Answered by Dr. Jame Abraham M.D, FACP, Chief, Section of Hematology/Oncology,  Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, West Virginia University, West Virginia.

Question by: Rajani
Sir, My father-in-law is a cancer patient.He was detected to have a leision in his liver which was 2.5mm last year April.Later he underwent CT-Scan in October at that time the size of the leision was 2.9mm.Now,truely speaking , he is taking ayurvedic treatment from last one year.Sir I just want to know that is the medicine which he is taking helping him?.What is the normal growth of a liesion in the liver?..Eagerly waiting for your reply
Answer : Rajani, I may need more information to give you any opinion. The shadow in the liver could be due to many reasons. It could be a benign (not cancer) cyst, blood vessels (hemangioma- benign) or cancer. First, it needs a careful review by a radiologist. If it is suspicious, it has to be tested with a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. If it is benign he does not have to take any medicines. If it is cancer, it will require further testing and treatment.
Question by: Pramila
What are the symtoms of cancer ,and how can it be detected at a very early stage .what are the preventions also .pls let me know how many types of cancers are there?
Answer : Pramila, Cancer is a very broad term. There are many types (100s) of cancers. It can arise from the head and neck area, lung, bones, stomach, breast, blood, bladder, kidney etc. In general cancer is due to uncontrolled growth of the cells and it can form tumor or masses. So the symptom will depends upon the site of origin of the cancer. If it is from the breast, it can present with a lump, nipple discharge, or pain, redness etc. If it is from the lung, it can cause, cough, chest pain, breathing trouble etc.
Question by: Jaya
My aunty's having lung cancer currently taking chemotherapy in Appollo hospital in India (Delhi).Docs over there said no other options are open for her at this stage.Still we're hoping to get some advice from you.Thanks.
Answer : Jaya, For advanced lung cancer (stage IIIB and IV), chemotherapy is the mainstay of the treatment. Appollo has many excellent oncologists. In addition to chemotherapy there are some new targeted treatments such as bevacizumab, Tarceva etc. Please talk to your aunt's oncologists about it.
Question by: Sunil
Dear doctorMy grandson is reported to have been suffering form ATOPIC DERMITIES.He is now eight monthes old.As of now only his cheeks have ben affected.I would like to know whether it is a cronic disease or get cured automaticly ofter attaining the age of two years. Meanwhile i rquest you to prescribe some medicine that will give quick relief to the baby.regardssunil.
Answer : Sunil, I am sorry, I am not a dermatologist. Please talk to a skin specialist. Thank you
Question by: Anoob
Dear Doc, My mom was diagonised with Low Grade B cell Lymphoma, she went thru 8 cycles of R-chop ( Mabthera 600 mg), and after treatment the tumour shrinked and bout 4cm was left behind, later on we did PET scan and couldn find anything active. Mother is back to work, and i am really concerned about her on wat do next........plz suggest me remedies
Answer : Anoob, Thank you for your mail. Please see my previous answer also. Your mother is appropriately treated with right medicines. She should continue to follow with her oncologist and do follow up scans every three to six months.
Question by: KUMAR
Dear Doc,I am 66 yrs. old. with good health. Please advice me on the quontum of daily exercise for safe and good heart. My daily schedule is "morning brisk walk for one hour followed by PT and meditation for about 30 mts. and again after a gap of 15 minutes I do still cycling at home for 15 minutes and swimming twice a week for 40 minutes now a days. I am comfortable with this schedule and feel I can do more. My people at home advice me not to have so much exercise which will have a bearing on the heart and suddenly some think may go wrong. Is it true ? If you think the exercise schedule is higher, pl. suggest ideal exercise for my age.
Answer : Mr.Kumar, I am really impressed with your persistence and motivation. Keep it up. I don't think we can say that you are doing too much excercise.
Question by: O.P.Gupta
I was diagnosed with NHL (Low Grade) in 2005. Since then, I have taken 6 cycles of chemotherapy (as in-patient), 3 cycles (aborted)of oral chemotherapy (Clockeran) and another 6 cycles of oral themotherapy (Nexodan). I am presently in the remission stage. However, my remission stage does not last long and a relapse occurs rather frequently.I have learnt of Dendritic Cell Therapy mainly to boost immune system. This therapy is available locally and is said to enhance the remission periods. I seek your advice if I may go in for this therapy.
Answer : Mr.Gupta, Low grade lymphoma is very peculiar diagnosis. In many patients, it has a very slow, waxing and waning course. It is not easy to completely eradicate the disease. But it is a very slow growing cancer. Immuno therapy and vaccine approaches are tried in clinical trials, but none of them are found to be completely effective or approved by the FDA. Rituximab is a well established treatment for low grade treatment, it is a targeted treatment (CD 20+ cells) for NHL. This is treatment is widely available all over the world, including India. Another option is looking for a clinical trial in your area with novel treatments. Hope this helps.
Question by: Dr
My mother 53yrs( post menopausal 2 yrs) was diagnosed 1 yr back as Ca breast T2 NO MO.infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 111 ER ,PR HER )underwent mastectomy,took chemo 5fu 6 cycles.she couldnt take iv herceptin because of financial constraints.after 1 yr relapsed .ct thorax shows multiple nodule(mets). no signs of pleural effusion.ct brain normal. clinically asymptomatic. I would like to know the chemotherapy regime you adviceand also regarding the prognosis.
Answer : Dr sudhakshin, I am sorry to hear about your mother. Since your mother had a ER/PR and her-2 positive tumor, it is important to consider treatments which are specific for this type of tumor. She should get an endocrine treatment with letrozole or anastrazole, unless she is already on it. She should be treated with herceptin (trastuzumab) and chemotherapy. Any chemotherapy can be combined with herceptin, it could be paclitaxel or other agents such as docetaxel/carboplatin/herceptin. Please talk to your oncologist and please select the treatment based upon the avalaibility of the medicines.
Question by: lajpat
Is Multiple myeloma fully curable. What are the causes of this disease. What are the preventive measures to avoid relapse.
Answer : Mr.Jain, Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells (bone marrow) that is highly treatable but rarely curable. It is potentially curable when it presents as a solitary plasmacytoma of bone or as single area outside the bone (an extramedullary plasmacytoma). Some of the advanced MM can be curable with autologous transplant. There are many new treatment options are available now, which includes thalidomide, lenalidomide etc.
Question by: MAHADEVAN
Dear Doc, I am 66 yrs.as of now I maintainn good health but for BP bit on higher side (80/140). I brisk walk for about 45 minutes daily thereafter, do some PT and yoga for about 30 minutes in a nearby park. I do not miss this schedule. I was swiming for about 40 mts.daily, this habit I have since about 30-35 yrs. of late when I swim continuesly for 4 days, I get imbalance and dizziness followed by head ake, can u please suggest why this happens ? I know it is harmful, still unable to avoid I consume 1-2 shots of whisky with one lit of plain water and smoke 8 - 10 small ciggerette in a day. Your valuable advice needed.
Answer : Mr.Mahadevan, It is hard to say why you have dizziness. I am glad that you are maintaining a good lifestyle with regular exercise. But I am not happy with your drinking and smoking habits. That is almost counter productive of your excercise. You should try to stop those two, if you are really serious about a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol can increase your risk for cancer, liver disease, heart disease etc. If the dizziness persists, you should get a scan of your head and evaluation of your ear. Please talk to your family doctor. Jame
Question by: anu
dear sir, what are the early symptoms and prevention of cancerdo give details thank you
Answer : Anu, There are many types of cancer. The term cancer comprises of 100s of different diagnosis. Common cancers in India are cancer of head and neck area, lung cancer, esophageal cancer in men. In women, it could be cancer of the uterine cervix, breast cancer, head and neck cancer etc. Cancer can manifest with unexplained weight loss,cough, bleeding, lump or discharge, loss appetite etc. are some of the signs.
Question by: VS
I would like to know more about Lipomata. I had undergone surgery w.r.t the same 8 years back. It seems to be appeared again in various parts of my body viz., Shoulder, Abdomen, Back (near spinal), thigh, hip etc and also near in and around the throat (I think so but not sure - kind of itching sensation). How to identify this? Are there any scanning methods available, if so I can make out the presence in my body? Also I would like to know, is there any chance of getting stomach expansion due to the presence of lipomas in and around abdomen. Kindly send me all the information in detail.
Answer : Mr.Vinay, Lipoma are almost always benign growths from the fat cells (adipose tissue). It can be multiple and can come back very often (recurrent). Rarely it can be associated with a a disease known as Gardner's syndrome; which can cause polyps in the intestine, cysts and bone tumors (benign). Please talk to your about this more.
Question by: nileshkuma
is cancer of gums is possible. what are possible causes o it and treatment
Answer : Nilesh, Cancer of the gum or oral cavity is common in India. This can be due to tobocca use (smoking or chewing), alcohol, ill fitting dentures or chronic irritation. Treatment includes, surgery, radiation and in some patients chemotherapy.
Question by: jitendra
Answer : Mr.Jitendra, I am glad to know that you are doing well now. Low fat, high fiber diet with pleny of vegetables and friuts can be helpful. Daily excercise and avoiding alcohol are important. Regular follow up with your oncologist and check ups, which includes, physical examinations, appropriate blood tests (CEA), scans and colonoscope will help in finding any evidence of early recurrence.
Question by: Anne
Dear Dr Jame,My father,Mathew Vadakkan, 73 year's old was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma right tonsil T3N2M10, in August 2007. He was treated with EBRT 6000 cGy in 30 fractions with weekly Cisplatin (4cycles) followed by Cisplatin 5Fu (3 cycles) at Amala Cancer centre, Thrissur, Kerala India. I Aug 2008 he noticed right upper neck mass and had difficulty in moving his right shoulder. He was found to have right nodal recurrence and a surgery was done on 22/08/08 at Amrita Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. Final Histopathology showed tumor infiltration muscles and 1/5 nodes positive for mets with peri nodal spread so he underwent concurrent chemo and 6600 c Gy in 33 fractions with 3D CRT. Dept of Gastroenterology evaluated him for PEG tube feeding. PEG was inserted on 03/10/08. However after treatment he lost appetite completely. He just consumes 3 meals a day and each consists of 2 tablespoons of rice and 1 piece of meat. He is also peg fed. This was reported to Dr. Moni Abraham and Dr Subramanium Iyer at Amrita Hospital who suggested an appetizer "Aptivte" which unfortunately is not effective. He has reduced his weight to 45 kgs from 56 kgs. Could you please tell the possible erason for the loss of appetie and an effective treatment for the same.RegardsAnne
Answer : Anne, Loss of appetite and weight in your father could be due to many reasons. It can be due to radiation, chemotherapy or the cancer itself. Cancer releases certain hormones (cytokines) into the body and that can suppress the appetite. Other common reasons are depression and persistent nausea. Low dose steroid may help in some patients. Appropriate treatment for nausea with any nausea medicine or dronabinol can potentially improve appetite. Dr.Moni Abraham is an excellent doctor and please follow his recommendations. Jame
Question by: Mrs
I would like to know the food that we eat has any thing to do with Cancer.
Answer : Mrs.Jacob, Diet plays a major role in many cancer. In general vegetarian diet is associated with less incidence of cancer. Obesity accounts for about 20% cancers, which includes breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer etc. Alcohol can increase the risk of variety of cancers including liver cancer, esophageal cancer etc.
Question by: Mrs.
I am asking about my brother Samir suffering from squamous cell carcinoma metastatis right side submandibular lymphnode.Treatment given-30 light and 6 chemo of cysplatin injection.Then recurrence of left side of supraclavicular lymphnode sqamous cell carcinoma metastatis.Treatment given-as per your advice-injection paclitacxil 260mg 1 day,injection cysplatin 150 mg 3 days,and injection 5fluorocil 4500mg in 3 days for 3 chemos.After that there is a recurrence of left side skin tissue squamous cell carcinoma.Now in this case what type of treatment should be given? I am waiting for your urgent reply. Swati.
Answer : Swati, I am sorry to hear about the cancer recurrence. I really would like you to follow the advice of your local oncologist. Various options are. 1. Radiation therapy 2. Methotrexate. 3. Cetuximab (very expensive) 4. Gemcitabine 5. Docetaxel Please consult with your oncologist and see what he/she thinks.
Question by: s.k.BALASUBRAMANYAM
How to judge cancer of the mouth?
Answer : Mouth cancer can have many signs and symptoms. It can start with a non healing ulcer, or white patch, which is persistent. Bleeding or lump in the floor or roof of the mouth. We have to be extremely careful in patients with history of smoking or alcohol use.
Question by: NAVEEN
Dear Doctormy father is sufering from Non small cell lung cancer, upper lobe of the right lung with brain and right supraclvicular lymph node metastases T4 N3 M1 Stage IV. and trated with whole brain paliative radiation 3000 cgy in 10 fractions using left and right lateralfields with 6 MV Xrayes priscribed to midpalnes.and chemotharapy is currently goig on. Since the dieases cant be cured completed wht would be the best option to extend his life. he doesnt have pain or any other discomfort except minor breathing probpelm and cough If the treatment go through well how long he can survive? can we do any anything other treatment in brain if the lung cancer can be settled in chemotherapy.Since my father's 2 brothers had cancer in liver(hepatatis B) is it genetic? Wht test we need to do know about it?Please advise
Answer : Naveen, Unfortunately, you are right. His prognosis is not that good. Please finish the treatment and see how he is doing. I am glad to know that he does not have any pain. It is important to manage the symptoms (Palliation) at this point. Lung cancer or Liver cancer are not genetic. You don't have to do a genetic testing for this type of cancer.
Question by: JIJU
Dear doctor, By incressing our immunity level can we recover from diseases especialy cancer? do you have oppinion on colostrum help to build our immunity? Can we build our immunity and can we recover from cancer by consuming a product called TRANSFER FACTOR taken from bovine colostrum. pls give a detailed explanation on this sir.thank u jiju
Answer : Jiju, Our immune system play a major role in cancer. Patients with immunosuppressed condition (AIDS) can develop cancers. Cancer researchers has been trying to utilize immune system to fight cancer for a long time. But many cancer vaccine studies are still only in the clinical trial phase. There are many immunomodulatory drugs we use for the treatment of cancer, such as Interferon.
Question by: SWATI
Thank you doctor.Thank you very much for your direction and suggestion.I will contact you if there will be any critical condition.Thank you again. SWATI.
Answer : Your welcome.Please feel free contact me, if you have any other questions.
Question by: Jacqueline
How do we test for lead in children, wht. are the tests to be done. I have read the article, pls. help
Answer : Dear Jacqueline, You can test the lead level by a blood test. The Center for Disease Control in the U.S has released guidelines for testing children for lead in 1997 and guidelines for managing children found to have elevated blood lead levels in 2002. But it can be different in different parts of the world. The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatricians recommend that, at a minimum, screening be offered to: Screening should be offered to all children and these children should be screened at age 1 and again at 2 years of age. at risk children 3-6 years of age who have not been previously tested. Check with your local health department or pediatrician regarding lead screening guidelines specific to the risks in your area. The CDC and AAP recommend that children of parents who work with lead be considered for screening. Hope this helps. Jame
Question by: Swaroop
Hello Sir, One of my friend's mother got blood while cough, this is second time. First time it came two months back, she took cough cyrup. Yesterday she had fever. She's between 40-50 old. Also I have query related arthritis, my mother is having it from many years, she has psoriasis, she take methateroxide, and for pain in hand she take etushine-120, but pain is not coming down, please suggest what to do, she fears if it bends, she has pain in left hand wrist.thank you
Answer : Swaroop, Coughing out blood could be due to many reasons. Infection (bronchitis or Pneumonia, tuberculosis) due to any of the above could be a reason. But if it is persistent and if she has weight loss, chest pain etc. she should be seen by a doctor. She should be evaluated with a chest x ray, blood test etc. to rule out other causes such as cancer.
