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Posted by happy : i am 42yrs i can get pregnent if get pregnent ,it is high risk what precautions shall i take?what will hapend the baby ,pls explain about mangolism and so and so etc...
Reply: Hello Of course you can get pregnant but there is a slightly high risk for anomalies but if you wish we can test them in advance as well . We had several couples at the age of 43 going with healthy babies
Posted by divya.M : Sir, I am divya,I have 27 years old .my hus is 31 years old.I got married may 2011.my husbend name is rajeesh ,After one month he was go to UAE ,and now we r living together in UAE .After 4 months I am not carriying.I have 167 cm hieght and 70 kg wt.Due to irregular menstration I was consult a doctor befor six months,they said ia have Poly sistic ovary disease,and they give folic acid tablet and metamorphin.Now periods almost regular maximum 7 days laging occurs.I am doing yoga regularly and also avoiding fatti foods.Please give a valuable advise for what we do next for a child. YoursFaithfully Divya
Reply: Hello ms divya Many a times polycystic ovary is a wrong diagnosis made by many drs. There are different causes for lag in the periods. So its high time to get evaluated in a good center
Posted by shamon : hai dr enta vivaham kazinju 3 year aayi 4 time pragnte aayi ellam 2monthil valarchayillath ded ayi pinna d n c chayithu oru pad dest chythirinnu ellam normalanu eppol dr parayunnu husbantinta problamanu ennu enthanu dr sir ethartha karanam pls marupadikkayi kathirikunnu
Reply: Yes we have to investigate both of you thoroughly in a good fertility centre definitely there must be a reason behind it
Posted by Veena : Hi Sir, Me (28yrs) and my husband (32yrs) got married in the year 2008.After one year we consulted a gynecologist for not having children. Multiple fibroids were identified and was removed through Laparoscopic surgery in the year 2009(all of them were sized greater than 2 cm) . My husbands sperm analysis was also done at that time and the count was only 3 million. Later the result showed improvement & moved up to 90 million once. The details of his Semen Analysis Report taken in the month of July 2012 is as follows volume=3.5 ml; Liquefaction =20 mts; Viscosity,ph= normal; count=32.0 million rapid progression=8%; slow progression =50%; non progression =6%; immotile =36% Normal form=24%; head defect=36%, mid piece defect =4 %; tail defect=36% Agglutination =nil; immature germ cell=nil A total of 6 IUIs were done from 3 doctors of 3 different hospitals of which 3 were with tablets and 3 were with injections. None of them showed results. The recent report shows a growth of an intramural fibroid of 2.5 cm which our current doctor suggested can be ignored & not to be removed. In the recent IUI done during the month of Nov 2012, the post wash sperm count was 35million with 90 % motility. My period is regular and ovulation is on 14 or 15 of every menstruation cycle. HSG test was done on me recently and shows no issues. I am taking Thyronorm for the last 6 month and TSH is under control. Sir, in this scenario, Could you please how we should be proceeding? We have concerns with going for another laparoscopic surgery for issues like adhesiveness or removal of minor sized fibroids as we are think repeated laparoscopy might damage the uterus. Could you please also advice whether we should be going for an IVF treatment at this point?
Reply: Hello ms Veena You have to do ivf icsi, thats the best way as you will be having lots of adhesions inside. But also has to exclude any fibroids in the cavity of uterus
Posted by NISHAD : Sir, am 25 yrs old working in UAE,my semen analysis report: volume 1ML, Liquifiction time 30Mnts, Reaction Alkaline, Total count 60million/cc, active motile 40%, sluggish 10%, non motile 50%. No vericocele.It is enough to get a bay? How can i improve sperm quality?
Reply: Its enough, provided its done in a dedicated lab dealing with infertility services
Posted by Alex Jose : Hi Sir, I am writting for my friend, He married 9 years back and still waiting for a child but unfortunately after varius check ups it is confirmed that he is not having semon and there is no possibility to cure and doctors added if there is less count they can prescribe medicine and it may increase but if there is no semon it is not possible and they suggested alternative ways such as adoption, test tube etc. As per the diaganosis it may happened because of MUNDINEERU came in child hood or his abroad work place. He was working in a photo studio(studio using chemicals). Sir can you please give your suggestion in this regard. He is very upset. Is there any possibility to make semen if it is zero count
Reply: Dear mr Alex The medical science is progressing day by day. Now we have more than 1300 babies born for these men having no sperm but we can extract a few from their testicles by spl. Techniques
Posted by shihab,dubai : Dear Doctor,my semen analysis report is-volm 2.4 PH 7.4 le qification time 30 minut ,sperm count 110, sperm number 264 millionclass A 21% calss B 32% ,class C 22% class D 35% morophology report normel sperms 60% doctor is this report normal?
