Answered by Gibu George

Posted by vinu : sir . This is about re-registration about my Passion plus 2005.As I am a student in Tamilnadu I own a TN registered motorbike .and the bike is registered in my own Name.But Soon i will complete my course and need to come back to kerala.I have no idea to sell this and i need to shift the vehicle to kerala.Let me know what are the procedures to transfer the RC to kerala.and approximate cost of re-registration there.
Reply: Hi u have to Get an NOC for TN to the RT office of ur Address in kerala where u r going to register Fees is nominal approx 500/- for getting noc u have to pay fees at TN. U can ask for a refund of balance tax at TN and u have to Pay Road tax of kerala here.
Posted by anitha : sir i would like to buy a car. i have three options.tyota innova, maruti ertiga,honda moblio which one is better for my long term uses pls give suggestion
Reply: Apart from Mileage...Innova is the best.
Posted by MIthun : Sir, Can you give me review on OPel Astra 1996 Model, I have been offered that vehicle
Reply: its obsolete..spares are costly..difficult to resale...
Posted by jose thomas : 4 lake rs.. ulla kudiya milage kittuna petrol car latest model...?
Reply: alto...eon...
Posted by aneesh : hey am regular viewer . now am using Honda city .I want to buy one muv like scorpio or safari second hand am looking monthly below 1000 km only run.Thats why am looking for second hand muv my family have 6 members .. please advice which is best in this class and preferred new muv also.. please ..
Reply: Innova will be a good will give u a good resale also it will cost u more when buying. Scorpio is also worth trying provided u get good vehicle which has covered under 50000 kms. For innova u can go more than a lakh km. If u go for petrol ull get it cheap.
Posted by subinraj : Looking to buy basic model bike with price range 50-60.Please suggest.
Reply: Hero Honda passion Pro
Posted by Laijith : I would like to buy a seven seater. How is the newly launched Honda mobilio? pls advice
Reply: Mobilio is a good vehicle..Diesel ver got engine noise inside cabin when compared to City diesel petrol is fine but less supply.diesel gives 20+ mileage
Posted by manojcv : we are off the car with remote key(automatic gear),after some time interior console meter (all lnside meter lights)automatically to work automatically ?
Reply: park light switch might be on ...I suppose that ur question is "when we off the car with remote key(automatic gear),after some time interior console meter lights are seen automatically on.."
Posted by krishna : Hi Gibu George..I am very much confused and need your advice very much.. I have low back pain L4-L5-S1 and also arthritis in hip [SI Joint]..I am looking for a car - diesel hatch my daily travel includes 60km..I need a car which is tall enough and also good m ileage..I am confused with Ritz Vdi and Etios Liva GD....which one should i prefer...based on my health conditions and also running cost daily..
Reply: Go for Ritz..its got little better seat height also you can modify the seat to suit your requirements.
Posted by vishnu chempankulam : am an austrslian resident..i just wanna know that whether volkswagon tiguan launched there and its price... regards
Reply: Not yet launched..they had featured it in previous Auto Expos.
Posted by Kishor : Hi I am using Innova while using wiper in rain wind shield is getting blared and getting clear after few seconds , I feel there is some oil content on the glass ,tried to clean with lot of things . when it is dry we cant find any thing and it is very clear Kindly give me some solution Regards Kishor
Reply: A windshield cleaning solution is available at Toyota w/s
Posted by Paul M P : Can we consider Honda Mobilio as a proven family vehicle. give me your comments.
Reply: Its good Family car....If u want to comment on "Proven" it will take some more time...
Posted by Dinu George : Hi Gibu, I was searching the vehicles on road price with concorde motors website since i am planning to buy a ZEST from them, in the price break ups i saw couple of heads other than insurance and tax, one is Logistics and it is fixed for almost all vehicles. Is it there with all kind of vehicles? can we bargain on it? and second one is basic accessories. where we can make sure that what all accessories actually the company is giving as standard with the vehicles. Thanks Dinu
Reply: Both items are negotiable...but it depends upon ur purchasing power..For corporates they might agree...for individuals.......!!!! ????
Posted by Abhilash : Hi Gibu: i would like to buy Honda Amaze. heard that the spare parts rate High than compared to Maruthi Dzire. Please suggest the maintance cost & spare parts price of Honda compared to Maruthi & toyota.
Reply: honda is always expensive than Maruti
Posted by jerin : i want to buy a second handsedan disel to make a which would u prefer
Reply: Swift Dzire with boot
Posted by Mohanan : Sir, When CNG is expected to be available in Kochi as an auto fuel ? Is CNG more economical than LPG ?
Reply: CNG is more economical than LPG....availabilty idea
Posted by George KV : Which is the best car ? Swift(VXI) or Ritz(VXI) Preferences - Internal space and driving comfort
Reply: good head room , seating position & road vision when compared 2 Swift
Posted by Pramod : Hi, Im Planning to buy an used Chevrolet AVEO U-VA. the vehile I checked is LT Option. Having ABS, Air Bags etc.Whats your opinion. Is it worth or headache? Normally My average use will be 300 KM / Month. Please advise.
Reply: if u get it cheap it ok...maintenance is little on the higher side for Chevrolet cars..
Posted by koshy k. paul : I want to buy a xylo e8 second hand.. is there any problem in that.. I am staying in high range areas.. is xylo good for such areas... what is the mileage of xylo e8..
Reply: Xylo is good for High Ranges..mileage u cant say for hill terrains..but average normal road u may get 9-12 kmpl
Reply: Swift Dzire
Posted by Antony : Hi Mr. Gibu George I want to know about Hondas Mobilio in detail.Can you help me plz. Tanx U.
Reply: Price Ranges from 7.76 to 12.84 . In petrol / Diesel E 7.76/9.4, S 8.89/10.21 & V10.32/11.55 Variant are there plus RS Diesel 12.84 all Manuel Gears on the road price + 4 year warranty + 4 Road side Assistance For Metallic colors Rs 7000 additional.
Posted by shibu : Sir, l have selected petrol model of maruthi swift VXI,But now Honda amize 1.2 Ei-VTEC & etios liva G is getting the same price. which is the best petrol engine for less maintenance & good resale value. Which is having best ground clearance since myself from kattapana, idukki.
Reply: Both Dzire & Etios have 170 mm and amaze is 165 mm Resale is more for Amaze.
Posted by vishnu : sir, which car is best?maruthi ertiga or honda mobilio??
Reply: I have not test driven mobilio bur Honda petrol is superior than maruti and got good brand value
Posted by tijo issac : sir,i am going to buy activa 125 and i want to know all about activa 125 . is it good???
Reply: Activa is a proven vehicle..go for it..
Posted by Sunil Kumar Manghat : i had purchased a new wagon R on May13, it seems the pick up is very poor and the cluth is always sticky, it gets off frequently, as if there is no clutch,and what mileage can i expect in new wagon R
Reply: approx mileage u can get is 14 kmpl. Regarding clutch / pickup ck with an authorized workshop.
Posted by manoj kumar : Honda Unicorn, Hero new Xtreme, Pulsar which is economical fuel efficient and worth value for money
Reply: Unicorn !!
Posted by thanveer : which is the best 200 cc bike when concerned with mileage
Posted by fahin : hi sir,i am planing to buy a royal enfiled classic 350. i am 6ft tall will it be ok with me?? and i have back pain problem also.. if not with model will be good for me???
Reply: bikes are not good for back pains..bullet is best of the lot !!
Posted by Sreeraj.S.R : Sir, I own a 2004 Maruthi 800 ac.It was working in a pretty good condition.I washed the car two days before & when i drive it now to a small distance,after getting home i noticed that white fumes coming from front part of the engine slightly below oil tank.During washing i cleaned the engine part,then i saw some rusted nuts & bolts below the oil tank.Then i put some engine oil in that portions to avoid rusting,but the oil i used is diesel oil & it get spread all over that region.Now after my first drive(after washing),this is the result.What might be the reason for this..?
Reply: You dont have to worry when the engine gets heated up the oil which was put by u will fume.
Posted by tijo : why did u improve the car millage
Reply: i hope ur question is HOW WILL ? Maintain right Tyre air pressure, do proper km service, drive in correct gears, avoid sudden acceleration and braking these will help u in improving mileage.
Posted by BINDU RAMESH : Sir, Now my husband using a CD Delux bike. He is suffering from back pain and like to replace the same. Which one is best for back. He is 46 years old. Travelling 50 to 100 kms/day on bike
Reply: No bike is good for Back Ache. For better ride the sitting posture, handle position, height of the bike when compared to persons height etc are important also broader tires gives more comfort. Passion Pro is a good bike economical or u have go in for Bullet which is slightly expensive. Another option are Cruiser bikes .. But a true remedy for this is change to a Car !!
Posted by Muhammed shahin : Using alloy wheels is good for car ir not then which yype off alloy we can choose
Reply: Alloys are used for style... with alloy we can put tubeless tyre & there by we can reduce the possibility of loosing air very fast in a puncture
Posted by Satheesh.B.S : My budget is between 4-6lakhs. Monthly expected running km is 1000 Km. My family have 4 adults &one child. which car I buy? In my mind-Swift,Wagon R,i20,Honda Amaze etc. Is i buy a Diesal or Petrol model?
Reply: 1000 km petrol will do..more than that consider petrol Amaze is good. If diesel go for swift.
Posted by albert : dear. i would like to buy a automatic car below six lack,with good mileage and easy spare parts ,please give best of your advice ,thank you
Reply: Automatic car mileage will be less when compered to Manuel driven one. Maruti Celero, I10 Grand can be considered.
Posted by manu : Sir, looking for a less maintance petrol hatchback like maruthi ritz, Swift & toyota liva? Whether we can add etios cross along this? is it worth? which is the best option for resale value? any other model should we compare along with this? my budget is 7 lakh.
Reply: Petrol vehicles dont have that resale..instead if u go for a diesel ull get good resale. within your limit ull get diesel Ritz, liva & swift.
Posted by kumaran : Sir i have 2008 m-hawk vlx 7 seater, 93,000 Kms scheduled OH complete in Mahendra service.after 1,10,000 kms, Now before starting my vechile brake pedalgoing totally down, after starting the 1st pedal goes 80% down & on 2nd pedal gives little hard but again goes slowly down (i will take my vechile once in 3 days). also there is no leak, brake fluid is full.plz suggest me what to do sir. in service they didt find just made a trail and given me back...
Reply: This can be a complaint of the Master cyl assembly give a through ck of master cyl, booster, etc..vacuum lines etc.
Posted by suresh : my prefarence is jetta, cruze, a month around 2000 k.m am covering in this cars which one is most prefafarable
Reply: go for the new altis diesel
Posted by Cheriyan Thomas : What about buying a second hand BMW ? I can afford 20 lakhs.
Reply: Go for it if u can afford to maintain it !!
Reply: 1. This has to ckd by the service people only. 2. By doing Glass cleaning approx cost 1250/- i think the can be solved. This might happen if u use bore well water for washing. 3. Check the noise is within the permissible limit. Also try using noise Dampers. 4. A normal engine will run smoothly once it attains the required temperature. You have to check the thermostat valve of your radiator. Also the air filter.
Posted by SAMEER KARTHA : Hello, I purchased a fluidic verna sxo diesel model in 2012. After running 21000 km, I observed that the gear was struck on reverse, and not able to shift. I called the road side assistance and they said it would take three hours to reach. I investigated myself and found that the clutch pedal was pressed down and not moving up. I pulled the pedal by hand and drove the car to my service station which was around 50 km away. The service team found there was a manufacturing defect in the master cylinder, and they replaced the same. Again after 2000 km, I made a complaint about hard clutch, they did the service and gave me the car back. Just two months after the warranty the car stopped on the road. Service centre towed the car to the workshop and they found the release bearing broken, and the broken parts damaged the pressure plate, and the fly wheel. I requested them this this was a pre existing issue with the clutch and I need free replacement on the parts, but Hyundai denied free replacement and they charged 48000 for changing this parts. I contacted Eaton ( auto clutch manufacturer) and from their write up the reason for the release bearing failure can be 1) Improper pre load 2) Riding on clutch 3) Misalignment of fork etc. Similar situation of Riding on clutch can be created if the master cylinder is not functioning properly as the clutch plate will not release. I am approaching consumer court, and I will require an expert note on this issue. Can you provide your expert note on this issue? Sameer ,
Reply: Dear Sameer, From your letter its clear that this was a manufacturing defect but a cluch riding situation can be felt easily due to pulling efficiency and engine raising sound. Since you have made the complaints earlier you have a good stand for a case.
Posted by Jeejo : I am planning to buy innova car for rental purpose,which model is good for it and which one is economical
Reply: Better buy 8 seater twin a/c
Posted by sebin lorence : im intersted in new volkswagen polo.which one i should buy petrol or diesel version.avg run=250/month
Reply: up to 1000km a month petrol is ecconomical..
Reply: it a good car but bthe new i10 grand is worth test driving...
Posted by devalla vineeth : where in kerala i can modify the tata serria as 2 normal and 2 back butterfly doors
Reply: ck
Posted by Abraham Koshi : I would like to buy a Honda Activa125. How is this model? Is it suitable for village journeys and long journey
Reply: scoorters are not ment for long journey.but its a good vehicle.
Posted by Anoop T R : we are planning to buy a swift vxi or SAIL u-va,next week.May I know which is good in mileage and performance?
Reply: go for more brand value & resale
Posted by PA SATHYARAJAN : I like to buy a dzire old model car 2011 model zdi.may I know the +& -
Reply: no plus & minus good car..
Posted by Biju : Can we get some idea about Mobilios prices? How do you rate this MPV?
Reply: its yet to come they will announce the price tomorrow expected b/n 7-12 lakhs
Posted by seby : hi sir, am a college student. i would lyk to buy a royal enfield but nw i am in a confusion of a classic 350 or standard 350... can you plz help me.....
Reply: Go for Classic its got more features like self start disc brakes etc
Posted by nithin soman : nissan micra , swift, fiat punto, toyota liva, wich one is best sedan
Reply: All these are not sedans. sedans are one which have separate boot/dickey among the 4 hatchbacks overall Liva will be a good option both space service performance.
Posted by Anish : sir, enikkoru vahanam vanganamennundu kuranja budjetilulla oru hatchback.ethu select cheyyanemennu oru eon,alto 800 ,maruti celerio.ithil ethanu enikku pattiyathu?
Reply: if u want stylish car go for eon..a proven one ..alto
Posted by GK KURUP : please advise whether i can use my right hand driven toyota corolla in india. I want to import it to india on my retirement from uae. email:
Reply: NO its not possible as per our RTO norms. But there are people abroad who will change ur LHD to RHD.
Posted by suby k thomas : What are the difference between CNG & LPG ? .
Reply: CNG..Compressed natural gas..LPG Liquefied petroleum gas..
