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Question by: rahul
hey! doctor...please help me!...i am 19 year old....after masturbating..and after the release of sperms i generally fell very drowsy and very tired? there any problem with me or is it natural?? there any way to feel re energised after masturbating?
Answer by Dr: The drowsy feeling you experience is normal. A sexual activity( including masturbation) will burn calories. About 200 calories are expended during sexual intercourse or masturbation. This is equal to a 15 minute work out on a treadmill.After any exercise one will feel tired and sleepy. The same thing happens after masturbation.If you rest for 10 minutes you will regain your energy levels.
Question by: Prataap
i am 32 male. I masturbath almost daily, so i feel weak especially on my legs....Which is the best natural food to regain weakness without stopping masturbathing daily.
Answer by Dr: Masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon and is indulged in by a majority of persons sometime or other in their lifetime. It can not cause any weakness. If you have weakness of the legs then there must be other reasons for it. Check with your doctor. Whatever food that is good for the overall general health can be used by you. There are no special foods for sex. By the way why is that you masturbate daily ? Either you are bored and trying to overcome it through masturbation or you have a Compulsive Disoreder. If it is the first one you must learn to spend your free time more purposefully. If it is the second then you need the help of a psychiatrist.
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