Answered by Gibu George

Posted by prasanth : I want to know how to clean the cabin filter of alto k10; i could not find it in the car; how to clean the ac system from dust and other particles , once in a month or so by myself.
Reply: u cannot do that...clean the ac vent ducts once in a year and replace comp oil gas etc once in 2 years at that time clean the cooling coil etc...
Posted by gersi : My car got water from air filter , and every morning when smoke sparks car until the cars temperature rises . I wanted to know what the problem is ?? My car is the Opel Astra 1.7 year production 2000
Reply: it cannot from where water is entering the filter...mostly it will be when washing the car...clean engine room with a wet cloth.
Posted by Ajayakumar : Hi Gibu, Kindly explain whats the difference between $WD and All WD vehicles.
Reply: hope u r asking the diff of 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive....both are 4 wheel drive but in all wheel drive the gears are full time engaged and the torque is transmitted as per requirement..where as in 4 wheel drives we engage the 4 wheel gears manually
Posted by Ashik K.A : Sir, How to change the time in the instrument cluster of Swift Dzire
Reply: almost common in all the button one changes the hour ..other one minutes..or turn the knob to right changes the hr ..left changes the min...
Posted by suhail ahamed.p : what is bhp?what is the full form of bhp?
Reply: BHP is brake horse is a measure of engine POWER before the power loss by the transmission train.
Posted by vinayak : my car is fiat linea . it meter consoule is not working properly .how much rupees meter consoule
Reply: approx rs 5000/-
Posted by MUSTHAQ : 125000 km odiya Toyota innova 2011 model vangikunnath kuzhapamagumo sir
Reply: no problem.. if the condition is good and its a proper services vehicle from a dealer point
Posted by Treesa : One day while i was driving through EKM CITY, there is heavy block,for half an hour and we feel some burning smell and little smokes from the bonnet . same day we consult with the mechanic and he says that the smell is applying clutch continuosly , since I am not familiar with driving i think the issue is withthat, but i fear to take the car after that . what is the reason for the smoke plse answer me? second is about the servicing at what period we used to service the vehicle . Waiting for a favouable reply
Reply: riding a clutch will not give u smoke and burning smell unless u raise the rpm very high. it can happen that oil stains over the engine can burn and give smoke and smell but usually this happens after a service/ workshop visit. Service interval is 1 year or 5000 km for normal vehicles. for some vehicles its every 10000 km ..but 1 year remains the same. service means u have to change e oil filter etc.
Posted by devan : i purchased my car ( maruti alto k10 ) in march 2012 the problem is battery ( amaron ) most of the time starting trouble if i change the same or repair the same ??????????
Reply: ck what is the exat there is a spl meter available at battery shops which will indicate whether to recharge or to replace.
Posted by Sangameswaran PS : Iam handicapped,left leg amputated.Iwant an automatic car with 3 to 4lakhs rupees. can?
Reply: yes ck celero, alto etc..
Reply: its malfunctioning plz get it ckd at authorized w/s
Reply: an engine which got 8 cylinders and is the cylinders are arranged in V shape...there are other types like inline, rotary etc
Posted by Hiran Pillai : I own a Nissan Sunny 2012. Is tyre size 195/65 R15 tubeless compatible with Sunny?
Reply: sunny xl & xe got lower tyre size but xv got 185/65 R15 for xl & xe u got to change the disc. 195/ is compatible.
Posted by Arun S L : I am planning to buy a suv car.i have interest in volvo. may i go for the same car or give any suggestion.
Reply: volvo is said to be the safest car..go for it..also ck out similar brands like Audi, BMW etc.
Posted by AnoopGK : Haii Mr.Gibu, Which entry level sedan gives most comfort for driver as well as passengers for long trip.Is Dzire,Amaze,Xcent,i20, Zest or other.Thank you.
Reply: i would suggest dzire..
Posted by Laji : Dear Gibu Iam a from pathanamthitta, i want to know about maruti celerio AMT Vxi model 1. How is the performance in hilly area 2. In slope area if its in D slot, whether the car will move backward. 3.iF yes, how much. 4.What about the milage in our area. 5. Did you prefer any other AMT car. 6. Is it a wise decision to buy the AMT cars in our area. Awaiting your prompt answers. Thanking you. Brgds laji
Reply: if u r in a hilly terrain celerio is not a good veh..go for little more advanced AT types. of course celerio will mov back wards a little but u can use hand brake simultaneously wich will solve the issue. mileage depends upon the idea..normal roads it will give 12-14 kmpl. Lots of varients are available price will be Volks wagon polo, ito grand etc..