Posted by Ajay Karthik : Hi Im planing to buy a car by next month , am in abroad my friends suggesting petrol car as bcz of less use , will it be in a trouble with engine maintenance if we purchase as diesel car as we have less use , my suggention is SWIFT VXI AND I20 SPORTS , Could you please let me know the average mileage of both vehicle in our Kerala hi rage roads with AC
Reply: there is no point of shelling our more money on diesel if ur usage is less..I20 is slightly bigger than swift but the ride height is more for swift ie taller people will have more comfortable driving. Look wise i20 gets more marks.Enhine wise swift got upper hand..and mileage is approx 18kmpl and for i20 its 16kmpl. But mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrian u drive. Engine Specifications of Swift Petrol: Improved K12 1.2 Litre MPFI Petrol Engine VVTI Technology Engine 4 Cylinder, Displacement 1197 CC Max power of 86 BHP @ 6000 RPM Max torque of 114 Nm @ 4000 RPM 5 Speed Manual transmission ARAI Certified mileage of 18.6 KMPL Kerb Weight = 960 Kg to 990 Kg Power to weight ratio of 88.2 BHP per 1000 Kg Engine Specifications of Hyundai iGen i20 Petrol: 1.2 Litre Kappa Engine Specifications 4 Cylinder VTVT Kappa Engine 1.2 Litre / 4 Cylinder / 16 Valve DOHC Max Power output of 83 BHP @ 6000 RPM 114 Nm Torque @ 4000 RPM 5 Speed Manual Transmission ARAI Certified Mileage of 18.50 KMPL Kerb Weight nearly 1000 Kg Power to weight ratio of 83 BHP per 1000 Kg
Posted by RAJESH : sir, i would like to buy asokleyland stile for taxi this right or wrong decision
Reply: Sile is not commn in kerala roads (hope u r from kerala) and i dont know the reliability of the vehicle for taxi purpse innova will be an ideal vehicle eventhough the price is little high ull get good resale also.
Posted by VinodGovind : Gibu these two varients are confusing me to buy volkswagen polo HL ,Maruthi swift zxi,which car is best ?
Reply: Vinu..Volkswagon is a very good car except for its spare/ service cost Swift is more "jankeeyam"
Posted by sunil : Dear Sir, I like to buy Ehois Cross ( Diesel ). What is your openion about the vehicle ? With regards Sunil
Reply: Etios Cross is a stylish vehicle shares same platform of liva but ground clearance is 174 mm & wheel base is 2460 mm Total look exterior and interiors is different from Liva. Engine is same in diesel and petrol ull get 1.2 & 1.5. Gear box is same and tyre size is 15"
Posted by SINTO P K : sir i want to buy a bike like 150 cc series... plssuggest a better choice
Reply: new yamaha gives better mileage and it got style..!!
Posted by Jinesh Paul Thambi : Sir, Njan oru representitive aanu. Enikku daily 100km vandi odikkanam. Diesel car aanu thalparyam. Maruthy Ritz, Swift, i10 grand, ford figo, etc. Ithokke aanu ishtam. Sir nu ithallathe vere model aanelum suggest cheyyam. Ente upayokathinu yochikkunna car suggest cheyyamo...?? Email id chothicha sthalathu full typ cheyyan pattatha karanam thazhe cherkkunnu My email ID : Plz reply
Reply: Dear Jinesh, Ritz diesel will be a good option for ur travel it gives good mileage and is comfortable. for long drive the seating position is excellent.
Posted by joby varghese : datson go and eon .Whch is better.
Reply: Datson GO will be better bigger powerful
Posted by George Thomas : Dear sir, At present I am using Maruti A-Star(manual). I wish to buy an automatic car.I heard about Ford ecosport which is cheap as well as attractive. I wish to know more about this car(mileage it provides, its functioning,spareparts etc.)Is Automatic available in Diesel version? I am waiting for your expert advice.
Reply: Eco sport Diesel automatic Transmission is not available petrol AT got 6 months of waiting period the approx mileage will be 10 - 12 kmpl..
Posted by Lalu chakanal : I would like to buy a car and finally confused to take from 2 options.1)Hyundai Verna 1.6 crdi and 2) Nissan Sunny diesel.Kindly please give detailed comparison for these 2 models and kindly give your valuable advise for select good option . Any other good option in these same price range.
Reply: Saunny is more spacious when compared to verna..but verna is more stylish. Power is slightly more for verna better take a test drive and choose !!
Posted by nithin : sir i would like to buy a new on road price range is 5-6L. preferences are SWIFT LXI swift Ldi,i10 AND BEAT DIESEL.below 1000km/mnth.plz give me a good sugetion
Reply: For 1000 km per month petrol will be ideal but if u have budget go for diesel. Choice are Swift Ldi or i10 Grand sportz
Posted by sagar : which one is better on power and maintanence,etios petrol or diesel?
Reply: its always a petrol version..
Posted by sanalgosh : halo sir ente bike maza varumbol off aaakunhu 1 minute kazinju veendum start aakaum kurach kazinju veendum off aakum hero xtreme aanu,shoroomil kure pravasyam kanichu avar ella pravasyavum sariyakiyutundenh paranju tharum.pakshe maza peythal vandi veendum off eduthitu eppol 9 month aayi 11125 km aayi .eniyipol endha name sanalgosh .9746480281
Reply: sorry iam not able to say a solution now.. this has to be thoroughly investigated. Does the vehicle go off while its running ?? How much time it will take to get it restarted ?? Does this happens when u ride thro water pots on road ?? Once the vehicle is stopped does the ignition is in lit position ?? I doubt this is the issue of current supply...
Posted by Merine : Sir, Which is the best petrol engine less than 6 Lakh. Hundai i20 , swift Vxi or Etios liva G in terms of resale value & maintance cost
Reply: Go for Liva..!!..but u cannot say anything as "the best"
Posted by nithin : Hi sir l have an indica dls 2006 model, sir I am planning to upgrade my cars rim size to 14inch in alloy, if it sutable for my car or not? Sir plz reply me on detail.
Reply: Hi The suspension is different for 14" wheel tata vehicles try 185/65/R13 for little more stability.
Posted by sajin : I would like to buy a car and finally confused to take from 2 options.1)Maruti Wagon R and 2)Maruti Celerio .Kindly please give detailed comparison for these 2 models and kindly give your valuable advise for select good option . Any other good option in these same price range.
Reply: both are in two diff class...comfortable will be wagon R I 10 Grand will also be a good option
Posted by Manu : Sir, looking for a car in around 5lakh, i have only 1000 KM/month. selected Honda BRIO SMT, etios liva G & Swift Vxi. which is better milage, less maintenance & resale value.
Reply: when considered all three Swift Vxi will be good
Posted by niyas : i want to buy much will be the pice and how much finance will get from the abt vehice good?
Reply: Audi is an expensive vehicle in terms of service & spares.Cost of A4 is Rs 36 - 41 - 44 - 47 lakhs depending upon the model. Ull get max of 85-90 % finance depending upon ur eligibility.
Posted by Anand K Joseph : Hi Gibu, My home town is in Kottayam and currently I am working in Bangalore. Is there any issues in bringing my car(which is registered in Kerala)to Bangalore? Please Replay.
Reply: Bangalore is slightly strigt in this matter if they catches you you will be instructed to to pay Blore tax. If u r planning to use it for a long time better to take NOC and change the address.
Posted by Arjun Kallidumbil : Sir, I am looking for a 7 seater. My preferences are toyota fortuner, hyundai santafe and ford endeavour. Which is the best option among these?
Reply: Fortuner
Reply: Go for Maruti..ull have more service centers..Dzire ZDi will be a good option.
Posted by Navin : Hi sir,I plan 2 buy a swift dzire in august, is it true that a facelift of d version is coming? if yes when vil it launch?
Reply: no information..
Posted by Rinil : Dear Sir,I am using hero passion x pro,bike is skidding while using rear breake in 50 km speed (90/90 x 18–51P )Pls advice....
Reply: Ck whether the brakes are getting locked..hope your tyre got good tread.
Posted by Vinod : Dear Gibu, I have a Delhi State driving license valid till Sept 2014, can i change this in Kerala without NOC and leaners test.
Reply: yes you have to give your address proof photos and required forms along with an NOC from Delhi.
Posted by c ajith vijayan : how much Honda brio gives local city condition
Reply: mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive average it gives 10-14 kmpl
Posted by sunil : please inform me splendorr front suspension oil capacity.
Reply: sorry got to ck with ur dealer
Reply: replace the orings if any leakes..change spring if weak..clear if any bends..replace telescopic tube if damaged...
Posted by alex sam : can please explain torque and bhp, should we take care about this before buying a car
Reply: Basic explanation More BhP means more faster it can travel and More torque means faster will be the acceleration.
Posted by Vinod Mohan : I would like to purchase Hyundai X-Cent Petrol (full option with AT) for my wife. Is this a right choice or not. pl reply
Reply: good car good features ..resale will be less.
Posted by vibin : dear sir am brought a new bike but this time am confusion what bike bring my choice two bike one is pulsar 220 second is fz plz help sir which is better bike sir?
Reply: Fz...great style & performance.
Posted by bindu gs : budget 8 lakhs preference milage,good looking,sedan,diesel,dikki space,comfort drive which car i prefer?
Reply: Dzire
Posted by shamsheer : sir,recently i purchased hyundai eon 1000cc, but in that car doesnt have fog lamp, can we fix fog lamp on new eon 1000cc ? please advise me
Reply: yes u will get it in accessory shop.
Posted by Sunil George : Do you have any Idea about Honda mobilio? is it worth?
Reply: got to per details available on net it seems good but i dont know how the engine will perform for a 7 seater.
Posted by vishnu : Hi, I am planning to buy a car.My budget is 8 to 9 lakhs.Please advise on the same.I am confused between Ertiga bolero and xylo.My drive will be on rural areas..
Reply: Ertiga is more reliable service cost is also less gives better mileage and good resale value.
Posted by Jobi : I am planning to buy a bullet.I am confused in selecting std 350 or electra 350. Which is better option.Whether any complaints with electra
Reply: 350 std will be best..
Posted by Amal : I want to upgrade tyres of my swift Vdi to 185/70. is there any milage problem and odometer reading variations? if so by how much?
Reply: mileage will reduce a little if u r not changing the rim size odo will not change.
Posted by DILJITH.D : I am plnning to buy a car (petrol engine) around Rs this price which is good one.features,power steering and ac. pls guide me
Reply: the answer Datson GO
Posted by Muhammad anas N.S : I have vista quadrajet 2013 sep for my personal use. Completed 10500 KM , i have feel after 8000 km, Running with AC with passenger i feel my vehicle have pull back before getting TURBO. Now completed 3 rd free service with focus motors TVM. Any suggestion from your side please.
Reply: i dont have any major suggestions but checking the engagement of turbo will be good.
Reply: Nissan will be a good choice.
Posted by Modi : I have a i20 car. I find the headlight on the dimmer side, so want to upgrade it. Should I go for HID or a better bulb specification. As per law do we have any restriction on the modification of headlight ?
Reply: lights should be as per RTo spech. if u use higher power after some time the reflectors will loose it shining due to heat.
Posted by Khalid A.K : Hello Mr.Gibu George.Iam living in KSA . I am coming to India.We need an suv which have good mileage and seating capacity . Our budget is about 9 lakhs.Could you please find an SUV for us
Reply: cK OUT eRTIGA...7 SEATER...
Posted by Peethambaran : Is Automatic Transmission cars are reliable in kerals state Roads?
Reply: Yes..!!
Posted by shaji : സര്‍,ഞാന്‍ ഒരു second ഹാന്‍ഡ്‌ കാര്‍ വാങ്ങാന്‍ താല്പര്യം ഉണ്ട് Wagon R,Chevorlet സ്പാര്‍ക്ക് ഇതില്‍ രണ്ടില്‍ ഏതെങ്കിലും ആണ് നോട്ടം, ഇതില്‍ maintenance, spare parts cost service. ഇതില്‍ ഇതാണ് നല്ല ചോയ്സ്
Reply: Wagon R...spark maintenance is expensive..
Posted by akash : sir I want to buy ecosport.i have monthly unning of 1000 what is your opinion
Reply: if u like ecosport go for it..or ck out new Honda mobilio or liva etios cross
Posted by Rahul : Do you recommend tuning boxes? I have a 75 HP Grande Punto 1.3 multijet and I feel lack of power during overtaking etc. Do tuning boxes actually fool the engine and screw up the readings?
Reply: there are diff methods to increase power basic is using free flow filter..the change will be very small then comes remapping .ie no hard ware only software next level is tuning box 3rd level modifying inlets exhaust etc...all this helps increase power.
Posted by Peter George : I want to buy a sedan car in Petrol Verson. Am a Pastor, some times need to go TamilNadu and Karnataka. Avg 1500-2000 KM Per Month, Please Suggest Which is better for my use( Dzire, Sail, Classic and Amaze)
Reply: Go for Diesel Dzire...!!
Posted by PHILIP : Dear Gibu, Good morning and greetings, Can you recommend a car based on following facts:- Retired parents : around 60 years . Usage: Expect a self drive max a distance 50 km + 50 (return) one time; if engaged a driver- then, can go up to 200 km- one way. (Road conditions-Pathanamthitta dist) Desired:(To see ground clearance, seat etc)- Cannot lift Leg much high while entering/also cannot sit inside bend position (leg to be stretched/elevated etc). should be good shock absorber with good comfort. Parking convenience, elegant look Budget: Around 8~10 Lakhs (Max)
Reply: Get a test drive on Nissan Sunny. if ur running is more than 1500 km a month go for diesel or else petrol.
Posted by Ajith : Hai, Hyundai i10 Magna Kappa2 I brought on 12 November 2011. Steering of the car is very hard like tarctor or trcuk.Its does not seems like a power steering. I have reported this issue to Hyundai but they are saying its normal. any solution for this?
Reply: are u using up size tyre? pl ck the Tyre pressure..if both are ok give a written complaint to Hyundai..they will take action if u are covered under extended warranty they will replace it free of cost.
Posted by Anzar : George Sab, I wish to buy one of premium sedan ( jetta , elentra , Octavia). Which could I choose in terms of worth, aftersales and service/spare cost and life companion. Am not a car enthusiast , if I buy one that I wish to be the life companion, no further investment .Am confused in looks and damn dream of Octavia…Will skoda change the service loop holes since many complaints wandering……Had a choice of Elantra but Korean cars can trust more??? But my love goes Octavia new….if yes which model is best since am an NRI..My old car has driven 35K only in 6years…hope u understand the usage...which one make me pride/iconic through the life. Also the skoda showrooms at 100.0km far...
Reply: hi anzar..skoda is a bit expensive on the maintenance side and lesser on the resale value. try new honda city or corolla altis.