Reply: dear mr shihab its more than normal
Posted by Shineesh TH : Dear Doctor, We have been trying to concieve from last 2 years. I am 33 and my wife is 28 Wife periodsa re regular and thyroid level is normal as tested. Initially my sperm count was 32 million and normal motility. REcent tests shown 30 million count with 35% fast motile sperms and 10% sluggish motile.. Is this issue why my wife is not getting pregnat.. Please suggest the best way to concieve.. Thanks in advance
Reply: dear mr Shineesh we have to know the morphology of sperms as well. but unfortunately, this si not done properly in many of the normal labs. if its also normal, then your wife needs investigations
Posted by sreekumar : Sir iam married 2moths ago. Now a days I am not getting proper erection and it is disappointing. Even if get the erection iam not able to maintain it. Please give a valuable advise on this matter
Reply: dear mr Sreekumar there are many reasons for erection failure. check your blood cholesterol, take less food in the night and involve in fore play for more time. if you are over weight, has to reduce it. if smoker or alcoholic then has to quit. now there are good medicines as well
Posted by bushrashareef : assalamu alaikum enteperu bushra anik35vayesu kayinu aniku randumakkalundu randamathe kuttiku13vayasayi 3kollamayianiorukuttikutrychayunnu avunnilla naneppol saodiyilanu tsh undu 9masamayi marunnukayikkunnu nattilpoyappol mimscraftil doctor sandhya kanichirunnu scanigil kuyappamonnumilla doctor thanna celin fopymin kayikkunudu anik masamura karactanu pakshe 5mathe dhivasam mathrame nallavannam rakthem varikayullu ithinte ideku randu pravishem randam masathil aborshaton ayipoyi eppol avunnilla andu kondanu doctor nanvallathoru veshamathilanu doctor please ithinoru marupaditharumennu pradheeshikkunnu evide saudiyil dammam lanu evide nalla doctor maronnum illa anik ranu makkale avanum prasivikanum oru budthmutum illayirunnu ippol 3math oru kuttyanu ante attavum valiya swapnam atukondu doctor anikoru marupadi tharumennau pradheeshikkunnu
Reply: salam ms Bushara are you in Damam. then you can see dr Aleesha, there in Safa poly clinic. she can help you
Posted by shine : is non obstructive azoospermia curable?
Reply: hello mr Shine now with Micro TESE ICSI, in more than 80% of NOA, we can get sperms and can be fathers as well
Posted by sunitha : Dear doctor, I ha ve a girl ,she is 10ys.old After thT I HAD 2 MISCARRIAGES and I am not conceiving after that. All my hormonal assays are normal.My ultrasound is normal too.I used to get pain in the very lover rt.side of the abdomen one weak before menstruation.Is that treatable?Will tab.Clomid help me?
Reply: hello ms Sunitha hows your husbands semen result whats your age. If these tow are ok, then its better you do a scopy, after checking your ovarian reserve.
Posted by anu : I am 31 yrs. old. I have pcos problem. I am treatment for this. Is it curable without laproscopy?
Reply: hello ms Anu Laparoscopy is not a cure for PCOS.many have lost their eggs by the laparoscopy, just because, it wasnt done properly.Its a way to make the ovaries more sensitive to the drugs that we use for ovulation. there are many other ways to do it as well. every day we see atleast 1 or 2 cases with totally damaged ovaries after scopy. so be careful
Posted by Aji : Assalamu Alakkum. I am 34 years old women and no children.Recently found my eggs was not in good quality and ovulation also 8 th day. Is there any possibility for increase the egg quality?
Reply: salam there are some spl. medicines to improve the no. and quality of eggs, but we have to do spl. tets for the same
Posted by vs : Sir, Could you please suggest an alternative method to identify the presence of scars in uterus , apart from the regular Laproscopic surgery method? FYI,I was subject to a laproscopic surgery 4 years ago to get my fibroid removed.My HSG report show normal study.
Reply: hello ms Veena you mean to say adhesion, the only way is by laparoscopy. a very high end scan with a well trained sonologist, can also pick the adhesion but not mere a scar
Posted by sasheeja : Got pregnancy after 9 yrs in 2011 oct. Due to its low heart beat, it aborted its fifth month. we wish to come to Craft hospital at the earliest. Now I just started the treatment of Sri. Purushan vaidyar (herbal heritage). Can u please reply for me?
