Answered by Gibu George

Posted by Sajad Salim : SIR, I would like to buy a skoda superb which is a 2006 second hand run 47000km automatic could i know the condition and what would be major engine issues regarding it?
Reply: its very expensive to maintain..frequent complaints of torque converter is noted.
Posted by vinod S.S : Dears, I plan to buy a second hand "Skoda Octavia Diesel model#2006". what about this car and what is the special things we need to check if I buy a second hand car. Also, what is the customer feedback about this car in 2006. please provide the average price for this car. VINOD
Reply: skoda is very expensive to maintain mainly old models better not attempt !!
Posted by sanjay : My 2005 model Maruti Zen developed starting problem. The engine does not start after running 10 to 15 Kms. ignition coil, spark plug , Battery is good. When I leave the car to cool down for few min, it will start. Please help
Reply: normally the problem can be with the ign coil or the fuel pump give a through check..also ck the fuel lines & filter.
Posted by K.Jacob : Out of models of SUV- Mercedes,BMW and Audi, which is most reliable and is easy to maintain.
Reply: All highter end vehicles have long service duration ie 15000kms so maintaining is not difficult..all these vehicles are expensive to maintain choose a vehicle according to your needs & style
Posted by JIBIN : Dear sir, I am looking for a 7 seater car with price range between 10-14 Lakh. Shall I go for scorpio, innova or any other option ?THANKS
Reply: innova will be more reliable
Posted by siras : dear sir, i am looking a Toyota Innova to using as a taxi what is the advantages and dis advantages of this taxi
Reply: mileage is only 10-11 kmpl vehh cost is high..advantages good resale, reliable and trouble free
Posted by Ajmal : i want to buy a new car it should be lowest fuel economy and i Decided to buy swift vxi or ritz vxi .My budget between 5-6 Lack.? which one is good ? or any other model.? Kindly advise .
Reply: mileage both are same..seating is slightly better in Ritz
Posted by DEEPU : sir, i have a problem on my left leg and i cant control the clutch properly. so please give me a reply regarding the there any way to change the clutch into hand control.
Reply: yes there is an option pl talk to Jose 9846032927
Posted by jiju justin : is there any problem to car battery if we r not starting the car to one or two months
Reply: better disconnect it and keep..if it old battery u may have to recharge it..
Posted by chithambaram : Hello Sir, i was planning to buy a 2007 3.0ltr safari from one of my friend. Whats your opinion. Price is below 3 lacs. what will be the best price. Thanks CHIDAMBARAM
Reply: it depends upon the condition with a pre owned shop
Posted by satheesh kumar.v : sir i am planning to buy TVS wego for my it a good one.expect your kind advice.
Reply: out yamaha ray also
Posted by Arjun Shabu : sir now i am in a big confusion i am bullet lover and i have a 86 model bullet before 2 years now i olan to buy a enfield.i am in a serious trouble that want to buy new one or old model friends and also family members also push me buy a new one that for future its better and i also go for the trips and i want a good suggestion from your side sir about the new bullet standard 350.
Reply: the sound of old and new bullet are different. Better buy new model for future use it is good
Posted by Tony jose : I am planing to buy Enfield bike, either 350 cc bullet or electra 350. which one you recomand ?
Reply: Electra...little more advanced.
Posted by vishnu : sir , I have one dought about vehicle. next week I will buy one Mahindra rodeo rz 125 scooter .some other person asked to me rodeo no good scooter can u explain to me this one good or no good
Reply: service for mahindra two wheelers are not to our satisfaction
Posted by jomy : i have 95 model mahindra jeep i like to modification of jeep. can i get Jeep-Wrangler body in India or it suitable for mahindhara jeep body.
Reply: u have to make
Posted by Amal mathew : hi..i have a honda cb unicorn (2014 model).While deccelarating a banging sound is heard(only 1 or 2 banging sound).could you tell me what could be the reason..
Reply: it be crank sound..but since ur veh is new chances are less..normally its heard when u decelerate and down the gear
Posted by Aravind v s : Sir,I am a student I am planning to buy a scooter.I am not interested in first scooter option is hero maestro or Honda activa conditions are good looking,good riding comfort,good mileage, I am not riding in highways so for a good mileage.pls help me to select a good option.