Posted by aneesh : hello sir my vechile is beat my problem is my cars left headlamp bulbfusse in one or two days . if i put a new bulb the same complaint shown
Reply: u have to ck the electrical sys mainly the holder of the bulb
Posted by nivin : sir I want to buy ecoport,my monthly running is 1000 what is your opnion about this vehicle
Reply: monthly 1000km go for petrol vehicle
Posted by Suresh Kumar : Hi Sir, My name is Suresh Kumar and a non-resident Keralite. I am having Chevrolet Tavera Diesel vehicle back home. When I returned in August 2013 I decided to leave the car unused and it has not been driven since mid August 2013. However, one person do starts the engine twice a week. I also took advise of the dealer service people and they too told me that there is no problem if the vehicle is not been driven for a few months. I come twice every year to Kerala. However, some people say that if the vehicle is not driven at least once in every two weeks and if not this could let the engine parts affected. I am seeking your advise in this regard. My questions are: Is this OK to leave the car unused for some time? If so, how long this can be. What to be done during this period? Will not driving the car affect its engine parts? If the car requires to be driven periodically, what is the minimum timing it should be? Thank you in advance for your kind advises and I am so grateful for this. With kind regards, Suresh Kumar
Reply: u dont have to worry since one person is starting the engine twice a week. Plz ask him to move the vehicle front and back few feets. Once you are back pl do charge the battery in full or ask the person to run the engine for 5 mts once a week.Also you have to use Nitrogen in tyre this has low expansion co efficient so that loss of pressure will be less.
Posted by Arun KS : I hv a tata indigo dicor. It covering around 70000 km. up to this time the vehicle doesnt show any problems. Is it better to exchange this with indica vista quadrajet or swift vdi. or better to continue with itself. pls tell me ur valuable openinio
Reply: better go for swift VDi
Posted by Murali : Dear Fasttrack and Mr.George, I have a 6 years old Tata Safari 2.2 VTT (Lx), which is just at 70K Kms and are done with all periodic services correctly.4 months back, during one service some deposits in the radiator detected and cleaned (assembly dismantled and cleaned) also some hose replaced for wear and tear. afterwards (within 2 weeks) one coolant leakage occurred in another connecting hose and engine temperature went high (temp. sensor reading on cluster went almost till the red mark) also radiator fan started rotating excessively with huge noise (very high speed),they corrected it again and for 3 months now, its been running fine. two days back the same noise came back intermittently at very low distances (peak hour city traffic in Bangalore within 10-12 Kms), but the cluster reading shows at center (as usual) and the radiator fan continuously rotates (sometimes low speed sometimes very high speed with noise- noise is due to high rpm of fan), previously even during long highway trips, it was never observed like this. (yesterday after this problem recurred, I topped up the coolant with 1.5 Ltr distilled water, but the fan is behaving the same way). Also sometimes (in past 2 days) the fan rpm increases with the huge noise for around 3o seconds or so, after I switch off the vehicle at long signals (like 3 minutes etc) could you guide me?
Reply: Hello, The speed of the fan will vary according the temp limits. once the temp comes down the spped will also come down. Mostly there will be two steps of speed.There is a Thermostat vale in the system pl ck whether that is faulty..
Posted by Nithin : Dear Sir, I have one Nissan sunny xv 2013.Last week I had replaced the master brake cylinder due to low brake response.But now when I keep leg on the brake pedal while the car in not moving and the engine is on, I have noticed that the pedal is going down slightly 2-3 steps in certain intervals. When complain about this to the dealer they told me that this is normal for brake systems. Please advice.
Reply: This is a normal if goes max 1 inch
Posted by Alex.p.alex : hello sir im i have a Kerala registration bike which iam using now in Mumbai , is there any legal process for using here in Maharashtra without changing or transferring my registration , any rule,i ve asked many none of them has given any solid answer, my papers are valid, life tax, insurance etc and in Maharashtra there is a procedure called NOC passing , if i got that certificate from kerala RTO (which they say they dont give or they dont have rule in giving a NOC passing certificate) so i can use it any any state without changing y registration . please give me an expert advice thanks
Reply: As per motor rules for 30 days u can use a vehicle in any state without changing the registration. For changing the reg u have to get an NOC from kerala to mumbai. Some states like karnataka allows the user to pay the tax without changing the registration.
Posted by Regi Joy : I am owned FORCE ONE suv. bought by last Dec and v r at Munnar present Km is 11024 in this period we visited more than 8 times at service station at cok. Always its having complaint Gear box complaint, RPM variation , coolent leaking from the showroom itself, hand break complaint so many complaints mainly the milage we are getting 6-7 they were promised abt 14 kms when we are at service station we checked with other people they are also having this same problems and some people having more than this and one person returned the vehicle at the service station and send the court notice to force motors. nNow my question is what should i do for all these manufacturing complaints we are suffering a lot by this issue normaling we are travelling a lot but after buying this vehicle we are not travelling too much because driving is very hard and too much leg pain and the milage issue. Shall we file case against this issue or shall we move to consumer court. i heard that When we file the case we cant use the car and we have to maintain the car till the case ends is it true . Kindly advise please
Reply: Dear Regi, as far as the mileage no guarantee is there unless there is written document..but all your other maintenance works are to be rectified to your satisfaction. Initially send a written letter to the head of the concerned workshop and a copy to the s India rep of the force motors mail id youll get from net. If it is not solved you can approach consumer court the case will be settled very soon there wont be indefinite delay but you should have all relevant papers like service records etc..
Posted by akash : Dear sir I want to buy a diesel vehicle.price between 10 to 11 lacs.low maintenance cost,good mileage,for city optios are ecosport,ertiga etc so what is your opinion sir
Reply: definitely u can go for ertiga good mileage good resale value less maintenance..
Posted by Midhun K G : iam planing to buy a used cruze. what all things to note before buying?
Reply: it should be a single owner driven car..tyre conditions..any major accidents ..inside hinge replacement etc
Reply: Go for Honda City
Posted by Jephin M Jobert : Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well, Kindly clear the doubt abt automatic and manual gear driving.because iam workung in dubai,here most of the vehicles automatic transmission.Here the facility is for like that,but indian roads totaly different knw,so any complaint in automatic transmission cars regarding gear box like,i wish to buy a automatic gear car,is it good thinking or wrong? which is the best one Automatic or manual because my house in Idukki
Reply: Automatic trans car is now common in our gives slightly less mileage when compared to mnuel gear one. But now the technooghy is changing Honda is claiming more milage for their new AT city when compared to manuel trans.
Posted by anish : I own wagon r new model ,has severe lag for the engine when a c is on,,a c is not powerful also. seeking your response
Reply: ac definitely consumes power..try using a free flow air filter which will help u slightly increase in power.
Posted by jacky sebastian : Sir, I am planning to buy a new car . Hyundai xcent is my plan but i heard that it is using i10 engine in petrol variant. will this affect the performance of this car and also i like honda amaze . but its diesel variant is having high cabin sound i think so . so i would like to know amaze petrol performance .
Reply: Amaze diesel got heavy cabin sound but its petrol is refined and is good. Xcent uses 1.2 petrol engine which is used in i10.
Posted by Partho Sarothi Mitra : Hi I have purchased Ritz vdi 9 months back and has done 8500 km till now,and was getting 17kmpl in kolkata city but all of a sudden for the past 2-3 months am getting only 14-14.5 on the same city. will u help me with ur valued openion so that I can get once again 17kmpl. Thanks
Reply: hi there can be 20% variance in driving habits to get max mileage maintain 50-60 kmph avoid sudden accelerations and brakes to calculate mileage use full tank refill method.
Posted by AMIR.CK : sir honda activa or honda dio which is best ? pls help me sir i like both but
Reply: i prefer activa
Posted by Saji Mullanikadan : Dear Sir, I am planning to buy a new car in Kerala. Price between 5-10 lakhs. Could you please tell me what are all other applicable costs at the time of registration apart from ex showroom price. Kindly let me know the tariff as well. Thank you, Saji
Reply: u ll have to take insurance approx 2500 per lakh and Road tax approx 8% then reg costs aprox Rs 1000
Posted by Tony Toms : Hey I am looking forward to buy a hundai xcent car.I really love the looks as well as the interior features of this car compared to honda amaze. But however iam disappointed with the engine .While all other cars have a 4 cylinder engine ,this has a 3 cylinder 1.1L engine. My doubt is that is that engine too powerless for a sedan class vehicle ? Do i have to go for amaze instead ? could you kindly please help me in this issue .hopping that you would help sincerely Tony Toms
Reply: Dear Tony Xnt is feture wise rich car it gives a decent pullng but pertol amaze is little superior
Posted by Ajay venugopal : Sir,i recently purchased a used wagonr (2005 model,lxi). A screeching sound comes from the bonnet when a/c is turned on. What is the reason behind this sound and how cn i rectify it, And i also like to install central locks and power windows.. could you please say how much it will cost in current scenario. Thanking you.
Reply: the sound will be from the belt..PW will cost u approx 14k for 4 doors and CL approx 6k
Posted by rajesh sasi : i am looking for an used pajero sfx suv car. kindly advise which are the main things that we need check while buying used cars.also this model is discontinued,from 2013.
Reply: any used car ck records of service, ck any body works are carried out, try to buy from a trusted source..people u know, pre owned car shops etc.
Posted by SOJAN CHACKO : Would like to buy an Automatic sedan. Is there any diesel sedan available with Auto transmission and how about performance of it? TOTAL Budget is 9 Lakh. If petrol engine advised, which is the best car in the market?Kindly advise..Thank you
Reply: Automatic sedan is not available under 9 lakhs.
Posted by Ansar A : I want to sell my Maruthi Zen AC car. It is 2003 Nov model which briught from my relative. What is the present market rate? The car is in good condition with new battery and new tyres.The car aso has some minor scratches. I want to know the present market rate? Will truevale will take my car back? or I sell it ouside?
Reply: Yes true value will take ur car.. but ull get little more if u sell it outside. If u r planing to buy a new maruti u can ask the true value for exchange bonus. Fitst get it valued by a true valued by a true value shop.
Posted by lisnajinesh : i want to know more abt nano lx
Reply: small good improved a lot in fit and finish
Posted by Mathew Sebastian : Dear Gibu I am looking to buy an automatic diesel car which will cost around or less than Rs.1500000/- in Kochi. Which are the good cars make/ that I can buy for that amount in Kochi, India. Which do you think would be best value? Thanks Mathew Sebastian
Reply: u can go for Honda City , Verna CRDi , or ford .. but ill suggest City
Posted by sunilzachariah : how fixing the timing chain
Reply: you wont be able to do it u need technical expertise !!
Posted by Fuad : I am using a hyundai I20 sportz 2013 model.... I would like to get a spoiler for the same....Please provide me the names of brands or models of good quality that would suite my car............
Reply: for small cars spoilers only a style select the design u like the most
Posted by jose : looking for an suv lower range from Audi,BMW or Mercedes Bens. Kidly advise
Reply: no suvs in lover range..for these models cheapest will be 30+ lakhs
Posted by visakh s panicker : i dont know how ride bike i had booked dream yuga bike please advice on gear shift procedures and safety measures that should be taken ?
Reply: you have to learn to ride a bike before using it...go to a driving school !!~
Posted by ayyappadas k : i have maruthi 800 2000 model.sound coming from cv joint ,how much cost for changing cv joint
Reply: approx 1900 + labour
Posted by Raheem parappadikkal : I would like to buy used fuel efficiant small car. Pls suggest. Pref. Maruthi
Reply: Go for alto k series...
Posted by GoKul : Can I fit a neon or xeone foglamp/ Head Lamp. is it a offence?
Reply: its not legally allowed as per RTO norms unless come with as original equipment.
Posted by Yohann Savio : Dear Mr. Gibu, Can you please suggest a replacement air filter for Tata Safari model 2003, having a TCIC engine. Regards
Reply: Y u want to go for a replacement filter..safari filter is available in the market. if u want to improve performance use free flow filters like K&N or Green.
Posted by lijo george v. : one old qualis is with me am planing to up grade with power steering and central ac,how much cost will come and near workshop around thrissur.not nippon
Reply: up gradation with the dealer will cost u a fortune. Moreover spares of qualis is costly and there is a little shortage also..!! better not attempt.
Posted by Abin : Hello,Mr.Gibu ,I just baught a second hand maruthi 800 ,1999 model ,A/c petrol .could you please trll me how much mileage will i get on this car ? Thanks
Reply: it can fetch up to max 15 kmpl on long trip. but all depends upon the terrian and the style of ur driving.
Posted by varghese : i want to buy a car for the first time. but i prefer automatic gear type, please suggest my interest is OK
Reply: Automatic is very easy to drive but mileage will be slightly less when compared to Manuel one..
Posted by aneesh : i would like to purchase swift vxi petrol model . can you suggest your opinion about milage.. i am a weekend user . maximum my monthly driving 300 to 400 km..
Reply: Mileage depends upon ur driving habits..normal mileage for swift petrol is 13-16 kmpl
Posted by Vipin N V : My car is Maruti 800.The problem is Car gets too hot quickly. Fan is working. We changed the coil 3 times in a year, but not solved the problem. Please provide some help with this issue?
Reply: If the temp of the engine is going ck the radiators also the thermostat switch
Posted by NEETHU : Sir, I am planing to buy a car with in 5.5 Lakh(on road price).In this price i need a car with more power and mileage it may or may not be petrol version. I hope you will give a wise advise thanks neethu
Reply: dear neethu...all ur req will not come together for that price. But if u say overall Swift /i10 Grand will be good
Posted by afin k jose : sir i want a scooter for my sister which one will you suggest?
Reply: scooty pep+
Posted by afin kj ose : sir, activa i or scooty pep+ is better??
Reply: activa for big people pep for youngsters girls etc.
Posted by yesudas : What is torque in the vehicles.
Reply: its some sort of power measurement more the torque at low rpm is good.check previous posts for detailed explanation.
Posted by syam sekhar : what is HID lamb?it lamb Support in Honda unicorn? How much cost It Light?Where I Can Buy It?
Reply: Its full name is High Intensity Discharge the name it gives more can fix it on unicorn..cost pl ck with the dealer.
Posted by Lincy : Plz can you give your advice for 6 lakhs budject. Thanks
Reply: hope its for a car..lots of petrol and diesel are petrol hatch back go for i10 drand diesel go for ritz/swift/
Posted by manjula.H.N : My name is Manjula.H.N I am buying one honda Activa, In this totally 5 colours are there. red,white,black,grey,purple. which colour will suit for my me. pls replay me
Reply: Dear Manju.. its you got to decide on coluor since it should be your personal choice. but ill suggest either red or white.
Posted by vishnu : sir,maruthi suzuki celario automatic kittan ippo ethra month waiting undu...?
