Answered by Gibu George

Posted by vinod : Hai sir my car is only one month old and done first service at 2500 kms .My car is ford figo zxi diesel.Iam getting a mileage of 15kmpl in average .I bought diesel car for a better mileage ,please kindly reply me to improve my fuel efficiency and tell me what is the fuel effieiency of diesel figo claimed by the company.Thank you
Reply: drive at a steady speed..avoid sudden braking & acceleration..keep the speed b/n all periodic maintenance in time
Posted by Udeen : Could you please advise about the fuel efficiency of newly launched Tata Zest AMT Diesel car. Thanks
Reply: they claims 22kmpl for diesel and 16 kmpl for petrol..mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive.
Posted by Mohammed Rayees K : Hello sir I would like to compact suv like terrano or duster both in 85 ps diesel. can you please suggest which one will be better
Reply: both are same but brand wise Terrano is better...
Posted by jithin : I would like to buy a petrol b+ segment hatchback car,Im in a confusion in case of swift and grand i10,Help me to take a good choice,Im considering both power and features aspects,help me.If there is any other better choice ??
Reply: grand i10 sports is a good choice..more features than swift.
Posted by Anil : Dear Gibu, My name is Anil.I want to buy a new car.My minimum requirements are ABS,Air Bags(minimum two)Power Steering,Power Windows,better mileage and good resale value.Could you suggest a car with the lowest price also. Regards, Anil
Reply: Maruthi dzire , Toyota Etios
Posted by Midhun : i would like to buy a sedan around 5 lk. As per my choice i ve reached in 4 choice xcent,amaze,zest dezire..My choice is xcent. Im much conscious about mileage..i prefer mid range means not the top end model..i like xcent If any cons for xcent..
Reply: resale is less...mileage depends upon ur driving habits and the terrain u drive.
Posted by harsha kumar : Sir, I am a defense person.bought a second hand 10 era of 2009 dec model in coimbatore. Now I like to transfer the registration to kerala. How much it will cost?Shall I pay life time tax to kerala rto like a new car? Is there any tax exception for defense personnel? Pls reply.Thanks.
Reply: u have to get an NOC to kerala from coimbatore this may cost Rs 5000 thro an agent ..then u can register the car here in kerala and u can pay yearly tax.
Posted by vishnu : windshield glass stains
Reply: use very soft rubbing compound...then polish it.
Posted by Jacob Thomas : Hi Gibu, Im planning to buy a car between the range 8 Lakhs and 20 Lakhs. Could you suggest the best car on india roads?I have checked a few cars and based on the reviews i have ended up with vento or chevrolet cruze. Do suggest if there are any better cars. Also, should i look for a diesel or a petrol car? Regards, Jacob Jacob
Reply: if u have running of 1000-1500 km a month go for diesel u can ck our new Corolla & city diesel & petrol models it comes in that range.also Ciaz
Posted by Jancy John : I would like to buy an automatic car which I want to commute in Trivandrum and near by places like Thiruvalla and Kottayam. Which car would you suggest. also my husband has a car which is cheverolle Tavera top model which I want to sell as he had a cardiac arrest and not comfortable in driving.
Reply: if u have 1000-1500 km running a month go for diesel. For long trips sedan car will be good ck out the new Ciaz or Honda city..where city is expensive
Posted by Abdui : After starting, the dial lamps And head lights showing Slight flickering that the problem from the alternator? Or other auto electrical problem..please advise
Reply: mostly it will be the problem of alternator..if the brightness increases with acceleration...any way pl ck.
Posted by ANOOP MATHEW : Sir, my car Santro 2000 modal which using engine oil and gear boss
Reply: 20w40 for engine oil and 90 as gear oil..go for any good brands like castrol
Posted by MATHEW KC : Hi Gibu, iam from kattapana, idukki. I would like to buy a petrol car. which is good Honda amaze , hundai Xcent, maruthi Swift or Toyota liva. most like amaze only, but heard ground cleance is low. any issue for amaze in rural areas. which will have low maintenance and better resale value
Reply: among the veh as per ur spec Liva will be good. Ground clearance matters a lot when u use the car in hilly/rural terrains.
Posted by Anoop : Planning to buy a petrol car with good fuel efficiency, find I 20 elite and swift zxi, which is better, I want to get average 16 plus
Reply: nobody can guarantee u mileage. Its depends upon your driving habits and the terrain u drive i20 elite is a new model and is good.
Posted by shajahan.M : I want to purchase a second hand MAruti Allto Lxi. My budget is Rs.2,00,000/- Which model , year of the car is suitable for me.
Reply: u can get a car 3-4 years old.
