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Posted by Ani : Dr, Please send me your contact details
Reply: Dr.Anil Kumar ,Jeevanveda Ayurveda Clinic,Town Cooperative bank Building,Near Private Bus Stand,Irinjalakuda,Thrissur.9446583870 anilkdoctor1@gmail.com
Posted by ali akbar : Dr.enikkusoriyasi und ethenganelum maattan valla vazhiyumundo orpaad kooduthal alla ente sisterkkum und . enikkippo ethu thudangittu 3 year aaayi njaaan saudil aaanu work cheyyunnath
Reply: Dear Mr.Ali Psoriasis oru prathirodhsheshi vyathasthamaya avasthayil undagnna rogamaythinal ayurveda vishi pragaram snehapanm ,panchakarmam,Thakradhara,chittayaya pathyakrmangal sheelichal bedamagum.
Posted by macmillion101 : Is there a cure for psoriasis?
Reply: Yes ,The psoriaisis is cured with Ayurveda -snehapanam,panchakarma treatments and thakradhara since this is a autoimmune disorder.
Posted by Mathaikunju : Sir, I am a psoriasis patient ( Last 6 years )Now im in Delhi.
Reply: Dear Mr.Mathaikunju Psoriasis is best cured with Ayurveda,if it is properly diagnosed as psoriasis,it is ideal to undergo Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments and Thakradhara followed by restrictions in Living habits.Probably these treatments might have to be repeated if needed depending on the response of the body. Regards
Posted by askar qatar : i am 24 years old living in qatar.sir enthe problam njhaan dandruff karanam mudi mottamaye kalanjathanu .but ipol sidilokke mudi nallathaye vannittund pakshe centaril roundilaye mudi valare kuravanu . avide mudi kooduthalaye valaraan enthu cheyyanam sir?
Reply: Dear Askar Mudi valaran danthaksharam ennayilo kanjunnyadi velichennayilo chalichu purattunnathu nannayirikum.Trichup cap ,Narasimharasayanam kazhikunnathum nallathanu.
Posted by Rejikondody : Hai doctor my friend have soriyasis on full body there any tablet he cant come to kerala
Reply: Dear Reji There are many tablets available for psoriaisis,if it is needed it can be couriered.Please call on 00919446583870 or mail me at anilkdoctor1@gmail.com
Posted by SONIYA : Dear sir, Njan 23 age ulla vivahitha aanu.marriage kazhinju 2 month ayi.menses ayilla.card testil negative anu.pls replay me.
Reply: Dear Soniya Urine onnukkodi pregnancy test after one month cheytha shehsam Gynaecologistine consult cheyyu.
Posted by sunil kumar : sir my doubt i want to ask dr pramod but there is no like this colum pls how to contact dr pramod pls gve me reply
Reply: Please contact fingertips to collect his contact number and take a personal appointment.
Posted by prasad : sir, psoriasis pationtinu thalayil thekkan enthu oil anu better
Reply: Dear Mr.Prssad Dineshavalyadi coconut oil or Wrightia tinctoria coconut oil is an ideal application for psoriaisis. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by elias : i have lot of white signs inskin since 2006.is it soriyasis? please reply me
Reply: Dear M/s Elias White signs are not definite symptoms of Psoriasis,Please consult a skin specialist to confirm the disease. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by niyas : sir,njhan niyas njan valiya vishamathilaanu eantea prashnam penis valarea cheruthaanu 3inches mathramaanullathu.2,minimum eathra valippam veanam marupady udan pradeekshikkunnu best regard niyas
Reply: Dear Niyas Oru marunnum ee avasthakku phalapradamalla ennanu ente arivu,kshemikuga. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by syamala : Sir,my son on treatment -4 yeras,allopathy as tharan,ayurvedam for psoriasis,any natural ayurvedic medicin for psoriasis?pls reply
Reply: Dear Mrs.Syamala Since disease is diagnosed as psoriasis it is better to undergo the Ayurveda as the psoriasis is occuring due to the autoimmune variation. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by Rameeza : nan yente husinu vendiya chodikunnath, addehathinu uddharichal pettennu thanne pazhaya avasthayil yethunnu,pinne addeham thanne kaye prayoghathiloode Udderippichane banddhapedare, pinne addhehathinu pettannu skalikukayum cheyyum. married kazhinnu 3 years kazhinnu nan ethu vare sharikumulla sugham arinnittilla. friendsukal story parayumbol yenik kothiyakum, pls help me DR: thanks & Regards
Reply: Dear Rameeza Ee presnathinu seriayaya vishathil marunnu kazhichal nalla udhdharanasheshy undagum,adheham krithyamayi marunnugal kazhichal serikumulla samayadhairgyam ningalku lebhikugayum samthripthy undagukayum cheyyum Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by shaju Joseph : I am suffering with psoriasis for the last two years. Is there an effective treatment in Yurveda? If so where will I get i?