Reply: Max 3 weeks..but depends upon dealer
Posted by jebi : Can you pleae help me to choose a sedan car with less maintenance. Approx budget 7lakhs. diesel with full options or mid range. inside should spacious, enough leg space needed.
Reply: u can ck our nissan sunny but cost will be little high..or else the option is dzire ldi
Posted by sunny daniel : Hi, Gibu I am working in uk. I am useing a toyota Land cruicer last3 years. I want to bring to India How much custom duty will come. Could you please answer me. Thanks. Sunny Daniel.
Reply: its 158% duty total plus the reg charges and taxes.
Posted by Shajith Kumar : Hi Gibu, I want to know about the vehicle Itios Liva Petrol,as compare to Grand I10 and Swift.i have a plat to buy one model in this three.please help me.
Reply: go for grand i10 sportz its value for money.
Reply: Hyunda i10...K10 is alto engine.
Reply: eon is slightly under powered..K10 will e ideal..
Posted by Hari.S.Kumar : Please help me to choose between Mahindra XUV500 W4 and Renault Duster RxL
Reply: i would suggest duster or Terrano...
Posted by SREEKANTH S : i am going to buy a new bike. (price ranging 45000-65000)its confusing that which bike is best.. i am looking millage bikes. please suggest a good one for me
Reply: go for hero honda...
Posted by NAHAS HAMEED : i am looking for a family car. i have three option 1- ford ecospot 2- honda amaze 3- hyundai verna fluidic can pls tell me which one is better? Nahas Kozhikkode
Reply: it depends upon your taste..need a stylish veh its verna..and better resale its amaze..
Posted by lejoy : I want to sell my Maruthi 800 AC car. It is 2005 dec model which briught from indus true value. What is the present market rate? The car is in good condition with new battery and new tyres.The car aso has some minor scratches. I want to know the present market rate? Will truevale will take my car back? or I sell it ouside?
Reply: true value will take the car approx 90-1 lakh
Posted by Santhosh kumar M : I really enjoy reading your expertise view on the subject, But regret to inform you that, still waiting for the fast tracks test drive report on the upcoming bike Centuro from Mahindra Autos. Please consider this and do the needful at the earliest. Thanking You, Yours Sincerely.
Reply: definitely this will be informed...
Posted by Vinod kumar.P : I have found a Honda Civic SMT 2008 model with 2009 reg. & mileage of 46000KM. It has got great looks, for sale. I fell head over heels. What is your suggestion to go for it. If yes how much is the present market value. Vinod
Reply: It dosent have much resale
Posted by vineeth : what is 4 valve engine?
Reply: in that engine each cylinder will have 4 nos valves instead of conventional 2 nsos. two exhaust & 2 inlets
Posted by babu mk : Sir, I am planning to buy hyundai i 10 sportz automatic for 5.7 lakhs. what is your opinion? please share..
Reply: good car
Posted by Vipin : Dear sir, Please suggest one SUV, price near 10 lack. Regards, Vipin
Reply: if u can call duster an SUV its there or tata safari.
Posted by rajesh : I bought a new maruthi swit car. and i plane to buy a double din music system from USA (Boss). what will be the dimension of the system. (H-W-L)
Reply: double din is of fixed lbh all will suit...
Posted by nishil : please suggest indica ev2 2013 or figo exi desiel good choice
Reply: out of the two figo will be good
Posted by Narendran : Want to buy a used tata indica vista for around 2 lakhs. Where can I find those cars of my choice?
Reply: ck with pre owned car shops
Reply: i20 is more stylish swift is stale design but got good resale value..and good power..
Posted by Raj : Sir I am planning to buy a new petrol hatchback,In pulse,swift and liva which is best?.looking for spacious,low cost in maintenance,comfort on long journey with a good mileage,any other brand suggestion? Thank you
Reply: go for liva..its more spacious than others
Posted by Manu Elias : I have seen my driver mixing water with coolant. Is there any problem with that ?
Reply: for top up its OK
Posted by LUKOSE THOMAS : Sir, I am a self driven person wherever I go.I wish to buy any one of the following cars.Maruthi Alto 800LXI or Tata Nano CX.Which one is better as far as engine performance and milge
Reply: alto 800 lxi
Posted by sureshkumar : I wish to buy a 7 seater vehicle. Out of Ertiga,Innova,Xylo which one is the best buy considering maintenance and fuel cost
Reply: Ertiga..
Posted by sujil : can i change the cylinder kit of my rx100 with rx135s, i would like to instal a 5 speed gearbox too, is that possible at any cost? if possible plz give the details?
Reply: NO
Posted by jethinath : Hi, I won a 2006 model Ford fiesta( Diesel). At times while driving in bumper to bumper traffic, a smell comes and my friend told it is clutch burning smell. Is it normal ? How to check the condition of the clutch and what would be the approximate cost for replacing the clutch assembly ? Some times there is a sound comes while releasing the clutch and giving sudden accelerator. I would like to know will it damage the engine if I further drive w/o rectifying this..
Reply: engine will not have any problem..if u want to ck the condition of cluch it has to be dismantled...approx. cost for cluch & cover assly will come to approx. 6000
Posted by jacob job : Sir, i am planning to buy a used 2010 volkswagen passat comfortline disel whether the maintence cost is very high? suggest a good car in this segment
Reply: VW got slightly higher cost in service & spares when compared to maruti vehicles.
Posted by manoj : Dear Sir, I am using a maruthi800 std.since 2005. Now i am planning to by a 2nd hand Ford fiesta. My budget is less than 4 lacks.I will use the car around 700km monthly. please suggest is it be a petrol or diesel varient suit for me. And also direct me for simw important buying tips
Reply: if its only 700 km go for petrol 2nd hand petrol fiesta 2006 model will cost u only 2.5 lakhs
Posted by joel : I own a bolero GLX 4x4,2004 model. I bought it second hand from a vehicle dealer last year after contacting him from manorama classifieds.Even though the vehicle was bought after a thorough examination from our regular jeep mechanic,I was not satisfied with its engine performance.The pulling was very less.Even for a less steep climbing i had to engage the 4wd.So around 2 months ago i had the engine overhauled from a local workshop here in Mundakayam and not by the earlier mentioned jeep mechanic.But still the result is the same.pls guide me in this problem. i havnt overhauled my pump...and that is the last option available. I have tried everything else....pls guide me on this issue.Eagerly waiting for your reply...thanking you in advance...
Reply: before o/h the engine u should have ckd the pump. now thats the only thing to ck
Posted by Shyn Varghese : ABS can be added to non ABS car ?
Reply: if it has the like liena got the option.
Posted by ABHI : i hava tata sumo 97 model can i change the ordinary steering system to power steering how much it cost? do it work properly
Reply: it will approx. cost 40-50000
Posted by Nikhil : Hi Gibu, I am planning to buy a hatchback car. My budget is around 7-8 lakhs . please tell me the best car in this range which gives good power, mileage, leg space and security features.
Reply: Nissan Micra
Posted by shaji : Sir, If any failure occurred to the power window, how can we open/close it?
Reply: no way...unless you remove the door pads..
Posted by akhil : hi planing to bye a diesel used car which one is good ford fiesta ,hundai verna, scoda octavia ? what are the engine differences ? and which one is good to drive
Reply: go for verna..skoda service is service is not up to the mark.
Posted by shijiandrews : Which is best diesel hatchback i20 or swift
Reply: i20 is more stylish but resale is more for swift...mileage almost same..price i20 is more
Posted by Tigo Abraham : Sir, I am planning to buy a family car and I am confused between my options: the NEW HONDA AMAZE DIESEL,I-DTEC OR AMAZE PETROL I-VTEC. drive only in and around the Highrange,.my monthly usage will be around 1500-1600km.which car i have to choose petrol or diesel. what is ur opinion?. which car will suits best for me?
Reply: if u have 1500 km per month running go for diesel
Posted by Mathews Daniel : Sir, I am not very much familiar about the specs of music systems with Speaker . But I need music system with good performance for my new swift VDI. I am living in Saudi Arabia I would buy from here? Which is good buy from here or in kerala? Which is good Pioneer/ JVC/Kenwood Please provide specification and models Please provide your suggestions Thanks Mathews Daniel
Reply: Pioneer is mostly common..get a good heads set with ur options...a double din will be good.
Reply: if ur windows are closed moisture will appear on the windscreen
Posted by sandeep : i have a 2005 maruthi 800.the problem is starting problem ...the battary is new , what is this problem
Reply: got 2 ck the electrical sys or the fuel sys..
Posted by sareesh : lpg kitinte details ariyan pattumo ,brand efficency ,service
Reply: ck previous posts
Reply: it depends upon the manufactures....
Posted by ajay singla : sir i have mahindra vertio 2012 moodel diesel car 1.5dci renult engine i am thinking to replace completelly air filter assemblly to oil air filter assemblly ? can it make improve my car performence
Reply: NO
Posted by Manoj : Hi Sir, Planing to buy "ECO SPORT" diesel model. Heard lot of problems are there in engine performance. In USA several cases are reported, during running engine lost power, etc... Pls give your valuable advice.
Reply: boss iam yet to drive one..but media says its good cheap, value for money etc...
Posted by Tobit Thomas : Hi, I have a hyundai verna (2009) and when i apply break on a slippery surface (Gravel or extremely wet road), the break pedal tends to push back a bit and i can feel some friction is happening at that time and the car does not stop easily when that happens. can you tell me if you know what is the reason for this ? Thank you.
Reply: iam sorry I cant guess any problems...r u using a car wit ABS ??
Posted by Soundaraj : Is any advantage filling nitrogen in cars having tubeless tyres
Reply: yes ck previous posts
Posted by sudeer : Hi Sir, I would like to buy a new car (petrol)within 6 lakh range. My preferences are i10,Nissan micra and Toyota etios Liva. According to your view, which one is best , in handling,mileage,maintenance and service.Waiting for your valuable feedback.Thanking you
Reply: go for liva..go a good brand name...good service support
Posted by Ranjith : My 2010 september model Maruti Alto K10s A/C is not working properly.When we switch on A/C its starts to work and cools effectively,but after working for 30 minutes we didnt get cool.but the blower is working but no coo, air what will be the problem
Reply: the can be with the thermostat or the expansion ck with a w/s.....if u switch off the a/c for 30 mts u can resume cooling.
Posted by Rajaneesh : Hi Sir, I am residing in Al Ain and I am planning to buy a bullet can you please suggest me which model is good as i want to ride long distances bullet 350 or 500 or bullet electra 500 is good its manitence price and ride quality and handiling for long rides pls clarify my doubts
Reply: for ur basic use 350 is good,
Posted by lal : Which is best low price car in kerala.
Reply: nano
Posted by alphy : my mycra has only one reverse light (L).i want right side light to fit light ?
Reply: not possible .. the right reverse light is omitted as that is where the rear Fog lamp fitted,
Posted by satheesh mt : to travel from kerala to bangalore on my own car do i have to pay any fee at the walayar checkpost
Reply: if its a private cat u dont have to pay any fees. Except for tolls if any..
Reply: ck with dealer shops..
Posted by anish : hai mr.gibu, i have plan to buy a new car with in the budget of Rs 325000/- can u suggest which is the best car for me (alto 800, eon era+ or spark) iam waiting for u valuable feedback
Reply: go for alto or eon..
Posted by sumesh : now i am using HONDA CITY V-TECH,2008 model.i need to change the 4 number of electronic plug.the car in QATAR,can i buy from india.
Reply: yes...
Posted by jobin john : hello sir, I own a maruti sx4 zxi 2008 model car. the problem of noise from the steering column started at 28000 km. now the car is ar 38000 km. i have contacted the dealer, they did some small things but no improvement. now they say the whole unit is to be replaced at a cost of Rs.30000. Please advise.
Reply: Yes there is a problem seen with the steering assly..becos the power steering motor is integrated withe steering the cost is high.if u have extended warranty ull get it replaced free..or contact maruti thro the dealer and try good will basis..u might get at least a portion free.
Posted by mufasil : tata launched new vista D90. When it compare to maruti swift ZXi variant. who will win the race. I expext an overall comparison and rating.
Reply: overall comparrision swift is superior.but u got to be in the waiting list to get one...!!
Posted by mohamed fazil : sir, i am thinking to take a scooter for my father as well as usable to my sister. could you suggest the best ones.
Reply: hero honda pleasure is a good activa...
Posted by Rajesh Murali : I remitted the booking amount for Eco sport. Doubt no 1, even now I am confused of choosing 1 lit petrol version or 1.5 lit diesel version because of marginal difference only in prices (both titanium variants). is it worth buying ecoboost??? my usage of vehicle is less than 1000 km in a month. Doubt no2, my santro gls 2009 feb is well maintained, sparingly used, in showroom condition (no scratches even) run 32000 km. how much can I expect maximum. what is the best option for selling it?. variant selection between ecoboost and 1.5 lit diesel is to be done in a day or two, because I need to give a final decision by Wednesday, 10 jul to showroom. please do help me in taking a decision. thank you
Reply: if there is very little price diff are for petrol and diesel variants go for diesel. ull get good resale. for ur santro put an advt in daily and sell.
Posted by subash : Dear sir Would you be able to help providing information on what was the ex-showroom price of Honda city in the year 1999. Also if you have any document for it, I need this for RTO purpose, thank you
Reply: ck with the dealer hell be able to help u..regarding the document ..i doubt..
Posted by Priya mathews : dear gibu, we are planning to buy a Sedan car(petrol variant).we had shortlisted hyundai verna and VW VENTO.Which one is the best in terms of comfort,mileage,after sales service and maintenance. thanks and regards priya
Reply: both are equally good..but VW is more powerful..vernas shape is too good. VW got a traditional shape
Posted by rahul ravindran : sir, I am looking for a car which is apt for me, i am working in USA and i will be in India for only two moths in an year. my budget is 8 lacks. and i like Honda.
Reply: great car...go for it..
Posted by Shameem Hassan : Dear Gibu, I Wish to Buy a Chevrolet Cruz Car,i am heard some dis advantage for this car from who alrady Having this car, now i am confused so please let me know about this car..... dont ignoe this plz Thanks & Regards Shameem Hassan Dubai, UAE +971 558640211
Reply: Cruz is a powerful dosent have a good resale value the suspensions are not that soft.
Posted by sreejith : i have 90 model diesel ambi wit BMC engine,like to change to 5 gear izuzu it possible n how much its cost
Reply: Now as per RtO rules u cannot change a different engine u can put a new BMC if u want...
Posted by Prasanth : I have 1 Scorpio 2008 model . music system with voice message. Now I want change the music system I am planning for purchase one full touch screen type music system. My question is if I fix the new system in the vehicle the voice message system is working or not
Reply: sorry iam not aware of the sys u r using....