Question by: Pramod
Dear Sir,My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Pre B ALL with CNS involvement in June 2008. She is undergoing chemotherapy at CMC, Vellore. After the indunction phase of the therapy no cancer cells were found in her bone marrow. Thereafter no bone marrow test has bee done but her therapy is continuing. She has just completed the interim maintenance. She is now quite ok and has no symptoms of the disease. But her treatment will be finished after two months from today. I am satisfied with the treatment being provided to her. I just want to know the chance of her getting fully cured. Kindly be frank with me and let me know the fact. Pramod
Answer : Dear Mr.Pramod, I am sorry to hear about your daughter. In general appropriately treated childhood ALL is a curable disease. More over you are getting treatment from the right place. I will trust the doctors at CMC vellore. The team in Vellore is one of the best in Asia. Please continue to follow with them.
Question by: T.Anandrao
My wife had a lump in the right breast and mastectomy was done. There after further investigations have been done Infiltrating duct carcinoma grade II was concluded. Histoppathology report reveal tumor tissue arranged in tubules and small nests with individual cells round to polyginol with moderate amount of cytoplasm with pleomorphic vesicular nuclei occasional cells with vasicular nucleus and prominent nucleioli and mitotic rate of 1-2/HPF in a desmoplastic stroma.The resection margins and nipple are free of tumour tissue. Lymph notes have not been removed as they are not touchable to the surgeons hands.Chemo therapy of 4 cycles has been suggested simultaneously Hormone treatment too started. Is it necessary to go for chemo treatment of 4 cycles?
Answer : Mr.Anand rao, There are many things to be discussed before you start chemotherapy for any patient. What is the age of the patient? How big is the primary tumor? Is all the tumor out with clean margins? How many lymph nodes are positive? If the ER/PR are positive or negative? What is the her-2 neu status? If the tumor is small and lymphnodes are negative in a patient who has ER positive tumor can be treated with anti-hormone pills only. So please ask more questions to your doctors. I am sure, they have all these information.
Question by: govardhana
Is there any cure for Irritable bowel syndrome.
Answer : Govardhana, Irritable bowel syndrome is not cancer. Eventhough it is very uncomfortable it is not life threatening. There is no cure for it, but it has its up and down course. Medications and lifestyle modifications will help to control the disease.
Question by: rajkumarsirangu
I want some information about lung cancer
Answer : The sites, which I will look at are 1. www.cancer.org (American Cancer Society) 2. www.cancer.gov (National Institutes of Health, USA). 3. www.NCCN.org
Question by: Swati
Hi,Dr.Jame Abraham,I am Swati asking abouy my brother Samir who is suffering from squamous cell carcinoma matastasis.His age is 40 years,height is 5 feet 6 inches and weight is 85 kg after loss of wt.Before he was near 120 kg.You have suggested paclitaxel.Kindly suggest doses of paclitaxel.How many sittings?How many content of Paclitaxel?Is it necessary to know the primary foci?After giving paclitaxel chemotherapy,is it necessary to detect primary foci by cancer type ID investigation?If yes,where this test "CANCER TYPE ID" is available in USA and what is the cost?What is the role of drug "IRBUTEX" in this case.IRBUTEX is of Merck company in India.In paclitaxel chemotherapy regimen is it necessary to add any other anticancer drug?After paclitaxel chemotherapy is it necessity of oral anticancer drug?If yes what drug should be given?What is dose and duration?Is PET scan helpful to know primary foci?I am waiting for your answer.Thank you. Swati.
Answer : Swati, Thank you for your mail. I will be reluctant in directing specific care for your brother. I clearly understand your concerns and I know that you are trying deperately make sure that you want to do everything possible to help your brother. Since I am not seeing him in my hospital and I am not his primary doctor, it is unethical for me to direct the care. I am sure his cancer doctors are really good, and I am sure they will provide him the best care. Paclitaxel and platinum containing drugs are highly effective. Cancer Type ID is not a must. It will add one more piece of information.
Question by: satyajeet
Dear doctor my mother was first detected of cervical cancer she was treated with cisplatin and EBR.after 6-7 months she started feeling pain in her lower back just above her hips on checking it was found that a malignant rectal ulcer has developed.then she was treated with palliative chemotherapy with taxol and carboplatin for 6 cycles with a gap of 21 days upto third dose she was not feeling any pain but again after the 4th dose she is feeling the pain. sir dose the disease advances during the chemo or these are side effects of the chemo.what happens if the chemo is over dosed .
Answer : Dear Satyajeet, As I mentioned in the previous question, not all pain for a patient with a diagnosis of cancer are due to cancer. It could be due to many reasons. It could be from the chemotherapy, could be due to an infection, radiation or due to any number of reasons. Please talk to your cancer doctor, I am sure they will explain this more. I am sure your mother will get better soon.
Question by: sangeeta
dear doctor,my mother is age of 43 first she had cancer in cervix after radiation and chemo she got well but after 7 month she got agin cancer in her rectum now already 6 cycly of chemo given but she is feeling pain in her lower back and rectum sir please suggest me the medicene for my mother
Answer : Sangeeta, I am sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis of cancer of the cervix. The pain your mother is having could be due to many reasons. Not all pains are from cancer. Please talk to your mother's doctor and I am sure she/he will explain this more to you. After the chemotherapy, usually we need to repeat a CT scan and asses the response to the therapy by a CAT scan. By doing scans and other tests, the doctors can tell you if the chemotherapy worked and if there is any evidence of cancer at this point. I am sure your mother's doctor will kindly explain you more details.
Question by: Sangmesh
Hi,My Mom is suffering from DCIS(Dutal Carcinoma), PT scan shows some small Nodule in Lungs, but CT scan doesnot show any report. Now she had undergone surgery and she will start getting Chemo Radio therapy from tomorrow. Can you suggest any other treatment options availble. I can send you if u need further details.Thanks Sangmesh
Answer : Sangmesh, Usually for DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma Insitu) we do not use chemotherapy. Please make sure that your mother has DCIS or if she has invasive cancer. Please talk to your cancer docotr. DCIS is treated with either complete removal of breast (mastectomy) or partial removal of the breast/lump (lumpectomy) with radiation therapy. If the ER is positive then we will use tamoxifen. Chemotherapy is reserved for invasive breast cancer. If it is invasive cancer, please ask your doctor about the stage, ER/PR, grade, Her-2 status. Thank you
Question by: saidalavi
Sir, I am 47 years old and serving in the Army, I wish to know baout the symptoms of cancer, because my father was a cancer patient and he was died in 1981. How I can deduct earlier, and can I get a good treatment in Kerala
Answer : Saidalavi, Just because your father had cancer does not mean that you will get cancer. Not all cancers run in the family. Make sure you do the right things. No smoking, excercise etc. (as a military man, I don't have to talk to you about healthy life style). Kerala has many excellent cancer centers, but I hope you don't have to worry about that now. I thank you for your dedication to protect our country.
Question by: Tausif
Hello Doctor,My father, 52, had developed cysts in lever and was operated successfully at AIG, Hyderabad. Soon after the surgery he was diagnosed with hepatitis B, and got rid of it with proper medication. The worry is that his old reports indicate development of cysts in his kidney as well. No surprise cysts can infect lungs, brain or any organ if the cause is not rooted out. How would you assess the degree of danger he is in? Are cysts cancerous in nature? How cysts can be removed completely from the body? Would you recommend a particular physician or hospital in India where he could be cured for sure? I will remain to answer any further query from your side.Regards.
Answer : Tausif, Cysts are fluid filled cavities. It is a benign condition. If it is not causing any symptoms or problems, you don't have to do surgeries or any other intervention at this point. Cysts are very common in the kidneys and liver.
Question by: b
My mother aged 62 was taken to a local hospital (03.09.2008) with CT report showing SOL Right Temporal region with edema and midline shift. She is not a known DM/ HTN/IHD/BA. On examination she was found unconsious, afebrile, CVS-S1 S2 RS-BAE , PA-Soft, CMS-Unconsicious, Bil, Plantar Flexor. She had undergone Craniotomy right fronto temporal and total excision of SOL with lobectomy done on 04.09.08. A greyish mass infiltrating in to normal from exicsed in toto by piecemeal. Her pathalogical report revealed that she was suffering from Anaplastic Astrocytoma. She was under external beam Radiation therapy using telecobalt machine delivered 5900cGy over 28 days between 17.09.08 and 24.10.08 by right and left laterals for which she tolerated well. Reaction indicates Gr.II skin reaction. Soon after the radiation therapy her intake of food has considerably decreased and she has almost stopped taking oral feeding. We were forced to give her liquid food through Ryle's tube. She is on the following medicines lasix, decadran, ranitin, Eptoin as prescribed by the neurosurgeon. She also took Temonate 100 mg capsules during the radiation therapy. We also consulted oncologists here (Chennai) and they suggested that whatever treatment she was given is alright and nothing can be done further. Since the operation her limb movements particularly left side has become considerably slow and sluggish.Our question now is (a) What is the further course of treatment (b) How serious is her disease (c) Will she be able to walk and talk. (d) what are the chances of her coming back to normalcy
Answer : Mr.Menon, Anaplastic astracytoma has a very poor prognosis. Your mother is getting all the appropriate treatments. In the U.S, when similar situation arises, we always talk to our patients about clinical trials as a potential option. I am sorry that I am not offering you anything new.
Question by: satheesh
dear doc,i am a cml patient on glivec for past 6 years.all values are within limits.i am having one son befor e diagonosing cml.would like to know whether is there any medical issues if i would opt for one more kid for both the kid and my wife.
Answer : Satheesh, I am glad to know that you are doing very well. Glivec is a miracle drug. About 7 years back CML was a fatal diagnosis, now more than 90% of the patients it can cause complete remission. Data on male fertility with glivec is limited. Some of the animal studies have shown that there may be a decrease in sperm count. But it is not seen in all the studies. There are many published data on successful pregnancy and normal delivery while on treatment for CML. So you don't have to worry too much. But please make sure you talk to your oncologist also.
Question by: satheesh
dear doc,i am a cml patient on glivec for past 6 years.all values are within limits.i am having one son befor e diagonosing cml.would like to know whether is there any medical issues if i would opt for one more kid for both the kid and my wife.
Answer : Satheesh, I am glad to know that you are doing very well. Glivec is a miracle drug. About 7 years back CML was a fatal diagnosis, now more than 90% of the patients it can cause complete remission. Data on male fertility with glivec is limited. Some of the animal studies have shown that there may be a decrease in sperm count. But it is not seen in all the studies. There are many published data on successful pregnancy and normal delivery while on treatment for CML. So you don't have to worry too much. But please make sure you talk to your oncologist also.
Question by: ssh
Sir, are male fallen in breast cancer?if they feel like that one breast is bigger than the other, then is it a symptom of B. cancer ? One of My friend's chest /breast is loking like.One is bigger even the lefthand side of the chest is slightly more fleshy.Sir, Is it curable or not ?He is worried.he does not want to go to visit a doctor beacuse of shyness.please suggest.
Answer : Siddarth, Male breast cancer is very rare. The unequal size of the breast could be due to many reasons including benign changes such as gynecomastia. If it is not getting better, please make sure your friend see a doctor.
Question by: Annie
Dear sir James Abhraharam, Randolph cancer institute, Virginia We read about u in THE WEEK magazine. Hoping to get a better advice from u, we have mailed to you. My husband had undergone rectosigmoid resection on account of adenocarcinoma- colon 3 years back. After the surgery, he has not taken any other treatment. Stage was B2 T3N0M0. He was totally alright for 3 years, regular follow ups were also normal, the last one being 4 months back. All of a sudden he started developing lower back pain and a little constipation. So a CT scan and colonoscopy was done 2 days back. Impression is that, adenocarcinoma has reoccured at the anastomised site and a suspicion is there that there may be liver metastasis and some lymph nodes in iliac and para aortic region.Kindly tell me at the earliest what best can be done for this, and pleaz also let us know the advanced treatment available for this. Will it be curable, what may be the time duration for the complete treatment. Kindly let me know this, and if any other information is required, plz contact us. Regards
Answer : Annie, I am sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis of cancer recurrence. If the CT scan is suspecious, they should do consider doing a biopsy to confirm the findings in the CT scan. I am sure they have checked the blood markers (CEA). Usually that will increase also. The main treatment at this point will be chemotherapy. Please make sure your husband see a medical oncologist. In addition to the chemotherapy, bevacizumab (avastin) could be considered (this depends upon the availability and expense). Avastin is a highly effective treatment of advanced colon cancer. But your local oncologist will be the best judge to finalize the treatment plan.
Question by: Swati
My brother Mr.Samiris a patient.Rightsubmandibularlimph node histopathology done.Squamous cell carcinoma matastasis well differentiated.The C.T.scan of neck,head,chest,abdomen done.Endoscopy done.No primary foci detected.In the month of August modified radical neck disection done and submandibular lymph node with salivary gland with three lymph node with lymphatic channel removed.Treatment given-30sitting of R.T.(cobalt rays therapy)and 6 chemotherapy(injection- cisplatina.Name-kemoplat 10mg of Dabar company)IV per week.In the month of November end left side after appearing second legan supraclavicular lymph node appeared.FNAC done.Panendoscopy(broncho,aesophagous,sinusscopy) done.C.T.scan of neck,head,chest,abdomen done.Rt side 1cm highler node present.Again no primary foci detected.Squamous cell carcinoma matastasis detected.Now proposed for mass radical disection of left side of neck with lymph node.Now please suggest after operation what type of chemotherapy should be given?How much per dose?How many doses?Or any other treatment will you suggest?What is PET scan?Is it helpful?
Answer : Swati, Your brother has a diagnosis of Carcinoma of Unknown primary (CUP). About 5% of cancer diagnosis are CUP. Even after extensive testing the primary can be elusive. But most likely the primary site may be oral cavity or lung. Usually the pathologist will do special testing to see, if he/she can give any clue about the primary. Looks like your brother's cancer doctor is doing an excellent job. I would recommend to consider paclitaxel containing regimen as the next step. There is a new test available in the U.S, for cancer of unknow primary. It is known as cancer TypeID. It is based on gene expression profile of the tumor. If PET scan is available, in 25% of patients, it could be a very useful tool.
Question by: dr
early symptoms of malignancy
Answer : Please see the previous question.
Question by: Suresh
Dr. what are the symtoms of cancer?
Answer : Suresh, The symptoms of cancer vary depending upon the site of cancer. But in general it can cause pain, bleeding, loss of weight, loss of appetite, unexplained fatigue, fever etc. New lumps in the neck, under the arm, breast, coughing out of blood, blood in the stool/urine, chest pain, or new onset breathing trouble are examples of some of the signs and symptoms of cancer.
Question by: readonly
Dear Sir,In April 2003, my wife was diagnosed K|C|O ca. uterus. In April 2007, investigations revealed skeletal metastases (L5 and right ribs 7 to 9) and pleural effusion.In April 2008 CT-PET scan showed
Answer : Mr.Rao, You are bringing up an important issue of pain management in the treatment of cancer. It is extremely important to get adequate pain control. I completely agree with you that, lack of pain control can cause depression and poor quality of life. They can always increase the pain patches. The dose of pain medicine is not the same for everybody. It is the dose which controls the pain. If the patch is not controlling the pain, in addition to the patch they can add morphine. If medical management is not helping, then potentially they can do nerve blocks to control the pain. If you have a pain and palliative care center nearby, please talk to them also.