Reply: Dear Mr.Shaju Joseph Psoriasis is best treated with Ayurveda and Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments ,Thakradhara and restrictions in living style(food habits as well) iz essential to have a cure for psoriasis.In certain cases these treatments might have to repeated according to the poor resoponse of the body or associated complications like diabetes or Hypertension or cholesterol. Regards Dr.Anilkumar Please call on 00919446583870 for furhter clarifications
Posted by runcie : I was suffering from psoriasis. It started almost before 10 months like dandruff in the head with dry skin and itching. Allopathic treatment was taken for dandruff quiet a long time and as it got intense consulting with other doctors, it is found as psoriasis. Again treatment is done for psoriasis but as we found no change started Ayurveda few weeks back. I am taking medicines such as Patolakadurohinyadi kashayam, avipathi choornam and nimbamritasavam. Now there are few spots seen in the elbow and shoulders with itching. Is it spreading in my body? Should I take more medicines? Is it in the mild stage?
Reply: Dear Runcie The psoriaisis is an autoimuune disorder ,so you need to have a systematic detoxification -snehapanam ,Panchakarma treatments followed by thakradhara.Strict restrictions of living style changes are required to revive the immunity. Probably the treatments to be repeated if needed again. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by ratheesh : Hi Doctor, Ive been suffering psoriatic arthritis for the last 3 years. Ive cracks in nails, scalp, and red marks in body especially in stomach. Before 4 months, Ive consult anayurvedic practisioner and undergo treatmens- kashaya vasthi for 6 time, dhara for 6 time and intake medicines such as kaisora gulgulu, amrita rajanyadi kashaya sookshma choornam, vidaryadi kashayam, rasnadi kashayam for 3 months. but still there is some red marks in body and pain in a finger (swelling aso in the joint). i usually smoke 8-12 cigaretts daily and 3-6 pegs alchohol per week. Alchohol consumption stopped before 4 months as part of treatment. can you suggest some medicines to reduce the redmarks, dandruf formation and pain in joints? thank you
Reply: Dear Ratheesh It is not clear from your description whether you are continuing medicines now and as well whether you had undergone the Thakradhara after the panchakkarma treatments.Since psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune deficiency disorder it is best to have panchakarma treatments followed by thakradhara. regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by jais : I have some itching feeling on my legs. I have dandruff on my hair too. Well, while itching the skin there becomes white in color. Is this any thing related to psoriasis. I dont know any symptoms of this diseases. please help.
Reply: Dear Mr.Jaison It is best to consult a skin specialist who is capable of diagnosing Psoriasis,Usually Scaling with on itching produces white powder is psoriasis.When the medicines for fungal infections or dandruff does not respond for the above symptoms,you can suspect psoriasis as well. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by Sujani Sivakumar : Dear Doctor,I have itching in my knee.My left knee is very black. Is this a symptom of psoriyasis?
Reply: Dear Sujani Psoriasis is having symptoms with itching and sclaings,if you have this in the knee and if it is not responding to the treatments,you can suspect Psoriasis. Regards Dr.Anilkumar
Posted by shan : mootta kadichaal endhenghilum dooshya falanghal undhoo . pinne iadathu kai muttinde madakkunna bagath vattathil choodu kuru pole pondhi arunnu idakku povum idakku varum idu endhu kondhanu
Reply: Dear Shan Mootta kadichal Allergy kondulla reactions skinnil cchilarku undayikanunnundu,sadharanayayi chorinju thadichu -kurachuneram kazhinjal athu marunnathanu kanunnathu.Rekthadoshyam ullathaagam chorinjuthadichu varunnathinte karanam. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Soju Eapen Varghese : Thudakkathil anengil ithu medicinli koodi poornamayi mattan pattumo?
