Answered by Gibu George

Posted by noushad koyappalli : What does it mean by BITURBO. I have seen it on a amg s 350 v8.
Reply: These are vehicles with two turbo...its technically called "Parallel twin turbos"
Posted by Sivin : Could you suggest a petrol hatch back car available under 7 lakh(5-7)
Reply: Toyota Liva, VW polo, Swift
Posted by sajin : Vw polo or swift vxi is better both petrol version..resale...Fuel efficiency, maintanance etc
Reply: polo is better in performance..maintenance swift is cheaper..but now VW has introduced fixed maintenance packaged for their cars..
Posted by Biji Varghese : Hello Sir, What are the precautions taken to store a super bike for about 4-5 months? Is fuel stabiliser is a must? Thanks in advance. Regards, Biji
Reply: better use since its a super bike once the stabilizer is mixed with fuel, run the bike for some time and then close the fuel coke and run it till the fuel dries out. Once he engine is warm change the oil and oil filter also u can apply some oil inside the cylinder after removing the spark plug like 5-10 ml also u can spray wd40 to the chains . Before doing this clean the bike thoroughly and u can apply nti rust paint on steel surfaces.
Posted by Rajasekhar : Sir i am from vizag. Yours suggestion is very imp for me & to my fmly... Sir i want to buy a sedan for taxi purpose. Nearly runs 3500 kms/month. maintaince cost to be balanced. Moreover i can see here in vizag Desire tour, toyata etios, indigo as taxi.. Plz sir suggest me a good strong sedan for me... i can effort upto nine lakhs...
Reply: Go for maruti swift dzire tour it got good resale not heavy maintenance car..
Reply: Yes you can change...
Posted by Anil Kumar : In exchange of Wagon R I am presently in possession of, I would like to go for a sub 4 mtr sedan viz. dzire,amaze,zest or the upcoming ford etc petrol version. which one is good from the safety, fuel efficient and performance point of view?
Reply: if going for petrol go for amaze id diesel dzire..
Posted by RADHAKRISHNAN : In kerala how much last Price,by cash. by cc installment plan procegier can you explaine me.
Reply: max ull 85% loan...
Posted by sherly vincent : How can we keep a vehicle longtime without use
Reply: start it once in a month run atleast 10 km..replace e oil once in a year ..replace coolant once in 2 years..replace a/c gas & oil once in 3 years..wipe interiors weekly ..recharge battery once in 6 month.. Fill nitrogen in tyre ck tyre pressure once in 6 months.
Posted by rahul r : What is remote lock accelerator .And how much it cost for one unit(right rear door)?
Reply: its might be remote lock actuator it cost approx Rs 250-500
Posted by satheesh chandran : please give your opinion about ethiyos g
Reply: good car..try g option..
Reply: NO its not right..reverse should not be hard ask them to ck the linkages and selector.
Posted by Sooraj : Sir. we wish to take a small vehicle for our small family.we have 600000 budget(six lak).we are selected hundaii10 sportz edition. how is your opinion?This budget get little big vehicle good company. And what condition for this vehicle.please send your comment.
Reply: i10 grand sportz is value for money car..u get all premium features in that cost !!
Posted by Varghese Abraham : I wish to buy an automatic car. Which is the best - price less than 12 lacs
Reply: Go for volks wagon..price will be slightly more.
Posted by ishak : Could you please advice that which is the best car I can get below 5lakhs?
Reply: Alto k10
Posted by pradeep : How good is maruthi Suzuki ertiga
Reply: cheap and best 7 seater..
Posted by SHAJI : Sir, petrol or diesel car has more resale value? Also how is their maintenance cost ?
Reply: diesel got more slightly more for dieselfor diesel service comes in 5000 - 7500kms where in petrol its 10000- 15000
Posted by Antony Pious : Can change manual to auto gear maruth K10?
Reply: no...u can do auto clutch. Then u dont have to use cluch..but manually u have to change gears.
Posted by mathew : Sir,Which is better DUSTER or terano.
Reply: both have same engine look wise Terano...cost wise duster !!