Reply: You can go to the craft hospital to get the appointment details.
Posted by sheenamujeeb : my menstrualcycle is 28 days regularly than what day is coming ovulation
Reply: Hello In that case, ovulation can happen any time between 11 to 16 days from the last period
Posted by Fejin : Dr,my age is 30.i have some problem with my penis feeling some pain when i got errection on last 5-6 month onwawards semen is not jerking comming like sleazy with nasty smell so we are now not attempting to sexual relation.what is the problem with me?i have not yet cosulted a dr
Reply: Dear mr fejin Its better you consult an andrologist or a urologist
Posted by BSM : Sir, Iam 37yr and wife33yr,one child 6yr. we trying for next child for last one year. Wifes period was delaying 10-15days. Now she taking medicine(last 4 months) and periode is normal.Taking medicine frome 17th to 26th of periode.Is there any problem.
Reply: Dear mr Sebastian That medication will not correct the ovulation .if she is over weight, pls correct it. Have you checked the semen
Posted by nisha stuji : sir, i have a problem in my flolickle is not growing. Last month i took 3 injection for growing the folickle. but not improvement. now what i can do.
Reply: Hello You need a detailed reproductive endocrine study in a good fertility centre. Are you over weight
Posted by deepika : hi doctor iwant a baby thats why i met a doctor here, sharjha .my doctor said me i hav polistic overy. my doctor priscribed me pioglitazone 15 mg and metaformine 750 mg twice daily for two month.is this medicine regulate my periode .because again i missed my peride 8 days.i checked pregnency test and the result was negative.my doubt is if i have high pcos is it take time for menses perode? probably how many days will taken for next periode.or any other problem ? pls giv me and advisable answer for me. i am very tensed.
Reply: Hello They are not medicines for pcos. All the more tab pioglitazone is a banned drug that can cause bladder cancer and is banned by US FDA. The real treatment of pcos is already discussed in this forum, pls refer
Posted by Bindu : Hello I have poly cysts and also now my TSH level is too low 0.006. before 8 months my TSH level was .44. Now it is 1.5 yrs after our marg, i need to be pregnant pls advise me.
Reply: hello ms Bindu as I mentioned in earlier answers as well,in pcod, there are different types, we have to identify into which group you are, then have to be treated. for low, TSH, do a free T3 and Free T4 testing
Posted by Shahana : Assalamu Alaikum I am 38 years old.no children yet. we are under treatment. doctor told me to do IVF. I am very much afraid of doing it. I heard before IVF i have to face so many painful test. Injections also painful.Is saline sonogram test is essential before ivf.Please reply
Reply: salam not at all to be afraid of ivf now. world over the total no of ivf children born are more than 4 million. But in your case, ivf + icsi has to be done to get good results. we do around 100 caases of icsi every mth and nearly 40, 45 babies are born every month from IVF=ICSI.
Posted by vinoth kumar : My age is 20. My puscell 10-12. It is the normal or not? How to decrease the puscell in urine? I drink only beer for the alcohol content. It is the major problem for increasing the puscells?
Reply: dear mr Vinoth do a culture test, that will tell you the presence of bacteria, then you can use the appropriate antibiotic
Posted by Kishori : Assalamu Alaikum I am kishori.40 years. I dont have children yet. before i dont have any problem. my husband semen result also good. but my latest report is right fellopian tube blocked.we did 3 iui faild. i had fybroid in my utrus . removed by open surgery.Now doctor told me to do 4th iui am waiting for that .
Reply: salam Dont waste your time by IUI. as in this age 2 iui is the limit to try really scientifically. Its better you assess your ovarian reserve and then go for IVF-ICSI
Posted by hemasudhi : Iam 29 old,me married now in 9 years.we r no kids.ihave stage1 endometriosis(R-AFS)&ovaries small.Basal FSHis elevated & AMHvalues r low.COH with IUI was tried in 1 cycle following pelviscopy..Utreus normal size in fixed retroversion with uterosacrals adherent to posterior surface of uterus.Few endometriotic lesions on posterior surface of uterus.Both tubes normal.On chromopertubation good spill on either side. Retroversion corrected. Endometriotic lesions fulgurated with bipolar.Hysteroscopy done.Cavity normal,ostiae visualised normal,Hysdrotubation done with heparin,ampicillin & hydrocortisone.Dr.pls give me replay.
