Answered by Gibu George

Posted by shane : Dear bro, I am planning to buy acar in Dec 2014.My budjet is below 4 lacks .I am working abroad.I have licence from 2000 but not run a car after I got licence.I am confused by taking a new car or a second wife also got licence.For our family use which car matching for us with above mentioned subjects.Is it is better to buy alto k 10 or a swift./second hand of these models...if better options than these Please advice.
Reply: hi k10 is fine also u can k Datson GO its in ur budget. if u need an automatic ck up comes to 4.86 lakhs
Posted by john mathew : Sir, i want to buy a car below 5 preferences are mileage ,maintanance cost and resale value. my daily travel distance is below 50km. petrol or diesel car which one is better.plz name the best car in market which i can buy.
Reply: go for diesel...below 5lakhs u wont diesel swift ritz will be a good option..comes around 5.7 lakhs.
Posted by delish : Hello, Im planning to buy ford figo,but im dissapointed with its height and lack of back power windows...whats your opinion about ford figo,what about its over all perfomance ??plz reply as soon as possible...
Reply: Figo as such is good..but service is a MGF have improved a lot..other wise OK
Posted by Anees : I have done My ford endeavor Fuel Pump service recently (2004 model Diesel Engine)also changed timing belt along with it. since then i have been getting a noise when RPM reach 2000 level,is it related to the fuel pump issue or any other .pls replay ,thanks
Reply: cant identify the problem from ur description.
Posted by Binu : I want to fix Free Flow silencer for my Maruti Gypsy 1000 CC. Should i retain the front silencer or should I go with just the free Flow or Front + Free flow. I am not looking for Loud sound but soft and sweet sound.Please reply
Reply: It depends upon the design of the free flow silencer..
Posted by John Paul : Sir i own an Hyundai accent viva 2004 and also covered 95000km. I had done all service works of 1lak include turbo. but now a days when i put ac i feel like some one pulling back...power going down... but rpm shows good. I had checked fuel injection and scanned for error but no use.. can you help...?
Reply: Hope u have ckecked ur Turbo...another wild ur tyres interchange it or put might help !!
Reply: lots...allmost all diesel cars give...Honda, Etios, Dzire, Logan etc...
Posted by thomas : hi..plz help me out...want to take a bike...budget 1.5 classic 350 and Thunderbird 350..wts ur opinion abt dem...which one do u think is a better choice...I intend to use it on a daily basis and nt for long drives...m over 6 feet m mainly looking for a good seating n comfy ride...plz help me out...plz do mention alternative models if any..thnk u
Reply: Go for Thunderbird..little more advanced !!
Posted by s : Dear Sir, When u buy a Petrol LPG Duo car u pay RS.50,000/- extra. When u sell the same car people say resale value for the same is less. Can u pl explain the reason for the same? I cannot really understand the logic?
Reply: General thinking is that using LPG will decrease the life of an engine...but actually it is NOT. But local fitment may do damage to engine !!
Posted by Mridul PM : What about the noise of datsun go during the drive?
Reply: what/which noise ??
Posted by Vibu Abraham : I am planning to buy ford ecosport, but am in confusion about 2 varients of it like 1.5l petrol titanium & 1l ecoboost. which should be the better choice
Reply: 1.5 L will be good.
Posted by DIVYA : Sir if there is any engine problem of lpg /ptrol version cars ie milage or engine capscity etc for eg santro ,wagon r duo etc
Reply: NO problems for OE fitted cars..If additional kit is fixed go for branded kit
Posted by Rajan Varghese : I have decided to buy a car from Hyundai either Grand i10 Asta or the new one Elite 20. Please give me your honest opinion about these two models reg price, performance/ comfort and mileage etc.
Reply: Go for elite its a new design/model and it bigger than i10
Posted by Francy Thomas : I have a Polo volkswagan diesel. Model september 2011 white colour trendline. Now i am planning to sale it and buy SUV type model. i need some adive from you.If i sold my polo how much price i can expect. Total kilometer i used is 21000....single use only. looks like brand new.
Reply: better ck with a pre owned car shop.
Posted by Luckins Abraham : Dear Gibu My name is Luckins and I am from Kothamangalam. But I am leaving in Kuwait since 14 years. I need to buy a new small car. My budget is 5,50000. I took advice from my friends and family members. At the end I come to a final decision to buy a Swift. What you think about my decision. I am confusing that, in a year just one month only I will drive this car and all other days just keep in my home. But there is someone to start the car n all the days. You have any other suggestion. Also this budget is enough for the Swift. And someone told me donít buy now, wait for 2015 January. Because when you sold the car you will get more resale value. If I wait until 2015 the price of this car will go up? Waiting for your kind advice Regards
Reply: Better to buy now...Swift is a good car..u can ck Ritz also.