Reply: go for activa safe & cool
Posted by junais : njan maruthi ertiga vdi annu use chayunathu 3service kazhinju enikku 15-16km millage annu kittunathu ithu kudummo
Reply: mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive..max ull get 15-16 in town and up to 19/20 for long trips.
Posted by Vinod Nair : I purchased Xcent black colour last week, is it necessary to do Teflon coating, is this make any sense. Please advice
Reply: Its not necessary..if they give it free do it..but once done it looks nice..
Posted by Haridas : I wish to take a new car of Petrol model (either Celerio Automatic or Hyundai i10 full option).Pl let me know Which one is better as per your advise Budget is 5 lakhs. My priorities are mileage and safety. Advise pl.
Reply: any day i10 is better but price is more when compared to Celerio
Posted by nijai sathian : i have short listed ritz vxi and hyundai sportz kappa vtvt. please suggest me one. confused between hyundai and maruthi suzuki brand.
Reply: Both are good and got resale ritz got better seating advantage and interior space.
Posted by SUNNY : Which is the best automatic transmission small car sector
Reply: VW polo/ i10 grand
Posted by ARUN DAVID : I would like to know your opinion in buying entry level sedan.Etios or Dzire petrol models I prefer.
Reply: dzire is very common go for etios..
Posted by vineet : I have my taxi business and taking tata venture for same,is this vehicle is fine for said purpose if daily run is about 1500km/day.please suggest because it will play vital role for my business on one go it has to run 200km approx and 7trip /day.need ur expert advice on same.
Reply: u cannot travel 1500 km in a day i suppose hope its per week..ventura is ok..others u can consider is Evalia,Innova etc....most rel;aible will be innova
Posted by ABY JAYAN : Dear Gibu, I have been using Hyundai i10 since 2008 and I feel comfortable and quite happy with the performance of i10. Now I would like to upgrade my vehicle, my preference is Swift Dzire VXI version. What is your opinion about this car? Recently I heard that Swift Dzire is going to be face lift soon. May I know is that affect my purchase or I have to wait for some more time? Kindly advice.
Reply: Swift is a good car and is very common..regarding face lift no official news.. u can ck out new Elite i20 also..
Posted by govindraj.m : I have gets gvs 1.1 petrol car 2010 model I am getting 10.5 mileage is it good and on reserve how many litre in tank. If I want to sell the carhow much I can get.
Reply: mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive.. from the E level approx 5- 6 liters will be there..selling price ck with a pre owned car shop
Posted by shrijit : Hello sir, Am planning to buy a second hand 2007 safari dicor 3.0 ltr. Advice me on the vehicle,About maintenance and the best price....
Reply: price i am not the right person to with a pre pre owned car shop. Safari is ok except for it rattling and body rolling.
Posted by vipin : Sir, Which is better Harley davidson street 500 OR royal enfield thunder bird 500 when comparing Price, mileage,specifications,performance,driving.
Reply: sorry vipin no comparrision....definitely mileage & price wise bullet is the best !!
Posted by jossy : what about Toyota etios cross???
Reply: much diff with liva..overall new looks.
Posted by SANTHAKUMAR.K : Now my car is ZenEstilo Vxi(2009) but wish to buy Wagon r Sting gray Vxi optional what about this vehicle
Reply: spacious , u like the shape.
Posted by Kiren Jacob Thomas : I am planning on buying new wagon r by the end of the year, but the sales agent at the dealer says that the prices of maruti are to rise by the year end. Is it true and if i were to wait for the year end would it be worth it for getting discounts?
Reply: It depends..every ont all car dealers changes their sale policy..but u can expect more discounts in next year starting ie jan feb..but the problem is that in 2015 ull get only 2014 vehicle.
Posted by Shafeeq : Dear Mr. Gibu, I am looking for a 7 seater car with price range between 7-10 Lakh. Shall I go for Mobilio, Ertiga or any other option ? Thanks, Shafeeq
Reply: Mobileo got more brand value than Maruti..ertiga is also good. Also Mobilio is more spacious in interior
Reply: if ur running is only 500km per month petrol veh will be ideal.Ertiga is a good vehicle.
