Answered by Gibu George

Posted by Joby Clement : Hi I just like to buy a used Nissan Xtrail (2006 or 07 model).I am curiouse about the maintenance cost, availability of parts and over all durability of the car. Can you advice me Thanks
Reply: Normally the spares and maintenance are high for these kind of vehicles.Spares are available and the vehicle durability is high.
Posted by Koshy Thomas : I am planning to buy new vehicle, I would like know about Fortuner, is it recommendable for our road and what is your opinion compare to the price ? if possible please forward to me your contact number for detailed discussion,
Reply: hi the new Fortuner go so many features and has improved lot..if u are considering an SUV ..go for it.
Posted by Sunil Kumar : Hyundai i10 Sportz. Now running at 36000 km. Tyre 155/80-17. When I have to change the tyres
Reply: Depends upon the condition of the tyre..if u dont have the tread seen change it..its almost reached the km..if this tyre is OE fitment.
Posted by Mohandas.V. : Dear Gibu,My car (new brand one year old) is more than 6 month idle without continuous running weekly start up only one day the battery was down and recharged if recharged the battery any bad effect (means life span)on battery power in future. Please advice me
Reply: For a good batter life.. charging and discharging is a better start the car once a week and give acceleration for 3-5 mts approx 2000 rpm. Recharging battery will not lead to any bad effect.
Posted by arun : how to increase the rpm after done the service iam unble to drive the car within 2kms when stop the at signle it is gettng off please suggest us
Reply: ck with the service people..the problem to be identified..u alone cannot increase the rpm .
Posted by shounak basu : my indica v2 dls sometimes touches ground in rough roads and bumpy roads or when getting over huge bumpers,it also jerks too much when goes over a big hole in rough roads.
Reply: Ck ur suspension full including shokers,
Posted by Arun K : Sir,I am confused to busy a premium hatchback or compact sedan.I prefer entry level models.Is there any difference between them except boot.My first preference is comfort while i am travelling weekend trips with my family.Please give your valuable suggessions in hatch and cmpt sedan (2 each)
Reply: Normally a car with boot is advisable for a weekend journey.also Comfort wise sedan will be good.for a second car hatchback is good if u have enough dough !!
Posted by Prasad : Sir, I want to purchase a SUV model car, My list is Honda CRV, Chevorlet Captiva, Mitsubushi Outlander Under 8 Lakhs expected cost. Which one can be suitable? less maintenance cost ? Occasional long drives ? SO if u have any other car suggestions please do have t...
Reply: all car are of high maintenance..better ck the condition before can give a try for new duster if u increase your budget slightly
Posted by anand : Hi, I am 34 years old professional working in Banking sector in Delhi. My job is transferable. At present I own Bajaj Discover 125. I Want to go for a bike which gives me decent performance for my daily and weekend commute. But I do not want to go for the sports bikes which are more suitable for college students. Looking at my profession and my age, I dont want to go for all these bikes. My maximum budget will be 1 lakh. Looks wise Bajaj Avenger 220 fits in my criteria. However please advice me from your side for other available options and also let me know if there are any other cruisers / bikes being launched‎ in the time to come within my budget and decent †different looks. Thanking you in advance. Regards Anand
Reply: Hi..Bajaj Avenger is a sports per bajajs classification..its a semi cruiser type..but i feel you can have a ck on Bullet bikes..its very comfortable and with 350 cc. Resale is also very good.
Posted by lukosephilip : ww
Reply: ??