Posted by nissam : actually iam little bit confused about the fastest car in the it is bugatti or koenigsegg agera or any other car
Reply: It is Hennessy Venom GT..270.49 MPH approx 433 Kmph but as per Guinness Bugatti is still the worlds fastest production car.
Posted by vibhaw : i have mahindra scorpio lx 2012 model, i had encountered problem in engine noise it started to make huge knocking sound when engine start. I used diesel additive. Noise got reduced but there still some strange sound coming. Could it be engine mounting? because knocking problem was left untreated for long time. Kindly give your views...thanks
Reply: From ur mail i cannot acces the complaint..initially try cleaning the injectors..
Posted by binoy : i looking to buy a petrol car with 1.2 engine riz or swift which is the best
Reply: I prefer ritz..good head room and comforttable driving seat position.
Posted by Chottu Ani Xavier : Dear Mr.Gibu George, I am planning to buy a new car.Right now I am in Qatar.I am coming on september for 1 month vacation.Actually we booked Honda City 2 months before.But they told there is a delay in their production since Honda Mobilo has launched.So we are going to cancel the booking.So may I know your humble opinion which car I should go for????How is Nissan Terrano & Hyundai Verna..Plz advice... Regards, Chottu
Reply: Terrano is good stylisdh & comfortable..
Posted by Hemmings : How to release the door? My alto lxi right rear side door jammed. But other 3 doors are ok.shall I consult with a local mechanic?
Reply: yes
Posted by suresh kumar : within a years time diesel and petrol prices will more or less same then buying a diesel car will be a wise decision? If the prices of 2 forms of fuel is same demand for diesel engine will go down and hence resale value of diesel engine vehicle will go down. Is it correct or not what is our expert advice?
Reply: What u said is somewhat true..but the fuel efficiency of diesel engine is almost 70% more when compared to petrol Car. U should consider that also.
Posted by Sreejith S : Dear Sir, I want to purchase a new car. Avg. usage will be 500-550 km/month. Would you prefer diesel to petrol? My options are 1. City V MT, 2. Vento HL, 3. Verna. Kindly give your suggestions.
Reply: Petrol City will do..if ur usage is atleast 1000km go for diesel.
Posted by Sreekumar N : A confusion between City V MT petrol and Vento HL Petrol, for buying a new car. Kindly advice.
Reply: Any day city is better...more milage..more resale..low spare cost
Posted by Anish : Hello Gibu, iam planning to upsize the wheel of my wagon r 2008 model with 14" alloy and suitable tyre for it, is this will make any problem with the handling of my car, as showroom people said this will damage the steering box and make the steering very tight. Also like to know the best alloy brand. Hope ur reply soon.
Reply: it wont harm you..but when u put bigger tyre road grip increases ans the steering will become slightly tight. it wont give any problem..But the actual size is 155/65/R13..can go for 165/65 & 175/60 in 13 R also 185/65 & 175/70 in R14 also 195/50 and 165/45 in R15 size..
Posted by Binoy P.G : hi good morining, i am planning to by a petrol car, with a 1.2 engine,what about swift and any other vehicle suitable for me.
Reply: consider i10 also...out of swift & ritz ..i prefer ritZ
Posted by Sidharth Bharath : Dear Gibu, I am planning to buy a Royal Enfield bike for myself. I would like to buy a 500cc model of the bike.I have rode both the Desert Storm which has an EFI and the Bullet 500 which has a Carburettor. Am pretty much confused in choosing the best among these two. My concern is that if i pick the EFI Desert Storm, it would cost more on maintenance than the Bullet 500 which has more mileage and lower price than the Desert Storm.Please help me to resolve this. Thanks and regards, Sidharth Bharath
Reply: Dear Sidharth..Electronic fuel injection EFI is an advanced form of carburetor and is more u said maintenance cost will be more for an EFI when compared to carb.
Posted by Rajan .A : Good day, I would like to buy a hatch back car, the price can go max up to 7L, low maintenance cost, fuel economy,service centers, long life and comfortable driving to use in Kerala. Please advice. Thank you. Best regards.
Reply: Elite 120
Posted by SAJITH : which one is good from ur experience? bullet standard 350 or bullet electra 350
Reply: Electra...more features !!
Posted by finumuhammed : i am planning to buy a car.which should i prefer from ritz and swift
Reply: i would suggest good head room and driving comfort position.
Posted by shojiksoman : When should I change the timing belt for ford ikon tdci
Reply: it depends upon manufactures specification..for diesel its 90 - 1 lakh km
Posted by Sivadas : I am Looking to buy new car and I have 5 Lakh rupees. Please tell me which vehicle is best for this budget.