Reply: hello ms Hema Since minimal endometriosis is very closely associated with fertilization failure, its better to go for IVF-ICSI at the earliest. but you have to improve the ovarian reserve as well
Posted by shihab : sir,I am using CO-Q 10-100MG,is it ok for increasing sperm motility?
Reply: dear mr Shihab if your fertility hormones are normal,and you dont have a significant varicocoel,then these medicines may improve the quality, but dont take it for more than 4 mths.
Posted by Jaisal : Sexual contact kazhinjaludan semen muzhuvanum purathekk varunnu. Ithkond enthenkilum problem undo doctor.
Reply: hello ms Jaisal this is very common, esply before a delivery. But if you do a post coital test after 12 hrs od a sex, will tell you whether the sperms have gone in or not
Posted by Muhammed : Am 35yrs working in abroad . we lived togethor 5months .i got married 9 years ago, we are trying for the kids since married but no result, PHYSICAL EXAMINATION : Volume-2.0ml, Color - Gray White, Consistency-Normal, Liquefaftions tone 30min, Reaction pH- 8.0 MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION: Sperm desity- 13.0, Total count 26.0, Total llive count 18.2 million, MOTILITY: ACTIVELY MOTILE SLUGGISHLY MOTILE % NON MOTILE% 30 min after collection 60 10 30 60 `` `` 55 10 35 120 `` `` `` 50 10 40 MORPHOLOGY: Normal forms- 70%-- Abnormal forms -30% Premature forms 02 / h. p. f, Granular debris- Absent, Clumping of spermatozoa Absent Pus cells 1-2/ h. p. f. , RBC`s- Absent, Trichomonas- Absent
Reply: dear mr Muhammed the semen result is not normal, so you ahveto be seen in a good infertility center with a an Andrologist. If you are obese, then reduce the weight. Totally quit smoking, alcohol etc if any
Posted by Joji : hello doctor, my semen analysis result,quantity3.0 ml,viscosity normal,liquification 20min,ph 7.0,sperm count 47 million/ml,actively motile 35-40%,sluggish motile 10-15,non motile 40-45%, in morphology normal 40%,abnormal 60%,(spermatid forms and giant head seen)puss cells 20-25,RBC 8-10. is it normal? can i get a baby? what is the next step i have to do? plz give me rply sir
Reply: dear mrJoji if the lab is a good one in the analyses of semen, then you are normal and have to investigate your wife
Posted by Rahul : If you lose one testicle, can you only have one sex of child?
Reply: dear mr Rahul not at all like that
Posted by SHIJI RASILAL : What are reasons for not reaching the Sperm in correct position
Reply: dear mr Shiji there are several reasons for it 1, the semen as such may be weak. 2, the sexual contact may not be proper 3, he may not be ejaculating it in the vagina 4, the ph inside may be too acidic
Posted by Smk : Am 25yrs working in abroad after my marriage we lived togethor 5months but we dont have any good news. We visit doctor wife is OK but my first semen anlysis- volume 4ml, viscosity high, total count-n/a (high viscosity), pus cells 10-12 Non motile 60%, sluggish 25%, active 15%, liquification time delayed, reaction alkaline. SECOND: volume 3ml, viscosity moderate, total count 35 million/ml, pus cells 8-10, morphology head defective 8%, tail defective 5%, motility non motile 50%, sluggish 20%, active 30%, liquification time delayed, reaction alkaline. No vericocele, am back to work, now taking UBICOR tablet. Next vaccation after 6mnths. How can i improve my count and get a baby?
Reply: dear mr Smk you need a thorough investigation in a good fertility center under a well experienced Andrologist.Try to do a post coital test after 12 hrs of sex
Posted by Harshalatha Rakesh : Married for the past 5 years but not yet blessed with kids..two years back had a ectopic pregnancy..
Reply: hello ms Harsha you have to do a laparoscopy in a good center to check the status of the other tube and also check your husbands semen
Posted by Ebal thomas : hi doc, What is the use of HCG 5000 and duphaston 10 mg ? We are trying for a baby for last 7 months,finally consulted gyn and took HCG 5000 inj but not conceived.and next month no periods , hcg test negative ,so doc sugd Duphaston 1o mg. We are confused plz help us
Reply: dear mr Ebel the inj is given to accurately time the ovulation, so you can either have a timed intercourse or you can time for IUI. it will make sure she is releasing the egg. duphaston is given to improve the sticking of the embryo to the uterus
Posted by maryam : what is pcod?
