I know your opinion about ford Ecosport AT
Reply: Good
Posted by Varghese Kora : I want to buy a car to travel with 5 membered family & parents. Fully automatic & safe vehicle for our road is preferred. which one you recommend?
Reply: initially u have to fix ur budget...for a normal person Honda city is got all safety features from its base model.
Posted by sarathlal kg : i have a plan to purchase a second hand palio 2004 model(single owner, 45000km drvn). what are the common problems we are facing with fiat palio.? whatv are the common complaint for this car, spare parts& service available or not?
Reply: palio & service are available..
Posted by Joe : We see Mahindra Scorpio is a good SUV in India. But in Gulf not a single one to see on road. Why this vehicle failed? What are its advantages In India? What way we can compare Scorpio to similar Japanese SUVs? How you consider Toyota Innova? A SUV? Can you compare & show the advantages Innova over Suzuki Ertiga zxi & vxi models?
Reply: Lots of questions in one line !!! Mahindra Scorpio is a good SUV but when price is compared w gt mote better on in gulf also people trust more of other brands even if product is good. Japanese vehicles are more refined....Innova is a gr8 vehicle except for its mileage its only 10-12 kmpl when compared to 18-20 for other vehicles..ertiga is cheap in price gives more mileage than innova..serivce cost is less...
Posted by Shibu : I would like to but a automatic car with good mileage. My budget is 5 to 6L. Please let me know the suitable car.
Reply: mostly auto gear car got less mileage when compared to Manuel gear. go for alto k10 ato gear. it weill suit ur budget.
Posted by noushad k : bro, what is the difference between AUDI R8 and AUDI there any comparison .iam in KSA audi tt is totally failed and r8 is so expensive..
Reply: R8 is with 517 hp V10 Lamborghini engine.. its audis fastest car. where TT is cheap copmared to RS gives good fuel economy
Posted by Shajimon : can I change the light crank of my Enfield Electra 5S (2011 Model) into heavy crank
Reply: Some local mechanics are doing it...i dont recommend.
Posted by vijay : sir i have an hero honda splendor nxg 2008Model it have reach 50000Km it have tick tick sound on engine mechanic says it was valve sound &It does not affect engine what is that if it cause any major problem? can i go long trip?
Reply: Valve sound is not good if that is in the tolerance limit its ox..once the sound increases and u have abnormal engine stops missing should be worked.
Posted by Pramod Kumar : How can remove mist in Maruti Swift. what is the actual front and back wheel pressure
Reply: Change the vent position ....tyre pressure 36/33 for diesel front & back..34/33 for diesel front & back..but +- 10% is allowable depending upon the load.
Posted by SIJOHN : hello sir i wish to buy an used car for rs 90000.I plan to buy either 800 or nano.actually I am confused which one i buy.i hope i get 800 in 2007 model and nano in 2012 model.i hope a good advice from u to solve my confusion
Reply: go for maruti 800
Posted by Arun B : I thinking about to purchase Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Classic Model My question Is whether the new model of these bikes Gears are slipping ? I hope U a Thank Full Reply From Gibu George
Reply: i am not aware of that kind of complaints.
Posted by shinod av : i need to change my ambassidor bmc 92 engine to bmc stride engine. it is leagal
Reply: you can change only with the same type of engine as mentioned in RC book.
Posted by Jobin Joy : Sir, I have heard that; "for all the 4*2 vehicles the 1st & reverse gears are 4*4 drive gears, is it true?
Reply: No...4*4 means all wheel will have power two wheel drive will have power on either front or back wheel. 1st and reverse are most powerful gear in a vehicle out of which reverse is the Max.
Posted by Vishnu : Dear Mr.Gibu, Could u pls suggest a car between 5-7 lakhs? I prefer swift or swift desire and etios liva. which is better? Thanks
Reply: If u r going for a petrol car Etios is fine if diesel go for dzire.
Posted by santhoshunnithan : how is maruti celerio zxi? is it a good car
Reply: good in its classs..
Posted by vijith kv : I am planning to buy a bullet. two options are there.classic 350 and standard 350.which one should i select?
Reply: both are same but with some diff style..classic got FI and Standerd id Carb.
Posted by varghesecherian : renault have any full automatic car is available,please let me know the details of kottayam or kochi dealers,thanks
Reply: ck 9995554367 jerin