Reply: Dear Soju Thudakathil anengil elupathil chikilsa kondu bhedamakkam. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by anusree : hi sir, after six month of marriage we have not children. my periods are irregular.so before marriage i consult a doctor, he prescribe "overal"tablet for regular period, and it become almost regular but for last two month i have no menstrul flow, but have abdomen pain and small back pain, i check and confirm that i am not pregnant. why that happend and how i can order my period,we have strong wish for a baby,,,
Reply: Dear Mrs.Anu Please provide the details of clinical investigations,suporting the diagnosis. Sytematic Ayurvedic approach will definitely solve your problem.Please contact on 00919446583870 . Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by rasna : doctor njan oru phoserasis patient anu 2 month ayeemarunnu kazhikunnath homeo anu. doctor paranju enek thudakkam anu ennu eppol chila pathyangal paranitundu uzhunnu,ayala,pappadam,chemeen etc njan pathyangal thettikarilla enek ippol kalilum vannitundu fingersil.first undayirunilla adhayam mukathanu vannirunnath ippol athu kuranjettundu thalayil tharan undu ? enek 28 age undu enek oru kujundu ith pakarumo doctor . ith poornamaum bhedhamakumo doctor .ene enthenglum foodil ozhivakkano dr.cherya cherya chudu ullath poleyanu ente face ippol. ethra nal vare njan egane medicine continue cheyyanam doctor.njan aryveppla ennum kazhikunnudu doctor vere enthenglum suggestions paranju tharumo doctor. enek oru kunju kudy venemennundu pakshe ippol peidyanu ene kunjenglum varumo ennu orth njangal vendannu theerumanam eduthiruvanu doctor entheglum prashnagal undakumo doctor ?
Reply: Dear Mrs.Rasna Psoriasis pagarilla,thudakkam agumbol snehapanam,panchakarmam ,thakradhara pathyakramangal -manasiga tension Ozhiakikondulla chikilasagal phalapredamaya rogashamanam(permanent cure) Undakkum.kuttigalku undagaam enne parayan pattu,achanum ammakum psoriasis undengil kuttigalku varan sadhyatha undu ennu parayam. Regards Dr.AnilKumar L.P.
Posted by pushkkar : soriyasis karanam ende mudi muzhuvan poi, nan enthu cheyyanam, ipool sarirathil avide evide ellam undu. enthu medicine anu use cheyyendathu, please sent your most valuable sajection please, if possible please your contact number. thanks you sir.
Reply: Dear M/s Pushkar Psoriasisinu ettavum phalapradam aya remedy ayurvedam anu.snehapanam,panchakarmam & thakradhara.jeevithreethy krameekarikanam,marunnugal 6 masam muthal oru kollam vare thudarnnu kazhikanam.diabetes,cholesterol,hypertension,rheumatism,heart,renal problems muthalaya complications undengil psoriasis valare prayasam anu chikilsikuvan.ente contact number 00919446583870. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Renji : Is psoriasis 100% curable?
Reply: Dear M/s Renji Psoriasis is curable if the following conditions are existing in the patient. The disease is not very complicated with other abnormalities like hypertension,diabetes,cholesterol,heart problems,renal complications. Further the difficulty in curing psoriasis is the fall in body respone to medicines. The addictions to alcohol,smoking with other mental stress also make psoriasis complicated. Regards Dr.Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by Mini Devasia : Sir, My friend husband is suffering from Psoriasis. He is taking treatment from one Kerala Doctor.But still it is not reduced.She want better treatment & permanent medicie for that. Can you give your contact number and help us.
Reply: Dear M/s Mini My contact number is 00919446583870 .Please call before 9.00 a.m.or after 7.00 p.m. Regards Dr.Anil kumar L.P.
Posted by Georgy : I have dry skin on both fingers with discolourisation and itching. It has been diagonised as a type of psoriasis.One skin specialist has prescribed BETASALIC 6 ointment which was effective in controlling the disease. Now this ointment is not available in the medical shops. Kindly advise another medicine
Reply: Dear Mr.Georgy Psoriais is treated best with Ayurveda.Snehapanam,Panchakarma And thakradhara are the ideal solution for the proper cure followed with diet regulations. Medicines will have to be continued for six months to one year minimum depending on the body response. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by sony thomas : what are the food psoriyasis people want to avoid.can you explain
Reply: Dear M/s Sony The spicy,Non vegetarean food has to be avoided by the psoriasis patients,As well fried and fatty food has to be stopped,The factor accoording to Ayurveda causing Psoriasis is Kapha,hence the food which is specified as per Ayurveda which increases Kapha should not be followed during and after the treatment. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by bindu raj : i am suferring from dandruff for the last 15 years. when itch in my head its like powdery &scaly i consult a doctor she told me it is psoriasis. iam very down .iam a working woman is it psoriasis ,any remody in please inform me
Reply: Dear M/s Binduraj If psoriasis is confirmed by the doctor ,the best solution to cure is Ayurveda panchakarma treatments/Snehapana and Thakradhara.followed by the strict regulation in food and living habits.Medicines will have to be continued minimum for a period of six months. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Saleem : eanthukodane talayil thran varunnath
Reply: Dear Mr.Saleem Thalayil tharan varaan predhana karanam Fungal Infection(puzhukady) anu. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by salimsha : soriyasiss enna rogam engane thirichariyam.?endhanu lakshanangal?