Reply: pls look at the prev answers on PCOD
Posted by susan : dear docter ente marriage kazhinjottu 7 varshamayi kutikalilla husbandinu azoospermia aanennu kandethi enikku samanyam nalla vannamundu kanda docters okke paranju kuttikalundavillannu last docter ude aduthu koodi onnu chodikkamallo ithinu kraftil treatment undo means 100% success aakunna tharathil
Reply: Hello ms Susan Azoospermia is not a problem at all now a days. we had more than 1300 children born to azoospermic men. you look at my prev answers on this problem, for more details. now 90% of men with azoospermia, the traetments are there, and also CRAFT is the only center in India having the facility for Micro Tese ICSI
Posted by faizalhamsa : Dear sir, my wifes Left Overy was removed due to an overian cyst before 2 years, we tried to get a second baby. but still not yet. is possible with one right ovary?
Reply: dear mr Faisal One ovary and one tube are enough to conceive, but has to be investigated further if you didnt succeed in a yr or two
Posted by moly : hai doctor,my marrage is on 2008.iam on infetrility treatment for last 3yrs. iam 23age now & my hus 31.dctr give me clomid and hsg injection for 6months. but there is no result now the dctr advise me for iui.now my hormone test is normal and dctr says that ovulation is also ok.Is iui is the next option for me ?
Reply: hello ms Moly IUI is done mainly in 2 conditions. 1, when the husbands count is good, but it has low motility 2, or when his semen is perfect but its not staying there in the uterus as it should apart from these, IUI doesnt have much role in infertility management.
Posted by simi : i have problem of pcod.pregnancy possible in pcod.
Reply: hello ms Simi pls look in to the prev answers on PCOD
Posted by jeetu : semen analysis result shows Volume 1.0ml, ph-8, liquefaction-30 min, sperm density 2.4million/ml, total count-2.4million/ejaculate, live count-1.2million/ejaculate, morphology - normal forms -65%, abnormal forms- 35%,,pus cells-2 - 4/h.p.f. motility-- in 30min 30%- actively motile, 20%-sluggishly motile, 50%-non motile. is this normal
Reply: dear mr Jeetu Its quite abnormal and needs detailed evaluation. With this can get pregnent once in a while, but in general its a very bad sample.
Posted by shajithamoideen : sir, my menus date is different for every month.that is 4 or 5 days before menus is starting.so any problem for my pregnancy.plz rply doctor
Reply: hello ms Shajitha A regular menses cycle means any thing from 21 to 35 days, so you dont have to worry.
Posted by sreejash : My semen analysis report shown volume 3.5 ml, liquification time is 60 minutes, ph 7.8. Then motility: Active motility 10%, sluggish 50%, and immotile 40%. Is this report is normal
Reply: dear mr Sreejesh Its abnormal, there could be some infection in the semen. do a culture testing, and look for variciocoel etc.
Posted by john : iam 37 ys and my wie is 30.once i did ivf but failed.dr told my fsh level is high.colour-greyish white,vol-6,ph-8,wbc-1-2),liqu time-20,count-3.2,total motality-10,rapid progression-5,slow progrssion-5,immotile-90normal forms-60abnormal forms-40,spermatogenic cells-1-2,rbc(4-5).in my case esci is possile or not?how much is sucess rate
Reply: dear mr Jhon In this case, you should have done IVF-ICSI, rather than IVF alone. The current success in our center at your age is 50 to 60% in the fisrt cycle.For the patients the treatment seems to be the same for ivf and for icsi, in terms of daily inj etc, but the lab. work is more in icsi, and if done in a good center where its done daily, then the pregn rate is excellent.Thats why we have come up with a guaranteed ivf-icsi program.
Posted by fasil : dr.enikku 29 age undu .wifinu 22age.. kalyanam kazhinju 4 varsham aayi . ithu vare kuttykal ayilla. ende semen test cheythu,athil kuzhappamilla.wifinnu menses currect aanu. pakshe andam valarchayilla ennanu parayunnathu . ithinulla medicin endanu cheyyendathu.
Reply: dear mr Fasil we have to look at a few hormones which are responsible for Ovulation.Is she over weight, then it has to be reduced
Posted by shameem : wrshnathil cheriya kurukkal (kaduku mani valippam)kuttikaludavan budimuttu undakumo sir my eag 34
Reply: dear mr Shameem That cannot be a reason for infertility. but since you are 34 yrs, you have to get investigated in detail
Posted by jhon : sir... Eanike oru vrikshanam matharame ollu orannathinu kuzhpamilla. Eaniku kuttikal undakumo? Plz reply
Reply: dear mr Jhon one testicle is enough, if its functioning properly
Posted by sinuna : hello dr i want to know about is this infertility treatment in uae under your supervision is convenient to economy people. if so when dr ll be here? expecting favourable replay..