Posted by Girish kumar : I have bought a new Maruthi Alto 800 & since its only having one horn, I connected 1 extra roots horn via horn via cut-out & battery and working well.This I done privately. I worry whether it affect battery charging or any other fault to vehicle. Kindly give a suitable reply.
Reply: if the wiring proper it will work fine..hope u have wired directly from battery..nothing to careful about water entering the horn relay..while washing & raining..also this depends uopn the position u fix..
Posted by V S BALACHANDRAN : I would like to buy a suv type car which one best and cheap,petrol or diesel
Reply: go for duster..diesel if u have more than 1200 km running per month or else petrol...
Posted by jisso : can know i20 detaled perfomence and market valuve
Reply: its a good car..a/c is not that good when compared to cars in that range. price ranges b/n 5.6 - 8 lakhs depending upn model petrol/diesel
Posted by sneha : sir, enikk 2lks nullil nilkkunna used card orennam suggest cheyyamo. alto, wagnor, estilo,santro which is good ?
Reply: Wagon R or santro..6 year old will cost u approx 1.6-1.7 lakhs.
Posted by nidhin : DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN Honda Activa 125 and Honda DIO 2013 IN MALAYALAM
Reply: sorry !!!
Posted by JIBIN : what is feedback of honda amaze, and its resale value?
Reply: petrol ver is brand got a good resale value..
Posted by muhammed jubair : hai brotherIam planning to buy a compact suv like nissan terrano and renault duster(both are diesel)?which is better?plz give me better advice advice?
Reply: both are same...but look/style wise terrano is good.
Posted by Raju Thomas : Sir, I would like to buy a car. i have four (4) options, Renault Lodgy, Tyota innova, Maruti ertiga,Honda moblio which one is better, i am working in abord, early 1 month vacation during this period using & some times wife using. pls give suggestion
Reply: if u wife is using..a compact car would be good go for ertiga...or else innova,,,..
Posted by arun : i want buy new car in petrol variant which better maruti swift vxi or amaze ex
Reply: amaze will a good choice.
Posted by sony thoppil : what s the resale value of maruti eeco?
Reply: its less..
Posted by Aneesh Raveendran : I want to make some modifications my innova. like panoramic sunroof, good finishing interior , alloy wheels etc,i will not change seating capacity and exterior looks. what is your opinion give me some guidence like where should i go for this?
Reply: ck
Posted by krishna : dear i planned to buy a 2003 version hyundai accent.the car completed 90000 km kl-05 registration how much amount i can pay for this help me plzz
Reply: u have ck it wil a preowned car shop also it depends upon the condition of the car..accent don have a good resale value...something b/n 60 - 75000
Posted by reghunath.G : I had purchased alto Lx 800 2001 model.The kilometre reading is 22070 Can I verify the genuiness of the reading or is it corrected manually.
Reply: if its serviced at the dealer point u can get the details...otherwise no Raksha...
Posted by prasad : 2009 safari dicor a/c comprassor price and details for central lock it is complaint
Reply: u have to deal with the manufactures of the CL. A/c compressor will cost u approx 16000/-..
Posted by Rose mary : Which car to buy Swift (zxi / vdi) or i20 ( sport z - petrol) - PLS help me this is my first car? What mileage is giving in city and highway driving. What are the good and bad aspects of both cars.Kindly Help me...
Reply: diesel gives u more mileage if ur running is within 1000km a month go for petrol..if petrol go for 120spz or swift vdi...
Posted by Sajith R : Im planning to get all four shock absorbers of my Indigo Marina replaced. Are there any reputed websites/dealers who can sell OEM spares (like Gabriel/Monroe). Im looking for this option to save cost compared to Tata Authorized service center. Since my car has already run close to 1Lakh KM and current running is minimal I feel it may be reasonable to go for a reliable non-Tata Spare.