Reply: Dear Mr.Salimsha Psoriasis enna rogathine thirichariyan lakshanangale kazhiyum.Parichayasampannanaya oru doctorku elupam sadhikavunna karyam aanu.Lekshanangal rogathinte vyethyasthamaya avastha anusarichu marunnu.Plaque-type psoriasis is the most common form of the disease, hence the name psoriasis vulgaris. The three hallmarks of a plaque of psoriasis are: thickened skin, red skin and skin scales. The thickness of a plaque (a raised skin lesion more than 1cm in diameter which can be felt) can vary from barely perceptible to several millimeters thick. They range in color from a faint pink to deep beefy red. In patients with darker skin types, there may be less redness and more darkening of the skin. Scales can range from virtually absent to thick oyster-shell like adherent plates known as ostraceous scales.There are other varieties of Psoriasis as Scalp or Knee or Nail accordingly symptoms distribute at those particular areas specifically. Regards
Posted by Roni.V.Alex : Dear Doctor, I have a disease called sidmam on my scalp and I had undergone Ayurvedic treatment.In begining it showed okay, but later it shown again on my scalp. Can you tell me doctor, whether it comes because of anxiety?
Reply: Dear M/s Roni The disease "Sidmam" is to be treated with scientific approach of Ayurveda-Snehapanam Panchakarma treatments and Thakradhara are effective cure .Diet restrictions and regulation in living habits are essential. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Sasikumari : Sir, I am a psoriasis patient for the last 2 years. Now I am taking ayurveda medicine for the 6 months. I consumed 6 bottles of 2 variety Kashayam & tablets & Cap Atrisor. The Cap Atrisor is the 3rd packet which I am taking. But it is not cured completely. My both legs & both hands is seeing & itching is also suffering. Please advice whether I have to take more medicines. Please advice whether I can use soap.
Reply: Dear M/s Sasikumari The ideal procedure for the cure of Psoriasis is Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments and thakradhara.followed by the medicines of Minimum six months .Change of food habits and Living habits are required to regulate the effects of the above treatments. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by prakashpc : what is the new treatment for psoriasis?
Reply: Dear Mr.Prakash There is no new treatment for psoriasis.The treatment of Psoriasis in Ayurveda is effective and proven -Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments and Thakradhara is the routine procedure found to be a cure for psoriasis.Change in Food Habits and Living Habits is needed. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by jiji : My friend has this disease.She is from Philippines and she wants to know what is the latest treatement for complete cure.
Reply: Dear M/s Jiji Ayurveda has complete cure for psoriasis,Snehapanam,Panchakarma Treatments and Thakradhara are the regime for the treatments of Psoriasis. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Mohammad Kunji : sir, i have some marks on my arm and head which i want to confess is it soriasis or not, i am using now some lotion(Rovate) and ointments which i got after consulting one Doctor in thrissur.i have habit of taking drinks, after that day the marks coming more than the previous.can u please help me on this and waiting your reply..
Reply: Dear Mr.Mohammed If it has to confirmed please consult an experienced doctor to diagnose the disease.Once the diagnosis is done treatment can be finalized. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by subi : sir 1ru varshamayi ente shareerathil iching problem doctareyum kanichu pokunila chorijhu red colorayi varunu thalayilum undu kurachu samayatheku mathram njan dubayilanu atrax10mg tablet kazikunu ithu soriyasis ano vere valathum jila samayathu kulichalum chorichil ilathe kayikalil redayi kanunu pl reply
Reply: Dear Subi Itching ullathe ellam Psoriasis alla,ettavum nallathu oru experienced doctore consult cheythu rogam diagnose cheytha shesham chikilsa cheyyunnathanu. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Satheesh Mathew : Enik thalayil taran(Dandruff)koodi soriyasis pole shalkangal pokunnu chilappol bleeding undakarundu mudiyum velldhe pozhiyunnu enthu treatment anu cheyyendathu.
Reply: Dear Mr.Satheesh Sadharana Tharan anengil Salkangalum Bleedingum undagarilla,Systematic ayi scientific treatments aya Snehapanam,Panchakarma and Thakradhara treatments venam cheyyan, Regaards Dr.Anilkumar.L.P.