Question by: Kumar
Sir,One of my relative aged 62 has been diagnosized with (stage 4) neuro endocrine tumour ( suggestive of carcinoid). The medical institution where this was diagnosized suggested for a chemotheraphy and we are currently getting a second opinion from another institution where they are redoing the pathological tests and IHC. The diagnosis is taking quite a bit of time and based on the outcome of IHC test, an urine test may be required as well. The concern is that there is no medication provided since the first diagnosis which was 20 days back. Will that affect the treatment later? Also kindly let us know the various treatment options available for this. And what is your opinion on the options on ayurvedic treatment for this?Thanks
Answer : Mr.Kumar, Neuroendocrine tumor is collection of different types of tumors. The treatment varies depending upon the specific types. Many neuroendorine tumors tend to secrete various hormones. The treatment for neuroendocrine tumor in general is chemotherapy. It is very important for them to identify the specific type before starting the chemotherapy.
Question by: Ashwini
I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma,4th stage. I am undergoing chemotherapy treatment now. Once I'm cured,what are the chances of it coming back in the future? Also,which is the best way to deal with the pain and dryness after each cycle?
Answer : Dear Ashwini, There are many different types of Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL). The prognosis of HL depends on the stage, type and B symptoms (fever, night sweats and weight loss). In general about 75% HL can be cured with chemotherapy. Even after completing chemotherapy you have to be followed very carefully by your oncologist. 10-25% of the patients it may recurr and needs further treatment with chemotherapy.
Question by: shajil
Sir mother detected with pancreatic cancer the surgery done but tumer still there and some times in night time sevier back pain after surger chemo and radiation also given but the tumer still there any new treatment to relive pain pain comes in a stipulated time that last for 4 hours any remedy for the pain any alternative treatment available for the type cancer and survilance
Answer : Shajil, Pancreatic cancer is a very difficult cancer to treat. If the cancer is still present after surgery and chemotherapy, it is better to consider palliative therapy. Pain management will be crucial at this stage. If you have a doctor who could prescribe appropriate pain medicine, please talk to him. Unfortunately many doctors still undertreat pain all over the world.
Question by: Abraham
Sir, Can u tell me what exactly a medicine like Mabthera does? If not taken , what is the disadvantage?
Answer : Anoob, MabThera is a monoclonal antibody against a specific cell type (CD 20) in the lymphoma. It is a highly effective drug with limited side effects. This belongs to a group of drugs we call as targeted therapies. It will definitely a patient with lymphoma. But I know that the cost is very high. Please talk to your doctor before you finalize the plan.
Question by: chandra
I was regular pan mixed with tobacco and smoker for more than 20 year . Presenly I am 50 years old and I have stopped tobacco completely from 1st september 2007 .I have gone to local ongologist and they have identified there is one small white patch in my left side cheek and in medical terms as Leucoplakia.I am consuming ANTOXID tablet daily one no since 13 months. The condition still remain the same and the white patch is not vanished yet.However I do not have any trouble at the moment. Please suggest the right medical path and wheather it lead to cancer?if so what kind of treatment I need to follow.thanks for reply
Answer : Chandra, You should consider seeing a dental surgeon who can do a biopsy of the white patch. That will give you a definite idea of what you are dealing. I am glad that you stopped smoking and chewing.
Question by: John
Hi Sir,My relative is suffering from rectum cancer.The cancer cell had grown to 20 cms in length from rectum towards the intestine.When we did scanning for other body parts we have found that 2 points in lungs and one point in the bone near chest region is also affected by cancer.Sir can you please tell me the best treatment which we can take at this point of time.Please help.We are really desperatly for help.
Answer : Mr.John, When the rectal cancer has advanced locally and spread to other organs, the primary mode of treatment is using chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. Once the tumor is reduced in its size, then other options such as radiation and surgery may be considered. Please go to a center which approaches this diagnosis in a multi-modality way. Most of large cancer centers will have a team approach to treat similar cancers.
Question by: Shirish
My father(Age 56) was recently diagnosed with Non small cell carcinoma in his lungs and has spread to his stomach. His doctor asked him to take chemotherapy as treatment option. I would like to know any other treatment options available for him and how effective chemotherapy is?
Answer : Shirish, I am sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis. Looks like your father has Stage IV lung cancer. The only treatment for stage IV lung cancer is chemotherapy. There are many new biological agents (such as bevacizumab- Avastin) is added to the chemotherapy to improve respose from chemotherapy and improve survival.
Question by: Md.
I am 59 years old. I have a case of larynx-squamous cell cacinoma-right vocal cord S/P radiotherapy S/P total larygectomy,partial pharyngectomy,right hemithyroidectomy,right selection neck dissection and insertionof bloom singer's voice prosthesis. In June 2008, had recurrence with multiple bone metastais,left lung and pleural lessions on PET/CT. I have adviced chemotherapy for six weeks and have finished it this week. These are he findings from my CT scan after the chemo.*evidence of permanent tracheostomy*left pleural effusion with thickening of oblique fissure*passive collapse consolidation in left lower lobe.*Pleural based nodules in apico posterior segment of left upper lobe*Destructive lessions with adjacent and minimal soft tissue component at right 4,5,7,9,11 ribs.Please advice me what would be the further course of action?
Answer : Mr.Razzali, Please talk to your oncologist about specific recommendations. The only treatment option for you will be chemotherapy in the future, unless the fluid is causing you any symptom. Looking for any clinical trial with new drugs will be a very good option for you also.
Question by: kanchalwarS.R.
i am 61 years old,in my endoscopy report:-Finding:-oesophagus:LAxlos,multiple linear erosions.Thickened patches of mucosa Diatal 5 CM.Imp.acute flare up of chronic oesophagitis.Pl. suggest onward care for this
Answer : Sir, Please make sure they did a biopsy of that. If you smoke or drink alcohol, please try to stop that as soon as possible. They should treat this with acid reducing medicines and if you continue to have the symptom, they should repeat the endoscopic examination.
Question by: Antony
Dear Sir,My name is Antony. I am working in Oman as an administrator for a petrolium company. I have a bad habit of smoking. I tried several time to stop the same, but the tendancy is increasing only. Really I want to stop this habit. Now I heard there is some tablet to stop this habit. But I need your befor use it.Waiting for your advise please.Thanks and regards,Antony.
Answer : Antony, It is important for you to stop smoking. That will prevent, heart disease, cancer, stroke and many other lung disease. The first step in stop smoking is making up your mind. Once that is done, you can consider doing this in many ways, including using a patch, gum or pill. Since you are in a different country, I want you to talk to your family doctor who can give you medicines, which are available there. There are many websites which you can use to stop smoking such as www.becomeanex.org and www.cancer.org.
Question by: Ajay
My uncle has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. There was no incidence of cancer in the family before him.He underwent chemo and is currently stable. He is taking ayurvedic medcines to supplement the allopathic ones.We would like to know your opinion on ayurvedic cures for cancer and also inputs on any of the latest research that could benefit him. Appreciate your response.-Ajay, Palakkad, Kerala.
Answer : Ajay, I am glad to know that your uncle is doing well. But it is very important for your uncle to continue to follow up with his oncologist with periodic blood tests. All branches of medicines are important in treating patients. Since I am an expert in modern medicine/cancer expert, I don't want to make any comments about Ayurveda.
Question by: Manoj
My father, 75 years old, is passing blood in urine. He's been advised to go for Prostate Operation. Can you please let me know the various causes that blood is passed in urine? What are the various tests to determine its root cause? I want to consider operation as one of the last resort.
Answer : Manoj, Blood in the urine could be due to many reasons. It could be due to inflammation or infection of the bladder (cystitis), inflammation of the prostate, benign or malignant growth in the prostate, bladder, ureter, or kidney. Kidney or bladder stones can cause bleeding also. Usually, they can do a urine testing to rule out any infection. If it is persisting, he should be evaluated by a urologist, by scans, ultra sound, blood test (PSA) etc. Hope this is helpful.
Question by: Anoob
Doctor, My mother is diagnosed with Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma ( Low grade B cell Lymphoma with Cd-20 postive).. She is in stage IV with bone marrow involvement...She is taking Chemo (R-Chop) and Mabthera (600mg). What is the chance of recurrence and is other any other better treatment? Is it fully cureable
Answer : Anoob, Please see my answer to a previous question. Overall the prognosis is very good and more than 50% of the patients we can expect complete cure. Repeat scans at the end of the treatment is a prognostic indicator. They should monitor her cardiac function also. In general lymphoma carries a good prognosis and cure potential in a large number of patients.
Question by: Basanta
I am suffering from NHL high grade stage IV A and am undergoing chemo therapy with Mabthera 600.I have already taken 4 cycles and 2 more cycles are to go.CT shows complete resolution.Please let me know the prognosis.
Answer : Basanta, Please make sure what you have is diffuse large B cell lymphoma (not Burkitts). Then the treatment is R-CHOP. Overall the prognosis is excellent. A large number of patients with this diagnosis can be completely cured. When they do a repeat scan after 6 cycles of chemotherapy will give you a good idea about the prognosis.
Question by: Sanjeev
Dear Dr.Abraham,My Oncologist has sent the following request to Sr.oncologists in the field. I seek you advice too after going through your coloumn. Pls advice Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Deepak Chhabra, surgical oncologist from Mumbai, India and working with Dr. Jagannath (president of recently held IHPBA 2008).I cam across your article on Phase II study of Gefitinib in the J. Clin Oncol 2005 and wanted to know the update on IFOX regimen and its implictaions in treatment.Its regarding one of our fairly young and healthy patient (male / 55 yrs) who had a primary moderately diff adenoca of rectosigmoid that creeped below the peritoneal reflection. His sequence of events since 2005 has been Colorectal surgery: all margins negativeFolofox 4 with Avastin and RT to the pelvis (S. CEA never reached baseline)PET ve liver lesion Left HepatectomyCapecitabine, Irinotecan and Cetuximab for small lung and liver mets following surgery (S. CEA showed a steady rise)RFA for lung lesion and liver lesionSurgery for multiple abdominopelvic nodes (all nodes ve : aortocaval, iliacs, retropancreatic..)UFT (uracil with tegafur)intestinal obstruction due to local recurrence (mod diff adenoca) and diversion colostomyPeristently elevated CEA ..presently > 100PET scan multiple active spots at liver, nodeal areas and colon at site of previous surgery.Surgery for colon...not posiible due to hard indurated lesion on per-rectal examinationcontinuing on UFT We are exploring options for this healthy and willing gentleman. He had the best response to Folofox 4 so far. Presently he is on UFT tablets. His details and latest imaging findings have been attached herewith just in case you wish to go through. We would be greatful to have your expert advice on his future treatment course. Thanking you
Answer : Dr.Chhabra, Thank you for your question. I am really impressed by the aggressive management approach you took for this patient. Excellent job. At this point, you used most of the standard regimens. Probably it is a good time for you to think about any clinical trials in your area. Another option is trying FOLFOX for 4 more cycles until the patient has significant neuro toxicity (that will be the dose limiting toxicity). Other option is to try FOLFIRI (both FOLFOX and FOLFIRI without avastin due to suspected abdominal carcinomatosis). Hope this will help.
Question by: T.Ramamohanrao
I was diagnosed with cancer(tumour at OEjunction)inJan2006,operated(explo)no surgical removal,given chemo 6 cycles plus radiation.Recurrence after about year,again 6 cycles of chemo,recurrence after 6 months,presently taking chemo,2 cycles over.Haemoglobin usually under11gms.Is there any alternative or better treatment?I have a rather big hydrocele,can I go for its operation in the circumstances?Can you give me some hope?Iam 68 next month.Will the chemo take care of the enlarged prostate if it happens to be cancerous?
Answer : Ramamohan rao, I am sorry to hear about the recurrence of your cancer. But please keep a positive attitude and keep fighting the cancer. At this point your treatment if chemotherapy. Since you did well for two years, I hope you will do well again. Please see a urologist, who can examine you and give recommnedation about hydrocele and prostate. Unless you have cancer of the prostate, you don't need any treatment for that.
Question by: Anoop
respected doctor,I am a 20 yrs old male living in bikaner-rajasthan-India, for the last 7-8 months I have this problem on not being able to "breathe in" properly, I conulted doctors in my city and they asked me to get my blood checked and I got my E.C.G done too. All my reports were absolutely normal, after seeing the results the doctor told me that I was suffering from "anxiety" so he recommended me a medicine named "DEANXIT" I took that medicine and I felt relieved, but after leaving that medicine the same problem reoccurred. Please guide me as what should I do to get rid of this problem I am so depressed with this. I can't run, can't walk fast, can not do almost any tough physical work.Apart from this I would like to tell u that the climate of this city is very high and I am idle (not having daily routines like any normal college student) because I don't have to attend college regularly. So I sit idle at home most of the time , due to this I have become overweight almost 85 kgs.Please help doctor.Anoop Bosee-mail:- anoop.bose.1987@gmail.com
Answer : Anoop, Work with your family doctor and try to loose weight.
Question by: B.D.Varma
Dear DrAbrahamI thank you for answering my query.Yes indeed , I was diagonised with having stage IIB colon cancer.I have been advised the following the following follow-up tests: CEA every three monthsUSG abd and pelvis alt with CT scan abd and pelvis.What is your opinion on these tests to determine if cancer revisits me ?Shall be grateful for your comments.B.D.Varma
Answer : Mr.Varma, I agree with the above tests. I will add a colonoscope after one year of diagnosis and then every 3-5 years after that. Thank you
Question by: Pankaj
I was diagnosed as having AML-M4 in Feb 2008. After 3 chemos there was total remission. I was administered the 4th chemo and after 2 weeks, there was a relapse, the blast cells went upto 48 and platelets and haemoglobin dipped. I'm on etosid and purimethol tablets for the past 2 weeks. the last blood report 2 days ago shows, blast cells < 1 in blood, haemoglobin 7.2 and platelets 22000. Will I survive?
Answer : Pankaj, Unfortunately, relapsed or refractory AML is a very difficult diseass to treat. The treatment options are limited. Myelotarg is one of the options which your doctor could consider. If you can find a donor, stem cell transplant is the only curative option.
Question by: PRANJAL
My aunty who is 45 yrs old has a painful lump in in her left breast.One FNAC test was done in Guwahati.The report is as follows:Cytomorphology is suggestive of fibrocystic disease with superadded inflamation.Clinical correlation is advisable.Does this any way suggest a cancerous growth ?Sir,please clearify our anxity.
Answer : Pranjal, Fibrocystic disease does not suggest malignancy. But she should be carefully followed by a surgeon in the future.
Question by: keshav
My close relation age 65, was dioagonised with breast cancer. she has been operated and partial portion has been removed. biopsy shows 2.5 cm. stage2and grade 3tumour with clear nodes.medium sensitivity to estrogen and high sensitivity to progestron hormones. given 4 cycles of FEC chemotherapy and 23 exposures of radiation therapy and 5 boosters. which hormone therapy wiill be best for her i.e arimidex or femara. doctors give diffrent views and hence this question.
Answer : Dear Keshav, It is better to use an aromatase inhibitor (both femara and arimidex are aromatase inhibitors). Both are approved by U.S. FDA for the treatment of breast cancer. Large studies have shown that these two drugs are better than tamoxifen. Both are equally effective. There is nothing to say that one of more effective than the other.