Posted by anuj austin : Dear Gibu,I m proud owner of honda city 2nd gen anniversary edition. Vehicle has clocked 50k but presently self noticed that if we reev the engine above 6000rpm it gives a missing. It happens in gear as well as in neutral. Honda service at ernakulam has no idea about it. More over they lack any repair skills. There idea is any part causing trouble replace it. In this case they will ask me to replace engine.can you guess what will be the cause? Now my driver side window is getting stuck.As usual they suggest replacement of the whole unit.what I see is that some think is obstructing the sliding of the side glass, hence the door side where winding unit is fitted is also buckling inside before pushing the glass up. Once too much load observed glass is winding down again on its own. I think it should work if its overhauled. As a hole I am not satisfied with honda service which I have no choice. Can you also advise me whom to contact in honda in case if we have problems like this?
Reply: out for the email id in you service ...I suppose. also dont go to 6000rm in an idle engine. .this may cause damage to the crank shaft.
Posted by ARUN.M.P : how the fuel efficiency of hero honda CD deluxe can increase
Reply: less brakes, travel b/n 50-60 kmphr
Posted by rajeev.r.warrier : please explain about the a.c position at rain(especially at night)
Reply: you should put your comfortable temp for A/C in rain dont put extensive cold adjust sothat u get a comfortable temp give the direction of flow to down or straight so that mist is formed on windshield.
Posted by Sujith Babu : Gibu, I am planning for a new car . the cars in my mind are 1. VW Polo GT 2. Ford EcoSport Ecobost Titanium. I am in Chennai and daily commuting is 20 KM . I used to drive long distance week end.which could be the good choice? Sujith
Reply: be frank I have not driven eco sport...VW is a great car...
Posted by AMALDEV : hello sir, my question is that is honda planning to launch their CBR600RR in india? if yes when?? also i would like to get informations about from where i can import that bike with all the papers works.. and the price tag of such imports including everything? hope ull reply me sir.. thanking you in advance Amaldev Devadasan, Third Officer @Merchant Navy From Thalassery
Reply: only news I got is ..... The lineage behind the CBR600RR boasts ongoing track-tested, championship-winning advancements in form and function that have kept this machine at the forefront of the 600cc Supersport class. This newly redesigned CBR600RR delivers stronger engine output for an elevated level of performance, a brand-new front suspension featuring Honda’s 41mm Big Piston Fork for exceptional handling and supple action, plus all-new MotoGP-inspired bodywork that’s a product of race-tested aerodynamic design. It all adds up to a sportbike that leads the way, whether it’s at the track or just a fun afternoon ride on your favorite backroa
Posted by jijo : i am using an 220 pulsar model 2011. some times i an riding the bike without the filter sponge, is this make any problem?
Reply: yes it can dut particles ma enter the cylinder in turn can score he walls. Which looses he efficiency.
Posted by Suresh : Is it possible to start a RE bullet 1980model without battery.If so how?
Reply: NO
Posted by nishad : to import a nissan petrol to kerala please give me a detailed way
Reply: approximately 135% duty will be there, You have get an agent who will help u to file the forms and will help to release the vehicle.
Posted by Eldo Keerikkadan : I would like to buy a bike around 80000 Rupees. i like SUZUKI GS150R,HONDA UNICORN,TVS APPACHE,YAMAHA FZ,SZR HERO HUNK Or CBZ which bike is confertable for me? i like SUZUKI i hope that u were answer my question!
Reply: Eldo..u have mentioned 10 vehicles and u cannot compare all narrow down ur it its style & power its FZ...likewise..
Posted by sukh : hello sir i want diesel car ritz ldi , swift ldi, nissan micra, indica tdi lx, i 20 which is best in after sale service like spare parts , cost wise engine parts like cluts plate other assesry needed after warrenty over . chep parts aviable in market
Reply: Go for Maruti ....
Posted by shan thomas : Hi sir, iam having a tata indica xeta petrol engine and converted to lpg.. While running in lpg, at low rpm, if we give full throttle, it produces a tupp sound... Wat is the reason for this?? It can b solved??
Reply: Nothing can be done its the lag...u r suppling a gasious fuel which will not respond to the sudden throttle responce. this willm create a vaccum sound "tupp" You can try high end gas system like sequential Gas injection systems..but its costly.
Posted by K R VINOD : Dear Mr GIBU, Could you please give your valued advice on Chevrolet Cruze LTZ, when it compare to Toyota Altis, or to Honda Civic
Reply: Cruz & Civic dosent hav good resale value..out of the lot Altis is best it got solid backing of Toyota Service and Relaibility.Cruz is more powerfull than any of the three.and civic is Petrol.
Posted by jayachandran : i m planning to buy quantoc8.ur opinion about the vehicle
Reply: nicely done.....
Reply: There is a person who fixed auto cluch for any vehicle..9846032927. It costs approximately Rs 30000 I had test driven an innova which was fine. We can use manuel also." Thst hold the gear lever change the gear without depressing the cluch"
Posted by frijo : i want to know about automatic transmision of two wheelers
Reply: This is not common..Tvs is planning auto trans in bikes this year.In scoorters like kinetic honda they use fluid couplings to transmit power from one end to other.In cars its called the Torque Converter.
Posted by bhaskaran : iwish like buy a small vehicle.budget is 4 lakh. what about hundai eon top end model sports
Reply: eon is a cute car for city out alto also..
Posted by Anoop : Dear Sir, I have a 2008 model Maruti Swift VDi (Diesel) with 85,000Km. It is getting maintenance frequently and planning to buy a new one. Howmuch can I expect on sale of my car? Can you advice me a good car within the range of Rs: 500,000/-. Since the usage is very limited, Petrol or Diesel is advisable? Expecting your valuable reply.. Thanks Anoop
Reply: 4 years 85000 is not that bad..Diesel will be good .Dzire got a good resale market 5 lak no diesel available other than spark. xcck out the new Sail..but dont expect good resale after 4 years.
Posted by bonydeny : sir how many milage get the i10 1.1 era i cannot find it and pls give me anser
Reply: approx 12-14kmpl but it depends upon ur driving terrian and the style u drive.
Posted by Robin : Sir, I am from Kanjirappally. I have spark car (21000 km). After 2 or 3 km journey, I noticed some “visible white steam” (not too much) and water drops from tail pipe in heavy humid days. If the car is in car shed, or non humid days or cold start also have no problem (no steam). The car have no other problems like starting trouble, pick-up lose etc. Every time I drive my car under 2500rpm and never over heated. I checked air filter, oil level, coolant level etc and everything are normal, but I am worried about this steam. What is the reason about visible white steam in my petrol car in humid days? Is this steam normal in humid days? I have expired car warranty in Aug-2013. So please reply to my question. Robin.
Reply: This is du to the water vapour in the exhaust gas.Its not a problem there will be drops of water also, but if its white smoke then ck ur engine.
Posted by Abhijith Paulose : Hai,i want buy a new petrol car range of 4.50 lakh .Minimal use not daily ride .please suggest me which i should select.I prefer hyundai ..if hyundai whichone is suit for me.
Reply: Hi ck out I10 Magan or Sport its in the is slightly more.
Posted by soman : Fuel price hike always effects to two wheeler market.Do you have any better mileage editions produce shortly?
Reply: no news
Posted by sajith uk : Good Day, I like to know if buying a suzuki intruder 1800 R a good decision, i have not been a biker since i left college 10 yrs ago,that time i had a suzuki fiero. Also if that model is available in kerala, rather cochin to be specific . I got fond of this bike, but i wont be using it everyday, bcos i am working as a marine engineer. is it possible that i can do the maintainace on my own. Please advice.
Reply: super.....rrrrr....maintenence ur own NO.
Posted by aswathy : Do i need a learner & licence for driving a scooty streak.
Reply: Yes !!
Posted by Divesh Kambiri : Dear Gibu, I have booked Honda Amaze last month on 23rd May 13 with an old ex showroom price. Recently i heard honda have raised a price of Amaze on all variants. Do i need to pay more as per new price or i will get my car on price only? Pl confirm.
Reply: You have to pay tyhe price prevailing at the time of delivery..if ur car was billed at the older price they can give it in the old price.
Posted by Midhun : How to reduce Engine noise on my Royal Enfield classic 350. Now a days the engine noise is higher than exhaust sound.
Reply: ck with a mechanic it can be the sound of cam/timing chain tensioner
Posted by Krishnadevan : Dear Gibu George, Thanks for looking in to this mail. Straight to the matter, I wanted to buy an electric scooter. Following are my expectations. 1. Reliable & less maintenance cost 2. Should be possible to carry two people 3. Max speed at least about 40KMPH 4. Less charging time. Could you suggest me a some scooters? ( I can also wait for some months if any new products are coming to market) Thanks Krishnan
Reply: krishnan electric scoorter is not that common in kerala. I have not done test drives of any. the maintenence depends upon ur use..battery could go fast and its very costly...
Posted by Sandeep : Sir i want to purchase an used Indica car. I have only 1,25000 rupees. Can i get good used car? And what are your expert tips for selecting a good used car?
Reply: The car should be owned by a single user..periodic services must be done for any accidents ..tyre condition etc..
Posted by C. Jaison : HI, I have a one year old Honda Jazz. I would like to upgrade the headlamps to 100/90. The dealer says the warranty will be void, if I cut any wires. What can I do? The existing headlamp lights is very poor
Reply: ask the deaker to fix a HID bulb
Posted by naveen : hi sir naveen here i bought hyundai verna transform of 2010 model which its gon 20000kms done bt i m geting 13 kms in highway and 7-8 in city i gon to 4 show rooms in bangalore bt the cant rectify can u help me how can i improve the mileage....
Reply: Mileage depends upon ur driving style and the terrian u drive. Maintaing constant spped of 50-60 kmph and minamal braking, no suuden accelerations etc will help u to increase mileage.
Posted by amjad : i have sonata 1997 the engine start normally but there is Vibration in the engine
Reply: qustion not it in idling, or while driving..
Posted by rajesh N R : I am looking for new car and My maximum budget is Rs5.5L in market which car you are suggesting.My usage of the car is less only. i have to go for petrol or Diesel AND Which brad
Reply: if usage is less than 100-1500 km a month go for petrol car.
Posted by LEO C J : Sir; Im planning to upgrade the headlamps of my car. Is it illegal to fit headlight bulbs that emits white light? For eg Philips 5000k DIAMOND VISION. If its illegal then why its being manufactured and distributed here in India. The power rating of the bulb that I specified above is same as standard bulbs H4 12V60/55W. I heard that if spotted with white light headlights other than factory fitted i may get fined by the law. Please do reply for my doubt
Reply: Philips Diamond Vision H7 bulbs are a styling product for motorist wanting a bulb that will stand out from the crowd. They produce a distinctive blue look in the headlight due to their colour temperature of 5000K. If you are looking for greater light output, then this isn’t the choice for you as this product is specifically designed for styling and they are not road legal.
Posted by Koshy S : I want to buy a good quality Automatic Gear car made by either Maruthy, M&M or Honda. Kindly advice, which one I have to sellect.
Reply: lots are there in a range of 4 lakhs 20 lakhs
Posted by Vinodkumar : Sir, Iam using Hyundai Santro ZipDrive 2001 Model, normal option. I planning to install power steering & power windows. May I know the approximate coast & how can I improve mileage. Kindly advise me.
Reply: Cost of power steering will be approx 40-50k and power window will be 10-16k..mileage depends upon ur driving style and the terrian u drive. Maintaing constant spped of 50-60 kmph and minamal braking, no suuden accelerations etc will help u to increase mileage.
Posted by Shibin Ishaque : Hi, Can you pls suggest me a good model for a used car in the range 3 - 4 Lakhs. My usage will not be very high. Max some 500 km per month. I want a decent car so that I can use it for 3-4 years. My first option is Swift Petrol 2010+. I fancy sedan cars very much. So considering Corolla, City or Fiesta (all 2006+). But will these older cars require a lot of maintenance. In this range will i get a good sedan car? What are the main checks i need to do when purchasing a used car? Thanks Shibin
Reply: go for city...should be single user..periodic services must be done for any accidents ..tyre condition etc..
Posted by deepu.k.v : സാര്‍, എന്‍റെ വാഹനം ടാറ്റാ ഇന്‍ഡിക വിസ്റ്റ quadrajet ആന്ന്‍ 40000 km സര്‍വിസ് ചെയ്തു കൂളന്‍റ് മാറ്റിയതിനു ശേഷം 50 km കഴിഞ്ഞപ്പോള്‍ കൂളന്‍റ് ടാങ്ക് പൊട്ടി high pressure കൊണ്ട് പോട്ടിയെന്നാണ് mechanic പറഞ്ഞത് അങ്ങനെ സംഭവിക്കുമോ model 2012
Reply: normally it shouldent happen..they might have added more coolent thatn the recomended volume. once the engine becomes hot the coolent expands and it will flow to the reserve tank the rest will get circulated. once the engine cools down the vaccum will be created in the radiator which will take the required coolent from the reserve tank.
Posted by Sandeep : Hi sir, this is sandeep from Dubai, I would like to ask a question about to buy a royal Enfield bullet, as it is one of my life time ambition to having a bullet and I researching that for the past years, I hear from many of users, old model bullets are better than the new models. what about your opinion. I am now totally confused , some one told be old is much better and another side they are said new brand is better. as an expert what would be suggest? branded new or old model? if your suggestion is new model, which I need to choose the standard or classic.. your reply is highly appreciable thanks and regards sandeep
Reply: dear bullet does not have the sound of old bullet...but comfort wise new is better..either u choose 350 cc or 500 cc there are slight changes when it comes to varients like std , classic, thunderbird etc
Posted by Rafi : Dear Mr. Gibu George, Can you suggest one SUV or similar type of vehicle within the range of 6 to 8 lakhs RS.I am not looking for a car
Reply: Ertiga ??
Posted by suresh t : Sir Am using a 2005 model maruti alto lxi. car is in perfect codition except for a small problem. After 10 -15 minutes driving in rains, some noise is errupting from underneath the car. This loud noise coupled with feeling of instability in driving is occuring only when driving in rains. Kindly advise..Suresh
Reply: sorry not able to understand ur it at the time of breaking ?? or is it when u drive after parking the car for some time..
Posted by Manoj Yohannan : Hi, I have a Ford Ikon 1.3 CLXI (bit old one). I changed the IAC valve recently. THe idling problem got solved with that. The current problem is, when I switch on AC my engine slow speed dips and some times engine stops. I noticed that this happens when the radiator fan starts. Also noticed that the idling speed reduces when I switch on headligh or work with power windows even if the AC is not ON. Mechanics are not reliable enough on this as they are asking me to change some of the components which do not have any relation with this issue. Please advice on this. Thanks & Regards, Manoj Yohannan
Reply: hi..normally the rpm should increase when a/c is on. This is acheived with a device called FICD..Fast idler control device..its differes in diff vehicle.