Posted by Dipak : 1. what are the difference and which one is best engine among the engine type In-Line Engine, 1.2-litre 70.02bhp 16V Duratec Petrol Engine, 1.2-litre 86.7bhp 16V i-VTEC Petrol Engine, 1.2-litre 81.86bhp 16V Kappa VTVT Petrol Engine, 1.2-litre 85.8bhp 16V K Series VVT Engine 2. What are the difference and which one is best Valve Configuration DOHC, SOHC. 3. What are the differences and which one is best Fuel Supply System SEFI, Direct Injection, MPFI 4. What are the differences and which one is luxury and comfortable Rear Suspension-- Coil Springs, Torsion Beam, Coupled Torsion Beam Axle. 5. What are the differences and which one is luxury and comfortable Front Suspension Independent Mcpherson Struts With Offset Coil Spring and Mcpherson Strut 6. What is Compression Ratio and how does it work. 7. Please let me know about the functioning of Shock Absorbers Type Gas Filled and Gas Type
Reply: Hi..u cannot say any engine as the best..all is said under specific multijet is fuel efficient bet enginge with good torque in low rpm..but this is in 1.3 category there are better engine in 2 ltr capacity. When BHp is more the power is more. valve configuration depends upon the design of the engine.SOHC.single over head cam..only one cam shaft will be there..DOHC double over head cam 2 cam shafts will be there normally valve per cyl will be more.. burning efficiency of the engine will be more ie more mileage.. SEFI, Direct Injection, MPFI these are types of fuel spray system to cylinders..earlier we used carburetor..then with single injector..them with multiple injectors ..Direct injection referees to diesel engines this depends on the engine DI engine or indirect injection ie to a pre combustion chamber.oil Springs, Torsion Beam, Coupled Torsion Beam Axle refers to a suspension sys..independent suspensions are the best. Compression Ratio refers mainly to diesel engines..of course petrol also. it is the ratio of the compression chamber volume from its largest and smallest capacity. Shock absorber helps u to absorb the shocks taken by the tyre of ur car.. Gas Filled and Gas Type both are same..we use different media inside the shockers to get the compression action..we use fluid, diff types of gas, air etc....
Posted by brajendra : which car is best for me? my budget is 5-6lac
Reply: Grand i10 sportz
Posted by saji pulimoottil : Renault duster or Nissan terrano - which one will be economical and affordable in terms of periodical service much each will cost approx. for a service after the free service..
Reply: both are same..terrano got more brand value and style. price is less for duster.
Posted by Arunlal : my car is Volkswagen Polo tdi 1.5l.Kilometer covered is 3500.The problem is,when i shift into second or third gear and kicks for a good acceleration a bunch of black smoke is exhausted from the vehicle.When i reported this to the service team they said its because of the dust formed in Air filter.But still am having this problem.Waiting for your Reply....Thankyou
Reply: Its burning of more oil at a higher rpm..if u give acceleration gradually this wont happen....
Posted by Mahesh : I am offered Mercedes Benz 240D car from W123 Series. It is 1984 model, Left Hand Drive car imported into India in 1989, currently having Mumbai registration. If I buy this car, can I transfer ownership as nobody has any firm answer whether LHD car can be transferred. Pls advise. Cell: 09967245878
Reply: No new cars LHD imported are not permitted to register now...but as of now you can register the mumbai registered car in your name in Kerala.
Posted by Tom : Sir, I am planning to buy city or ciaz. which is more comfort,less maintaenance/spare parts cost and resale value. what is the average milage of city petrol.which is best city/ciaz
Reply: spare cost will be more for Honda...service cost will be almost the same..resale will be more for Honda..vehicle cost will be less for ciaz with features, enough money Honda..cost effective Ciaz
Posted by binu : dear sir, i am planning to buy swift dzire vxi, how is vehicle, and any idea about facelift 2015- which month available in the market.
Reply: its in market now.
Posted by Prasanth S Prabhu : Hello Gibu, We have a ford ikon flair petrol 2007 model car. Recently when it was given to garage for undercoating, the advisor told that there is petrol leakage from the bottom of the fuel tank. They have applied multiple coats of paint over the tank to stop it. After 10-15 days when we checked it while raised on ramp, the tank has wetness of fuel at the bottom. Its not dropping the fuel though and hence its not visible in the praking lot. Is there some process or compound available in market to stop such leaks. Could you please advise about the permanent solution for this? Thanks in advance! Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Reply: Better to replace the tank..
Posted by jayan : Every time I go over a hump/similar place the under side of my Ford Figo hit the ground. Technician say its a common problem for all figos. How can I avoid the same?
Reply: Go slow over a bump try putting up sized tyre..if u can spend more money..go for imported performance shock absorbers.
Posted by tkg : I am having a dzire deisel 2013 model. Now I find the suspension is very bad on bumpy roads. How cab we find out the efficiency of suspension in cars. Basically the comfort factor is missing on katcha roads. If suspension is not under check, how the raod grip can be guaranteed. I asked many mechanics. The will tell us to change the shock absorbers. Do reply me in details. Best regards, TKG
Reply: Hi..there are two three ways to find a faulty shock for any oil leaks.if found replace 2. Ck for shock absorber action with out dismantling from the vehicle..if found defective ..replace it 3. Remove the shockers when pulled outwards if found not smooth or any stoppages like slots..replace it..only a mechanic can find 2nd & 3rd.