Posted by Rakesh R : Sir, I like to buy a petrol car under 4.50lakhs. which car is best in this category. Can you suggest me a car. My options are Dastun go and Hyundai i10. which car has low maintenance and mileage.
Reply: cost wise go is best feature wise i10 mileage is almost same go is slightly better
Posted by jiju : Heelo Jibu, I wish to change my 2012 swift-vxi wheel to Alloy,i am planning to put 15" could you please tell me the exact details of the wheel should i choose and is there any problem to change 14" to 15". Awaiting your kind advise. Warm regards Jiju
Reply: Go for 185/65 R 15 or 195/60 R 15
Posted by jayagovind : which is best swift or i20? (petrol model). i am confused about this two cars ,please help me to choose the right one.
Reply: new i20 elite got great features and style..
Posted by Gopan : i am going to purchase a 2010 model sumo grande. how is the vehicle? is its maintenance cost is high? is it noisy like old sumo?
Reply: No its much refined...
Posted by BINOY KURIAN : I would like to buy maruti car. please tell us features of celerio and alto 800
Reply: both are available with a/c and power steering celero got Automatic gear also
Posted by Rafeek : Dear SIR, Is it possible to fix electric power steering for my classic ambassador 2005 Approximate cost ?
Reply: its not easy theoretically u can but practically u have to find the cost.
Posted by john : looking for an automatic car between 4 and 6 lakhs. pls advise the best. Also advise the advantages and disadvantages of automatic cars in india.
Reply: no much choices..celero, i10 etc are available mileage will be less when compared to Manuel gear.
Posted by Monzter13 : sir, can we increase the ground clearance of figo, without out compromising much handing.
Reply: Ck out suspension which give little more clearance also increase the tyre height up to 10mm
Posted by sony k koshy : Hi Jibu, Am planing to buy a compact sedan petrol,Now am Stuck with AMAZE & XCENT. Which one is the best when we compare these two?Please give me an exact replay.
Reply: Feature wise Xcent is good but badging & resale Honda is the best
Posted by jerry : Is honda amaze a good car
Reply: Petrol amaze ill say Ok..but Diesel..i had more expectations..!!
Posted by Praveen : Dear Mr.Gibu I am planning to buy a HONDA City "v".. do you think they will change the model in very near period ?.. i was thinking to buy a Toyota Etios but heard that they are changing the model. awaiting for your advice. regads praveen
Reply: Honda has recently changed the front grll cant expect a change for next 3 years..No news about etios..only rumors..
Posted by saji : Iam looking for a car which should be easy to drive and comfortable for ladies with less height for driving.Planning to buy for my wife with range around 7-10 lakhs. Appreciate your suggestion in this regard.
Reply: Brio will be a good choice..
Posted by Faisal : Hi Gibu George, Your answer will be the last suggestion to me as i got confused in the most common doubt.I am working abroad, usually 2 months will go to India for annual vacation. I have booked Swift vdi variant. But so much opinions to go for the petrol variant as a NRI person.Kindly suggest in this case. My perefernces are milege, resale value after 4 years and comfort maintenance.
Reply: I you conciser resale valuse VDi will be the best choice after 4 years youll get at least 60% more for a diesel when compared with petrol.Moreover diesel gives u more mileage..
Posted by S. Mukherjee : Sir, I have been decided to purchase a Wagon-R VXI for my 5 persons family. Now someone advise for ABS. Sir plz tell me the disadvantages of ABS : such as for maintanance on highway by unauthorised mechanic.
Reply: ABS deals with braking..u ll have a much better braking.
Posted by Jayan : Sir is Alto K10 a good car?Im doubted to buy because the No: of them on road is few. whats your opinion?
Reply: its a good car...
Posted by VIJAYA ROY J : I have a FORD FIESTA CLASSIC 2008 make.When I switch on my A/C there is foul smell is coming for a few seconds.What is the reason?
Reply: You have to give a through ck up of the ac ducts cooling coil & blower..
Posted by Jayakumar : Sir,Im planning to buy a new maruti suzuki car among these which you prefer to buy?(Alto K10 or Alto)
Reply: Alto K10