Reply: Dat son go. Alto I10 etc...
Posted by saleem : oru compact suv vedikkan terrano eshtamayi.terrano kurich ariyan ane mail ayakkunad. marketil sucsses ano terrano. performence engine . erplay tarumallo. thanks saleem
Reply: its a good vehicle the test drive report in manorama online..ull get more details..
Posted by Azhar : Diesel Engine oil and oil filter should be replaced with in 1 year or 10000KM According to the manufacture . but i have used the vehicle only 3000 KM and its almost 1 year + 1 month over... Should i replace the engine oil & filter now or can wait until reach 10000km.pls guide me ,thanks Azhar
Reply: yes u have to replace oil & filter now.
Posted by marzu : i have a confusion in buying a second hand car, and i also need a diesel car, which car would you recommend for me.. i have options like vw polo, swift, figo, i20, ritz, punto. which is best car from these above or u can suggest me any other car.
Reply: go for either ritz or swift
Posted by Balu : Hi, We have booked Celerio Automatic and expecting to receive by mid of september in palakkad. can you please advise about this car?
Reply: it is a basic version of an automatic car..worth for the money paid.
Posted by subair : sir am planing to by on small used car for me and my wife budget around 300000 lake model 2011 and 2012 km less then 500000 for good mileage please advice to me
Reply: better go for new Datson Go or alto K10 it will fit ur price range....may be slightly higher.
Posted by vimal jose : Respected sir, I have a doubt related to santro xing xl 2006 model car.the doubt is can i fit the universal arm rest in between in front of seats.if yes,how can i put it and also which type is suitable for it,or which type you can recomend for it,if no whats the reason and how can i solve the problem for it.and also i have a major doubt about the santro xing that thn diesal version of this car will launch which year or which month or if not,when will it be? I hope sir, you clarify and cleared my all doubts regarding the santro xing
Reply: no information regarding diesel ver of Xing from Hyundai...Armrest you can fix..any upholstery shop will do this for you.
Posted by Jose cherian : Does buy a vw polo diesel is good, service charge high or low,any problems
Reply: VW always spares on the highter side..but car is very reliable
Posted by ratheesh : who is the owner of jagur
Reply: Tata Motors !!
Posted by VIPIN : 4 taxi purpose amount 5 Lak
Reply: indica..
Posted by shinod : what is the cause of high rpm (upto 5000)while driving in diesel logan 2008 model
Reply: can happen if gear slips to neutral position..
Posted by vijayachandran nair : I have hundai Verna automatic car witch transmishion oil I need to use inthe gearbox
Reply: u can use servo ATF SP every 10000 km replace after 1 lakh kms..
Reply: too old model....
Posted by Riyaz.A : Swift Dezire, Honda Amaze, TATA Zest and Cheverlet Sail - which one is best in the follwing 1)Value for money 2)Can use for personal and taxi purpose 3)Low cost of maintenance 4)Engine performance 5)Features,Look and Style Please help me on this...
Reply: Swift more reliable, good resale etc..
Posted by Gokul : Planning to buy a premium hatchback..Elite i20 or new VW polo?Thank you
Reply: Elite is a new model and spares exp will be less when compared to polo..Performance wise polo is good.
Posted by igneesh : hi sir i am having one fiesta diesel 2008 car still perfect i like to sell and buy swift 2008 wat is ur opinion.
Reply: i dont know y u r going for a HATCH BACK FROM SEDAN..Swift is a good car.
Posted by Prem BL : Sir, njan aduthide LL kittiya oru yuvavanu. Akshaya centreil work cheyunund. LL eduthenkilum drive cheyuvan pediyund. veezhumo ennokke. krithyamay paranjal drive cheythitila ithvare. decemberil enik oru 2wheeler eduth tharan plan und ente papayk. ethanu enik patiya 2wheeler enu parayamo sir?
Reply: Better go for a scooter like honda activa... before riding new one get good practice from a driving school..its only ur fear that ull fall down..once u start riding it will be cool...
Posted by sharafudeen : എനിക്ക് ഒരു റ്റാറ്റ ഇന്ടിഗ 2009 മോഡൽ എടുക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹമുണ്ട്.. അതിനു ഇപ്പോൾ മാർക്കെറ്റ്‌ വില എത്രയാണ്.. എന്തൊക്കെ കാര്യങ്ങളാണ് ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ടത്
Reply: approx 1 lakh...but ck with a pre owned car shop.better to be a single service records..preferably company for accidents etc..
Posted by Thomas : Dear Mr.Gibu I am planning to buy 7 seater SUV.My choice is Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Sangyong, Hyundai Santafe, Honda CRV. Which one you will recommend ?
Reply: i would prefer Honda CRV..but its petrol