Posted by Anil : Hi, I have 2006 model innova G4. I wish to modify the exterior of the same to 2013/2014 model like, changing bumbers, headlights, front grills etc. Could you please advise me if this is doable? And where I can do it?
Reply: yes u can do...but u have to shell out some! money. ck out
Posted by Basheer : Dear Mr. Gibu, Im planning to buy a Maruthi Ritz vxi after 3 months. My budget is 5.5 lacs(on road). My primary concerns are mileage, suitability for long drive, safety and of course resale value. Will the ritz satisfy me? Ive considered Hyubdai i10 Grand. But the userís mileage reviews are worst and far away from the Hyundaiís promise. Expecting your comments on this if you disagree. Regarding Ritz, its definitely outdated after almost 6 years after its launch. Some websites reports an update of ritz from maruthi in 2015. Is this news genuine? I can wait till November 2015.
Reply: Hi..we have not got any genuine news for a facelift but there is a chance by end of the year. When mileage is concerned its the user and the terrain decides the mileage..we can only say an approx under standard test conditions. It can vary +- 30% ie 1kmpl can be 13 or 7. Rits is a stable comfortable car if its diesel u can expect a good resale value.
Reply: cheap and
Posted by Sijoy : I have an alto lxi model 2009. km 34000 only.wot will be the market price now.single owner.
Reply: For a clear price ck with a pre owned car shop apprx it will be 1.7lakhs
Posted by paul christopher : sir,how r u? myself paul planning to buy a petrol hatchback budget is 7 preferring elite I20.but one of my friend is telling me to go with newly launched swift vxi or zxi.please suggest me one good car between these two.please consider performance,maintainance,comfortable & resale value.swift zxi costs almost 7.30 lac on the road price,while i2o magna costs same cost but with less cofused between this.please help me to select a good car for me. Thanks & Regards, paul.
Reply: value for money is more for new swift..since its petrol resale will almost be the same.a/c is more efficient in swift.
Posted by Ashokan : Iwould like to change silencer of my Royal enfieled thunderbird 350 Runnning KM.1454 MODEL 2015/Februry, any mechanical problem in future
Reply: NO
Posted by Dr.Mathew : Which is better Terrano or Duster.
Reply: terrano is refined stylish version of Duster..
Posted by GIRISH : Hi, I am planning to buy a new A/T car. Pls suggest the best car which can be used in Kerala. Budget below 8Lac.
Reply: go for volks wagon Polo..its a 7 speed trans..
Posted by sanoop : i would like to buy a new car swift or etios liwa am planning . which is better ? how much cost for refilling air bag in these comanyes and service costs are very high between maruthi and toyota
Reply: LIva is more classy and got brand value..swift is more common. Filling air bag will be same for almost all cars..approx 40 to 70k..service cost is slightly low for Maruti
Reply: dezire engine.. Fiats multijet one of the best engine in that category. in petrol car zcent will be advisable.
Posted by Joseph kc : Sir ,we are decided to buy a car.our budget is maximum 6.5 lacks..our choice is ritz zxi,i10,swift vxi...we live in a hilly area.Please reply...send many queries..but didnt not get answers..eagerly waiting for your reply.
Reply: go for ritz
Posted by ANISH : sir ഇന്നോവ E മോഡൽ കാറിൽ സെൻട്രൽ ലോക്ക് ചെയ്യാൻ പറ്റുമോ ?
Reply: Yes approx 8000k
Posted by Akhil : Hello Sir , so many time i tried to catch up you but till now i dint get and anyway i hope this time definitely you will help me . sir im using since 5 years Hyundai i20 - Asta CRDI(1.4) now i done with my car 100-k Km till now i dint do any major service so please let me know what should i change in my next service and how much will be the cost . expecting your kind replay Thanks Akhil
Reply: i just can believe that u havent done any major service..u have to c and assess the damages occurred to the components then u should change it...also there are some mandatory works which hyundai replacement of filters injector calibration pump oh etc..this has to be done as per schedule..