Reply: Now i am in dubai for 1 week more
Posted by chithra : is sunnath increase the chance of getting pregnant? how long can i wait?
Reply: hello ms chithra it doesnt increase the chances of pregnancies, but it may improve the sexual contact if there is any tightness of the fore skin.Another most important thing is that it decreases the chances of having a cancer of the cervix, the mouth of the uterus
Posted by sanil : How many days required to improve semen quality and motility after varicocele vein ligation.the surgery was done on 25 th May 2012. I have done semen analysis on 5th oct.2012. The result shows sperm count 50 mill/cu.mm, only 25% progressive, 15% sluggish motile, and 60% non motile . Plz help. Can i have an appoinment to consult you, Dr...
Reply: dear mr sanil normally it takes 3 to 4 months to get the best results. can call at CRAFT
Posted by mohanankk : for last one year I had no erection and no sex life. I am 49 married, wife 45 diabetic good health, two children 17& 15.
Reply: dear mr Mohanan un controlled diabetes is one of the main reason. also check your lipid profile, and correct it if any abnormalities is found. still if not better, you have to do a penile doppler studies under a good Andrologist
Posted by prasanth : dear doctor, i have klenfer syndrom,karroyotype -xxy,testosteone.o.48,fsh-45,i have any chance to on child,my wife have chocolate cyst,pls ur favourable reply
Reply: dear mr Prasnath Kleifelters can have children, provided they have the genes designated for sperm production are there
Posted by sharon : dear doc, will masturbation cause azoospermia.....
Reply: dear mr sharon never it will cause any of the fertility issues
Posted by ridu : Azospermia ennthin etra month treatment vendivarum ?
Reply: hello mr Ridu there are different types of azoospermia, we have to evaluate it, and in a couple of mths we can treat it as well
Posted by shejila : Dear Doctor, I am 24 years old lady ,i got married 6 months ago, we are trying for the kids since married but no result, we didnt consult the doctor yet.everyone says wait 1 year , now i worry about this , my husband 26 age, physically he is okey , but his sex organ is small in size , even i am enjoying and 100% satisfied with him , so please let us know , does the size is having any importance for having the kids
Reply: hello ms Shejila Yes its better to wait for 1 to 1.5 yrs to get a natural pregnancy, as you are very young.There is absolutely no relation between the size of penis and sexual pleasure or fertility.The man has to have good erection, even if its 1 to 2 inches only if its strong, thats enough. I have seen men having 6 inches long penis but not able to have sex because its always flaccid.
Posted by sana : dear doctor, i have pcod.iam taking met500,my period not correct.doctor said no ovulation. pregnancy possible through hormone injections? i take 2 cycle but no result& what about laproscopy? my hus semen is good, pls reply
Reply: hello ms Sana As I said earlier to another patient, there are different types of pcos, you have to categorize it, and another very important thing in the so called PCOS is vast majority of the cases are wrongly diagnosed and treated quite unnecessarily by laparoscopy and then drilling of the normal ovaries to leave behind a permanent sterility. pls be careful.
Posted by anu : Dear Dr.my hormone like T3,T4 TSH,fSH,PRL etc are normal i have late my periods just one week after my marrige iconsult a Dr and she said to scan and said that my utres has a thin lining and she said it is difficult to carry baby.and she said to correct my periods and give the tablets zincofer, zicovittaand a tonic M2-TONE. after that y periods become correct.After 6 month my husband come from dubai he has 15 days leave.next month i am pregnant. it wii lost after 2 months .Dr said the baby has no heart beat and it is aborted.and see a family Dr and said to scan and said thatmy utres endometrium lining is 4.6 in the 11th day of my periods.and said it is not a normal thing.and she give tablet named ovistrone for 2 months before the husbands leave.Dr can ihave any take any precaution before getting pregnant.please give a correct solution.yours faithfully
Reply: hello ms Anu Normally as the follicle and the egg inside grew, the lining of the uterine wall also has to grow to accommodate the embryo or the tiny fetus. so we have investigate thoroughly with hysteroscopy, and endometrial biopsy, Ovarian hormones etc
Posted by athira : dear doctor,i have PCOD now i taking these medicine,chrominac-A,ovigyn-d and walaphage500mg,starting on 2011,but till no result,pls favorable reply
Reply: hello ms Athira there are different types of pcod, we have to see in to which type you are, then we have to decide. if you are over weight, it has to be reduced. hows your husband semen
Reply: dear mr Venu at the of 45 yrs, its very difficult to have your own child.