Posted by Suresh : Dear Doctor, ithu njan ezhuthunnathu ente bharyayude thalayil tholiyilaki tharan pole ilaki pokunnu. kure ayurveda doctormare kandu kurchu kurayum pinneyum varunnu. ithu paripurnamayi mattan kazhiyumo, enkil dcotorude details tharuka, njangal videsathu joli cheyyunnu. reply pratheeshikunnu.. thanks and regards Suresh
Reply: Dear Mr.Suresh Tharan oru Fungal infecton aanu,krithyamayum thudarhcayayum marunnu cheythak mathram Phalam kanunna rogam aanu,Pillow cover ,Bathe towel,comb enniva anitspeptic lotionil regular aayi cleanse cheyyanam. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. My nummber is 00919446583870.
Posted by Raju : What are the possible Ayuervedic remedies?
Reply: Dear Mr.Raju PSoriasis are best treated with Ayurvedic medicines-Snehapanam ,Panchakarma and Thakradhara are the effective cure for Psoriasis.Regulation of food and living habits are very essential need for the cure. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L,p.
Posted by joseph panthalany : please refer my telephonic conversation to-day.Ihave been suffering from psoriasis since 5-6 yrs.Igot it treated by Batra clinic,Hyderabad(homeo) & it lasted 3 yrs.& Igot complete cure-I had ulcers-scale-like-severe itching on the palm & between the fingers-cracks developed-very painful and black & dirty appearance-after itching skin breaks when squeezed-liquid(colourless initially and red-like blood later)squeezes out and they become ulcers and dries up after a couple of days. This goes on continuously without any relief.More painful in winter. After three years treatment I got total relief-I stopped treatment (medicines) in February this year. Now small cracks have started to appear at the stem of my middle fingers of both hands-there is mild itching also-cracks between index & middle,middle & ring and ring & small fingers are slowly developping-squeezing liquid at two places between the fingers and in the middle of the left palm-since about 20 days- painful-doesnheal easily. Please advise reg. mode of payment for the medicines and instruct the dosage etc. Complete details should be given. Iam a resident of H.No.1-6-60/A, PALSABGUTTA, Beside S.S.Hospital,MAHABUBNAGAR-509001 (A.P.)Phone: 09440075603. Ps: Please also advise as to how long the treatment should last..Batra clinic had advised me to continue the treeatment for another 6 -12 months more which I did not heed. Thank you & expedite ur reply.
Reply: Dear Mr.Joseph I had answered in detail to you by my personal id. Hope that serves the need.if not please reply soon to my personal mail, Regards Dr.Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by N. Surendran : Whether it can be fully cured. Stiffness/ Gout in little fingers and now middle fingers is related to phorises. also reply whether Homeopathi or Ayurveda is best treatment?
Reply: Dear Mr.Surendran Psoriasis can be cured if the health of the patient is at better level,the response is good to the medicines.Regulation of food and living habits are required with the intake or proper medicinal care. Snehapanam,panchakarma and thakradhara is essential. Regards Dr,AnilKumar L.P.
Posted by Ramakrishnan C K : I am having some skin problems last 12 years, mostly having in both the joint knee, joint of the elbow and some fingers. I had taken Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayuerved. There is no much effective result. Can you advise me to take an effective medicine atleast to control the desease within the limit. And I am from kerala and settled in Mumbai. Can u give me your address to enable me to see u when I come to Kerala. Regards, Ramakrishnan
Reply: Dear Mr.Ramakrishnan The skin disease is usually difficult to cure,longterm medication as well as control or regulation of food and living habit is needed. Please consult an experienced Ayurveda doctor and continue medicines,Panchakarma treatments are highly effective. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by ansar : sir enikk kalinte muttinte mukalilum thudayilum ara bhagathum idakk chorinh thadich karuth varunnu ath unangumbol karuth karuvalich kidakkunnu ith psoriasis ano enthan athinulla treatment bashanam enganeyan oyivakend bashanam undo marupadi pratheekshikkunnu
Reply: Dear Mr.Ansar Eczema ano dermatatis ano ennu adyam diagnose cheytha shesham chikilsikunnathanu nallathu. Bhakshanam eruvullathum Nonvegetaeanum avoidthanam, cheyyanam,achar,bakery ennivayum upayogikunnathum niruthanam. Regards Dr.Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by Hope : Dear Dr, Could you please let know the reason for psoriasis? Is it completely curable? Whats the medicine and food habit to be followed Regards, Anil
Reply: Dear M/s Hope The real reason for Psoriasis is altered autoimmunity,the epithelium of the skin ,Ayurvedic medicine is ideal for the cure of psoriasis.Snehapanam ,folowed by Panchakarma and thakradhara alongwith restrictions in food -Oily spicy fried fatty foods should be avoided. Sleep during day and staying awake late night also is not advisable. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by jasira : halo docter...eniku vellapoku undavarundu .2 yearayittu smell undu. doctere kanichappol problamonnumilla ennu paranju..ippol kuravonnumilla..eniku 4 vayasayaya oru molundu..ippol adutha kutti venamennundu.ithu kondu enthekilum problamundo docter. eniku 22 vayasundu..