Posted by shiyas : Dear Gibu George, Nissan sunny automatic 2009 model korean made...Receently started a problem with gear..when gear shifts to parking one click sound is coming...also when it drive and reach speed between 20 abd 30 the gets shifted that time also this sound is coming...there is no other problems with function smoothly...i approched garage...but he could not detect the problem...please give an advice Thanks Shiyas
Reply: It can be the complaint of torque it with the dealer.
Posted by sachinb : hi gibu can you pleasesuggest me a diesel car for me with good resale value what aboyt skoda rapid or ciaz
Reply: skoda less resale value...Ciaz new in market...but suzukki resale will be good. Max resale valued vehicles are Swift Dzire and Toyota Innova.
Posted by Vinod : Sir, I would like to buy Maruthi Ciaz petrol version. What is your opinion on it? Which one is best Honda City or Ciaz?
Reply: If u r going for petrol ver and if u can afford Honda is the best..
Posted by ameen : ennik oru sedan type car vaagan agrahikkunnu. 25 Km milage vanam in petrol. Price below 7 lakhs with full option
Reply: nadakkatha manoharamaya swapanm.!!! ...ull get allmost this mileage in diesel
Posted by Nirmal : Iam willing to buy a car priced between 6 to 11 lakhs. Iam looking for a diesel option. Iam confused between honda city,hyundai elite i20 and maruti suzuki ciaz. Please suggest which one should I go for.
Reply: If u r going for a diesel car Ciaz will be a good option both feature wise and cost
Posted by Vinayan : I own an etios liva ! Preivously checked found condenser leakage for AC. How much do they normally charge for replacement other than toyota service station.?
Reply: it depends if its thro the condenser..u have to replace it..if its the connecting pipes etc u can repair it...any way the if there is no gas it has to be charged full....if gas is there they will recycle it..better do it at toyota service..the spares from other persons will not be dependable...
Posted by Ameer abbas : hello sir, I have a bajaj pulsar 220 2014.Can I increase the CC of my engine by adding any additional kits? please help me.
Reply: here are modification kits like free flow air filters, turbo chargers etc..regarding cyl head modification for increasing cc this can be done with precise design
Posted by Abhinanth : i have a hyundai eon(era+,2014 model, 814cc).problem is after a long drive say 100km or more,sound changes drastically(engine sound) and looses its smoothnes.. i went to the service station several times and they said its because of expansion and heat.. iam not at all satisfy with their explanations and i am fed up giving my car to them forwhat they called free checkup.. plese tell me the reason for this problem and how can solve it....
Reply: The engine has to be checked the sound u r referring is "knocking" any way ck the timing and clearances..also write a complaint letter yo hyundai address is in your service manual.
Posted by Ajai kumar G : I would like to upgrade mycar(WagonR) tyre size.Prensent size is 155/65/13.
Reply: yes u can go for 175 60 R13.
Posted by mohamed ali : i have herohonda cbz 2011 may ifit ngk irudidimspark plug?
Reply: yes u can..get the correct size !!
Posted by Unnikrishnan T : Dear sir, i have a plan to travel in karnataka temples with my Maruti alto 800. it is 2014 model. what are the precautions should take before this long trip? Kindly revert. Unni Kasaragod
Reply: Should have good tyres + steppni/Jack..try to carry a hand pump to inflate a through ck up and serving carry a smalll can 10ltr of water.....happy motoring !!
Posted by SURESH KUM AR : Dear sir i have a altok10 car 2010 last model,now horn is not working, which type of horn using,i mean volts.
Reply: all equipments in ur car will be 12v rating..
Posted by anandhu.omanakuttan : Sir I think i want to buy a 2010 model i20 second hand diesel car please give me some advice it is good or bad
Reply: i20 is a good car ck the condition thoroughly before buying...
Posted by Manoj Kumar : Sir... I wish to buy a car from my relative. Pse advice me how much price I should give to him...Details are:- Make: Honda City V i-vtech, 1.5 VMT Year: Jun 2010 Color : Taffete White Reg No. KL41D 976 Single owner, Done 36400 Kms
Reply: hi..better to ck with honda pre owned ar shop..they can give u a correct advice...