Posted by aswath s mohan : ഒരു പുതിയ കാർ വാങ്ങാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു എ-സ്റ്റാർ ആണ് മനസ്സിൽ ഉള്ളത് എ-സ്റ്റാർ ന്റെ പുതിയ മോഡൽ 2013 il ഇറങ്ങുന്നു എന്ന് കേട്ടു? ശരിയാണോ എ-സ്റ്റാർ vxi ഉടെ പെർഫോമൻസ് എങ്ങനെ ആണ്?
Reply: there is a rumor that maruti is coming with an A star which will give 33kmpl....
Posted by Richu Nelson : Hi, First of all thanks for the oppurtunity. I would like to know which Bike below 1 lakh available in kerala market is the best choice to buy, considering perfomance and value for money. Regards, Richu
Reply: Hero Honda Passion Pro...this is my choice.
Posted by irshad ali : hi, sir how to chck millage the car
Reply: Put full 200 km and fill full tank again then 200 diveded by the liters u put after running the 200 kms will give u exat mileage
Posted by Daniel : Sir, i,m seeking an economy car. my height is 6 feet. which car is best for me?
Reply: Wagon R
Posted by sulabh : what is ur opinion about buying Honda Civic1.8 S-AT witth Paddle Shift? For 4,25,000/- 2006 model
Reply: costly....
Posted by Rony Thomas : Which car is good in automatic cars around 5 lakhs Rs
Reply: spend little more i10
Posted by JIJO : hi GG I Brought yrx100 from Chennai to kerala that time I dont bring NOC,but now regi was expaired my quest with out carry to Chennai I can do here in kerala
Reply: Not in official way.......
Posted by sunu sasidharan : Dear sir, Which is the best gearless scooter for ladies as well as men around 50-55 thousand. Good mileage and performance
Reply: ill prefer hero honda pleasure or Honda dio
Posted by diljo antony : i have a 2012 model pulsar 180. now a days my bike showing missing especialy in low race(mainly in first and second gears). i took my bike to bajaj service centre. they have cleaned the main spark plug and drained the carburator (not opened,just drained it from the bottom). but still the same problem is there. kindly guide me in the proper way. thank you very much...
Reply: i cannot identify ur problem from the description it might be the problem of the carb...give a through ck.
Posted by Anand : I have Alto800 Lxi 2008 which covered 31000 kms.When given to service maruti service center mechanic told me to change the clutch pad.Is it necessary to change the clutchpad after 31000 kms??How long it will run the old clutch pad?
Reply: average life span of clutch is 40000- can go higher or it can worn out within 5000kms..its depends upo our use..if u dont have any specific complaints like juddering when clutch is engaged or ubnormal engine raising with another mechanic also.
Posted by jolly Abraham : I am planning to buy a petrol car and I am confused between my options: the NEW SWIFT DZIRE VXI and the HONDA AMAZE S I-VTEC . I drive only in and around the Chennai city and mileage is a priority . the Honda dealer claims only 11 kms/litre for the AMAZE and also a 3 month waiting period. Should I wait 3 months for the AMAZE or should I go for the DZIRE ?
Reply: amaze is a new model and got good gives 16kpl as per dealer for long trip better to test drive before finilising...
Posted by Joseph : Hi Gibu, I am using new swift VDi its getting 13km/ltr mileage in town..Hw to increase the mileage..? My swift completed 2yrs but not completed 20,000 km.only 8000km. Service engineer told to me 5-6k service cost. I want to know the service maintenance cost?
Reply: hi mileahe for dzire in town is only 13-15.5 kmpl. long u may get 18-20kmpl. do ur service once in a year or every 5000 km 20000 km service will cost u more...
Posted by Dinesh : Dear Sir, I looking for a MUV/SUV vihicle to travel minimum 7 persons in my family. My usage is very limited. May be once or twice in a month and that too not long journey. I am in Palakkad. Can you advise me which vehicle is best in terms of comfort, mileage and value for money. Is it advisable to buy any Petrol Vehile in the MUV/SUV segment ? Is there any Automatic transmission vehicle available in 7 seater vehicle ? Your kind and right advice will be appreciated. I look forward to your advice by email. Regards, Dinesh
Reply: dear dinesh..u have mentioned ur budget..any way petrol vehicle will be good since u have less out Honda CRV.
Posted by Manoj Thomas : Dear sir.... Am planning to buy a diesel car.My family consist of 4 members and am preffering swift and i20 which wiil you suggest aqnd waiting for your advice
Reply: I20m is more classy than swift and got more features drawback is that the a/c is not that efficient.
Posted by Denoy : How can I increase the engine power for maruti 800,its a 2000 dx model,its not possible to drive with the a/c ,I heard on gas the power will be increased,which is the best kit for maruti,kindly answer the quiry
Reply: ho for a free flow air filter like K & N or green
Posted by Anoop Thomas : Dear Sir...... Am going to buy a new car(diesel).....i got confused among swift,i20 and bolero.Which one wiil you prefffer and why
Reply: ill go for swift..cost effective, more resale, good service outlets.
Posted by Mitul meghani : hello sir i just want to ask that i got an offer to buy hyundai getz crdi prima 2007 model 67,000 kms done and its in my budget but today morning one of my dealer friend told that engine gets locked but i felt something strange bout it is it so does engine gets locked and according fiesta also has same problem....pls suggest regards Mitul meghani
Reply: locking of engine can happen any time. !!
Posted by nishant kaushik : hello sir, I have swift dzire vxi petrol with cng fitted and my problem is that due to cng cylinder ground clearence got decreased. what should i do to increase ground clearence so that my car with luguage and 5person in it runs comfertably over bad road. Should i change the rear shocker springs with sx4 big springs for more ground clearence and is there any problem occur if i got sx4 spring in swift dzire.
Reply: hi ull get a cylinder which will fit in ur steppni space but storage quantity will be less.
Posted by Mohamed Yaseen : Dear, i want to modify my car. planing to change the color, fit a free flow exhust, front ,back and side skirt and a spoiler. i need to make all these legally. please let em know the procedure to get permission from the RTo for the modification. thanking in advance for ur support in advance.. thanks & regards, Mohamed yaseen
Reply: dear yasim.. technically u dont need permission for this works..
Posted by Kooshan : Hi sir I have an alto model 2008 but I was looking for a bigger car with better performance and lower fuel cost so I bought a second hand ford ikon 1.8D nxt model 2004 for 1.55 lakh. It has new good year tires, sports rims and a car security system. There was some leakage from the nozzles and I fixed them. The diesel gauge is not showing properly so sometimes the car goes off without when you still think theres fuel in the car. I got the pump checked but no change. So I cant find the fuel efficiency and the car seems to consume a lot although the previous owner (who I knew) told me it gives 18 kmpl. Do you think the problem is with the gauge or the pump? How much do u think the fuel efficiency is? Is the price good for this car? Did I make the wrong decision by buying this car? Any way to improve the fuel efficiency?
Reply: HI i cannot anything on the price..but u wont get 18kmpl for ford 1.8 car..max u can get is 15kmpl long drive but that too depends upon ur diving habits. to ck ur mileage fill ur tank full make ur trip meter zero and after 200 km fill full tank again and divide the odo reading by the fuel u filled will give u the correct mileage.
Posted by V.GOPALAN : I have just sold my Indica-DLX Diesel and intend to buy a new Car in petrol version. My choice is between Swift VXI and Liva-G . Since Swift is just common, I just thought of a change. Please let me have have comment as I need to book urgently....thanks
Reply: Liva G is a good car It got Toyota back up service and guarantee.
Posted by John : Dear Gibu, Tubless tyre need to fill air? if yes what is the duration? also advise me if it got puncher during the journey how long I can drive with the puncher?
Reply: Yes u have to fill every month..if u use nitrogen the duration can be extended up to 4-5 months. for a nail puncture u can travel till u remove the nail !! ot till ur tyre becomes flat.
Posted by Jithosh.JS : Sir can u please find out a perfect one between hyundai fluidic verna , ford fiesta and volkswagen vento?? In some reviews I have seen an upper hand in case of volkswagen engine. Whats ur opinion??
Reply: VW got a very responsive engine it powerful and silent..
Posted by Vijeesh Tv : Im planning to buy a used car. pref: Swift or Jazz should i go for a certified car which cost 50K more than a direct dealer a normal one and make a servies?? and also is there any good models which i should go for... aftr sales cost nmust be low and also mileage is a factor.. buget 4lk+
Reply: dont expect after sales cost to be low and good mileage for a second hand car..with a certified dealer max price variation will be 5000-20000K. If u have a knowledge in cars buy directly or else buy a known car from known persons or else go for a pre owned car shop preferably from dealer point like maruti true value.
Posted by Shibu : Sir,I am planning to by a 7 seater for Taxi purpose. Ertiga/Quanto/Bolero. Which one is cost effective?
Reply: Ertiga..
Posted by mohammed ali : I plan to buy automatic car (low budget), is second hand available? Please advise which one is good. Thank you.
Reply: yes ull get in preowned car shops..a star..i10 santr0 etc..
Posted by V : Dear Sir, We are looking for Vehicle having good milage/performance.Budject Approximately 5 L: Rgds Jose
Reply: Alto K series....
Posted by krishna : hi Gibu sir, i am totally confuse about to buy my new scooter. I cant able to finalize which one i buy. So can u help me to choose the best one for me. i am want looks & power. I am 26 year old. 1. Suzuki Swish 125 2. Vespa 125 LX 3. Honda HET Aviator DLX 4. Yamaha Ray Z 5. Honda Dio HET Can you suggest me a good one from this list & why...??
Reply: look wise i like dio 110 but vespa 125 is more powerful.almost all got same Tyre size..comparatively same mileage better narrowdown ur choice and take a test drive !!
Posted by t p lalu : i want to buy a new car in the range of 5 lakh-6 daily usage will be around 15-20 km.which car i have to choose petrol or diesel. what is ur opinion about Swift vxi and Honda Brio. which car will suits best for me.
Reply: Petrol car will be ideal...brio is good for city drive,,swift got slightly bigger space inside.
Posted by Deepak : hi,I have booked ma royal enfield tb350cc wit the advance of 5k now i need to cancel it so can u plzzz reply how much amount will i get back frm the showroom after cancellation....
Reply: got to ck with their terms and conditions...
Posted by LIBU MARKOSE : Dear Mr.Gibu, I am planning to by MUV vehicle.Please advise maruthi Ertiga of cheverlet Enjoy ( both are Top varianet) which model is better. Regards, Libu markose 0096898981242
Reply: i have not test driven enjoy..but of the two maruti got slightly up market trend regarding resale mileage etc...
Posted by Tom V : If I am deciding to purchase, XUV 500, Will it be a wise decision.
Reply: get a test drive before u buy,,its a good vehicle in that class.
Posted by Robin Joseph : Good morning Sir please advice me about toyota fortuner. which one u will suggest me, manual or automatic? what is the main problems which users are facing with automatic model? thanks you with regards Robin Joseph
Reply: automatic is easy to drive..but it gives slightly lesser mileage when compared to Manuel transmission.
Posted by shiju : Hai, i am palnning buy a new 7 seater for taxi ,which vehicle best.
Reply: ull get 8 seater also..innova is relaible..
Posted by Arjul c : hw can we use the current in the vehicle for, like ironing cooking
Reply: NO
Posted by Raju Varghese : Hello, I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta ZXI Petrol run 34K. Recently noticed decline in AC performance. I am a hard core fan of TeamBHP and could find 2 issues - Radiator fan or AC compressor. But is there anything else that can be missed ? Thanks for the help.
Reply: your cooling coil might be clogged with dust and dirt..u can do an a/c service where they will remove the dash board and will clean the cooling coil by pouring h2o.
Posted by Manzoor : I have a maruthi swift ldi which covered 70000 kms. When given to service, mechanic told me that clutch need to be changed as mileage is over 60000 kms. Is it necessary to change the clutch after a specific mileage
Reply: yes normally the clutch can last till 60k kms...
Posted by Ajay : I would like to take a car in Chennai City. Polo and swift is priority. What will be the mileage/maintenance/resale value, etc.
Reply: swift got more resale value....swift mileage 17-19 kmpl and polo..15-18 kmpl
Posted by Jijo Jacob : I am planning to buy a sedan,usage will be very less around 8K Kms per year..please help me to choose between honda city,polo vento,nissan sunny. My main concern is after sales service and durability
Reply: City...
Posted by raju : Dear Gibu, Y no companies in India not launching diesel automatic models in medium priced range like swift, verito, amaze, i20 ??? Can we expect diesel automatics soon??
Reply: they do have automatic..i10..i2o, polo etc..
Posted by nadher : Where can I approach to buy second hand cars or suvs in kerala, a reliable one?
Reply: ck with pre owned car allmost all veh dealers have it..
Posted by bijumon : I have one avio car ...i want to fix one gas kit.... plese you can advice to me.which one sutable for that....
Reply: go for a sequential kit...
Posted by thomas abraham : siri like to buy a car my bujet is 6 lakh .5 members are in my family
Reply: ...etc
Posted by Sarin s pillai : I am planning to buy a sedan choice narrowd to honda city smt and fluidic verna 1.6 vtvt sx..which one is powerfull ?
Reply: verna
Posted by RENJITH BHASKER : HAI,I would like buy one car either swift VDI or Dzire VDI.Have checked the features understand that there is no difference apart from the trunk of Dzire and price.Am here to get an advise,which one is better?thanks
Reply: if u have use for trunk go for dzire..or else swift...i prefer dzire..
Posted by dileep : iam searching for a muv with seven seater vehicle of budjet 7 to 8 lakhs. which is more good either petrol or deisal vehicle purpose is only for 2 long trips with whole family per year...can u give me an good sugestion......thanking u....
Reply: hi if u have only 1000km a month go for petrol outb ertiga...that will suit ur budget.
Reply: both are almost same...running cost diesel is less expensive.
Posted by Prabhu : planning to install rear spoiler for my santro xing gl plus. What are the advantages and disadvantages? And my santro is 2012 model. The dashboard vibrates for even smaller bumps on road and the steering wheel also vibrating slightly when slowing down from higher speeds. When asked in showroom they said dat its a new engine so d vibrations r common til 15k kms. Plz help me
Reply: no advantage in wil be more stylish in ur looks. regarding vibrations the dealer said is not correct..the dash shouldnt vibrate.
Posted by sambhu nath s s : I want to purchase a petrol Automatic sedan. I have narrowed to Skoda Rapid and Honda City. Which one you advise.
Reply: skoda service and spares are expensive when compared to city..
Posted by renjith paul : i will drive average 50km in a week. for this ride can i go for disel car(honda amaze)
Reply: NO atleast 1000 to 1500m km a month..
