Answered by Gibu George

Posted by Anand : Hi...I am planning to buy a sedan car..below 9 lakhs.Confused between Ford Classic Titanium Tcdi and Honda Amaze IDtec..Which one is good option??
Reply: since ur option is diesel Ford should be the first choice. Ford is slightly bigger. Cabin noise for amaze is slightly on the highter side.
Posted by athul thomas : what about new honda mobilio?
Reply: gr8 car..diesel slightly under powered.
Posted by sam : sir i bought a new swift dezire car last month but met with small accident and got some scratches how much it may cost to remove scratches in showroom
Reply: it depends upon the size, place &depth of the scrack..but approx for bumper 2500, side qtr panel 1800 likewise
Posted by Dikshith : sir, I would like to buy a budjet is b/w 500000-550000.Which will be best?
Reply: best depends upon so many criterias..also mainly depends upon the user per my suggestion ck out i10 sportz
Posted by Abdul Rasheed : Sir , I have to know which one is specious and comfortable car for long drive .in my view etios liva ,elite i20 and ertiga .petrol variant. adivice for best. Thank you sinserly A RASHEED
Reply: out of the three Ertiga will be the choice.
Posted by Binu : I am using Tata Indigo GLX 2009 Model. Problem at present Fuel Gauge indicates full tank as well as temperature Gauge always indicate to Red sometime goes to medium or totally dead. Electrician failed to rectify the prob anything to do with Fuse or Sensor as already Radiator cleaned and water pump also changed but still same problem exist. Your immediate response in this matter is highly appreciated. Regards, Binu
Reply: this might be the problem of earthing..please have a through ck up at dealer point
Posted by fahiz : hello sir i have a indigo ls car it runned up to 175000 kms it takes speed up to 130 on a/c easily but iam afraid that it will come to bore because it runned so many kms ho to identify bore problems
Reply: The best way is to do a Compression test by this we can find the pressure in cylinders are to the specification if there is slight drop initially u can change the rings and then engine o/H
Posted by ajish : one time when i change my car engine oil after 5000 km the quantity was little less. i didnt care. Now again i change last time, the quantity was very less. the technician told me my car have some engine problem. can you help me in this regard. my car is toyota corolla 1.8. As per oil manufacturer recommendation i am changing every 5000 km
Reply: dear ajish, its not clear from ur mail that other symptoms like exess smoke starting troubles etc are there. Also u can ck whether oil mixed with silencer carbon is found at the tip of silencer in that case show it to the dealer normally toyota engine will run smoothly for 3-4 lakh kms.
Posted by cheruvathoor anoop : chevy beat dont have a proper central lock.The car will get locked automatically ,but any passenger cna open any door. Is there any central lock that we can fit in chevy beat? also one touch power window button is not there in beat.Can we get a third party one for this?
Reply: Yes youll get diff brands. eg auto cop, nippon etc it got one click opening all doors.
Posted by basil jose : Hi name is basil and i works in michelin tyres chennai.i have maruthi alto 2007 ordinary model thats with out ac and poweer steering.when i asked with workshops they deals with ac they told subros ac cost me 22000 and another ac cost me 13000.can u suggest me whats the best option?how much it going to cost me? where i can get those accessories in ernakulam>?????
Reply: Original fitment is Subros AC..its same as comes in A/C other one is not OE. Better to fit subros if u are going to use it for long or else other a/c.
Posted by Nambudiri : I was told charging cell phone in car reduces life of batteries.Any truth in it
Reply: NO !!..but better not to plug in while starting and stopping the engine. doing this can damage you charger as well a ur mobile battery.
Posted by tijo iassc : sir,which is best scooter activa 125 or vespa.
Reply: i would suggest Activa....if u want more stylish go for vespa.
Posted by sybin : how can i post my vechicle photo in u& your vechicle blog.
Reply: follow the link on
Posted by RAHUL : Sir i would like to know the best vehicle in automatic gear transmission..within a range of 12 lakhs
Reply: go for VW vento AT 7 speed transmission !!
Posted by SALIL T : which car is the best option for me? budget 5.5 lakhs. petrol varient only
Reply: i10 sports...value for money..good features
Posted by vijay : Dear Mr Gibu, My family only 03 members, I wish to buy an auto gear car costing around 5 to 6 Lakh. Which is preferable for me? Or any SUV is there affordable
Reply: cars available in the budget is Maruti Celerio & I10 Automatic. No suv n that range.
Posted by raj : Pls suggest online site for car electric spare parts
Reply:,,,, ...etc...if u google "car electric spares online" ull get more choices !!
Posted by Jaison : Hello - I like to install bi-xenon projector headlamp with HID bulb on my Honda Jazz. Do you know anybody from where I can buy the full set and install it. Thanks
Reply: Any accessory shop people can help u
Posted by Renjith : Dear Sir, I am planning to buy an MUV. which is the good, below 12 lacs (performance, resale, maintenance cost etc). I am preferring ERTIGA, MOBILIO, TERRANO, etc. Kindly expecting your reply. Thnx.