Question by: salil
Dr. James AbrahamChief of oncologyMary babb randdolp cancer centreWest virginaDear sir,Iam SalilI underwent kidney transplantation on 28-7-99 from an unrelated live donar who was "0 positive" and recipient "0 negative". Post transplant was uneventful. I was treated withCyclosporine 125 mlTab. AzoranTab. PrednisoloneMeeting an motor accident I was admitted for an interlocking nailing on 11-4-01 . We came to know I had a blood group changing from "0 negative to 0 positive".After 8 years on 15-3-07 I was diagnoised with squamous cell carcinoma in site on skin.Following Drs advice the medicine was changed to Sirolimus 2mg which has an anti-cancerous property. But there is no further improvement because last month I had to undergo wide exicions of multiple warts which shows Actinic Keratosis in biopsy. My graft function was very normal with a result cretinine 1.1 mgPlz suggest your valuable opinion for my treatmentLooking forward for your valuable replyYours sincerelySalil.v.b
Answer : Dear Salil, There is a substantial increase of skin cancer risk in patients after kidney cancer. This can be due to many factors including prolonged immuno suppression due to cyclosporin. http://www.renalandurologynews.com/Post-Transplant-Skin-Cancer/article/108863 Please look at the above link to get more information on skin cancer after transplant. You should be carefully monitored for skin cancer. If you notice any evidence of skin cancer it has to be removed. Please see a dermatologist who has expertise in this field. Please make sure your nephrologist (kidney doctor) is aware of this so that he/she can adjust the dose of immunosuppression.
Question by: B.D.VARMA
Had Colon Cancer. Operated upon. It had not spread to any other organ. Had Radio therapy for six weeks. Finishing the sixth cycle of chemotherapy this week end.My querries are:1. What are the chances of its relapse?2. What symtoms to look for in future. What tests should be done periodically to monitor possible relapse?I am 5ft 10 in / 68 kgs / 79 years old. Non veg/social drinker - not more than two pegs a day.Request reply. Thanks and regardsB.D.Varma
Answer : Mr.Varma, Please find out the grade and stage of your colon cancer. Since you recieved chemotherapy, I think it may be stage IIB or III. 5 year disease free survival in stage IIB and III patients is about 60-85%. 80% of the cancer recurrence happens in the first two years. American Cancer Society recommends total colonic evaluation with Colonoscope within 1 year of surgery followed by every 3 years. Usually we check for CEA once in 3-6 months for patients with colon cancer also. Watch for any evidence of new onset abdominal pain, bleeding per rectum, weight loss and loss of appetite. It is better to avoid alcohol and continue with your present diet. Good luck. I am sure you will do fine.
Question by: varghese
sir,i recently removed my left kidney due to a cyst of 4cm in size.it was done before two months.can i lead a normal life.what life style shall i follow,is alcahol harmful etc.please sent a detailed reply.i had done the operation in trivandrum rcc hosp and after it was fond that , in biposy ,it was cancer.but it was not spreaded anywear, and they told to come for check up after three months,thatis next month.i was there in the hospital for 15 days and after that no medicins was used . thanking you.
Answer : Mr.Varghese, Please ask your doctors, what was your stage. In early stage kidney cancer, you don't have to take any other medicines. Please go to www.cancer.org and www.cancer.gov to get more information on treatment and follow up of patients with kidney cancer.
Question by: Col
Dear Dr., My wife, now aged 54 yrs, was first diagnosed with NHL III Stage in 2001. Chemotherapy ( CHOP) was done. Regular check ups were done.Interferon was injected for one year, also. But reappeared in 2004 and II Chemotherapy. Again Chemotherapy in 2007. Now after a year some nodes are observed. Request advise why so less a remission and further treatment, including costly ION treatment
Answer : Col. Ravikumar, I am sorry to know that your wife has recurrent lymphoma. The NHL can be of three different types. Follicular type is the low grade, diffuse large cell is the intermediate (I suspect your wife has this)and Burkitt's type is the high grade. Diffuse large cell lymphoma is treated with CHOP or now in 2008, this regimen includes rituximab (R-CHOP) also. In about 40-50% of the patients, after initial remission, recurrence is common. Recurrent lymphoma is treated with chemotherapy. Various regimens such as ICE, EPOCH or ESHAP are used with rituximab. In some patients we talk about doing an autologous bone marrow (stem cell) transplant. I am not sure where you live. If you are in the North, you could take her to AIIMS, if you are close to Bombay, please see the lymphoma experts in Tata Memorial and if you are in south, please talk to Doctors at CMC vellore. They can give you more details about other treatment options or transplant.
Question by: Prashanth
Dear Doctor,I am a 25yr old male. My right tonsil is swollen for last 4 - 6 months (I noticed it some months back). Left tonsil is in normal size. There is only a little pain or rather irritation always in my throat. There was no pain at all at the beginning. I have taken anti-biotic many times, but there is no effect. I have difficulty in swallowing. Always there is a difficulty in breathing while swallowing. Also small food particles are stuck in my thought which causes irritation. Some times small white particles are coming out of the throat with bad smell. Some times the irritation causes cough and I get panic while I feel some thing is going into the lungs. The irritation is there from the throat to chest on the right side while breathing. Some times I suddenly wake up from the sleep and I feel something stuck in the throat. I have started snoring during this time. I have symptom of sinusitis also.I have consulted ENT. He examined the tonsil by pressing on it. But I didn't felt it when he touched on it. He is a well known ENT specialist. He said nothing wrong and prescribed some medicine for acidity as I have some burning sensation in stomach and chest. I have consulted with gastroenterologist some 8 months back as had systems of reflex and had endoscopy. But the doctor said it is just gas trouble. I am taking some homeopathy medicine now for the sinusitis and getting better. But there is no effect on tonsil. Is there a chance of having any kind of tumor? Thanks and regards,Prashanth.
Answer : Prasanth, I am glad to know that both the gastroenterologist and ENT docotr examined you and said there is nothing wrong. But I think you should go back to the ENT doctor again and probably he should also do a scope to make sure that he is not seeing any other abnormality. You are too young to develop a cancer of the throat or tonillar area. So I don't think we need to worry about cancer. But if the symptoms persists, you need to be evaluated carefully.
Question by: K
My wife had early symptoms of breast cancer in 1995( 13 years ago) and had mastecomy done. (right breast had been removed).She has under gone chemo therapy and was on tamoxifin for 5 years. She was undergoing regulAR CHECK UP FOR 11 YEARS. AND THE DOCTOR ADVISED IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR NOW TO UNDER GO ANY CHECK UP UNLESS WARRANTED BY ANY SPECIFIC REASONS. Please advise me whether I need to undergo any tests and if so the periodicity for the same.She is slightly diabetic and is feeling exhausted after a few hours hose work. (She is a house wife) Kindly give your valuable advices.Regards,K.T.GEORGE
Answer : Mr.George, I am glad to know that your wife is doing well after a breast cancer diagnosis. The chance of cancer coming back after 13 years is very low. But it is not zero. So I think it is important for her to continue to see a doctor. That does not mean that she has to see an Oncologist. She can follow up with her family doctor. The signs and symptoms to watch are, loss of weight, loss of apetite, new onset of pain, cough or breathing trouble. Also make sure that she continues to do a mammogram once a year on the other side and a doctor examines, the mastectomy site carefully to make sure no signs of recurrence. The chance of recurrence is very low at this point.
Question by: Surya
My father has taken rituxan therapy in a clinical trial for follicular lymphoma. It is said that he may not require any medicine in the next 1.5-2 years. What is the medicine that will be used next ? Will TOSITUMOBAB come to India under clinical trials by that time ? Is there any other effective medicine in case of relapse of his NHL ?
Answer : Mr.Prakash, Usually follicular lymphoma is a low grade or slow growing cancer. Overall prognosis is good. Rituxan is an effective treatment for this type of lymphoma. If he responded (tumor shrank as per the CAT scans), and he has no other symptoms (no fever, loss of weight and night sweats), it is perfectly fine to stop the treatment and watch him. Unless his lymphoma turns higg grade, or he developes any of the symptoms (as described above), he does not need treatment. But please talk to his oncologist in India.
Question by: Susan
Dear Doctor,My mother was diagnosed with IDC (left breast inner upper quadrant) Stage 1 , grade 3, ER , PR , Her-. No lymphnodes were affected.She had a lumpectomy performed in Feb and started her chemo in May. After the first dose of chemo with Docetaxel , she developed infection at the surgery site and underwent yet another procedure to remove built up fluid. This delayed the next round of chemo by 3 months. She got her second dose of chemo yesterday and should be finishing the remaining set in 3 week intervals.She was ordered 6 cycles of chemo and I am concerned of the gap between the first cycle and the 2nd- almost 3 months. Has the first cycle been rendered ineffective because of the time lapse? Should we be attempting 6 cycles all over again? Her doctor is of the opinion that she needs to finsh up with the remaining 5 cycles and does not need to repeat the first cycle.Please advice.Regards,Susan.
Answer : Susan, Looks like your mother has a stage I breast cancer. The lymph nodes are negative? The doctor recommended chemotherapy beacuse the ER/PR and her-2 were negative (triple negative)? In a stage I breast cancer, if at all we use chemo, usually we treat with 4 cycles of AC (Adriamycin+ Cytoxan) or 4 cycles of TC (Docetaxel+ Cytoxan). Stage I breast cancer has good prognosis. If she has only stage I breast cancer and the nodes are negative, she does not need 6 cycles of chemotherapy. In your mother's condition, the only indication for giving chemotherapy is the fact that she is triple negative (ER/PR/Her-2 negative). But please talk to your oncologist.
Question by: Anand
My brother is suffering from Agrresive T-Cell Lymphoma. In 2003, this was idagnozed and he was put through Checm/radiation and he was cured in 2004. He had to resign his job due to his health but he was back on road. The next 2 years and 8 months were OK but last november he was diagnozed with a growth in the abdomen - he went through chemo - they were planning for a autologous but after 3 months they discharged saying that he does not have enough blood count - he is weak - his motor functions are affected - he was on oral chemo but we had to stop because of loose motion. He is improving now in the sesnse he is able to stand up and walk - We are on alternate medicine - but he is ubale to eat anything anything he eats is not staying in the system - The last scan before discharge from vellore showed progression of disease - I have the discharge report - Can you help me 1. how we can ensure the food intake is OK 2. he has been on drips and blood / platelets off and on. He is home now but very weak - he is moody as well. Can you please help us suugest any possible treatment ? Should we take a CT ? what palliative or cure ioptions are avilable ? What is the prognosis? Thanks
Answer : Anand, I am sorry to hear about your brother. athe only curative approach for a recurrent high grade lymphoma is an autologous transplant. If your brother is too weak to have a transplant, it may be more harmful to put him through a transplant procedure. There are some other medicines he can try but may not be curative. Vellore is an excellent center. If vellore doctors do not think he has any other options, I think you should consider palliative approach, by talking to your doctors about palliative care. The doctors at vellore is the right team to make the final plan on his condition.
Question by: sureshkumar
I am a male 52yrs from paast 4 yrs my left chest (brest is swollen or larger than the right) I have regular intake of alcohal I have also had a bypass 6 yrs ago after 2yrs of my by pass I noticed this change is this because of my medication .
Answer : Mr.Suresh, This enlargement of your breast may be a condition known as Gynecomastia due to alcoholic cirrhosis. Please check with your doctor to make sure that alcoholism has not caused serious damage to your liver. That can cause enlargement of breast. Other causes include breast cancer, eventhough it is very rare. The only way it can be confirmed is by doing a biopsy.
Question by: Vinod
A sweelling at the left part of groin? What could it be?
Answer : Vinod, It could be due to many reasons. Most common cause is infection. If you have an injury to the toes or feet, it can cause painful swelling of your groin. If it is not getting better or if the pain can not be explained with an infection, it should be tested (biopsy) to rule out cancer. Usually the cancer of lymph glands ( Lymphoma) can present with a swelling of the lymph node.
Question by: shewta
Sir, I am a 16 year old girl. For the past three weeks there has been itching in my brest[left] and a dry patch has developed over there.i did apply a few creams but no respite.so should i consult a doctor? are these symptoms of breast cancer or just hypochondria?
Answer : Shewta, Itching of the nipple or dry patch could be due to dry skin or infection. It is very uncommon to have breast cancer at this age and it is not a sign or symptom of breast cancer. So I don't think you have to worry about cancer. But if it is not getting better, please talk to your doctor.
Question by: Rajan
My wife (39 years age) was suffeing from Astrocytoma GradeIII brain tumor and received only high gain radiations treatment which ended on 17th May 2005. Now she is on Eptoin 100 mg and Frisium 5mg twice a daily. She is doing all house work daily. Is there any possibility of recurrence now? Kindly reply.
Answer : Mr.Rajan, I am glad to know that your wife is doing very well only on anti seizure medicines. She is more than 3 years after the last treatment. At present she does not need any active treatment. But she should follow up with her cancer doctor regularly.
Question by: drsanthosh
HI DR JAMES,my uncle has positive test for HEPATITIS B virus since 15 years.He is 50yrs old and asymptomatic till now. What best can be done to prevent any compligation in near future.He didnot take any medicines except for some ayurvedic medicnes.Thanking you with regards.
Answer : Mr.Santhosh, Hepatitis B is the most common cause of chronic liver disease. Most of the patients the infection is self limited and our immune system will clear it. But in some patients (10%), it causes persistent infection. It is dignosed by blood tests. If a patient has Hepatitis B surface antigen that means the infection is active. If it is hepatitis B surface antibody the person is just exposed to Hepatitis B in the past. So please make sure what type of infection your uncle has. Depending upon further steps could be taken. If his body already cleared it, then we don't have to worry. If he is in the 10% of patients who develops a chronic infection, then he requires treatment by a specialist (Gastro-enterologist). Since he has no symptoms, I am assuming that his body already cleared the infection.
Question by: Aadithya
Dear Sir,My Mother aged 58, was diagnosed Cavcinoma of Body Uterus Stage - III - A in 2003.After radiation and Chemotherapy, she is , we believed fully cured. But in 2007 - she developed problems. Latest CT Pet Scan and nuclear bone scan ( May 2008) revealed as follows[ this was taken after complete course of radiation and Chemotherapy]1)Pet CT findings covxistently with metabolically active. Right pleural disease probably metastates, pleural thickening with modularity is seen in posterior aspect of coartal pleura and mediastinal pleura or right side pleural effusion in right lower zone. Air fluid level in just above the right 'dome'[ air under right dome]. Rest of the lungs are normal and clear.2)"Hot spots L5 vertebra and right 07th, 08th and 09th ribs and left 09th ribs - status quo when compared to November 2007 bone scan.3)"Neck Abodomen parts are all normal. Inj: Blocin 30mg was given into Right pleural cavity was given into Right Pleural CavityProblem: Due to pain in right side under the breast to naval portion - she is using pain killers prescribed by Pain Management Oncologist.My question:How long she should use them?Wether further Chemotheraphy can prevent the disease from further spreadingWhat is her position as of now?Are there any chances of recovery and longevity of life?What should be done?Kindly reply.With best Regards,Aadithya.M.S1-10-61, Alwal,Secunderabad - 500 010Ph: 91-40-27972188aadithya.ms@gmail.com
Answer : Adithya, I am sorry to hear about your mother's condition. Looks like the cancer has spread to different organs. Once it is spread to different organs, it is not easy to cure it. At this point, it may be better to focus on symptom control. Please talk to your doctor. He or she can help you. Your mother's oncologist should be able to give you the prognosis also.