Posted by melvin j mathew : which is the most powerful gear in commercial vehicle?fist gear or reverse gear
Reply: REverse
Posted by Girish.M : i would like to purchase a new car, two cars are in my mind Amaze and I2o elite, both petrol version,I know that both are from different section (sedan and hatch back), but i need your valuable suggestion to find out the best option in the terms of performance,drivability and safety, in these two options, kindly guide me in this regard Thanks and regards Girish.m
Reply: Amaze will be a good option but itf its for city drive go for elite Regarding safety feature both cars higher variants are same..
Posted by joseph : Dear sir,please tell the best millage car in Rs.400000
Reply: Alto K10
Posted by Jagdish : I am in a infusion in selecting a good car for me. My options are Volkswagen Vento Automatic or Honda City Automatic. Please send me your suggestion
Reply: City will be better got less maintenance when compared to vento also more resale..
Posted by Asokan Chellappen : If I am not using my car due to my non availability of home. My vehs periodical servicing is necessary or not.
Reply: if not using change oil once in a year..and do service
Posted by Ajmal haneef : Njan ippol upayokikkunnath. I10 magna anu. Oru 7 seater vangan agrahamundu. Bolero thalparyam undu. Mattethenkil options undo. Budget. Oru 4.5 lakh
Reply: within the budget "NO"
Posted by Jamal : Compare to Amaze Automatic, is Zest AMT better for ride and handling? Pls advise me. Regards Jamal
Reply: Amaze is better...
Posted by Manu : Dear Jibu,I am planning to buy one of my friends Eon Magna+, actually its just 1 year old with 14,000 km. He is working abroad and he is the only one who used this car, that also during his vacation time,rest all time car is at rest,my query is that is it wise to buy those for 2.5 lakhs,actually I am also working abroad and for me also no one else is there to use a car except me during my leave.And is it a good option for long drive, I mean some 450 km in a single stretch??
Reply: I think the price is little high..driving a 450 km stretch is ok..but eon is a small i10 would be a better choice..
Posted by rajeesh : Hello sir.I need a automatic car.whIch one i can buy ?I have two options from Suzuki.celerio and alto k10.Which one the best for me ? I dont know about this subject.I need your advice.
Reply: K10 s more refined and it offers more mileage.
Posted by rajeshkoshy : my car alto800Lxi when car starts engine has a raising sound and it continues while finished its second service .what is reason for this sound . is it an engine problem.
Reply: its there for all MPFi engines..the rpm will come down after some time ..if its not coming down check with the dealer.
Posted by Jamal : I am 58 yeras old man and having slightly back pain and I am not an expert in drving. My maximum running in a month is 500 KM. Is automatic or manual more suitable for me? If you suggest for automatic, which car is better Amaze or Grand i10?
Reply: Of course Automatic !! Go for I10 is small and compact.
Posted by Jolly Thomas : could you send me the list for automatic cars under 10 lakhs RS.
Reply: alto, celereo, i10,polo, vento, ciaz etc....
Posted by Robert : hai gibu, i am using santro now. i like to upgrade my car to a bigone cosidered eartiga and innova (second) what will be the decent one?
Reply: Ertiga will be economical..and compact..
Posted by Suhas N S : Is Xuv500 a vehicles which visits the workshop everyday? Owners review says like that.
Reply: if u cannot afford minor problems it will end up visiting workshop every day !!
Posted by manish jose : sir,i own a swift vxi n now its time to change its tyres(36000km run) can u suggest a company/brand
Reply: MRF ZVTs
Posted by Anas : am planning to buy skoda laura 2011 model with 40000 km,good condition what will be the average price for this car...??
Reply: approx 3-4 lakhs pl ck with a used car shop for a clear price
Posted by manu : i would like to buy new petrol car, which is good & low maintenance. hundai xcent, Toyota liva, maruthi swift, Honda amaze
Reply: Go for Honda Amaze..
Posted by PHILIP.Y : Dear Sir, I would like to buy an XUV car having good facilities and features. I am in confusion which one I should select from the following XUV5OO, Renault Duster or Nissan Terrano. Kindly help me in this regard. Thanks. My budget is about 15.00 laks with loan.
Reply: Terano & duster are available in 2 diff eng power 85ps & 110psi prefer Terano to XUV
Posted by nexon : Can I sell my bike if its on finance. What are the procedures to sell it. . ?
Reply: close the finance and sell it or if the buyer is ready to accept the finance transfer the finance in his name and sell.
Posted by jishnu : I would like to buy a premium hatch. I always used to drive and drive comfort is necessary. Safety is also in top of my priority. I like polo but many people says that Volkswagen service is very poor in Kerala. Please tell me which car should I buy.
Reply: Polo is a great car their service is also very good but the spare / Maintenance cost is high when compared to other cars.. i heard that now they are planning for some maintenance package where the per km expense is fixed
Posted by Anup : Dear Sir, I have Nissan Altima 2.5S car in Dubai. What is the frequency of changing break pads in Dubai road conditions?
Reply: These cars are equipped with audible wear indicators. When its the limit, a high pitched scraping sound will be heard & then you have to change the brake pads. Also when you give for KM service they will inspect the brakes and if its in the limit they will change the pads.