Posted by Rajan : Dear Sir, Automatic clutch gadget is ok for 2009 wagon-R
Reply: yes...
Posted by subair sha : Sir... Which is more powerful and more speed to motorcycle regarding Tourqe or BHP or RPM
Reply: all are inter common ..more bhp more powerful..!!
Posted by Raman J : Can I fit auto gear system in my Alto standard 2004 model car? How much it will cost?
Reply: not automatic transmission but auto clutch...There is a gadget available in the market if fixed .. vehicle can be driven with out applying clutch.. simply u can change gear..the cost is approx rs 35000/- call 9846032927, 9847033260 Mr Josey, Automate.
Posted by jayan : Sir, I have 96 model bullet , for last 5 years its kept idle in the car gaurage , i am working abroad. Now i want to make some alteration and need to be good condition. I am looking for good Bullet specialist workshops with in budgeted price. Kindly advice. thanks and regards.
Reply: best is going to a dealer..near ur place !!
Posted by pratheeksh : Haii..I would like to take a new car my budget is between 5-10 lakhs please suggest me a good car considering our road condition fuel economy and performance basis
Reply: u can go for new dzire diesel..good car good resale..within budget
Posted by Krishna : what i have to do for increase the conmort level of my car is swift..i have checked the wheel alignment and suspension ..but the technician couldnt identify any problem.which suspension i can use for more comfort?
Reply: U get imported suspension for your swift..mostly rally people fix it..what is ur real problem ??
Posted by sijin : i want to purchase a second hand car @1.75 lakhs which one is better santro xing or wagner.
Reply: both are good...Wagon r got little more resale will get a 1997-98 model Santro will be approx 20 k less
Posted by SONY KOSHY : Dear Gibu, Now am using VW Polo petrol,its a 3 cylinder car. Some of my friends says that 3 cylinder engine is not good and may get compliant earlier than other engines. Is it correct? VW is saying that dont change coolant until the service is came. Did we need to check the level of coolant?
Reply: No its not doesnt matter whether the engine is 2-3-4-5-6 depends upon the design of the engine. Regarding coolant... change coolant as per manufacturers specification. Or if there is a leakages.
Posted by rony : whats the best preventive measures to avoid rats from entering cars ?
Reply: Dont eat food inside !!! Ck the grommets are in place.
Posted by TG : I have changed my cars (innova) normal wheels with alloy wheels. Is there a need to intimate this to RTO and/or insurance? I have read in news paper that an insurance claim was denied. The reason was that the car was using alloy wheels instead of the company issued normal wheels at the time of accident.
Reply: NO need...
Posted by sachin : Sir i want to bus a petrol sedan type car Which one is best from Dezire and Amaze? Please give the maintanance cost and milege of both
Reply: If its petrol go for Amaze...if diesel Dzire..
Posted by shihab : My swift dizire tour car Engine noisy like (tictic) Service center tallme kerosene mix with diesel How can solve problems Also when drive longer journey I feel that
Reply: Change ur petrol pump..use some additive like sys G for a month.
Posted by moazzam hussain : Hi.I m planning to bye a Toyota Corolla xli 2010 used in quite good condition.I am in Qatar,so what is your opinion? About maintenance & resale scope in Qatar.
Reply: good vehicle good resale in kerala...Qatar..No idea !!!..
Posted by Jipson Mathew, Thiruvalla : I would like to fit Day time running LED lights for my Honda City 2014. Any recommended brand and shop? Does it affects Hondas warranty?
Reply: Honda does NOT encourage out side additional fitments..ant accessory shop will do.
Posted by Vishnu : Sir,im from a middle class family and i would like to buy a 7 seater and which is having best mileage and more economy. My budjet is around 10lakh,plz help me to choose a vechicle for taxi permit.
Reply: Ck out Ertiga...
Posted by John Philip : "Maruti Suzuki A-Star Vxi AT" is it available in Kottayam?
Reply: ck 9847053920
Posted by Albin : i need an automatic car with good mileage either in petrol or in diesel.can you pls suggest me a few
Reply: honda city petrol, volks wagon vento diesel