Question by: Sudeesh
I have heard that cancer is genetic. and it seems to be true in the case i am mentioning ahead. My wife's family has had cases of such genetic cancer . My father-in -law(fighiting Lung cancer quite successfully, thanks to GEFTINAT), his father(passed away with Leukamia), his brother(passed away with Cancer of the Gall Bladder) and sister(Passed away with Breast Cancer) and now recently even my father -in laws sister's husband( no blood relation) has been diagonized with Intestine cancer. I am worried about my wife too even though there are no indications, We have been married for the past three years , we have a 2 yr old kid and we are expecting our second kid now. I would like to know of the regular tests or if a single test is available (in India, i am now in Ahmedabad , basically from Kerala) so that i can know of it earlier than later. and also what kind of a lifestyle or precaution can be taken before hand knowing pretty well that such a cancer is prevalent in their family.
Answer : Sudeesh, After reading your family history, it does not look like you have a genetic cancer in your family. All the cancers you described are of different types. We worry about genetic related cancers, if we see multiple family members with breast cancers, colon cancers, or ovarian cancer at an early age. Or if we see rare tumors at an early age. Your wife will be fine. She does not need any blood test. I read the question by your father in-law question. I could not answer that, due to technical problem. I think it is reasonable for him to try the geftinib again. But if that is not working, he should go back to Bangalore. One option is to try Cisplatin type of chemotherapy regimen again (carboplatin and taxol)or gemcitabine. Since Cisplatin worked in the past, there is a very good chance that it will work again. There are some new medicines such as (Bevacizumab) avastin or (Erlotinib) tarceva which are extremely expensive.
Question by: Urmilla
Dear Dictor,My husband has lung cancer, non-smallcell.Can you suggest any alternate treatment besides, chemo and radiation?
Answer : Urmila, Stage IIIB and IV lung cancers are treated with chemotherapy and radiation. Early stage lung cancer can be treated with surgery.
Question by: K.Mohanraju
sir, what are the symptoms that relates to cancer and upto what stage can tretment be available so that the patient can releived from the cancer
Answer : Mr.Mohanraju, Please see my answer for the previous question. The curative potential of a cancer depends upon many things. It is really important to identify a cancer early on. If we can make a diagnosis early on, the chance of curing is very high. But other important factors are the type of the cancer (lung cancer versus Lymphoma), grade of the cancer (low grade versus, high grade) and specific features in the cancer (hormones etc). All these things will play a major role in the treatment and outcome of cancers.
Question by: K
Does any form of cancer show any symptoms which can be directly attributed to it? Or can someone know in advance so that treatment can be started early?
Answer : Mr.Thimmaiah, Most common cancers in India are cancer of the mouth and lung cancer for men. For women;cancer of the uterine cervix (mouth of the uterus), breast cancer and cancer of the mouth. If a patient has, new white patches or non healing ulcers in the mouth for a long time, they should see a doctor. Persistent, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing out of blood, could be signs of lung cancer. Significant weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue should be evaluated. Difficulty in swallowing, unusual pain, or swelling should be reported to a doctor. For women, new lump in the breast, bloody, skin changes, changes in the nipple could be signs of cancer. So any of these unusual symptoms should be discussed with your family doctor. He/she can help you in making a diagnosis of cancer.
Question by: George
I chew tobacco. Since sveral months I have burning sensation in the mouth; irritation in the throat; mild persistent cough. Local ENT specialists given medicines provided temporary relief- one even hinted that I may have reached precancerous stage, prescribed some more medicines but did not say how to confirm diagnosis. My question is what should I do or how can I confirm if the symptoms I have are associated with cancer? What diagnostic prcedures are there to detect cancer? What kind of a specialist should I see? Please advice. Thank you very much. hve
Answer : Dear Mr.George, If you are still chewing tobacco. Please stop that. If you smoke, please stop that too. If your doctor suspect, a cancer or a pre-cancerous lesion, they should consider doing a biopsy. There is no medicine to heal a precancerous lesion. Probably your ENT doctor has given an anti-biotic to make sure that it is not an infection. Please go back to the same ENT doctor, so that he can take one more look to see if that is cleared. Not all changes happening in the throat are cancer. But if your doctor suspects cancer, you should undergo a biopsy as soon as possible.
Question by: joseph
I have solid growth inside the stomach, which I can feel from outside by touching. It seems like a tip of a grape. For the last 05-06 months, I am observing that it has no growth, but I have started experiencing a very slight, berable pain at some times, may be because of my frequent touching on the part. I have consulted a specialist, who advised to wait till it shows some significant growth. Sometimes, there is a hard odour from my mouth. Somewehre, I have read that the different types of odours coming out of mouth indicates some kind of disceases, even symptoms of cancer. Whether, it is true?
Answer : Mr.Joseph, It is not easy to feel a growth from stomach by feeling the from outside. If you could feel a lump most probably it is arising from the skin or muscle (superficial). If you are definitely feeling a lump and has pain, please make sure your doctor order a scan or do an endoscope (pass a tube down your mouth to stomach to take pictures). These tests will help making a diagnosis of cancer in the stomach.
Question by: Vijaya
My mother has ovarian cancer. After the 1 cycle (6 sittings of chemo) she is now diagonsed with recurrent stage. Presently her chemotherapy is scheduled on 26th May 2008. However, her HB is only 8.88 hence the doctor is recommending blood tranfusion. I believe that BT might aggrevate the situation and the rogue cells might increase. Is it true ? please respond.
Answer : Viaya, Low hemoglobin or blood cells (anemia) is a very common side effect of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy kills the cancer cells at the same time, it can kill the normal cells also. That is the reason, your mother has low blood. Blood transfusion is very common and if do transfusion after all testing for viruses it is a very safe procedure.
Question by: Sandeep
Respected Dr. Abraham,I suffered from NHL about three years back and was given R-CHOP. I have recovered fully and all my tests show that I am OK. I am not on any drug now. I have two kids aged 8 and 6 years. I wish to know:1. Is NHL a heredity disease.2. How can I make sure that my kids donot suffer from this disease.3. Is there any therapy for me to ensure that there is no reoccurance of NHL.Thanks and RegardsSandeep Kapur
Answer : Sandeep, I am glad to know that you are doing wel after treatment for NHL. R-CHOP is the standard treatment for NHL (especially for diffused large cell). It is not a hereditary type of cancer. You have not passed any genes to your kids. You should continue to see your cancer doctor. The prognosis of NHL depends on the stage, type and if there is any specific (B-) symptoms. If you are doing well and your last CT scan is fine, you don't need any more treatments.
Question by: Rao
Dear Doctor,I observed a small red patch on my glans 3-4 months back..That grew and became prominent and became little rough with red dots and like a rupture with slight infalmation also started After consulting Dermatalogist and VD they concluded this as Zune's balanitis..and gave few ointments like Betnovate and Nizoral for some time and then Mometasone Furoate ..this continued for almost 1 to 1.5 month ..now the patch almost disappeared and only slightly appearing as a red mark I have sex with only my wife ..I am married for 10 years and my only son's age is 8 ..till now we had intercourse with condoms.now in past year or so we are trying sex without condom on the safe period..i.e just after periods..Q1.How long the ointments can be used ..? because they are sedatives Will it cause issues on prolonged usage of sedatives like that for more than a couple of months.Q2.What are the problems/complications this Zune's balanitis can cause/develop in future ? are there any chances for carcinoma ? I am worried because one of my uncle expired of penis cancer Q3.How I can stop this problem re-occuring Q4. Will there be any issue with having intercourse without condom in safe period..?Is this any way related ?Q5 Do I need to get some tests done to eliminate any chance of malignancy ?Thanks
Answer : Mr.Rao, Zoon's balanitis circumscripta plasmacellularis or plasma cell balanitis (PCB) is an idiopathic, rare, benign penile dermatosis. The dignosis is made by biopsy. I hope you had a biopsy done. That will rule out cancer. If the dignosis is confirmed, it is treated with circumcision. If it is not getting better, please consult with a urologist to confirm your diagnosis.
Question by: Devassy.B.P
A male who is aged 52 is a Cancer (Pancreas) patient. He was detected as cancer patient from Appollo Hospital, Bagalore one month before. Now he is undergoing Haemotherapy (6 times)in Amala Cancer Institute, Trichur. The concerened Doctor is not mentioning the exact position of the patient. Please let us know is it curable? or in which state he is at present. What's ur advice
Answer : Mr.Devassy, If the pancreatic cancer is already spread and not possible to be removed by surgery, overall prognosis is very poor. Once it is spread to other part of the body, it is not curable.
Question by: p
Is Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia in Children curable?
Answer : In about 60-70% of children acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is curable. It depends upon many prognostic features. But in general it is curable in majority of the children.
Question by: mike
i've been a smoker for last one yr. .. i finally quit.. i used to smoke 3to4 a day.. three weeks back i got this throat irritaion n cough.. n there was blood content in my phlegm.. it lasted for two days.. the throat infection went after two weeks.. is ther any chance that this is cancer..
Answer : Mike, I am very glad to know that you don't smoke any more. Your symptoms are more suggestive of upper respiratory infection, rather than cancer (which is more common than cancer). But if the symptoms are not getting better, you should talk to a doctor.
Question by: ANITA
1.Biopsy report dtd: 10.03.2008: Grade II adenocarcinoma, pylorus, infiltrating the whole thickness of tissue sampled.2.ALpha Feto Protein (AFP) 148 ng/ml on 09.03.2008. 3. Whole body Pet CT SCan report dtd: 11.03.2008: Multiple heterogeneously enhacing mass lesions are seen throughout the lever.
Answer : Anita, Could you please send me little more information, the age, sex of the patient? How she or he is doing otherwise? Any weight loss, pain, jaundice etc. If the cancer is spread to the liver, the primary mode of treatment is chemotherapy. Gastric cancer is not a very chemotherapy sensitive disease. If you can send me more information, I could be little more specific.
Question by: Sippy
Sir, thanks for providing a platform to put forward our queries. My query is that - i am a male of 25 yrs of age. i am having small swelling of measurement 5 cm x 5cm in my head(above neck), right behind my left eye since last 03 years and it is stable without any change. it gives sensation and light pain off and on. also i experience headache in the left half of my head.i got it's X-ray done 02 years back and doctor found Within Normal Limit with no abnormality.there are no other smyptoms of my being unhealthy. there is no record of having anykind of cancer of tumor in respect of my parents and grand parents.i m curious to know whether it may be dangerous for me. somewhere i read that there is a kind of eye tumor which occures just behind an eye. sir,can you please tell me what it may be? how can i find out wheter it is a serious matter or not. on which symptoms i should on watch andwhich med tests i should undergo to find out what it is?
Answer : Sippy, If there is a definite swelling of 5 cm in size, you should talk to an ENT doctor. We worry about cancer, if it is growing, causing any other symptoms such as hearing, visual problems, headache etc. So it is reasonable to see an ENT doctor and make sure your condition.
Question by: M
Dear Doctor,Iam 50years old and my date of birth is 03-10-1957.Presently Iam working southern railways as EXCECUTIVE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER IN AN ELECTRIFICATION PROJECT.MY PROBLEMI Used to get heavy headache right from my childhood,ie from around 10th age onwards .But during Feb 2003,it became almost 24 hours pain with vomiting. CT brain was taken found brain tumour of heavy mass lesion with middle line shift.. Underwent right temporal and radical excision of the lesion in the month of FEB2003 , diagonised as anaplastic astrocytoma Grade III, Followed with radiation and chemotherapy 6cycles. Medical check up followed with a frequency 6months. Again in dec 2005 found recurring with same mass lesion. Underwent right temporal recarniotomy radical excision of the lesion on 23-12-05,followed by concurrent chemo radiation with 100mg glioten capsules for 30 sittings.,followed by oral chemotherapy with T glioten 300mg,medical checkup 4monthly.Again during medical checkup in the month of OCT 2007, it was observed recurrence RT. Temporal glioblastoma multiforme 6.5cm.Reconfirmed by MRI CONTRAST 3.5CM thick mass lesion.NOW MY ONCOLOGIST ADVISED ME TO GO FOR AN ADVANCED TREATMENT CALLED "COROTA" STILL UNDER TRIAL.Hence Iam looking foreward for your kind reply to take a decision at this critical juncture M JOHN JUSTINE
Answer : Dear Mr. John, I am glad that you did so well for many years. As your doctor might have told you, that GBM is an agressive tumor. You and your oncologists are doing an excellent job. I am not familiar with Corota. Recent studies have shown that CPT -11 and Bevacizumab have excellent activity in patients with GBM. The clinical trials are ongoing. If you/your doctor can get Bevacizumab (avastin), that is a reasonable option. It is an extremely expensive treatment option, even as per the U.S. standards.
Question by: Farida
Six years ago I was diagonised with TB of the lymph gland. after nine months of anti-TB medications the gland did not reduce in size and so after a gap of less than a year the lymph gland was removed and the pathologist report again stated TB infection present. 14 months of anti-TB medicines and 60 injections of Streptomicin was administered. No other investigation was done after this.Now for over a year there is a swelling below the index figure on my left palm. I assumed it was a harmless ganglion. But till date the swelling has not subsided and nor is there any pain.Since my TB treatment period I have become weak, anaemic accompanied by lack of appetite, loss of hair and dry skin.Is the swelling on my hand related to my previous infection. What should I do now.Thanking you.Farida
Answer : Farida, I don't think any of your problems are due to any cancer. Please talk to a T.B expert about this. Make sure the T.B is treated appropriately.
Question by: rahul
i drink and i smoke but in limit drink 2 times in a week and smoke 2 or 3 cig in a day. is this is harmful for health.
Answer : Rahul, Smoking and drinking are major causes of cancer. Smoking can increase the chance of cancer in the mouth or head and neck, lung, esophagus, stomach, bladder. Drinking can increase the chance of stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer etc. I don't understand why people spent money and buy cancer and heart disease.
Question by: M.K.
What are the symptoms of the cancer? Is it curable
Answer : Signs and symptom of cancers are many. Weight loss, bleeding, worsening pain, non-healing wounds, persistent cough, breathing trouble, coughing out of blood or vomiting blood, fever without a cause etc. Cancer is a very broad term. It includes, hundreds of different diagnosis. Some cancers are curable and some are treatable. Some cancers are fatal. So it depends on the type of cancer, stage etc. Cancer is not just one diagnosis.
Question by: Mazumdar.V.H.Rao
Dear Sir,After hysterectomy operation in April 200, my wife was diagnosed for carcinoma of Body Uterus Grade - II Stage III - A. Tumor present on the surface of ovaries.She received pelvic irradiation and 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Afterwards she was well and attended office duties also. In April-May 2007 she developed cough, difficulty in breathing, pain in the ribs and low back pain. Investigation, X-rays, U/S scans, Nuclear bone scans showed secondary's in the right 7th , 8th and 9th and left 9th ribs posteriors and L5 vertebrae and lung metastatic Lot of plural liquid was taken out from lungs and these reports showed negative for malignancy.Local radiation to the affected bones was given for 22 days (June - July 2007) and later 9 cycles of Chemotherapy till February 2008. She has been administered among several other drugs like Altoxol, Mitotax, Carbokem, Blazetere etc, Doxorubicin Hydrochloride( pegylated Liposomal - Brand name Caclyx) - which is very expensive for us( 1 vial - Rs. 45,000 INR).Recent X-rays, Pet CT scans gave the impression that lungs are clear and normal and "Hot spots L5 Vertebra and in above mentioned ribs - status.quo compared to the scan from November 2007. Her WBC/RBC/Platelet counts are normal now.Though she is better now and moving around, she is complaining about severe pain from waist downwards till knees in the right leg and exuberant pain in the ribs in right hand side. She is using pain killers.Sir,My query is whether she has received right treatment and any remedy for pain in the ribs and leg and what are the chances of prolonging life span or survival, what precautions should be taken.Thank you,Yours sincerely,MAZ.(Mazumdar. V.H. Rao,1-10-61, Alwal,Secunderabad, A.P,India.Ph-91-40-27972188)
Answer : Mr.Mazumdar, The treatments your wife recieved are within the guidelines of treatment for uterine cancer. The pain in her legs could be due to neuropathy (nerve changes) from some of the chemotherapy. That is a very common side effect. Usually that will get better. It is very hard for me to talk about specific prognosis and life expectancy in this format. Please talk to your doctor about it.