Reply: Dear M/s Jasira Musaleekhadiradi kashayam valare effective aanu,Pookkulaleham,SathavariGulam are effective remedies from Ayurveda.Please consult an Ayurveda doctor personally for the dosage and food regulations. Regards Dr,Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by nandhakumar : DR, Entai skinil annu epoolum varunathu.thanapakumbol aanu kooduthalayum varunathu.ipool headilum varunnu.jaan baharinil annu job.
Reply: Hi
Posted by Thomas : Dear doctor, I have scalp psoriasis on my head. Scalp is dry and flakes like dandruff comes out often. I am using coaltar solution and salycilic acid shampoo. Also i am taking cod liver oil supplement tablets. Is there any permanent cure for this disease in Ayurveda. I am working abroad in cold weather. Kindly reply.
Reply: Dear Mr.Thomas The best. And perfect solution for scalp psoriasis is Ayurvedic detoxification-Snehapanam ,the preparatoy procedure and panchakarma treatments(Tissue Cleansing ),thakradhara(post cleansing procedure) Diet and living habits has to be regulated. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by S. KANNUR : sir, enikku phsoriasis undu, 5-8 varsham munpu thalayil tharan pole kanukayum njan doctore kanukayum cheythu, kore nal marunnu thuradarnnu edayku varum edayku pokum enna avasthayarunnu appol, pinne korachu kalam marunnu nirthi , bayankara chorichal annu, eppol nenjilum lingathinte mukalilum kanunnu, choriyal kondu nilkan patunnilla, karyathinte gauravam mansilakkathe, njan kallyanm kazikkukayum cheythu, tens ulla samayangalil ethu kooduthalayi kanunnu, eppol dubayilanu thamasam, sir enikku seegra skalanathinte probs undu, psoriyasis nadikale badhikum ennu kettitundu athu kondano segra skalanm sambavikunnathu???,choriyal varumbol bayankara dheshyavum thonunnu, swayam vishamangal ullil vachu kaziyukayanu njan, sir enikku kutikal undakumo? kutikalkum e rogam varan chance undalle?? kalyanathinu munne athmahathyaye kurichu polum njan chindichirunnu, barya ullathu kondu eppo athinum kaziyunnilla , doctorude vishadamaya marupadi prathekshikunnu S. kannur
Reply: Dear Mr.Vijay Valare vishadamayi rogathe kurichu ezhuthiyathil Ninnum manasilayathu psorias enna rogam ayathikondu tensionum Athukondu seekraskhalanum undu ennanu.psoriasis chikilsichu sugam ayal, Tensionum seekraskjalanavum seriyagum.psoriasisinu ettavum nallathu ayurvedavum Ayurvedathil panchakarma chikilsagalum anu.Snehapanavum,Thakradharayum ithinte munpum pinpum cheyyanam, Bhakshanavum,jeevithareethiyum cjhange cheyyanam. Regards Dr.AnilKumar L.P.
Posted by sinoj : dear Dr ente cheviyude backsidil black shade pole undavukayum,avide pinna chethumpal pole skin ilakipovukayum cheyyum,Neck & chest dark spot pole varunnu. two year ayittu ithu idavittu varunnu.pls Dr.clear the dout. Thanks
Reply: Dear Sinoj Vivaranam kettittu rogam psoriasis anu ennu parayam,diagnose cheyyan doctore Kanan pattumengil athanu nallathu. Psoriasis enna rogathinu detoxification anu best choice, Ayurveda base cheytha chikilsa anu effective.bhakshanavum jeevithareethiyum niyantrikendathu nirbendhamanu. Regards Dr.Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by savad : Sir, i am 28 years, male, here in Dubai. my problm is my skin is always dry and it showing like a pattern and its sreading white cells like dandruff on skin. is it begning of psoriasis or somthing? and what can i do to make it clear. i try to change my soap and use Mung bean powder also.. still its same..so please you can give me a suggest...thank you...
Reply: Dear Mr.Savad Please consult a skin specialist so that a correct diagnosis is possible.Once exact diagnosis is made solution can be fixed. The psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and dandruff is a fungal infection. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by George : Is psoriasis completely curable.Can you suggest a treatment Centre in Trivandrum.
Reply: Dear Mr.George Psoriasis depends on many things for cure including the regulation of food and living habits. Ideal treatment center at Trivandrum will be Goverment Ayurveda College. Regards Dr.AnilKumar L.P.