Reply: resale and maintenance considered ertiga will be good other wise Terrano..if u need more seating go for Honda maintenance will be slightly higher
Posted by Jagan : Hi Gibu, I have one old model 2004 ZEN, I bought this a month back. When I start Car in the morning it is white smoke and water vapor from the exhaust and its for just 3,4 minutes after that normal, while running also there is no problem (normal smoke). Is this due to any major problem of the engine? does it needs to check a mechanic?
Reply: No problems..from a fine tuned engine droplets of water and vapours will come once the exhaust is heated up it goes off also
Posted by dennis : I am searching for a second hand petrol sedsan car having a good suspension, average mileage 14,15 for long drives,which is better honda city or corrolla or etios my budget is 430000.
Reply: corolla will be the best but i doubt that ull get good car in the budget..
Posted by naveen : I am planning to buy a car below 7 options is elite i20 petrol or Honda amaze diesel.which is good to ride and have low expensive and good resale vale.
Reply: good to ride will be always a petrol will be less expensive...fore a diesel car resale will be more wnen compared to same model petrol and mileage also will be more.
Posted by mithun jose : which is the best car for the range of 450000/-
Reply: alto..datson GO
Posted by Sabic : I need Toyota ethios car .but I want instalment.first time and manthly howmuch
Reply: get in touch with a dealer or a bank
Posted by Saleem.A.K : sir nan nissan terrano book time running l e d fix cheyan endengilum requst ceyan pattumo
Reply: you can do it outside ull get the led strips separate which can be fixed to the HL
Posted by litto k thomas : My car A/C not working how to check what is the problem
Reply: it depends upon the complaint..u can ck whether gas is leaked by depressing the inlet valve provided also u can ck the dryer window glass whether the gas is bubbling. this shows gas is less inside the can be a leakage.
Posted by zaianmohan : how can i sent u a picture
Reply: for ??
Posted by Padmakumar : My vehicle is 2003 model Maruti Zen Lxi. I want to change the gear into automatic transmission. I am from Trivandrum. Is there any place/workshop converting the manual to automatic in kerala? If yes, pls give me the contact details.
Reply: ck up 9846032927 mr jose..he got s sys for conversion
Posted by BINIL : sir i would like to by a new car. my budget is 6-8lkh . which model is most feasilble. What about etios cross g petrol
Reply: if u need a sporty look & style go for cross..otherwise nothing big in it !!
Posted by Abhijith : hiii... i want 2 buy a new sedan below 100000 wch one i will go for?which is good maruti ciaz or vw vento...?
Reply: as far as maintenance considered Suzuki will be cheaper..yet to get the driving reports of Ciaz
Posted by Harikrishnan N : what is cruse control?
Reply: It is a system that automatically controls/maintains the speed of an automobile as set by the driver.
Posted by nikoo mathew : i am planning to tata safari storme ex model . is it right decision regarding the availability of service .storme servvice is only available at dealer service center
Reply: Tatas service depends upon dealer to dealer.u got to be kottayam we have a good dealer MK motors. nikko if u r from ktym..go for it..
Posted by Shanid : Hi Sir, I own a 6 months old Bajaj Pulsar 200ns. From the first day of ride itself, i could notice some kind of sound from the rear and front disc brakes. The sounds are different in rear and front. From the rear break, what i can hear is a scratching like sound which is not continuos, but cyclic. I mean it occurs in one full rotation of the disc. And at one particular spot, i presume. Several visits to the service center helped me to not rectify the problem, but realise that the guys work there are complete retards, or robots. I dont know what they are doing to my bike when I talk to them about my problem, but they keep doing only that one thing whenever I give my bike. Nothing new. And in the front disc, the sound is like scratching on steel. I guess its because of dust. I cleaned it myself which did reduce the sound, but has increased over the last few days. Another question is about a little modification to the indicators and/or lights. Should I worry about any battery problems or anything if I install led/projectors ? Thanks for the help in advance, Shanid.
Reply: using Led will not harm ur bike..Try to get hold of a person from the workshop so that u can explain things to him
Posted by George : Hello Gibu. I am planning to buy a hatchback for my wife. Looked for AMT Celerio as well as Grand i10 Auto, both are priced 5.70 for VXI and 6.83 for Automatic. we already have Polo hence, we dont want any bigger. but if price is high i dont even mind going for manual versions. now that Celerio, Datsun Go, Grand i10 are in my mind, also for the price Manual version AltoK10, Celerio is also an option. Looking forward for your advice. Thanks
Reply: hi the 2nd model for celerio AT is only apprx 5.20 if price is the factor Alto k10 is a good choice as a second car. Little big is Datson will come under 4 on rad.
Posted by sebin : Is Duster a good suv? Is to good to buy it for a 5 members family?
Reply: cheap and best...