Question by: Mr
28th March,2008Dear Dr JameMy family is Cancer prone. My great grand mother ( from mother side ) died of intestine cancer before my birth ( I am a 67 years male ). My mother died of liver cancer (turned into fatal jaundice ) about 40 years ago. My youngest brother died at the age of 34 years due to carcinoma of glands in right arm. My elder sister was detected breast cancer about six years ago but has fortunately recovered after treatment and is doing fine now. My wife, aged 60 years, was detected breast cancer (Left ) four years ago and is under treatment and is doing fine now. I would like to know that what are the test you would suggest my children ( two sons and one daughter ) should under go to detect if they have any early symptom of cancer or take some preventive treatment to ensure that they are not affected with any type of cancer in future..Shall appreciate your suggestion please. ThanksSender : Mr S. N. SinhaJamshedpur, INDIA 657-2302584
Answer : Dear Mr.Sinha, Looks like your family has different types of cancer. When we see multiple family members with clusters of similar cancers, such as breast or ovarian cancer (BRCA gene) or multiple family members with colon, stomach or intestinal (FAP gene or HNPCC gene) cancers we talk to them about getting genetic testing. From your mail, your history is not fitting a picture of a familial cancer pattern. But it is worth exploring this by talking to a cancer doctor who handles genetic cancers in your area. But we have limited control on our genes. Many cancers are due to our life styles. We can control our life styles. Smoking, excercise, diet etc are major life style factors. Screening for common cancers are important steps of cancer prevention. You should consider screening for colon cancer (colonoscope- after the age of 50), Prostate cancer screening (PSA). For women screening mammogram after the age of 40 and Papsmear from the age of 18 are important steps of cancer prevention. Still smoking is the number one cause of cancer in India and all over the world.
Question by: Ajay
Dear Sir,My nephew is 2.5 years old and diagnosed Retinoblastoma in both eyes (Group E in left eye and Group B in right eye). Operated procedure done:- Examination of both eye held on Dec-07 at Shankar Netralaya (Chennai)which is as follows-1) TCC ILO- For Right Eye2) ENUCLEATION BALL IMPLANT- For Left Eye. Intially recommened six cycle of Cheamo for Right Eye- Abt to be finished in April-08 (All Six Cycle)According to Dr. the vision in Right Eye is fine but I wish to know is there any chance of Transplant for Left Eye bcz acc to Shankar Netralaya (Chennai)transplant for Left Eye is not possible. And also what are the chances of recovery of the Right Eye after the Cheamo.Plz revert back with your kind suggestion.If soft copy of any clinical reports are required then same can be send to you through mail.Regards,Ajay Srivastava
Answer : Dear Mr.Ajay, Thank you for your mail. I am sorry to hear about your nephew. I know that it is very hard to watch a little baby going through the treatment for cancer. Sankar Netralaya is an excellent place for the treatment of this condition. Please follow the advice from the doctors at Sankar Netralaya. Couple of points, when we see bilateral retinoblastoma, we talk to our patients about genetic counseling and genetic testing. 40% of the time, it could be due to an abnormal gene. If it is a genetic disease, it can lead to other cancers such as pineal cancer or other intracranial neoplasms. Please talk to your doctor about the genetic testing. All siblings of the patient should be tested and followed very closely by an expert in retinoblastoma also. Watching for a second malignancy is very important in the long term follow up of patients with retinoblastoma. Please see the website below www.cancer.gov and http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/retinoblastoma/patient
Question by: Saji
There is a cyst in my left kidney.Once when I took the antibiotic 'Augmentin'after consuming brandy in a party,blood colour came in my urine,which lasted for 7 days.This was two years ago.I consulted 4 doctors in very reputed hospitals after doing CT scan,and two of them asked me to ignore and two of them asked me to do a surgery telling that this cyst could be malignant and there is no way we can do biopsy.This was two years back and I have opted not to do surgery.Very ofter I get light pain in the lower abdomen near kidney area and it is giving me fear.Ultrasound follow up of mine show no growth of cyst in the last 2 years,but the latest ones showing some wall calcification.Please suggest me some screening test and request for your advise.Saji
Answer : Dear Saji, Blood in the urine can be due to many things. Stones or benign growth is a common cause. Cancer is another cause of blood in the urine. Usually cysts will not cause bleed, unless the cyst is ruptured. For you the good news is, that you are not having anymore bleeding now. If you continue to have pain and bleeding, you should re-consult a urologist and ask for further explanation for the bleeding.
Question by: Nisha
Hi Sir, My question is regarding phytoestrogens. Food items like wheat, vegetables etc increase phytoestrogens in the body which act like estrogens. Will it be of any risk in increasing cancers related to estrogen?
Answer : Nisha, Phytoestrogens are plant derived estrogens. They are supposed to be more complex products. The role of phytoestrogens in breast cancer is not clear. Some studies showed a protective effect. It is well known that Asian diet has high amount of phytoestrogen. One of the hypothesis for decreased incidence of breast cancer in Asia is consumption of phytoestrogen containing food. But most of the studies are inconclusive. So the recommendation is it is ok to consume phytoestrogens in moderate amount. Excessive intake of phytoestrogen is not recommended.
Question by: Steve
Cancer is it cureable and is it herediary disease
Answer : Steve, The term cancer includes hundredes of different diagnosis. It depends upon what is the type of cancer, what is the stage, age of the patient, other medical problems etc. Some of the early stage cancers are curable. Like most of the chronic diseases, not all cancers are curable. We don't cure, high blood pressure or diabetes also. Some cancers are hereditary. If multiple family members are diagnosed with cancer at an early age, we worry about abnormal genes.
Question by: K
Respected Dr Jame Abraham,My son Sai Kiran was diagnoised as Hodgkins Lymphoma -Stage-I. He was treated early with Chemotherapy. Now he is fine and going to school.Please let me know the recurance and what type of preacuations to be taken to avoid completely. I am grateful to you if you could give me the your expert advice and views.Thank you Very muchMy Mail ID: k_r_chary@yahoo.comK Rama Chary
Answer : Dear Mr.Ramachary, Hodgkins Lymphoma is a curable disease, especially an early stage disease. More than 90% of the patients with early stage HL will have a long term durable remission. If your son had an excellent response to treatment and has no lymphoma as per the latest scan it is very good news. I am sure he will do fine. But make sure you take your son to an oncologist regularly for a check up.
Question by: akhila
a family member-male,55 years of age was diagnosed with mesenchymal chondrosarcoma.the tumour weighing about 650 grams was detected in his left thigh.he was operated and the tumour was successfully removed. later on he's been advised 30 sittings of radiotherapy and is undergoing treatment.along with this he's also being given chemotherapy on a parallel basis weekly once.the patient has been responding very well to the treatment. my queries are:1> what is the nature of his case2>what are the chances of recovery3>since doctors have confirmed its in the advanced stage, is this curable4>are there chances of the disease revoking again after the treatment it would be very kind of you if you provided more details regarding the same. thank you
Answer : Akhila, 1> what is the nature of his case Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma is a very rare form of cancer invloving the cartilage. It is more agreesive on initial presentation. 2>what are the chances of recovery If he is responding well to treatment now, he has a very good chance of recovery. 3>since doctors have confirmed its in the advanced stage, is this curable. If it is in advanced stage, it may not be easy to cure. But I am sure your doctors can answer this question better than me. He should be seen by a sarcoma specialist. 4>are there chances of the disease revoking again after the treatment. Sometimes you can see this recurring even after having a good response early on. It is a tough disease to treat. But there are many new treatments in available or being tested. A sarcoma specilist who understands the molecular nature of the disease can guide him through the treatment. Please look for clinical trials with new targeted agents also.
Question by: Dharmendra
Dear sir,I am an international student from India. I have completed my B.Pharm from university of Delhi, India. I am highly interested in doing research in cancer biology under your guidance. I ahve taken GRE and Toefl and my scores are 1070 and 240 respectively.Kindly tell me how should i go about it.Thanking You.Regards,Dharmendra KumarB.PharmaUniversity of Delhi.
Answer : Dharmendra, I am not sure how a B.Pharm student can pursue a career in cancer biology. You should look for further training in pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmaco genomics etc.
Question by: DEBABRATA
My mother, 68, has developed skin cancer, a black patch on her forehead, for the last eighteen ( 18 ) years which is of course painless but at some stage the black mark had shown slight liquid discharges. After recent punch biopsy from her forehead, it is diagnosed as " consistent with basal cell carcinoma, superficial type ." It is also said by a dermatologist and an oncologist that it is local and does tend to spread out as well as it has not yet penetrated the bone. A small surgery is advised accordingly. Where it be best treated in India ? Or what could the after affects of such surgery ? We are confused and tensed. So we solicit for your expert opinion and suggestions.With warm regards,Yours truly,D. ChakrabortiCalcutta9903066242 / d.chakraborti@rediffmail.com
Answer : Mr.Chakraborti, In general, basal carcinoma of the skin is not a life threatening condition. The prognosis and treatment depends upon the specific pathology, stage etc. Your oncologist can explain that further to you. Mohs micrographic surgery has the highest 5-year cure rates for surgical treatment of both primary (96%) and recurrent (90%) tumors. This method uses microscopic control to evaluate the extent of tumor invasion. Other options include, Simple excision with frozen or permanent sectioning for margin evaluation, Electrodesiccation and curettage, Cryosurgery etc. If you go to any good cancer center with knowledge about above procedures should be able to help your mother. I don't think you need to worry too much about it.
Question by: Littu
Hello Sir,I have a lot to ask about cancer and its spreadings. firstly, is it a hereditary decease. Because our's is a big story. My father has five brothers and one sister. They all has thyroid problums except one and four out of thyroid problum is cancer affected. And about my fathers condition, we removed his throid gland on 1997 and he had undergone some radio iodine and radiation treatments. And suddenly on this last february his both legs got paralized due to some developments in the spine. We done one operation on the spote and still he is not recovered and its geeting worst day by day. Now doctors are priscribing only pain killers for him.The other story, one of his brother, he is doing business in Kerala, had thyroid problums and doctors are very confident that it will not be a cancer thyroid . So we didnt removed the gland for last four years. But last week when he undergone his regular check up, we thought we will ask the doctor to remove the gland and we consulted one surgen and he did the operaion. When he opened for surgery he saw its spreaded to limphinode and its touching one vein passing to hand and onevein passing to brain. So we are waiting for the results to come for the further cunsultations.So, sir this is the treatment situatios here in kerala. Could you please advice me how i can proceed.
Answer : Dear Littu, Your family has a rare disorder known as familial papillary thyroid cancer. It is not a well studied entity. Usually familal cancers are due to very spcific genetic abnormality. But familial papillary thyroid cancer is not due to any specific genetic mutations. It can be due to many different genetic mutations. But it is a real entity, your family members have to undergo regular check up, which includes thyroid examination, blood tests and ultrasound of the thyroid. This has to be done by a surgeon or an endocrinologist who is familiar with familial papillary thyroid cancer.
Question by: rita
what is the cause of cervical cancer-how do one get it
Answer : Rita, Cervical cancer can be due to many factors. The major cause of cervical cancer is a viral infection known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It can be sexually transmitted. Other causes include, multiple deliveries, poor perinatal care, poor socio-economic status, multiple sexual partners, smoking etc. It is one of the most preventable cancers. Pap smear is an important screening test to make an early diagnosis of cervical cancer. This test can clearly decrease the chance more advanced forms of cervical cancer. So it is important for women of sexually active age to undergo pap test. Please talk to your doctor about it. There is a new vaccine approved against HPV infection. This is the first vaccine found to prevent any type of cancer (cervical cancer). So it is imporant for a patient to talk to her doctor about HPV vaccine.
Question by: Dr
Sir, My brother (27 yr old male) had a two week history of pain in left hip region and taking x-ray there was a lytic lesion with surrounding sclerosis at greater trochanter. On ct guided biopsy there was no diagnostic cells. As radiographic pictures suggested giant cell tumor, open surgery with curettage and bone grafting done.On histopathological examination it turned out to be CHONDROBLASTOMA with few few benign looking giant cells. (1)Whether chondroblastoma and giant cell tumor co- exist?(2)Is there a chance that it recur as giant cell tumor or any show any malignant transformation? (3)All orthopaedicians have the opinion that nothing more to be done as treatment. How shall we follow up? (4) How often the follow up should be done?
Answer : Dr.Suman, Looks like your brother is treated as per the standard recommedations. But I will make sure that the pathology is reviewed by a pathologist who specilizes in bone/sarcoma pathology. I know that Tata Memorial and Vellore have pathologists who are specialized in sarcoma/bone pathology. I am sure there are experts in AIIMS and other cancer centers also. Please talk to them and send the slides to them for a second opinion. Chemotherapy and radiation have limited role in the treatment of chondroblastoma. There is about 10-15% chance of recurrence. Because of that there should be once in 3-6 months history and physical examination, X-rays and other radiological tests as necessary.
Question by: sulaiman
Answer : Narayanan, Please talk to your cardiologist. Not taking medicines, which are recommended by your cardiologist is not a good idea. You have to be careful.
Question by: S.Gopinath
I am 57 years old and a non-smoker. Would you be kind enough to inform me what are the indications/symptoms that indicate any form of cancer? Are there any preventive tests to diagonise this decease?
Answer : Gopinath, I am glad that you are a non smoker. The signs and symptoms of cancer are not specific. It could be weight loss, lack of appetite, lumps and bumps in the neck or under the arm, blood in the stool, prolonged cough, breathing trouble, chest pain, new onset of pain, not getting better with conventional medicines, ulcer which is not healing etc. In general screening guidelines are not widely used in India. But at the age of 57 and otherwise you are not having any symptoms you could be considered for colon cancer screening (stool for blood, or colonoscopy), prostate cancer screening (blood PSA test, rectal examination). These are the guidelines from American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org)
Question by: gurninder
sirOne of my uncle has been operated twice-first for Prostate Gland Enlargement and then for malign (cancerous) element.He is 64 and some post operation medication is being in process for sometime. Kindly advise as to what safety measures he should takeThank you
Answer : Gurminder, If your uncle has prostate cancer he should be following with a urologist or an oncologist regularly. The treatment of prostate cancer depends on the stage, grade, type etc. Please make sure that your uncle understand these factors and follow up with a doctor.
Question by: vijay
Please give advice how to identify cancer in early stage and what are all the facts causing cancer? Thanks in advance
Answer : Vijay, Please my previous responses to similar questions. But smoking is the number one cause of cancer.
Question by: E.
How can I get rid of my fungus on my head?
Answer : Joseph, Please talk to your dermatologist, not a cancer doctor.
Question by: Mayura
My mom aged 65 years underwent a hysterectomy last year as she had a malignant tumor (mullerian sarcoma) in the uterus. Her ovaries were also removed as they were affected as well.She has undergone 6 sessions of chemotherapy. She has recovered well and goes about her normal day-to-day activities.We have now started painting our house (where my mom lives with us). I want to know whether the smell and odour of paint is toxic for her and detrimental to her health condition. I would greatly appreciate a response from you.
Answer : Mayura, I am glad your mother is doing well. Smell of the paint is not going to affect your mother adversly.