Posted by Javid : Dear Gibu, I would like to buy a Mahindra Scorpio used one. I am ready to spend up to 500,000. Waiting for your valuable replay. Javid. Ca 00971562229813
Reply: dear javed ck up with a pre owned car shop
Reply: any day i feel hyundai is better in the long run
Posted by Rajeev : I plan to buy a sunny xv Dsl car. Tried test drive of all sedan cars and felt a lill superior. Whats the general opinion
Reply: its a good car.
Posted by Manoj : Hello sir , I wish to buy a Cheverolet beat Diesel car . Pls give me ur suggestion.
Reply: test drive it before u drive...
Posted by Jayesh : wil u suggest a diesal car which has a price of below 6 lakhs
Reply: Ritz LDi
Posted by Unni : Hello Gibu, I would like to buy an automatic car which has good seating arrangement/finishing, leg space,boot space, good interior and of course good milage. My height is 186 cm. I can use this car only whenever I come for leave (2 - 3 (total 60 days) times a year. Which engine is good, Petrol or Diesel. Price should be less than 7 lakhs. Thanks and Regards Unni
Reply: less than 7 lakhs u dont have much choice VW polo is good.or a little small car i20
Posted by mani parakkal : May i know how work the ABS system
Reply: its a lot to explain and its technical for u to understand iam sending a link..
Posted by Deepak Gopalan : Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a car in the range of 5-7 lakhs. I was thinking of Honda Amaze and Maruti DZire. Yet I hav many options. Thinking of a petrol car. My other options are Ford Figo, Fiat Punto, Toyota Liva, Maruthi Ritz. I look for mileage, style and power. Can u share your views on this? I know Honda Amaze is new but still people say its is new to Indian roads so may or may not work out. Hoping to know more on these from You .. Thank you
Reply: dear deepak..amaze is a good petrol car ..the company offers good mileage and it got decent power moreover honda badging is more acceptable.
Posted by lajeev : plan to buy a new last choices are swift VXI(not dezire),I 20 magna and honda amaze.please sugest one from this.And details about amaze also petrol(base model) also
Reply: Amaze ranges from 5.2 to 5.8 lakhs ex showroom. This is a sedan model others are hatch back Amaze 1.2 EMT i-VTEC Overview Length 3990 mm Width 1680 mm Height 1505 mm Seating Capacity 5 Person Displacement 1198 cc Fuel Type Petrol Max Power 86 bhp @ 6000 RPM Max Torque 109 Nm @ 4500 RPM Mileage (ARAI) 18 kmpl Transmission Type Manual No of gears 5 Gears Drivetrain FWD Air Conditioner Manual Power Steering Yes Power Windows Front & Rear Central Locking Yes Anti-Lock Braking System No Airbags No Seat Upholstery Fabric Alloy Wheels No
Posted by arun : sir, my name is arun.I want to buy a Hyundai i20 sportz.white,red,Grey colours are in my mind.I excepted your valuable sugessions about its colour,model,etc.
Reply: colour & model are buyers choice..go for a test drive and finilise yourself.
Posted by KRISHNA : Hello Sir, My self Krishna. I want to buy a Scooter. I am 26 year old. Can you tell me Honda Dio or Honda Aviator is best buy for me. And why ? Is any other scooter u can suggest me.
Reply: hi dio give slightly more mileage and power.better take a test drive..
Posted by Manoj : sir, id like to buy a new bullet? give me your opinion on bullet 350 and classic 350
Reply: both are same classic is stylish in my view.
Posted by BIBIN BABY : Ashok Leyland Dost’s passenger version can seat 14is available pls replay me the full details
Reply: they are planning on it..13+1 seater...u have to wait..
Posted by Rajagopal : My santro-91 gives only 8.5km(withoutA/C).Id like to buy a small petrl car which gives 18 kms withA/C.(around 4Lakh)No Nano.Please advise. Thanks,RG .
Reply: no car will give u 18km in petrol in the range of 4 lakhs...try getting a 2nd hand honda city it may give 15-16 kmpl in long ride
Posted by sajith c : Dear sir , I would like to buy a new RE electra .But many say that it is not worthy compare to old bullet in terms of riding comfort and feel .please advice me regards
Reply: Yes sound ids different a s that of feelings..but its a good bike..
Posted by shone : i want to know about the vehicle royal enfield 600...price and perfomance
Reply: sorry no idea...if it 500cc..THunder bird..then its classic upgrages are projector headlamp, daytime running lights, LED tail lamp, split seat and a blackened engine, it also sports a major upgrade in terms of its mechanicals. The 499cc, 27.6PS, 41.3Nm single cylinder engine is a straight lift from the Classic 500 and gives better performance and cruising ability at the same time returning decent fuel efficiency as well.
Posted by unni : Dear Sir..... I wish to buy a used car....i came across with a swift vdi which passed 19000 km 2012 model pary asking Rs it is a nice price
Reply: y cant u go for a new one it only 6 lakhs ex show room plus u have to pay RTO taxes and might come to 6.4 lakhs..
Posted by Sunil : Dear Sir, Is there any decent service provider available in Trivandrum for Cheverolet spark car(5 years old), other than authorised dealer?
Reply: no idea ...sorry
Posted by varadarajan : I have bought a new maruthi K 10 car.Its brick red color.On the right hand side lot of scratches on both doors done with compass by school students? For painting the company asking nearly twenty thousand.What to do to to remove the scrtches?please enlighten?
Reply: painting both doors will not cost that much..any way u can claim insurance
Posted by nagaraj : hi sir, I want to know about Renault Duster diesel 85rlx pls give me a strong opinion, my drive is with in the city limit
Reply: within city its good..only 4+1 passengers can fit inside..good comfort
Posted by Dileep : I want to know about the Maruthi swift car. all models especially ( diesel )
Reply: its got fiat engine, mileage approx 18-20 kmpl 5 seater with ur nearest car dealer for more details.
Posted by Omar : More info about modified mahindra jeep
Posted by kuriakose ct : i am offered a honda city 06 model 70000 kms.for rs it worth buying?
Reply: It depends upon the condition of the value is around 2.75 lakhs for 1.5Gxi
Posted by Pranav.p.t : How can trace car position updates in g.p.s
Reply: There will be software for the instrumnet. once u login u can see it in the web. most providers use google maps
Posted by noor : Kindly advise me the best and cheep automatic transmission car to buy Thanks @regards Noor
Reply: best and cheap wont come out of the cheapest is i10 automatic.
Posted by shiju : i have one swift dezire 2012 model. I need to fix Subwoofer in my car. How i can fix. Is it fix in Dicky or any where. If it is fixed in dicky space will go or not. I need your advise for fixing this.
Reply: yes u can fis the sub mounted on a box inside the dickey definitely space will go.
Posted by aju thomas : Hai Gibu, When compared to swift maruthi,how do u rate volkswagon polo 1.2 ltrs petrol car.which is more comfortable in city ride as well as long ride.let me ask one more how is Mahindra suvs r the reliable.just enquirying from Singapore. thks
Reply: hi..Any day polo is better than swift. but when it comes to spares cost polo is expensive..polo go good room inside. Mahindra suvs are good till 50-60000 kms..
Posted by K.V.ANOJ : Sir, I would like to buy an automatic gear car. Which one is better, Maruthi A-Star OR Hyundai I-10? Kindly advise me the Positive & Negative of both those cars! NB: Pls let me know the price of both. Regards, K.V.ANOJ
Reply: definitely Hyundai I10..more responsive powerful engine..
Posted by jayachandran : സർ. ഇരുചക്രവാഹനമായ ഹോണ്ടയുടെ 110 സിസി ബൈക്കായ ഡീംയുഗ (ഡ്രീംനിയോ)ആണോ അതോ യമഹയുടെ 110സിസി ബൈക്കായ YBR 110 ആണോ നല്ലത്ത് താങ്കളുടെ വിലയേറിയ അഭിപ്രായം ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു
Reply: Neo got slightly more power than Yamaha. Neo is slightly bigger and got more ground clearence.ut the fuel tan capacity is less. Also neo dosent have self start ver.both have almost same price.
Posted by Joby Mathew : Dear Gibu Sir, I would like to buy a two wheeler with an automatic gear. Which one do you recommend - Honda Activa or Mahindra. Also the benefits.
Reply: Ck out activa they give a good back up service and the vehicle is relaibe and got a good resale value.
Posted by Rajit : Dear Sir, I have got a VF 750 F v four engine bike.I want a expert advise from you my bike is having rocker arm tappet noise problem and also requires carburetor cleaning.Request you to suggest any workshop/good mechanic, to resolve this problems Awaiting your response Thanks Rajit
Reply: rajath..i dont know from which place u up a good mechanic who repairs bullet bikes he might be able to help u..
Posted by Koshy Titus : Please advise me which vehicle is good for personnel use our family, Force R2Expected soon, Renoult Duster Mahindra SUV500, Maruthi engera Tata saffari(new model) Please advise a SUV below 15 Lakh Regards, Koshy
Reply: Safe is going for Innova.SUV 500 gives u a good package..then Duster 110ps or wait for 4*4 option
Posted by Ajay : Planning to buy Amaze EX MT (Petrol). Could you please tell me the goods and bads of this varient and model. Also requesting your suggestion if any
Reply: hi i have not test drivem amaze will do it this week..but i drove the diesel version..horrible..
Posted by Sam Varghese : Dear Gibu George, Hope you are doing well. I am planning to buy sunny or city. but, in little bit confussed. could you please suggest me one. if you can tell me some our brand, I will be greatful to you. our budget is max 11 Lk. Looking forward to you. Thank You, Sam Varghese
Reply: dear sam, City is a proven car but its shape is ives good mileage, Sunny is a new car and little spacious than city..but not that sty;ish (according to me) Brand value is more for HONDA..go for a test drive before finising..
Posted by Suby Thomas : I need to know the easy way to find out the axact mileage of my car
Reply: Fill full tank..Make your trip meter to zero run 200 km and fill full tank again then 200 divided by the liters u put will give u exat mileage
Posted by nijesh : hai Gibu good morning i hope can suggest me the best i would like buy a new car ,and my budget is around 6 to 8 lck . kindly advise me the better one for life long use .waiting for yor expert advise , thanks
Reply: if u have less running go for petrol SX4 or else dizire diesel.
Posted by midhun : i bought one new tata vista in 1-1-2012,from the date of purchase it had many problems,we replaced the fuel pump,central console,front suspension both side,and changed the tyre at 15000 km,still the vehicle is having alignment problem and suspension sound,now also the wear of front tyres are very high and engine vibration are present i complained many times to tata customer care i didnt get any solution what we do
Reply: write a letter to the customer care for tata such 2012 cars dosent have aliignment can be sorted out.
Posted by roy : I have 2007 swift zxi.70 to 80 km speed coming time difrand sount coming from dwon side.why?
Reply: please give a better description about the sound...
Posted by Georgekutty V.C : Dear Mr. Gibu George, I would like to buy a 2006 model Chevorolet Aveo 1.6L. so far it drown only 24,000 KM, one owner, good condition. How much it will cost ? How is its performance ? What is your opinion about this car? I have now a Maruthi Suzuki Estilo, which is 3 year old. Is it wise to sell this car and go for Aveo. Please advise.
Reply: aveo dosent have resale value..2008 model aveo is only 1.75 lakhs..after 4 years cheverlot car have maintenence on the highter side.
Posted by satheesh : I have fixed foglamps on my Alto Lxi and its getting very hot within minutes. Does it affect the main headlights, battery or any other nearby parts. Pls advice what should i do to get rid of this issue.
Reply: Better to fix a relay...fog lamps will be hot.
Posted by Alan : Hi there, I have stumbled upon your website and noticed that you have worked on a similar project for the restoration of a 1975 Kawasaki Z400 (or KZ400) OHC engine. Well, I find myself stuck with my own now and in need of some of the specs to reassemble the engine, torque for the cylinder head in Nm, also for piston rod and test bench. Would you be so kind to reply to me ASAP with those numbers? Id really appreciate. Thank you in advance. Cheers
Reply: Sorry clues..
Posted by sajan : i want to know that how can check the mileage of my scootter(honda dio)?
Reply: Yes..put full 100 km and fill full tank again then 100 diveded by the liters u put after running 100 kms will give u exat mileage.
Posted by Hari : Sir, in order to take patent for a new engine technology is it necessary to make a prototype or its animated design is enough?
Reply: YES...
Posted by VINOD : Dear Gibu, How are you? please tell me is there any problem with fitting LPG in my car ( wagon R) will it effect the warranty? will it cause engine damage most people are saying it will damage the engine eventually is it true?
Reply: Definitely it will affect the warrenty..if u r installing put good kit only..
Posted by sabitha : Hi Below 4.5 lakh which car is the best choice for a women?
Reply: Hi..ull get honda Brio E MT for 4.2 laks ex showroom..or I10 3.8 lakhs both are basic version.
Posted by Aju : i want install a reverse camera system and a navigation system on my new swift. I heard about mapmyindia navigation system Vx240 with reverse camera. requests your valuable inputs. thank you....
Reply: this is a dedicated navigation supports Touch Screen, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Hands-free, Reverse Camera Support, Multimedia Playback, Video Files..etc
Posted by joemon joseph : My car is alto and doesnt have power steering, when I bought it. Now, i need to fix power steering, where i can fix and is it good for alto?and the normal price.. thanks.
Reply: its not that easy and its costs more...better to get it exchanged.
Posted by yedu : how is etios vdsp
Reply: good mileage..cofortable..good backup service..
Posted by abin : ashok leyland dost passenger version can seat 14 details
Reply: ck with nur nearest dealer
Posted by anoop : i am going to buy a second hand car.....i got a car 2011 nov....swift zxi.....what will be max pricr that i want to give
Reply: its depends upon its condition ck with a pre owned car shop..
Posted by ROY : Good Day Mr. Gibu, I am planning to buy a new petrol car within the range of 5.50 lakhs (on-road price). My plan is either Maruti Swift or Tata Indica Vista. What is your opinion? Your valuable advice is requested. I have minimal running only. Thanks, ROY
Reply: Go for Maruti swift...its more refined..
Posted by Dr.K.Vijayakumar : I read in MM daily about cheap hatch back cars from Russia (?) likely to enter india market for around 1-2 lakhs. Details?
Reply: No details with me ..sorry..
Posted by Omanakuttan : I want to know about automatic gear car&witch car is the best.
Reply: Hyundai i10,Maruti Dzire , honda amaze, Hyundai i20,Volks wagon polo, verna, honda brio, city etc....all under 10 Lakhs
Posted by Thomas Pathiyil : I have a car with built-in MP3 player from the company. No Bluetooth, AUX and USB connections. Is it possible to modify the player for atleast one external connection or do I need to replace the whole set? Please advice.