Posted by ANWER : Sir,I have purchased Hero Glamour last covers 150 kms.I am facing a problem that in fourth gear Engine getting a missing/jerking above 40 km/hr.what is the probable reason for this?
Reply: pl get it checked immediately at the dealer point..iam not able to give an answer with this description.
Posted by mandeep : I want to buy my first choice is wagon r vxi with abs and airbeg or hundai grand i10 megna.lpg is budget is 5-5.50 lac daily runing is 1200 km.please suggest me
Reply: If u cost per km less go for diesel ull get Ritz LDi almost in that price range..LPG vehicles got very less resale value more over u have to fill the tank frequently because its small.diesel cars give more mileage also.
Posted by sabin : Just wondering if there is any car in India with 4 wheel drive and automatic transmission option.
Reply: There are many Duster, Mahindra Sangyong, Ford Endavor, Chevy Captiva, Hyundai Santefe, Audi Q3 etc...
Posted by vishal : Which vehicle is preferred as taxi with high power & mileage more than 17.But it should not be expensive.Budget less than 10 lakhs.
Reply: Maruti Dzire VDi...Taxi version..
Posted by Shiffin mathew : I am hardcore royal enfield fan.those royal Enfield bikes which are available today in market are really heavier crank machines or they are only like commuter bike engines.i heard that in new royal Enfield bikes, standard 350 got a good crank weight. Help me to choose a bike will i go for standard 350 or it is also as same as other machines like classic 350& Electra
Reply: The crank weight for old bullet was depends upon the design of the engine..thats why sound of old bullet and present type are different.i would suggest Classic or Electra
Posted by anandh : hi Sir , i am working in Dubai and in an year i used to go to my native(KERALA) for one month vacation.I am bike lover and specially with bullets.I am planning to buy a bullet and i used to travel only in villages rarely goes for long drives.I need your valuable inputs to make my decision to get the best results. Thanks in advance.
Reply: Bullet is a classic bike..go for it..Buy 350cc Classic/Electra.
Posted by anoop : which engine oil is best for ertiga vdi diesel.
Reply: Any oil which meets the manufactures standard & Spec. But now synthetic oils are available.. this got long cycle of replacement ie normal engine oil is changed within 5000-10000km but Synthetic oils can be used for 20000-50000 km depending upon their grades. But these types are costly
Posted by sajeevan m m : sir, i would like to buy a compact sedan.which is better-amaze,Xcent or dezire. What about hyundai Elitei20
Reply: i20 is a hatch back but a very good car..u have to compromise on boot space. Among the other Amaze will be a good choice hoping that u r going for Petrol ver..
Posted by muhammed faiz : bahrain polulla gulf countries il ninn cars or suv kerala-lek kurachu maasathek import cheyyan saadhyamano , aanenkil endhokkeyanu procedures , pinne ethra cost aavum ?
Reply: Yes you can import cars for a short period..please ck earlier posts for full details.
Posted by aravind : share with me what happens when diesel will be fully empty
Reply: your car will stop if its running !!!! Once u fill diesel the fuel line sys will have pressurised to have clean supply of diesel with out air bubbles..A prime pump is provided with the filter assly. once its actuated with hand the vehicle will start. Another problem which u will face is that at the bottom of tank there will be small particles which are disturbed when diesel is poured will try entering the filter which may clog it.
Posted by sachin Jose : i have a fiat linea(2009) 87000km done... i noticed that my mileage is reduced to 12 from 18 km now..what all are the possible reasons?? FYI : Driving in the same road conditions as before.
Reply: Sorry Cannot suggest any solution since details are less..but generally ck your fuel filter sys and clean & calibrate your injector & pump (hope its a diesel vehicle)..
Posted by Dileep kumar Nair : Dear Gibu I am planning to buy a new petrol sedan. My choice is between Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. Kindly suggest a car with good millage, less maintenance cost, reliable and with good features Regards Dileep
Reply: Dear Dileep..i would prefer City..its a proven car..moreover its got better badging than Suzukki..price wise Ciaz might be little cheaper..its ride also is very good and its spacious. Both are two different designs ! u have to choose !!
Posted by jaison thomas : hi sir, i want to buy a hatchback below 6 lacs.i prefer petrol as i have limited use.i am looking for a vehicle with good ride quality,mileage and low service cost.kindly give me good can suggest me 3 vehicles if you dont mind. Thanking you, Jaison
Reply: Hyundai Elite i20 Maruti Ritz Maruti Swift in swift & Ritz ull get diesel choice under 6 lakhs
Posted by praveen warrier : I am planning to buy a new car an Entry level Sedan. i am looking for PETROL models only. Which is the one which i can choose between Hyundai Xcent and Maruti Dzire
Reply: Xcent stylish, god features.......Dzire..good resale..proven car...