Posted by biju : dear dr ente marriage kazhinjittu 8years ayi.oru pravisham ivf cheythu.ente fsh level high annu dr paranju.count 3.2 annu.icsi treatment cheyanam ennudu.njagalkku 2 months leave ollu.2months mathiyo treatmentinu
Reply: dear mr Biju Before doing IVf or ICSI, we have to look into many things, including to improve the egg quality and sperm quality. for this we need to see you atleast 3 mths. where are you working at present
Posted by Saritha : Dear Doctor, Ente vivaham kazhinjitt 9 varshamayi.oru varsham kazhinjathu muthal nhangal treatment edukkunnund.but, ethe vare positive result onnum kittiyilla.Husband-nu m enikkum karyamaya pblm onnum ellannayirunnu adhyathe doctor paranhath.eppolathe doctorde treatment vechitt andolppathanathil cheriya kuravundennu paranhu tabletum injectionsum tharum.appol scan cheyyumbol andam undavukayum poorna valarcha ethukayum cheyyunnund..but, veendum periods ayi povanu.Ente husbandinu count kuzhappamilla.motilittyil cheriya oru kuravundayirunnu.eeyide test cheythappol valare improve ayittund.nhangal 2 times iui try cheythu.Phalam undayilla.ovulation samyath andam cyst ayi maripovanu..enthu kondanu engane sambhavikkunnath...angane cyst undayikkondirikka.pinne athu povan 2 months wait cheyya..ethu thanne repeat ayikondirikkanu nhangalde karyathil.Dayavu cheythu ethinte karanam onnum paranhu tharanmennu apekshikkunnu...doctorente marupadi pratheekshichu kond..
Reply: hello ms Saritha gone through your detailed letter. there are situations like this , but we have to do a laproscopy to see any adhesions are there which prevents ovulations. even otherwise its high time to do a scopy to look into the details of the structures inside the abdomen. But try to do in a good center,
Posted by rahi : Ente husbandin azospermia enthanu pariharam
Reply: hello ms Rahi pls refer to my replies given to a similar ? definitly there are remedies for 90% cases of azoospermia now
Reply: hello ms Simi High prolactin will reduce the ovulation so its better you go to a good Reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist
Posted by john : Dear Doctor, I have 44 years old, married man and have 2 children. When doing sexual intercourse I don`t get any perfection/not comming liquid thing. waiting for your replay
Reply: dear mr Jhon do you feel less of erection or less of libido. you have to have a few investigations to be done on these lines.
Posted by Jaisal : sir I Have Azzospermia problem and testis are too small in size. Doctors say there is no scope for a child. We are not interested in taking donors sperm.
Reply: dear mr Jaisal plesae refer to a similar ?, for which i answered in detail. for you Micro TeseIcsi will be of helpful. for more details see the web craftivf.com, as this is the only center having had successful pregnecies from very bad cases like yours
Posted by naisha : i misscarry two times after my toxoplasma test doctor said that if i concive i haveb to take heparin injection for 9 months so could you help it need and what is that
Reply: Hello Ms Naisha earlier also I had send a reply to a similar ?.There is no ROLE for testing Toxoplasma,and other protozoal antigens. Actually there is no sense in it as they are detecting only whether you are immunised to these or not. if they are positive, quite naturally 95% of our population will be positive as we all have cats passing through our corridors, and we get natural protection. I feel pity on those my fellow drs who used to test these and then write medicines unnecessarily.Hope you got it.Sorry to say like that as we see several patients like you every day with prescriptions carrying medicines and inj to treat these.