Question by: Elsie
My mother has got operated for breast C/A but she is not cured since then.She took both Chemotherapy and Radiation. But nothing good has happened to her Both her legs are not working. She cannot walk. It looks as if she has got paralysed. According to the Doctor the it has carried out to the bones. Three of the vertebraes has got fractured. She is completely in bed wearing taylor's brace. Dr. has given her a life upto 1 year. I want to know whether there is any chance for her to live longer? Will she be able to walk or even sit? Can she be cured totally? Please give us a better guidance because the doctors are misguiding us and wasting all our money.
Answer : Elsie, I am sorry to hear about your mother. Advanced cancer is a tough disease. It is no body's fault, not yours, not your mother's or your doctor's. But I can clearly understand, why you are very upset and sad. Looks like your mother had cancer involvement of the spinal cord (secondaries from breast cancer). Radiation therapy is the primary mode of treatment in such situation, if that is not tried you could consider that. When cancer is gone to the bone, we usually use pamidronate or zolondronate, I am sure your doctor already talked about it. Please talk to your doctor. Again, he is the best judge at this point. If you and your mother's doctor are not agreeing, probably you should find another doctor whom you can work with. At some point, none of the chemotherapies or medicines may not not work. That is the time, we think about palliative care. That is an important part of treatment. Please talk to your doctor. I wish you all the best.
Question by: neerja
Thankyou sir, For your timely and valuable advice
Answer : Neerja, Your welcome. Hope you are doing well after surgery.
Question by: Smitha
Respected Sir,My uncle is suffering from Ca prostate with multiple secondaries in the lungs. He has recieved 1 dose for chemotherapy for his lung secondaries. At present he is on continous nasal oxygen, 6th hourly nebulisation but still not completely asymptomatic what further treatment do you suggest and what is his prognosis
Answer : Smitha, I am sorry to hear about your uncle. Prostate cancer gone to other organs can be a tough disease to treat. Prostate cancer in general treated with hormonal therapies followed by chemotherapy. But it is not highly sensitive for chemotherapy medicines.
Question by: SURESH
Dear Doctor,I am 34 years old male, indian. For the last 15 years i used to chew Pan(Zarda)and also khaini and occassionaly cigarette. Now also i am taking it but i am worried that whether i will get or have mouth cancer. I want to leave all these, tried but can't. Please help to know whether i have and also suggent me to leave this habit.Yours : Suresh
Answer : Suresh, Life style, smoking and chewing play major role in cancer. Many of the cancers result from smoking and chewing, such as cancer of the mouth, head and neck, lung, esophageal etc, are not easily curable. Please stop smoking and chewing. Talk to your family doctor, he may be able to recommend you some tobacco cessation programs in your community.
Question by: Vidya
I have a mole like growth on the left hand. It is NOT a birth mark. It appeared a few months ago but has not increased in size ever since. Do I have it checked?
Answer : Vidya, Any new moles, if it is changing in size, itching, bleeding etc. it is good to be checked by a dermatologist.
Question by: anand
Dr i am affected with cml and this was detected a year back with thee resulta of blood tests. I started taking Immatinib -400 mg daily and after three months the count was within the limits. after that the count started reducing and the doctor advised to take 200mg daily.with this dosage it was fine for the past 8 months. But th last two months i was advised by the doctor to take back the 400 mg dosage as the dna testing showed not much improvement in remission but only count i under control.after having 400 mg daily for a month my WBC went to 3000 so the doctor advised to stop it for a month. kindly give your guidance regarding the following1.dosage to be taken daily?2.if the WBC falls down in count can we stop/reduce the dosage?3.is there any medicines which will improve my remissions along with control in wbc count?looking forward for your valuable reply
Answer : Anand, I will leave final recommendation to your doctor who is seeing you every time. The dose of Glivec is 400 mg to 600 mg daily. Usually the disease is not moniotred by just looking at the white blood counts and I don't do dose adjustments only based on WBC. Molecular testing should be followed very carefully to make sure the disease status. If at any point the doctor is convinced that the glivec is not working, the other options are dasatinib and nilotinib. www.cancer.gov, www.cancer.org, www.nccn.org and www.oncostat.com will give you more information about cancer treatment. But talk to your oncologist he will be the best judge at this point.
Question by: manoj
what is the couse of cancer.how can prevent the cancer
Answer : Manoj, Cancer is due to many different reasons (multifactorial). Environment, life style and our genes play a major role in cancer. Smoking, certain infections (hepatitis-liver cancer, papilloma virus-cancer of the mouth of the uterus(ca cervix), H. Pylori -stomach cancer etc.), obesity, lack of physical activity play a major role. But one of the most important factor is ourown genes. An interaction between genes and environmental/lifestyle factors stimulates the cancer. To prevent cancer: stop smoking, stop smoking, stop smoking.... Be active, low fat diet, avoid certain infections (if possible).
Question by: maninder
I do have white marks or white skin inside my mouth on right side, perhaps by eating gutka i.e. pan masala etc.I had left eating gutke for a minth but started again, how ever during this month there no relief was there from the marks except that while taking food during that period i never felt the pain of chilly burning at that place , but now i do since I have started re consuming gutka,plz advicew what to do and what is the cure ?Is it cancer or I am going to develop cancer ?
Answer : Maninder, White patches in the mouth, which is persistent can be an early signs of mouth cancer. You have to stop eating pan masala and see a dentist soon. He/she should do a biopsy to make sure that it is not early signs of cancer.
Question by: rtn
dear dr, i am the chairman for ca awareness programme for rotary dist 3200.[wich has got nearly 280 clubs]can you guide me for this programme effectively. dr.t.g.r
Answer : I really comment on your effort to raise awareness about cancer. As you are mentioning, prevention and early detection are the most important key for an effective treatment for cancer. World Health Organization and UICC have many programs for community out reach. I am sure, if you partner with a local cancer center they can provide screening and medical support also. Good job! and all the best for your campaign.
Question by: lidia
I had two axillarylymphnoids(fibric cyst)in right breast.I didnt take any biopsy.But i had pain in breast.Done hysteractomy full before 6 years having 42years now.
Answer : Lidia, You should see your doctor as soon as possible. You will not develop axillary lymph nodes with fibrocystic disease. It is better to make sure, that it is not an infection or cancer.
Question by: Jiji
Is there any sort of test to detect cancer at the very intial stage or to predict that this person has chance to get cancer.
Answer : Jiji, There is not one test for all cancers. In the west, there is age specific screening recommendations. All should be tested for colon cancer at the age of 50, mammogram for women at the age 50 etc, pap smear for all women of child bearing age etc. But India, in general is slow in adopting universal screening guidelines.
Question by: jayaraj
Dear Doctor,I am 41 years old and started smoking at the age of 16 . Now I quit smoking after my mother died beacause of rectum cancer( so I have seen the other cancer patients pain) even my father also smoke up to the age of 60- 61 - now he is 75, Which test can prove that if I have a chance of getting cancer?What are the precautions I can take ( food/ med etc)Common symptoms for early stage?Right now I quit smoking but how I can prevent from the addiction again and if there is any drug/ food to clear bad toxins from the blood?Thanks doctor, awaiting your advise.RgdsJayaraj
Answer : Jayaraj, As I mentioned in many of my previous answers, if I can do one thing by answering these questions from the U.S, that is to make people aware of the risks of smoking. I really comment you for stop smoking. That is the best thing you could have done for yourself and your family. If you made up your mind and you have the will power, you don't need any other medicines at this point. Most common cancers in smokers are lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, voice box, neck, esophagus (food pipe) stomach, bladder etc. If you have any specific complaints, please talk to your doctor.
Question by: Shaji.T
I would like to know the latest treatment methods for CML. The patient taking Glivec (Imatinib) tablets 400mg everyday. Now the blood test results are within the limits. 1 years back when the diesease found out and RT-PCR test was done and the value was 12.6 then after 6 months after started the Glivec tablets again RT-PCR was done and the value was only 0.16 and 6 months back once more RT-PCR done and waiting for the result. The Doctor said the value will be 0.08 then nothing to worry. The patient has only 1 sibling and their Bonemarrow cross matching was taken but not matching for bonemarrow transplatation. Could you please tell the Glivec can be a better treatment at this juncture? What is the success rate for this? Is this is the best option for CML now-a-days?
Answer : Shaji, After Glivec (imatinib) was introduced, that is the current standard of treatment for a patient with CML. Some patients with matched donors are still considered for an allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. But at this point, glivec is the least toxic treatment, which has the highest success rate. As you may be aware, there are two drugs approved by the U.S.FDA, for patients who failed glivec (dasatinib and nilotinib). There are many other drugs in the pipeline. I am sure you will do fine. I have many patients going more than 5-6 years on Glivec now.
Question by: neerja
Hello Doctor. I an CA breast patient and undergone a course of chemo. My surgery is due on 12th November 2007. After Breast removal, my friends told me about reconstruction of the same and my doctor also told me that it can be done. My question is , whether there is any chance of reoccurance of cancer cells if we reconstruct. What in your view is good. To reconstruct or not to reconstruct. Please give me your valuable advice , so that I can take a decision by 9th Novemeber
Answer : Neerja, Eearly stage breast cancer is potentially curable. So please ask your doctor about the stage of your cancer, ER/PR, Her-2 neu status, grade of the tumor, tumor size and lymph node status. If the tumor is stage I or stage IIA, usually I recommend immediate reconstruction. If it is stge IIB, III, then it is better to do delayed reconstruction, means after chemotherapy, radiation etc. So please talk to your doctor about the above prognostic features.
Question by: Nisha
Hello Sir,In spite of being a pure vergeterian and not having any bad or unhealthy habits, one of my friends's father passed away due to colon cancer recently.How does one get cancer? Can it be prevented at all? How can it be detected in early stages? I have heard that it cannot be recognized in the early stages and if we get it once there is always a chance of getting it again even after it is cured. I have also seen it happening to many people.
Answer : Nisha, Our diet, lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, excercise etc.), and environment play a major role in cancer. But our genetic make is critical. Cancer happens when a person's genes interract with external factors. There are many infections which can cause cancer, such as H.Pylor infection (stomach cancer), hepatitis B/C infection (liver cancer), HPV infection (cervical cancer) In addiiton to these factors, if a person has an abnormal gene that can cause cancer also (such as colon cancer, breast cancer etc.). So cancer is due to multiple factors. Majority of the common cancers can be prevented by an improved life style. By conscious effort from an individuals, government and society we can cut down common cancers by 30-50%. But not all cancers can be prevented. It is important to follow screeing guidelines. Women should do self breast examination, screening mammogram when they are over 50 years old, both men and women should consider colon screening examinations, Pap smear for women is important. These are some examples of early detection. In addition to that early warning signs should not be ignored also. This is an important question.
Question by: Mathew
Ca breast detected 1yr.ago partial mastectomy and chemo taken,now mtastases in lungs,E/R,P/R,Hercept negative what to do now?
Answer : Mr.Mathew, If ER/PR and Her-2 neu are negative, the best options are chemotherapy. There are many chemotherapy choices, such as paclitaxel, docetaxel, capecitabine, gemcitabine, navelbine etc. I am sure your oncologist can guide you in this regard. Avastin is a new targeted therapy used in clinical trials. It is very effective. But the U.S. FDA has not approved avastin for breast cancer yet.
Question by: alivia
I got a lump in my breast and according to the surgeon took mamography and FNAc for which the result was benign finding and as suggested by the surgeon did a surgery to remove the lump. Afte surgery, the biopsy result was CA Brest(left). Then I saw oncologist and they suggested chemo and then a surgery(removal of Breast)and after surgery a dose of chemo again. After taking all the test , the doctor told me that if I had not done the surgery of lump removal, then probablt removal of Breast could have been avoided. Is it so? Am I moving in the right Direction
Answer : Mina, Let me say, in general breast cancer patients have good outcome. If the tumor is large (more than 3 -5 cm), I recommend chemotherapy before surgery. By doing chemotherapy before surgey, you increase your chance of lumpectomy (just removing the cancer only; not removing the entire breast). Sometimes, after surgery we will continue with 4 more cycles of chemotherapy (depending upon the regimens). After lumpectomy you should go for radiation therapy. www.oncologystat.com and www.Cancer.gov can give you more information.
Question by: Remya
Hello Doctor, This question is on behalf of my mother, who is 55. She had her first cancer detected in 1998 in the Uterus. It was operated and uterus was removed. She was fine for the next 2 yrs. Then cancer returned and affected Colon and nearby areas 3 more times. She had undergone chemotherapy for 6 months each time she had cancer and everytime the results were positive. But last time just 3 months after completing medication, the cancer returned. She has been prescribed "Lipodox" and has taken 3 courses (out of 6 - 1 injection per 28 days) as of now. She is still suffering from backpain and is taking another prescribed drug "Tramazac" as a painkiller. The question is, are these treatments good enough and will it be able to completely eliminate the disease? I live in the US (Newyork) and was thinking of bringing her here for treatment. Do we have any better options here in US?
Answer : Remya, Most of the chemotherapy we use in the US are available in India also. If your mother is being taken care by a good medical oncologist, he/she can give you a good idea of what treatment she had so far and what is available. But in general oncology care in India is excellent.
Question by: kta.nasar
Dear Dr.,Iam a Keralite, and presently working in Oman. The subject is this, in my native place(Malappuram Dt. of Kerala state)so many people are suffering from different kinds of cancer!! more than other states. May be in India only the place people suffering these much from cancer. Why like this, and what the reason only in Malappuram Dt people suffering from cancer more than other states? There is any study regarding this subject and the percentage of the patients in Malappuram Dt..I put this subject before you and your council. Expecting details reply only after study about this.Best regardsNasar KT>
Answer : Nasar, I am really interested in your concerns. I am not aware of any data that Malappuram district has very high incidence of cancer. Please contact the community medicine department of your nearest medical college (Calicut Medical Collge) Usually we see increased incidence if there is any factory which emits cancer producing chemicals, or unusually high radiation etc. Most of the time, it can be because of an increased level of perception from our part also.
Question by: G.R.
Sir,I am suffering from renal cell metastasis.Is there any cure for this?
Answer : Please see my answer for a previous question.
Question by: shfeela
late stage lung cancer .lapping fluid secretion from the lungs not stopping , lungs compressed, blood staines in the fluid,supplment blood given. what is your opinion and better treatment?
Answer : Prognosis of late stage lung cancer is very poor. Supportive care is the best treatment option.
Question by: haripradeep
I am an NHL MCL patient taking treatment from RCC, Trivandrum since 2002. The desease have been relapsed 4times. I have taken only chemotherapy CHOP, DHAP and EPOCH. EPOCH 6 cycles have been completed on 19th Sept.My doctor has been advised me that if desease in remssion we plan for PBSCT. I would like to know your opinion on this. especially the success rate of MCL patients.
Answer : Hari, Stem cell transplant is a very good option for you, especially if any of the chemotherapy combinations can give you an excellent response. Rituximab with chemotherapy combinations are highly successful. Please go to a large center with transplant experience.
Question by: S.Ali
one of my friends is affected with Cancer in his lungs. Now, chemo treatment is ongoing for the last 1 1/2 yrs.He is now having occasional burst of coughing when he talks and flems is coming. His body weight reduced by around 10 kgs ( from 84 to 74)druing the last 6 months. Now the doctors in Kuwait are saying that he requires to be given some tablets which is better than the present IV Fluid medicine treatment. The tabs are not very costly here and they have told him to get it from India. ( name of tab I don't know).It seesm that the cancer had entered in tis secondary stage.I would like to know your views about his presetn condition and whether there is any new medicine which is discovered recetnly relating to his illness.( I am sorry that I could not provide more details since I cannot ask him or his family who are trying to adjust to the inevitable final outcome.Thanks and best rgrds
Answer : Ali, I am sorry to hear about your friend. Advanced lung cancer has very limited options. In general the prognosis is very difficult. There are some new medicines, such as avastin, alimpta etc.