Posted by suresan : i have been psoriasis since 2000 . i done many treatment but not cure , now i have started one english medice REMICADE IV what is the side effect and benefits
Reply: Dear Mr.Suresan Upper respiratory tract & Urinary tract infections Nausea,Cough,Diarrhea,Weakness,fever,Backpain etc are the side effects of Methotrexate(RemicadeIV).I would like to know did you undergo Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments and thakradhara,please brief the result of those treatment if you had done. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by manoj : What is the good treatment for one of the illness from soriyasis group
Reply: Dear Mr.Manoj Ayurveda is the best treatment for any type Psoriasis ,Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments,Thakradhara are the best Solution.Food and Living Habits has to be regulated . Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by SHIJO : Dear doctor, last4month I have problem soriyasis. In my body these apperis like small balls after that these balls came on bigger size. kindly advice the tretmets. regads shijo
Reply: Dear Shijo The Psoriasis is to be treated with Ayurvedic panchakarma Cleansing procedures with Food and Living Habit regulation since this disease is analysed to be an autoimmune disorder. Please call 9446583870 for further clarifications Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by sajeer : how can control this
Reply: Dear Mr.Sajeer The disease Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder,hence this is to be taken care of with procedures according to Ayurvedic detoxification,Snehapanam is a preparatory method for the Panchakarma treatments after which Thakradhara has to be conducted. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please Contact 9446583870 for further clarifications Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please call on muy number 9446583870 for further clarifications
Posted by SHERIN : Sir, i am writing this letter with very anxiety because there was small white marks in my cock,now this spread.I would like marry recently,is there any problem for my sexual life or spread this to my childrens?.Hoping your valuable reply. yours faithfuly sherin
Reply: Dear Mr.Sherin Please consult a skin doctor to confirm the daignosis,Since it is discoloration it might not affect your sex life. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Minukutty : dear Sir, Is psoriasis is a genetic disorder? my father is suffering with Arthritic psoriasis and its under his control.
Reply: Dear M/s Minukutty Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease-you can expect a genetic probability.it is not proven in all cases,that psoriasis will be affected in next generation. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by niyas : how can stop this
Reply: Dear Mr.Niyas You cannot stop psoriasis but gain strength to avoid this disease. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by Jayadevan : My son is 6 months old. He is having "karappan", could you please tell me whether "karappan" is from Soriyasis family.
Reply: Dear Mr.Jayadevan Karappan is the diseases affecting children ,psoriasis is a skin disorder affecting the skin-rarely affected in children. Symptoms might resemble. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by azeez.t.p : what is the soriasis what treatment for good
Reply: Dear Mr.Azeez Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder which affects the epidermis of the skin,the proliferated growth causes the scalings of the body. Ayurveda is the best solution,and Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments and Thakradhara are the procedures successfully followed to cure Psoriasis. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by vasantha : if physoriasis curable
Reply: Dear M/s Vasantha Psoriasis is curable with Panchakarma treatments and Thakradhara from Ayurveda,the detoxification procedure which improves the immunity. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. please call me in the number 9446583870 for further clarifications
Posted by Ishaque : Sir, My wife have wounds in ear the effect of psoriasis, before she has dandruff with full of thickness and consulting a doctor and reduce that, but still in ear no change. Please mail to me the solution Thanks Ishaque
Reply: Dear Mr.Ishaque It is best to undergo Snehapanam ,panchakarma treatments and Thakrahara.The restriction of food and living habits have to be followed. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by kannan : my nail is damaging,,like amall spots and marks.also some skin irritation in my foots,,is it soriyosis ,shall u give me a reply with ayurvedic medicine
Reply: Dear Mr.Kannan There are various kind of Psoriasis.It is best to consult a Skin specialist to diagnose the problem. Probably it can be a variety of Nail affecting psoriasis. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by gulsar saleem : if any relation between asthma and soriasis.till life it is seen in our body or not,(My fingers fully eiching in the early morning)
Reply: Dear Mr.Gulsar There is no relation between Psoriasis,and Asthma.if Panchakarma treatments are done properly these diseases will be cured. Regards Dr.AnilKumar L.P.
Posted by mathew : dear doctor Is there a permanent cure for psoriasis?what are the fods to be avoided?How can we prevent psoriasis from worsening?
Reply: Dear Mr.Mathew The permanent solution for psoriasis is from Ayurveda and Snehapanam,Panchakarma and Thakradhara ia the scientific procedure for detoxification. The food to be avoided which aggrevate are Nonvegetarean especially seafood,spicy ,oily fatty fried foods ,old junk foods should be strictly avoided. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. please call me on 9446583870 for further clarification
Posted by Rani Thomas : how to prevent sriasis in startiting time.docter said to me it has no end it come yearly.is it true.