Posted by das : how to improve count by food & excersice
Reply: Dear mr Das there are some tips which you will avoid and some to practice to improve the semen count. This is what you want to avoid : Tight underpants, bathing in very hot water, sitting for long hours, over weight in which fat layers sag on testicles reduce sperm count. Very frequent semen ejaculation also lead to lowered sperm count and man may become effectively infertile. Hence maintaining a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keeps a man more fertile. Smoking, Excessive alcohol intake. Over exertion physically and mentally. Zinc deficiency. Infections present in prostate gland. Malformed genital organs. Anabolic steroid use 10 Things you want to do to increase sperm count 1.Have sex & masturbate less often - the more times you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 2 or 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations. 2. Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. - Alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm production 3.Exercise regularly.Exercising your PC muscle can help you shoot further than ever before. 4.Eat Nutritious Food - Diet thats low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods.Reduce caffeine intake. Fish like our Mathy and Tuna are good. Fruits like Strawberry, vegetables like spinach, dry fruits like walnuts etc are espl. good. 5. Avoid heating of testicles - Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas 6. Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/oestrogen imbalances. 7. Reduce stress levels by learning relaxation techniques - Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of YOGA and MEDITATION. 8. Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation.
Posted by jalaja mohandas : Iam 42years old.(my husband 52 years old) I have no children. We are married in 1995.We are trying many treatment.(IUI two times).But no success.Now we are stop treatment,lack of money..Sir please advise and help me which treatment is best in our condition.
Reply: hello ms Jalaja If you havent had a laproscopy, try to do that to correct any defect inside. otherwise have to think of doing IVF-ICSI.
Posted by jaya : sir.Please Explain What is D&C and how much the cost
Reply: hello ms Jaya It means, cleaning of the uterine cavity in simple terms. It doesnt have much role in infertility evaluation
Posted by shabna : Hi Doctor, I am shabna, married,aged 22. My FSH - 3.8,LH - 8.3,Prolactin - 29.4, TSH - 8.1, and . Is it possible for me to get pregnent or do i need to go for any treatment?
Reply: hello ms Shabna your TSH is a little high and will need to test serum T3 and T4, and will require thyroid supplementation.It all depends on the how long you have been trying as well.
Posted by noushad : sir, nyan noushad ,ende vivaham kazhinju 4 varshamayi iduvare kuttykal ayilla.doctor parayunnathu wifinnu andam valarchayilla ennanu. wifinnu 22 vayassanu..ini andam valarcha undakan chancille?
Reply: dear mr Noushad If she is getting menstruation regularly or even with tablets just for 5 days, the chances are very high to get babies.Otherwise, she will need thorough investigation in a good Fertility center.
Posted by Jalal : I have Azoozpermia problem. There is any hope for getting a child
Reply: dear mr Jalal now there are different types of azoospermia,so firts thing to do is to identify the type of azoospermia. and in the majority of it, we could get sperms from the testicles either just by a simple aspiration using a spl. syringe or by the latest method of Micro TESE ICSI, in the vast majority of cases.Previously and even now many of the drs still advice to do donor or third part sperm usage, which is not at all needed because of the improvement in the Bio technology.
Posted by shakkeel : enik oru vrishnam mathrame ulooo athinal enikku kuttikal undakumoo..?
Reply: Dear mr Shakeel Its enough to have one testicle , provided its functioning normally.
Posted by meenu : dear sir, my name is meenu.my problem is sist. I take a treatment 7years. I take laproscopy surgory.but not sucess
Reply: hello ms Meenu Is it a chocolate cyst you had before.Then you should go for advanced treatments.
Posted by Noorjahan Ashik : Assalamu Alaikum Sir, I am working as EEG Technician In Al noor Hospital in Makkah, K S A, I married 8 yrs and 6 month before I got abortion 3 times. l have PCO before and treated, also my husband count is low, he took ayurvedic treatment. 2 yrs before many doctor told that we have chance only IVF but we wait for 1 yr. and got pregnancy without any treatment (only pray to Allah)when become 6 month pregnancy I got PIH and become IUDF and deliverd normally. then after 3 three month of this again become pregnant but within weeks became abortion. Sir, Ive heumatoid arthritis and on medicines from Kottakkal Ayurvedic. 5 month before I went to Amritha Hospital in Cochin and diagnosed that Ive mix connective tissue disease, my Lupus Anti coagulant is positive, because of this that IUFD happened. doctor told me dont become pregnant until it will be negative, from here Heamatologist told me no problem for pregnancy, start aspirin during pregnancy, Sir I need at least one baby, what I will do? what is my treatment? im on Tenormin 50 mg OD for BP and controlled, Sir can u give me ur valuable openion fo my prfoblem, waiting for ur reply, thank you very much and may Allah Bless u and ur family
Reply: salam ms Noorjahan definitly you can have a baby, but you need to get admitted in a good hospital with fetomaternal medicine or high risk pregnancy unit and a very good NICU facility. Alos has to change the tab Tenormin, when you try for pregnancy regards
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