Question by: ABDULLA
Dear Doctor,I am a known CA LARYNGS. The growth was on the vocal cord. I went through Chemo as well as radiation in 2003. Now there is recurrence. Doctors recommend partial or total laryngectomy.Is there any other treatment to avoid the surgery? Can I go agin for chemo ro ratiation? Thank you for this facility of asking online. Abdulla
Answer : Abdulla, Re-radiation can be risky. It depends upon the initial dose used. If it is a large recurrence, your best option may be surgery. After surgery contact a good rehab hospital. You can get chemotherapy again after the surgery.
Question by: cherian
Hello Dr,I am a patient with RCC who underwent Rt Radical Nephroctomy on Jun 27th and at present feeling alright.Symptoms were nothing except a rise in Hb during a routine medical check up.At present my blood analysis CT scan Bone scan, and X Ray shows no sign of any related problems and Dr suggested no treatment required now.1. What are the normal tests to be done and what should be the frequency?2.Does the food habits or atmosphere pollution has a effect on this diseaese, since I am working in oil and gas industry.3.What is success of Radiation/Chemo/ Biological treatment for this.4.Does naturopathy minimise the rate of chance for re-occurenceThanks
Answer : Ask your doctor about your stage. A large number of early stage renal cell cancer can be cured with surgery alone. Continue to do once in 6-12 months, ultrasound of the kidneys or CT scan of the chest/abdomen. If it is early stage, nNo need for any systemic treatment at this point. Environment has limited role in kidney cancer. Certain chemicals (benzene) in oil can cause blood related cancer. There is no proven role of natural medicine for this.
Question by: raoof
Dear Sirusing talcum powder it will cause skin cancer? pls reply
Answer : Not as far as I know
Question by: Gopakumar
I am a cancer patient, renal cell metastasis.Rt.Kidney nephroctomy done in 1999. There was no infiltration according to report. But after 6 years in2005 born metastasis in left leg femer and the fracture treated by surgery and 10 days radiation.At the same time there was a tumour in small industine and a swelling in neck rt thyroid.Tumour was operated and adviced thalidomide tablet. After 45 days stopped tablet due to skin rash.Neck radiation for ten days.But neck metastasis again repeated and now thyroid operated.Is there any treatment for renal cell metastasis?
Answer : Mr.Gopakumar, There are many treatment options for kidney cancer. Please talk to a medical oncologist as soon as possible. Please visit these websites, www.oncologystat.com, www.cancer.gov. That will give you more information about cancer treatment. IL-2, Interferon are proven treatment for kidney cancer. New treatment options include Sunitinib, sorafinib, bevacizumab. Please talk to an oncologist he/she can guide you more specifically.
Question by: joseph
my sister was having breast cancer one left breast was removed bt surgery. a year ago. now many small lumps r seen near the same breast 7 armpits r full they said now she is having skin cancer . advised2 do ELECTRO RADIATIO. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT R HER CHANCES and SIDE EFFET OF ELECTRO RADIATION. PLEASE ANSWER . THANK YOU
Answer : Joseph, Make sure they do a biopsy of the lumps to rule out breast cancer.
Question by: binukurianmathews
is there any truth in the fact that carrot and beetroot juice can cure liver cancer
Answer : I am not aware of this
Question by: Jose
my brother,Sony George,39 years old was diagnosed to have Burkitt's Lymphoma(non Hodgkin's lymphoma) on 2nd July,2007.He has admitted to Lakeshore Hospial, Cochin, Kerala, India under the treatment of Dr, Gangadharan V.P.Now 4th cycle of chemotherapy was given from 14th September to 18th september with inj.Holoxan,Mesna,VCR,Etoposide and inj. Methotraxate.Patient also received IT Methotraxate.Patient tolerated the Chemo well.The fifth cycle of Chemo will Start from tommorrow ie.8th October.Kindly give us your valuable advise.thanking you,Jose Andrews
Answer : Jose, Dr.Gangadharan is an excellent cancer doctor.One of the best in South India. Please follow his advice.
Question by: JOSEPH
sir I am 30yrs old unmarried man.I have no beard and hair on chest, hands etc.please suggest me any treatement for this and whom should I consult.
Answer : Joseph, Talk to a M.D Medicine doctor.
Question by: jose
dear dodoctor,i am aged 54 and is under treatment for BPH.my psa level is high to the tune of 40ng/mlcurrently.biopsy/truss done with negative results.my urinating frequency some times is high.tabs being taken alfuzosin hydrochloride 10 mg.anddutasteride .5 mg.request your great advice.regards, jose.
Answer : Jose, I am glad to know that your biopsy results are negative. Continue to follow your PSA. If there is any rapid rise in your PSA, you may have to repeat the biopsy. Continue the current medication.
Question by: Sino
how we prevent cancer, lung cancer is curable or not???
Answer : Sino, Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Early stage lung cancer is potentially curable. But most are diagnosed its late stage and it is not curable.
Question by: R
I am 71 years now. I have had a Prostate problem for 4 years. enlarge prostate. my prostrate hormone level is normal. I am on tablets to increase flow. What are the chances that this can convert into a cancer. Is there any prevention operation or treatment. My family history has cancer uncle died of it. protratae cancer. your answer would be very helpful
Answer : Looks like what you have is a benign enlargement of prostate. That is a very common condition in males older than 50. I don't think you need to worry. Continue to follow with your family doctor. Preventive surgery for prostate cancer is not recommended and I don't think you need that.
Question by: Lilly
I am having small cysts on my body in various parts. Is it related to cancer. It is not painful but seems to be getting large day by day.I am worried about that. Please let me know any cure for the same
Answer : Lilly, I am not sure, what you mean by cysts (usually it means, fluid filled lumps). If it is "getting larger day by day", you should see a doctor.
Question by: sreeja
i am asking this question 4 my friend.he s 29 n he alwys wants empty bowel after each meal.he used 2 empty his bowel atleast thrice a day since around 8 yrs.moreover his family got a history of cancer.his father had lukemia and mother had breast cancer and both of them passed away.i learned tht irregular bowel habits is a sign of cancer.is it any serious abt his irregular bowel habits.if it is so what tests to be done?
Answer : Sreeja, Looks like he has no family history of colon cancer. Irregular bowel movements could be due to many reasons. Since he had this for the past 8 years and has not changed, I don't think we need to worry. If he start losing weight, nor develop blood in the stool or abdominal pain, he has to worry.
Question by: Subhash
Is rectum cancer hereditary ?
Answer : Subhash, Rectal cancer is not hereditary. But colon cancer can be hereditary.
Question by: D.A
Answer : Rajalal, It depends on the where it is from, type, stage of the cancer etc. Some cancers are curable (lymphoma, early stage breast cancer etc.). If you can be little more specific, I would be able to help you.
Question by: Askar
Is there any way to know the affection of cancer, Any symptoms?
Answer : Please see the questions already posted.
Question by: raichel
please inform the indications remedies for uterus cancer
Answer : Raichel, It depends upon the stage (if it is localized to the uterus or is it already spread to other parts of the body), health condition of the patient etc. If it is early stage, patient can be treated with surgery. But in locally advanced stages, chemotherapy and radiation are used, in addition to surgery. If it is already spread to the other part of the body, it treated mainly with chemotherapy.
Question by: Thomas
sir,how can i stop smoking,i have been smoking for the last 18 years or more,now i need to stopkindly advise me
Answer : Mr.Thomas, I am really glad that you are asking this question. Smoking is the number one cause of cancer. If you stop smoking you will cut down your risk of cancer by 30%, which includes, lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, food pipe etc. First step to stop smoking is your strong determination. Then talk to your doctor. There are variety of patches and pills you can use to treat tobacco addiction http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/quit_smoking The above web site will give you lot of information also. Good luck. Please stop smoking and tell your friends to do the same.
Question by: Antony
How can I dignose, if I affected by Cancer? Is there any symptoms?
Answer : Cancer has many warning signs. It depends on the age of the person, sex, life style, family history etc. If a person is experiencing unintentional weight loss, night sweats, lumps or bumps, bleeding (coughing out blood, blood in the urine or stool, excessing bleeding in the gum, vaginal bleeding etc), persistent pain, excessive tiredness, change in bowel habits etc. could be some of the warning signs. In a woman, new breast lump, skin changes in the breast etc. should be followed very carefully for breast cancer. Abdmoinal distention and weight loss could be a sign of ovarian cancer. New white patches in the mouth has to be examined by a doctor. So, it is not a simple question to answer, it depends on your age, sex, habbits (smokers have a high chance of lung and head/neck cancer, esophageal cancer), alcholics have a higher chance of liver cancer etc. Family history of cancers are very important.
Question by: janardan
treatment of advanced bronchoalveolar ca at 70 years
Answer : Treatment of advanced bronch alveolar cancer is mainly chemotherapy. Surgery has limited or no role.
Question by: pollykalliath
my wife underwent mastectomy for cancer and taken six cycles of chemotherapy(farmarubicin 110ml each time)and radiotherapyon6MV photons 5000cGY/25 fractions.kindly let me know whether she will be completely cured by this treatment.
Answer : I am glad to know that your wife is doing well now. After chemotherapy, if her tumor has ER/PR positivity (your doctor will tell you about it), she should be taking anti-hormonal therapy (such as tamoxifen or anastrazole). Cure rate of breast cancer depends on the stage and type of the cancer. Early stage (stage I or II) breast cancer has a very high chance of cure.
Question by: Job
Hello Doctor,I would like to know something about Cancer .My dad is a Vocal code cancer Patient. He had a minor growth. When he checked up in Tata Hospical They adviced him to go for Radiation . He has finished 16 Radiatios at the growth Area. as per the 2nd and 3 rd check up they said nothing to worry.He is ok.I want to ask you -is there any chance to come cancer again? when he need check up again?Thanks for your kind advice in advance.Job
Answer : If your father is smoker, please advice him to stop that. He should follow up with a cancer specialist, once in 4 months in the first 2 years, then every 6 months.
Question by: mohammed
my brother sufeering lungs cancerdocter confirm it as 4 stage and advice oral treatment only .even they guaranteed 5chance.two type of tablets one is indian and other foriegn which is cost one lakh for 30 tablets.seeking your advise .and what is the survival chance.
Answer : I am sorry to hear about your brother. If it is stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer (which is the most common type), the chance of survival is very poor. If he is young (under 50) and otherwise healthy, he can be considered for chemotherapy. That would be up to the doctor who is treating him now.
Question by: Aby
SirIm my right hand and on back there is a small swelling found. no pain or no change in size . it appers about 5 years back . doctors say it is fat deposit , is it rightthank youAby
Answer : Most common swellings under the skin, which is unchanged over many years are usually a benign fatty tumor. Keep an eye on it, but in general you don't have to worry about it.
Question by: betty
I am 47 years old. I have a bulging under my left arm. Sometimes I have pain.Whether it is necessary for a check up.I think it is the inflammation of the gland.
Answer : If you have a new swelling and persistent pain under your arm, you should talk to your doctor. This is more important if you have a family history of breast cancer.
Question by: Ananth
Dear Doctor,I am a Librarian in Kuwait. Age is 43. I had an infection for my rectum when I was doing my M. Lib on 1990. It was operated and took 2 years to heal. Latter it appeared after 3 years, and again operated. Bad luck it came third time around 2 years back in Kuwait. That wound is not yet properly healed and discharge (puss) comes and appears in my undergarments. I never told this to any. Is there any chance for this wound to change as a cancer problem? My Dr. told, my dieses are Iso- rectal apses. I never told this to any. Is there any chance for this wound to convert as a cancer disease? My Dr. told, it was an infection to my rectum. Waiting for your kind time and replay.V/rAnanth
Answer : Looks like you have an infection. The chance of an infection turning into cancer is extremely low to none.
Question by: Ravindran
Dear Doctor, I am feeling discomfort while swallowing food since four five months. But feeling no pain at normal time. What may be the cause and disease? please give suitable medicine or suggestion.Thank you
Answer : Pain, during swallowing should be evaluated carefully. If you are older than 50, we have to take it seriously. If you smoke, or use alcohol, that will increase the risk for cancer of the food pipe or throat. If you noticed any loss of weight, that is important also. Other than cancer, there are many other causes of pain or difficulty of swallowing, such as constriction of the food pipe, infection, or increased acid in the stomach etc. If you had the pain for many months, and if you have any of the warning signs as above, please see a gastroenterologist for further testing.
Question by: MAK
sir, I have a doubt bcz last week i seen some blood drop with natural waste in toilet,and i think digestion problem also bcz not regularly going toilet and when going its not in a smoothen way.can u plz help me for this
Answer : If you are seeing bleeding from rectum, it is important for you to consult your doctor. Depending upon the exact symptoms, it can be due to many reasons, such as enlarged veins in the rectum (not a cancer) or the worst scenario, it could be an early sign of cancer of the colon. If the blood is persisting, and getting worse, please talk to your doctor.
Question by: shanty
what are the symptoms of brain tumer
Answer : Headache, seizure, visual problems, vomiting, weakness of the arm, or legs etc.
Question by: Abhilash
sir, what are the early symptoms of throat cancer? thanks abhilash
Answer : Change in voice, coughing out blood, lump in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, decreased apetite, weight loss etc.
Question by: preethi
I have some difficulty in throat and afer getting x-ray report, doctor told that it is maxillary sinus?. Is it a real symptom of Maxillary sinus?. Now, I do not have much problem. But sometimes sweeling will come. Now I am taking homeo medicine for sinus. Does x-ray can detect, if there is any problem like cancer or tumor in throat. Please help me
Answer : I think what your doctor meant was sinusitis. Which is an inflammation/infection of the sinuses. Usually it is treated with anti-biotics. Please talk to your doctor about it.
Question by: nidheesh
Is Siddha medicine more effective for cervical cancer?
Answer : There is no scientific evidence to say that Siddha medicine is more effective for cervical cancer.
Question by: S.Meena
Three months back I had breast cancer (right breast) and had `modified radical mastectomy' for the same. It was stage I cancer. Now I am taking `Tamoxifen'(20mg a day) along with vitamin and calcium tablets.I would like to request you to kindly confirm and clarify the following.1)Whether Tamoxifen is enough to protect the other breast.2)How to protect and prevent myself from secondary and any other new cancer.3)What are the correct symptoms?4)What care I must take?5)What foods are recommended to me?6)Can I take Chlorella regularly?Note:No woman has breast cancer in my family, but my Father had cancer on his shoulder (bone marrow)and it was named as `Sarcoma Syndrome'. Now He is no more.Once again request you to confirm and clarify the above.Thanks and Regards,S.Meena Kumari.
Answer : 1)Whether Tamoxifen is enough to protect the other breast. Tamoxifen is a highly effective treatment, which can prevent cancer recurrence anywhere else in the body, protect the other breast. But in post-menopausal patients, the prefered drug is anastrazole or letrozole. 2)How to protect and prevent myself from secondary and any other new cancer. Take tamoxifen regularly and also make sure you have a regular check up with a cancer specialist. 3)What are the correct symptoms? Symptoms of cancer recurrences are lumps at the surgery site, new lumps in the neck or under the arm, new back pain, breathing trouble, weight loss etc. 5)What foods are recommended to me? Low fat diet and vegetables can help. Note:No woman has breast cancer in my family, but my Father had cancer on his shoulder (bone marrow)and it was named as `Sarcoma Syndrome'. Now He is no more. Once again request you to confirm and clarify the above. Thanks and Regards, S.Meena Kumari. Email: smksundar@yahoo.com
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