Posted by Arun varghese : There is any idea for increase power in (bhp) in petrol swift please replay me 0096555154529 (whats app)
Reply: yes u can re map it...go for peats..basic approx 30000K
Posted by Binu T. Thomas : Sir, Iam planing to buy a new vehicle. For honda mobilio taxi permit availble or not? Innova s maintainance cost high?
Reply: Yes youll get it for Taxi use...innova got little high maintenance..but u dont change parts often..!!when considered for a long term its works out cheaper..but mileage is low when compared to Honda.
Posted by afeef : i want to know about which silencer is suitable for my thunder bird 350 new model.i need good bass which model i prefer?
Reply: ck with an accessory shop u get many models..u will get performance enhancers also...
Posted by Dinoop K Gopal : Hey, Is there anything that we need to care about the speed limit for a new car like we would be doing a average speed of 50 km/h for bike for the first 1000 KM ? If yes, what are the benefits of doing like that?
Reply: Normally it was the practice earlier ..its called "running in " period...Now the nee G cars are machined in such a way that u can start using it anyway u is better to use any vehicle without giving sudden acceleration and going at very high RPM...u cannot expect to drive Jaguar at 50kmh for 1000 kms !!!!!!
Posted by Ajit Kumar : Hi, Is there any car brand selling cars for disabled person in India? How can I buy it?
Reply: Yes u can get automatic transmission cars and you can modify it to suit to ur needs..
Posted by Roji : I want to know about Datsun go+ .
Reply: cheapest 7 seater available...good for a start..if money is a criteria.
Posted by Nazeer : hi, i wish to buy NISSAN TERRANO, please advise me your opinion.
Reply: good vehicle value for money..if u r considering suv type..
Posted by Saji Babu : I am interested in buying is used VW Jetta -TDI Comfortline, 2013 Feb Model clocked 40000 Kms. Its single owner, asking price 12Lakh. Standard warranty expired. Is it worth at this price? Would it be expensive to maintain? Please advice. Thank you.
Reply: VW is slightly expensive in maintenance..the price depends upon the condotin of the vehicle pl cross ck with a pre owned car dealer.
Reply: every year/ 5000km oil & filter change
Posted by Anand : I like to buy a small car Hyundai Eon Era+ or Alto. Which is Better..What will be the market value of hyundai eon era+ 2012 3rd month market value?
Reply: Go for value of hyundai eon era+ approx 70 % of the cost price.but all depends upon the condition km driven etc.
Posted by Krishnaprasad MS : സര്‍, ഞാന്‍ ഒരു പുതിയ കാര്‍ മേടിക്കുവാന്‍ തീരുമാനിച്ചു എനിക്കിഷ്ട്ടം രണ്ടു മോഡല്‍ ആണ് toyota etios cross 1.2 petrol, hyundai 120 era petrol. സര്‍ ഇതില്‍ ഏതാണ് നല്ല കാര്‍, ഞാന്‍ സൌദില്‍ ആണു വര്‍ഷത്തില്‍ ഒരു മാസം നാട്ടില്‍ വരികയുള്ളു അതുകൊണ്ട് ഒരു നല്ല വണ്ടിയുടെ അഭിപ്രായം പറഞ്ഞുതരാമോ
Reply: Go for i20 petrol..
Posted by NIXON SUNNY : Dear sir, I want a petrol version car between 4 lacks and 7 lack which car i want to select?.
Reply: Etios petrol
Posted by savad : sir I want to know more about torque and max. power.How it related to rpm
Reply: ck previous posts
Posted by balazzii : swift dzire petrol lxi car burnt automaticly 15 day back except engine all wiring,front glass,banet door burnt it was partial insured can we fight with company tht it w as company manufacturing defect, plz help me sir we r middle clss fmly
Reply: if its 3rd party ,...NO Chance....
Posted by Anish : Hi now am using ritz vdi . 3 years old vehicle and its driven 90k . Now am planing to Change . My desire is to go for a suv.I liked Honda City also. Disel option is preferring bedjet 10-13 . Which one you are suggesting
Reply: ck out Nissan Terrano / Duster
Posted by jino : i am looking forward to buy a second hand maruti alto...whats ur there any other choice?? my budget is upto Rs 125000
Reply: good
Posted by bibin bose : we are planing to by a car!! which car is better volkswagen polo or hyundai elite i20? when it comes to maintenance performance value for cash etc!!
Reply: good resale than polo. also maintenance is high for polo..but polo has launched a maintenance scheme where maintenance is fixed.