Reply: Yes there are reputed suspension manufacturespl ck
Posted by Anoop Abraham : Gibu, As iam planning to buy a petrol sedan, i dont have much travel only 400 KM/ month. most of the travels in rural areas. i dont look for high maintenance cost vehicles. Maruthi Swift and Honda Amaze. which is good in terms of maintenance cost and comfort in hilly areas. looking for your expertise to choose one.
Reply: go for swift...
Posted by Sreenath S : Hi Sir, My name is Sreenath from Palakkad. I have booked New Maruthi Swift VXI (Petrol Version) this december expecting it to receive next week. I have few questions can you please help me out. 1. Whether i need to go for Alloy Wheels? Is that really needed? I know its stylish but any other advantages? 2. Under body coating 3M and Teflon coating. My dealer is charging 7,500 RS for that. Have enquired about and i came to know that we can just do 3M coating for 3000 RS outside with warranty. Also heard that Teflon coating is not required for a new car, we can do some wax coating for 1000 Rs. Can you please help me out with a good option. 3. Heard that a Crash Test happened after booking the vehicle, i spoke to Maruthi Customer care they said they dosent have any information. I Would like to know the fact. Thanks in advance.
Reply: Alloys are for stylish looks only but its good for tubeless tyres. Under body coating and Teflon are not necessary if its free its fine..dzire was only ok with the crash test ..i direct news.
Posted by saifuddeen arookkutty : By comparing the interiour material quality of maruthi and hundai vehicles,which is better
Reply: both are same
Posted by Girish kumar : Celerio Manuel Gear Convert Chaithu Auto Gear Aakkan Pattumo. ?
Reply: Theatricality possible....but availability and expertise is the question..
Posted by Haridas pn : My new car alto 800 lxi, ethil amt gear box fit chaian pattumo,amount ethara
Reply: NO
Posted by Moopan : Sir, can you tell me the exact on road mileage of ford figo petrol varient.
Reply: NO...mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive,,,average u can say 9-12 kmpl
Posted by anil : I have plan to buy Honda Brio and my budget is max.5 laks.and now the price is increased and if u have suggestion to buy another vechicle which is good comparing to brio in budget tks
Reply: try i10 grand..
Posted by john : I have back pain. which bike is good. my age 55
Reply: Hero honda passion Pro
Posted by Rejisha : Dear Sir, I would like to buy a petrol car this month. As am confused because of Toyota Etios Liva, Maruthi Swift and Grand i10. My budget is 6 lac and my preference in mileage stylish, and comfort can you suggest me which one I should prefer.
Reply: go for i10 grand sportz ..gr8 features @ good price
Posted by vishnu s prasad : hai sir, i would like to buy a car in the range 4.5-5.5 lakhs, which one can you suggest. I prefer one with good performance and mileage.Waiting for you reply. with regards vishnu
Reply: ck out i10 grand
Posted by Praveen B : Sir, I would like to buy a swift petrol car. It is seen that, there is a tyre size difference >< swift vxi and zxi.So what is the advantange in tyre size
Reply: bigger the tyre more comfort..good looks. more road grip .etc..cost will be more..
Reply: ck with the dealer
Posted by Rajesh Christen : I want to buy an 8 seater u tel
Reply: ertiga...mobileo....innova...
Posted by Muralidharan : I am interested in buying a new Honda Brio. But I am told that honda motors is going to stop this car production. Is this information correct? Pl advise. Thanks
Reply: no official news to us regarding that..
Posted by Anil Kumar K S : What is your opinion about maruti Celerio.Automatic or manual which one is best for our normal use.plse sdvice me because i want to purchase a new car shortly.
Reply: automatic is very convenient but mileage will be less when compared with Manuel one.
Posted by k.p.sivakumar : which car is best to buy lessthan 8 lakhs and it should be low maintance and high resale value
Reply: maruti dzire
Posted by vaisakh : hi, I have 1993 model maruti800. Iwant boost my car as a sports car how could I make happen? if I do that what will prob I face in my car ?...
Reply: it is against the rules..but u can modify the cyl head to get little more power use free flow air filters try modify intake & exhaust sys...
Posted by nabeel : how is new yamaha fz ver 2 wich one is better old one or new one . . .
Reply: definitely new version !!