Reply: NO....but all most built in head units will have aus..or just ck up with w/s whether this is expandable..
Posted by Sajeev Koshy : Dear Gibu, Im in a serious dilemma. Presently Ive 2009 Wagor R Vxi.I want to change to a MUV/SUV.My choices are Innova, Ertiga,Duster,XUV W6. Im fond of driving. Driving comfort,fuel efficency,power,size,service assistance, reliability,status etc. are my criterias.Can you kindly suggest me one choice please? Thanks.
Reply: This is a tough choice..Safe is going for Innova...or Duster 110ps or wait for 4*4 option.
Posted by Jobin Mathew : Dear Gibu I want to buy a diesal sedan car Which Brand model car is good, My affordable Price 10 Lakh - 11 Lakh My option is VW Vento diesel full option , Fludic verna full option , Skoda Rapid, Ford & Renault I am own a Wagon R . if i opt for VW , the spare availbility & spare cost it is affordable.VW giving extendable warranty for two years more. If i buy diesel car there is any problem in future the car is not running for a month. I am NRI & I am coming to home country in six months Hope you will answer my querry & please inform me when & which episode this letter is reading. Thanking You With Regards Jobi
Reply: dear jobin, VW is a good styrdy car the maintenence side will be little expensive when compared to other brands like suzukki.VW got extended warrenty and got road side asistance which is good and the give a good service backup also.,If u have a running of atleast 1000-1500 km a month go for diesel. If not used frequently petrol car will be good. This answer will only be published here..
Posted by rabeel : i want swift or ritz below 6 lack, which variont is good for me
Reply: ritz is little more spacious and its mor comfortable for me to test urself..
Posted by rajkumar : I wish to buy a 2005 model lancer Diesel. whts u r opinion?
Reply: slightly expensive spares veh is good and sturdy
Posted by sajeev.p : I would like to buy an automatic car Maruti A-star or Hyundai I10, i like to know in kerala roads automatic cars are suitable specially for maintenance & spare parts
Reply: go for i10 mileage will be less when compared to Manuel gear.
Posted by hari kumar c : enthanu ABS breakin system
Reply: ABS is Anti-lock Braking System. Its used to help the driver to maintain steering ability and avoid skidding while braking.
Reply: liva
Posted by Manoj Kumar KP : Sir, What is an average price of a set of leather seat cover for i20 car
Reply: 40k
Posted by Bawan : how about Ertiga?
Reply: Hmm...good..!!
Reply: rearview mirror, No Plate, ladies handle, saree guard
Posted by Ayjo : Hi Gibu, I would like to buy an entry level sedan can please advice with will be the best option among the below. Swift Dezire, Honda Amaze, Tayota Etios,Che Sail. Expecting your kind advice. Thanks. Aj
Reply: either Dzire or Etios..its better u ck it personally regarding drive feel
Posted by renjith kumar : Can you suggest a sedan between 10-12lak
Reply: vento
Posted by SIDDIK : സാര്‍ ,എനിക്ക് i20 automatic കാർ ഉണ്ട് ,മൈലേജ് കുറവ്, എതാണ് മൈലേജ് കൂടിയ automatic car ഉള്ളത് below 15 lakh.
Reply: All auto Transmission cars give low mileage....when compared to manuel.
Posted by Arun.R : Sir I have decided to buy a new car. I have almost 1300 Kms of drive per month. Which car is more suitable for me either a petrol or diesel. waiting for your precious advice Arun.
Reply: for 1300 km u can go for petrol or diesel..but diesel will be good.mileage will be more fuel cost is less. but investment cost will be atleast 20% more when compared to a petrol car.
Posted by suraj : Do my fuel consumption decreases if i run ford ikon diesel tdci in neutral gear...
Reply: YOU are NOT supposed to drive in neutral gear. The control of vehicle is more with gears when negotating a curve, braking etc..when the vehicle is in idle running fuel is used.a slight decrease will be there.
Posted by Arun : Hi Gibu, I owned one old Maheendra Jeep.[CJ500D], Can you suggest a good workshop nearby Alappuzha/Kottayam?.
Posted by sajan : Hi dear Gibu , my car stop engine while I was in trafic in midday , if ac off no problem,while running no problem but feel need more accelarator Ichecked fuel pump, its working properly.with ac I feel less pulling,bateery is new. My car indigo CS 2000, diesel, 60000 km. pls help to find wich part making the problem, thanks Sajan
Reply: this might be due to the idle rpm setting when a/c is on the rpm should increase this might not happening. Ck FICD (fast idler control device)
Posted by Abhin : Hai, I wish to buy a TATA NANO, Could you please give me a feedback, drawbacks and suggestion for purchase this or other car
Reply: cheap affordable gives very good mileage like 18 kmpl spacious etc..but ride is not that smooth..engine sound is high etc..resale is low..
Posted by faizal : i own a toyota innova now. i would like to change innova and get a toyota fortuner.whats ur opinion. also i would like to buy a automatic hatchback price ranging from 5 to 7 lacks.which one would you suggest.
Reply: if u have money enjoy but before that take a good test drive the riding comfi of innova and fortuner are different. i10 AT is in this range
Posted by Siji Cyriac : I am planning to buy a car. I am confused in choosing one b/w brio and i10. would you help me
Reply: buy i10 its safe..
Posted by Shibu : I had a 2006 Honda civic, when I did 100,000 km service they ask me to change again its autotensioner. when it was 70,000 km already change the autotensioner. please adivise.
Reply: it depends upon the condition of the tensioner..if the tensioner was changed in 70000km then the timing belt also would have been that case and if there is no specific damage u dont have to change. but consult a mechani/service center.
Posted by Krishna Kumar E S : Dear Gibu George, I am Krishna from Saudi Arabia. I want to buy a Scooter in Kerala when i came to Kerala Soon. I short list some scooter but i confused to choose the best one for me. I am 26 year old. These are the scooters i short listed 1. Honda Aviator HET DLX 2013 2. Piaggio Vespa 125 LX 3. Suzuki Swish 125 4. Suzuki Access 125 5. Honda Dio. I like to travel long, i need more power, styling.. Can you help me to choose my best scooter. Regards, Krishna Kumar E S Saudi Arabia +966581228511
Reply: dear krishna u are not supposed to travel long on a scoorter its can be used for short trips max 10-15 kms cheap and best will be suzukki access or Honda activa.
Posted by Vinu Nair : I have planned to take Nissan CVT auto and while seeing some reviews feel a bit sided away. What do you think of the Car? Is it could for long rides on highways and mountain road in Kerala? Also as a alternate I am looking for Renault duster PS RXL 85. Looking forward to hear from you. Vinu
Reply: Duster is a car and and suv in one mould regarding comfort, both CVT and duster are different. For highways and mountain roads PS RXL 110 will be good.
Posted by Justin Thomas Mathew : I would like to buy a hatchback my preferences are mileage comfort,low maintenance also i would like to know whether a used car is enough for me because i will change it in 4to6 years if so from where can i get a second hand one
Reply: go for an alto K is under 3.4 lakhs.
Posted by Krishnan : Dear Gibu, I purchased a Ford Fiesta diesal car 3 years back. Since last 8 months when I apply break make U turn the steering wheel get struck. But when I switch off and on again it becomes OK. St.wheel is little bit tight. I gave it to authorised service centre but even now the steering wheel is not that loose.Could you pls give me a suggession. Do all Ford cars have this problem?What is your opinion about Ford cars ?
Reply: From ur description i fel its the problem of power steering. This is a complaint u got to do a through investigation. Iam not that happy with ford service earlier but now they are becoming better.
Posted by Bipin Chandran : Dear Mr. Gibu, I am planning to buy a petrol Car below 9.5 lakhs and currently inclined towards Volkswagen Vento Comfortline for its Solid build and look along with premium finish of dash board. But my question is am i doing a mistake by choosing Volkswagen Vento over Honda City S (M/T) ???? (Since honda is a proven petrol sedan) What according to you is the Pros & Cons of Vento compared to City? Note: Resale value is not an issue for me since am not planning to sell it for atleast 5 years.
Reply: all u said about vento is gives little better mileage and is less in maintenence spare costs
Posted by YEDUKRISHNAN PN : I am planning to buy a bike priced around 1.5L.Is ktm duke a good choice.
Reply: choice depends upon your use and ur ability to purchase duke is stylish and sporty
Posted by MATHEW : Hyundai Verna or Toyota Etios is a good car ?
Reply: verna stylish..etios good resale
Posted by SHEJIN M S : Dear Sir, I wish to Purchase a TOYOTA Qualis.Please tell me the Factors can I consider....? And also guide me to take a Pre-Owned Car range between 3-3.5Lakhs, same facilities like Qualis.
Reply: Qualis is a good vehicle..u have go and ck personnaly regarding the condition u can get a 2002 model for this price..
Posted by Manoj Kumar P : I am planning to buy a a hach back Diesel car in india by 2013 Dec. I short listed Etios Liva J and Suzuki Swift VDI.Which is tha best pick?. By december any other model in this sector is expected. Pleas advice for a vehicle with minimum operating cost, Minimum maintanace cost and value for money. Expecting your reply at the earliest.
Reply: both cars are same but brand value is more for liva and swift is more common.
Posted by BABU JOSEPH : please compare new elentra automatic n toyotta altis automatic. i am planning to buy one of these. please comment
Reply: over all concideratio goes for toyota..service, reliability, resale etc..
Posted by Renjit : I am interested to buy a volkswagen polo gt. how about the technical side and fuel efficiency, and price, also is A/T is available or not and how long to wait to get on hand. Also i heard about golf gt is coming soon. what about that.
Reply: mileage is b/n 12-14 but this depends upon ur driving habbits.AT is available.
Posted by Siji : Dear Sir, yenikku oru sedan vanghanm yennundhu injan gcc yil anu work cheyyunnathu adikam ottam varilla injan petrol model yedukkano atho diesel model yedukkano injan select cheytha car voxwagon vento anu petrol model yedukkano atho diesel yedukkano dayavayi sir nthe vilayeriya abhiprayam ariyikkanam
Reply: if u dont have no much running (less than 1000km a mont)go for petrol car.
Posted by SHIBU : Boss, I am at present in buying a new car. Can you suggest me which car from the below mwntioned is suitable for my small family of 4 members, CHEVROLET SAIL, MARUTHI SWIFT DZIRE,HONDA AMAZE,\volkswagon polo. Awaiting reply from your end at the earliest. Regards SHIBU
Reply: finilise b/n dzire & amaze
Posted by Siji Sasidharan : Dear Sir,i need to buy one new car.I need one good model, Medium price, range upto max 8.15 lakh sedan and economical in parts and mileage also.I am checking for voxwagon wentho or scoda rapid ,bcoz both are in this price range. in your opinion which one will be the best one for me. may i will not use this regularly, bcoz i am working wife & mother is india, she may use max 600 KM in a month.I will confuse in which model I mean petrol or dieselis suitable for me if there is any problem in my selection please tell me a proper one in range. thanks & regards,Siji Sasidharan
Reply: hello the maintenece charges for both the cars are on highter side go for a petrol honda SMT
Posted by Suresh Kumar VR : Sir, I have an Ertiga VDi model maruthy car. My question is after how much initial kilometers I got an optimum milage. Which type of diesel i must use. While accelerating slowly on my car at top gear, the kilometer / per liter indicator goes below 8. Is it same for all vehicles. Is there any techniques to improve the mileage? Thanking you Suresh
Reply: FOR Improving mileage drive according to terrians, change gears timely while ckng rpm use brakes only when necessary, no sudden acclerations and keep the speed at 60kmph
Posted by madhusudanan : my maruthi 800 is about 8yrs old and has 60000km on it recently some kind of smoke came from under the hood and so i have given it to the authorised service centre any idea what could be the cause of this problem ? pls help me
Reply: was ur car given for water service the day before then the oil used for cleaning might have burned or can be the problem of scilencer tip leakege only mu views u have to ck it throughtly with the mechanic.
Posted by manoj : Dear Sir, I need to purchase a willys jeep. what will be the price and is it good?
Reply: depends upon the condition it can go up to 3 lakh or so.
Posted by boby : While turing left a tuk sound from steering column. Is it need urgent attantion ?please advice
Reply: if the sound comes when fully turned and ur car is a front wheel driven then ck ur drive shaft at workshop.
Posted by Dileep : IS mm 540 expensive to maintain. Is it a wok horse?
Reply: jeep except for its patchworks..!!
Posted by john kurian : IS tata vistas tdi engine is same as indigos tdi engine.
Reply: Yes
Posted by j.m thomas : Dear Gibu George sir, i just want to know which r automatic cars available in kerala below 8-10 lakhs
Reply: Hyundai i10,Maruti Dzire , honda amaze, Hyundai i20,Volks wagon polo, verna, honda brio, city etc....all under 10lakhs
Posted by Cyril Z M : I am looking for a car for around 7 lakhs. I may be travelling around 1200kms a month Which one is better Maruti Dzire or Honda Amaze
Reply: if looking for a diesel go for Dzire or else Amaze
Posted by Rejin : sir am planning to buy a scooter for my family, my budget between rs50-60,which one have better mileage and displacement??
Reply: Ck ouy Honda activa..reliable good resale value
Posted by ranjith : i m planning to buy a bike i need a comparison of tvs apache rf, apache fi and pulsar 200. pls suggest me which is better
Reply: Apache RTR 160 Fi will be better Top Speed: 120kph Fuel Consumption:City 42.00 Fuel Consumption:Highway 54.00 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement: 159.7cc Engine: 4 Stroke, EFi Maximum Power: 15.7bhp@8500rpm Maximum Torque: 13.1Nm@6500rpm Gears: 5 Speed Clutch: Wet, Multi Plate Bore: 62 Stroke: 52.9 No. of Cylinders: 1 Valve Per Cylinder: 2 Engine Block Material: Iron Block Chassis Type: Double Cradle Cooling Type: Air Cooling 0 to 60: 4.80 sec. Wheel Size: 100/80 R18 mm Brakes: 270mm Disc Brakes(Rear): 130mm Drum/Disc Optional Fuel Guage: Digital Self Start: yes Tacho Meter: Analogue Trip Meter: Digital-1 Alloys: yes Speedometer: Digital
Posted by Anto : dear Sir,i need to buy one new car.i need one good model, low price, range upto max 6lakh and economical in parts and mileage also.i am checking for swift vdi or accent,bcoz both are in this price range. in your opinion which one will be the best one for me. may i will not use this regularly, bcoz i am working brother is india, he may use max 150KM in a week. if there is any problem in my selection please tell me a proper one in range. thanks & regards, Antony.
Reply: Vdi swift dzire will be good ..but its not available now...they have reduces production due to some internal problems...if u ar using it only 150km a week go for petrol will be cheaper..u can ck..accent, dzire, ford ikon diesel its only 5.2 lakh
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