Posted by Niju : dear sir, I brought a 2007 model Santro Xing. Done around 70k Kms till now. A strange problem with the car which till now I thought as a battery issue so i replaced it but the problem remaining same. In the morning car normally starts after running the car for around 20 kms, if I switch it off OR the car gets stalled then it doesnt start easily takes a few cranking to start, I have shown it to Hundai workshops but the problem could not be solved. They replaced the fuel pump but the problem was not solved.
Reply: Hi u have to have a through ck up..since its not battery ck fuel lines filter etc for blockage and fuel dilution, also check the ign current flow and spark plugs for any oil splashes.
Posted by Joy : What is the difference between 2 wd and 4 wd.What is the advantage of both
Reply: For two wheel drive either the front wheel or the rear will will have power to drive the vehicle. In four wheel/All wheel drive vehicles power is given to all wheels. It will have more traction on roads ie climbing power.
Posted by Dileep Nair : Dear Gibu I am planning to buy a new car. My choice is between Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. Ground clearance for City is only 165 mm and Ciaz is 170 mm. Can we increase the ground clearance.Is their any difference by using 16"alloy wheel instead of 15"alloy wheel Regards Dileep Nair
Reply: if u use 16" the clearance will increase.
Posted by Dasan : sir, i need one car with 8 seating i searching ertiga vdi and enjoy ltz. as per your opinion which is best? awaiting your soonest reply. thanking you
Reply: Ertiga will be a good choice..enjoy is little more bulky..suzukki got good resale market also.
Posted by Kumar : Sir I wish to buy an automatic car. Which is preferable? Hyundai I10 or Suzuki Celerio. performance, size, design
Reply: i10
Posted by bilal ahmed : i have changed suzuki mehran back tyres 145/80/R12, while front tyres remains 145/70/R12, what will happen? please also mail me about your comment
Reply: nothing will happen..
Posted by Ahamad Basheer : Which car i can buy in 5-5.5 lakhs budget.
Reply: i10, ritz, swift
Posted by denni : sir, i am looking for an automatic vehicle for my father who is is difficult for him to use clutch. thinking of buying a celerio. i would like to get an advice from you. how is the vehicle. or is there any good options. pls reply. thank you
Reply: celero is the cheapest Auto trans available..ull get a better one from hyundai but cost is more !!
Posted by Akshay : Sir I intend to buy a starting segment sedan...fellow suggestions are...zest and amaze...i need a petrol vehicle...and not a daily drive..just premium...zest is new on road...and fresh looking....but Honda offers more...reliable service nd engine...what will be your opinion...??... I am more interested in zest as it offers great interiors and cant take case of service nd reliablity...plzzz help..i will be pleased if its faster...reply
Reply: the answer is in your question itself safe is Honda !!
Posted by SUNIL T K : ഒരു ഡിസൽ കാർ വാങ്ങുവാൻ .. 1. ഫയാറ്റ്‌ പുണ്ടോ ഇവോ 2. ടാറ്റാ സെട്സ് 3. മാരുതി സ്വിഫ്റ്റ് ഇതിൽ ഏതു വാഹനമാണ് service , maintanance cost , fuel efficeincy ഇവ നോക്കുമ്പോൾ മികച്ചത് . ദയവായി പറഞ്ഞുതന്നാലും ...
Reply: maruti swift !!!
Posted by Shalin : Sir I Like To UPGRADE My I20s Tyre From 185/65/14 To 195/65/14 So What Are The Merits And Demerits Of These Upgrade. Which Tyre Is Best For These Upgrade I Like To Prefer Bridgestone G3 Or Yokohama S Drive.
Reply: mileage can reduce very ll get very good road grip !! both brands are good.
Posted by Sunil Abraham : What are the benites to fill Nitrogen gas in automobile tyre tube?
Reply: will not get heated like wear and tear will be less for tyres..frequent air loss due to expansion can be minimized...
Posted by manikandan : now a days petrol and diesel price is not very deference. so which car is economic?
Reply: if u have atleast 1000 to 1500 km of running a month go for diesel..diesel gives more mileage ..
Posted by deepak . r : I am a higher secondary school teacher working in an aided school in malappuram. Now I am using a maruti alto LXi car purchased in 2003. Now I have a plan to purchase a new sedan type car.My option for the basic features need are a car have the features such as automatic a/c climate control,power streering,4 power windows,integrated music system ect. My budget for a sedan type car is in between 8 lakhs to 8.5 lakhs(on road price). I need your valuable suggestion for purchasing a new car which have the above mentioned features. (I need only a comparission study between the models maruti,hyundai,nissan cars) which have more fuel efficiency and affordable price and spare parts cost.
Reply: out of the three easy to maintain are maruti vehicles if u have atleast 1000- 1500 km of running go for diesel all diesel car will give u 20+ mileage for petrol it will be max of 14kmpl. Ck out Maruti Dxire ZDi or Hyundai Xcent Crdi SX but Nissan costs more than ur budget
Posted by Raju George : My 2009 model Ford Fiesta the ABS indication light some times it was blinking.Now it is continues on. Why and how and what is the probs.any probs i Can drive the car ,would you please reply.raju george.
Reply: got to contact the service people..the sensor might have damaged