Reply: Dear M/s Rani Thomas There is no known procedure to prevent Psoriasis,but according to Ayurveda the body immunity can be improved with detoxification programme of Panchakarma procedure. I could not understand about what your doctor has told ,please exlain once more clearly,so that if it known to me ,i shall try to answer. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please call me in my number for further clarification 9446583870
Posted by Sasikumari from MP : Sir, I am under ayurvedatreatment for psoriyasis for last 10 months. The course of Kashyam & medicines are over. Now I am taking the 3rd packet of Atriyasis capsule. But I am not curable. Still I am suffering in my both hands and legs side with itching with red colour skin. It is also appearing in neck side. I am also taking diet food. Please suggest me further what I have to do. Regards.
Reply: Dear M/s SasiKumari If you would like to know my opinion about your disease ,please give me following details 1)How long you are having this disease? 2)Did you undergo Panchakarma treatments? 3)Did you undergo Post panchakarma treatments-Thakradhara? 4)Are you under strict regulation of food and Living Habits? Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please contact in this number 9446583870 for further clarification.
Posted by JUVANNA : My one year old baby has itching and reddishness on all over the body.Doctors are saying it is baby eczema. It can be cured? We are in Doha
Reply: Dear M/s Juvanna Karappan is the name of the skin diseases of children.Allopathic concept is purely different from Ayurvedic-if you wish to treat skin disorders completely for cure Ayurveda is the best approach. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. please call on 9446583870 for further clarification.
Posted by biji : ante thalayil tharan undayirunu athe eppol bhayankara chorichil ane. muhathe porinje vatathil unde ulamkaline nalachorichel unde ethene anthane pariharam
Reply: Dear M/s Biji Nerittu Rogam parishodhichu enthanu ennu masnasilakiyashesham chikilsa noschayikkugayanu nallathu. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. please note my number for contact 9446583870.
Posted by jisha : what types food avoid
Reply: Dear M/s Jisha Basically Psoriasis need regulated food control-oily fatty fried spicy foods to be avoided.The fresh food has to prefered,sea food and Non vegetarean have to strictly stopped from diet. Moreover certain food like Gram (urad dal) has also adverse effect on this skin problem. Regards Dr.Anil Kumar L.P.
Posted by susan : how can be cure soriasis
Reply: Dear M/s Susan Ideal Solution to cure Psoriais permananently is Detoxification-(Snehapanam,Panchakarma treatments & Thakradhara)combined with regulated food and living habits. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please call 9446583870 for further clarification.
Posted by najma : What remedy for soriyosis
Reply: Dear M/s Najma Remedy of psoriais is change in food and living habits and systematic approach of Panchakarma treatments from Ayurvedic method-Detoxification. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. Please call 9446583870 for further clarification
Posted by Idamma : Dear sir, I am living in Bahrain with my kids. My two kids- 18 yrs and 11 yrs old girls are having psoriais. Now they are taking Homoeo medicines and little better than before. Pl. advise me, if they take homoeo medicines, psoriasis is curable or not. And me and my husband is too much worried about this. Can you advise a better solution for that. waiting for your valuable reply. by Idamma Varghese Mob: +973 39567797 email: idamma_varghese@hotmail.com or vrinda6vidya@yahoo.com
Reply: Dear M/s Idamma Psoriasis is an altered autoimmune disorder,ayurveda has perfect cure -panchakarma treatments are highly effective procedure of detoxification.Please cal my number if you need any assistance 00919446583870 Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by sani : sir,what is psoriasis?cause of psoriasis?is there any permanent treatment for this?
Reply: Dear Mr.Sani Psoriasis is altered autoimmune disorder of skin with reddish white patches silver in appearance which shed n itching.Ayurveda claims permanent cure from Panchakarma treatments. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P.
Posted by lekhasubhash : what is soriasis ? ante kallilu kaylyoo chorinju potti. auyervedam karizchu kuranju. eppol kayoo mottint sidel choringe chairya kurukkal anu. chorichhilu undu. andu chaianam
Reply: Dear M/s Lekha Psoriais is a skin disorder with lesions reddish white in color with scaly silver appearance powdering on itching.The reason is to diagnosed as altered autoimmune disease with genetic relationship as well. Ningalude Asugam sadharana rekthadooshyam agan aanu sadhyatha,kadale manasilagoo. Regards Dr.Anilkumar L.P. N.B.please call me on 9446583870 if in need.
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